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on September 14, 2011
First off, many reviews said the toy FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy didn't respond properly until the batteries were replaced. It's hard to see, but this is written on one side of the box about the 5 installed AA batteries that come in the toy: "for safety purposes [the installed batteries] are for demonstration use only". I take that to mean they are not regular batteries and will, by design, discharge rapidly. This is to prevent the batteries leaking and damaging the battery box in the toy if it sits on the shelf for a time. That would also serve to prevent getting toxic stuff on little (or big) fingers. The toy did start malfunctioning after less than an hour of use with the original batteries. Replacing them made everything work perfectly again. With the original batteries, some of the actions like the dancing, didn't work and even though I knew the battery situation beforehand, I thought they'd last a bit longer than what they did so I initially thought the toy was defective.

Expect to change the batteries right off. Since it takes 5 batteries, a couple big AA battery 10 packs may well be worth adding to the toy when you purchase it. I haven't had it long enough to see how long battery life is. For the eco-aware, maybe rechargeables and a charger would be the way to go. Just get enough so one group can be charging while the others are installed. Expensive, yes, but probably the right thing to do.

I didn't find the toy excessively loud as some complaints about a lack of volume control implied. It may be distracting if you were watching TV and someone was sitting right next to you playing with it. But, in another room or any distance away and you aren't going to hear it unless you you are trying to listen for it and are just looking for nit-picks to dislike the toy. There are regulations in place that govern audio levels for most consumer products. Well, except for the double volume TV commercials far too many networks play even though that is against FCC rules.

Some things the toy says are very hard to understand at first. It speaks in a voice that mimics an auto-recorder- that device that adds an electronic almost robotic effect to voices that is popular among some recording artists. It took some time to figure out everything Willa was saying. The difficult to understand become clearer after careful listening. After you know what it says it gets easier to understand.

This was requested by an 11 year old girl for a birthdat present so I'll see how long it keeps the "cute and cool" factor going. I'll post back on any other developments.


After the toy was in use for a month it now sits on a shelf collecting dust. After all the jokes have been heard several dozen times, after all the other responses, comments, dances, and everything else the toy does was had been repeated so much there were no more surprises, the girl lost interest in this toy. It took slightly less than two weeks. It was a lot of fun when she first got it and she probably saw and heard everything it could do or say within the first couple days. Then there were a couple days of showing it off. Then it wasn't as much fun and I dare say she was even getting annoyed with it. Because it has a rubbery skin and you can feel the hard parts underneath it, it isn't a cuddly kind of toy where it's something a kid would carry around to snuggle with. It reminds me of the type of rubber skin that would be prone to dirt and grime from dirty fingers sticking ot. Instructions say it can be washed with a detergent-free moist cloth. The curly things pull off and there is an optional set of things that can replace them. They must be purchased and ordered spearately, of course. FIJIT Friends Willa Accessory Pack

When I told her that there are supposed to be downloads available at some point with new material, the girl sighed and said it would only end up being boring again after a short time. On that note, I haven't looked too closely but I don't know if there is a port or any connection point for a cable. Right now just how this update process works is still a mystery. There is nothing in any of the instructions or 'how to' sheets that shows much about it. The planned updates are mentioned, but that's the extent of it.

So far, I haven't been able to locate any update site but that doesn't mean there isn't one. I just haven't found it yet.

There was no problem with the toy responding as long as it was commanded with a normal, clear voice. Shreiking or yelling at it didn't cause any response or an incorrect one. As an adult, I did find some of its actions amusing and I did laugh out loud over some antics. I still never found it too loud. Again, it was a gift for an 11 year old girl. In terms of the content of the jokes and much of its other interaction I think from 9 up would be the appropriate ages for kids to 'get' the jokes. I think they may be a bit much for younger kids to understand but the rest of the actions are fairly younger kid safe. The dancing and rest would definitely be amusing to younger ones and probably the younger the recipient is, the longer before boredom with it sets in.

I asked the girl if after she had it for a month and had grown tired of it if knowing what it said and did if she would still want it again or gotten something else of equal monetary value. Without hesitation, she said "Something else."

Addition again: One person commented then deleted it but had a valid point. I did rate Willa with 4 stars, but because it was a neat concept and it certainly was amusing. But, the luster wore off very quickly. Despite having asked a dozen or more times for the recipient to bring it back so i could test the extras as i outlined in my follow up, but she's so disinterested in it that it's a forgotten item in her life all together. If she still does show up with it, I will follow through. Right now, her not even wanting to do that speaks volumes.
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on January 2, 2015
First, if my 8 year old daughter were leaving this review it would get 5 stars. She loves it VERY much. That being said, it has a very limited repertoire (you will have heard ALL of the knock knock jokes it knows within the hour). If it had a patch or update you could upload to teach it more things that would be great. Also, its body is made of a rubbery material that attracts lint/dust easily. Be prepared to clean it at least once a week with a lint free wet cloth.
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on December 14, 2015
Oh man. Willa. We WANTED to love this toy, but she just made it too hard! Her material is trippy: it's a soft rubber that's really squishy and fun to play with, but also gets dirty quickly. Her little twirly ear things broke off one by one. And her main features: the talking interactive bit? Super cute the first few times. Then she started eating through batteries like crazy. Each set of batteries would only last a few minutes before she'd power off/restart herself. We loved making her dance, but quickly found she couldn't sustain battery power long enough to do it anymore. It was also pretty hard to remember more than a few things to say, as you had to say specific key words to get her to respond, not just chat.
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on August 7, 2015
My special needs granddaughter, age 17, non verbal, etc. wrecked her first FIJIT and kept trying to get it to work again. I bought her this one, and her face lit up and she clapped and squealed when she saw it work. So, I must give it 5 stars.
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on October 17, 2013
This is the second FIDJIT I have purchased for my almost 3yr old. She loves these toys! Make sure u change the original battery it comes with cuz they don't seem strong enough. I gave it 4 stars because it seems like both toys are 'hard of hearing' they hardly respond to commands. I think the light ,movement and their constant talking and real skin feel is great for 2-3 yr olds but an older child might get upset when the doll askes questions like' what do you wanna do now huh' and your child sresponse yet they go on to their next phrase
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on September 21, 2016
I ordered this for my Best-friends Daughter as a christmas present. I was definitely her favorite for giving her this, she wanted it very badly. she played with it non stop for the first few weeks, it was definitely her favorite Christmas Present.This is definitely neat concept and it certainly was amusing. But, the luster wore off very quickly. This toy is Very Loud, I wish there was a volume control. I did have to replace the batteries quickly.
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on December 26, 2011
It's a furby that can recognize a few words, buy the furby.

We bought this toy a month ago, wrapped it up and gave it to my daughter for Christmas (yesterday). She was excited about this toy. She also got one of the fijit newbies and they kind of interact with each other. My daughter is 4 and she loves it, she hardly notices that within a few hours the thing seemed to hang up when it spoke. After you told it to dance with you, it would then tell you a joke, or it would stop what it was saying in mid sentence and restart saying the same partial sentence a half dozen times before putting itself to sleep.

When she first opened it, it could recognize what I said, not it doesn't seem to be able to recognize what anyone says. I don't really recommend getting this toy, especially at the inflated rate of $80 plus dollars. I think I paid too much at $40. This would be the knock off version of a good toy, unfortunately there isn't a good version of this available. This is a $10 toy at Dollar General at best, and I would think as I was buying it "Wow what a good deal" and then I would get it home and think, "Wow I should have bought higher priced one."

My daughter hardly notices the issues and still loves it. So it may be fine for a 4 year old, but much older and I doubt they would enjoy it much or at least not for long. I spent $40 on this piece of junk and the only reason its getting as high of a rating as it is would be because my daughter still likes it. Keep in mind its only been in use for a day now. It hasn't been abused yet, she has been very gentle with it, treating it like a baby. And now she is walking around telling everyone "Shoot your cute" (which is something the Fijit says). Yes the Fijit has created some memories in the house, but not $40 worth of memories.
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on January 3, 2012
This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. Out of the box the FIJIT Friends Willa toy was everything that I thought it would be. Hence the 3-stars for the toy being fun for ONE DAY ONLY. My 5 yr old loved it. It seemed to work properly for the first day she played with it. Two days later when she brought it out of her room to play with it again, it would not respond and seemed to not "hear" anything that was said. We changed the batteries, re-read the directions and tried to troubleshoot the issue by pressing the reset and home buttons..... nothing changed. The toy talks and attempts to interact but it is apparent that its mic is not functioning at all. Turned it off and it now sits on a shelf as a dust collector. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. I have not tried to contact the manufacturer as of yet. If and when I do, I will edit this review with any results.
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on March 27, 2012
FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive ToyI bought this as a Christmas present for my grandaugher. I paid an exceptionally high price(double) because they were all out of stock in the stores;
but it was the hotest new item for Christmas. She was so excited when she opened the box...and then she tried it and I tried it. It did not do half of what it was advertised to do. We watched the video together and it still would not perform acccordingly. She put it back in the box and it is still there to this day.I spent $75.00+ only to see her dissappointment. Great concept, but highly overpriced poor performer.
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on January 4, 2012
Willa, was a much desired Christmas gift for our beautiful Granddaughter Jolie. She was not delivered any where near her anticipated delivery date, but did make it in time for Christmas. She is an extremely hit and miss toy. It works some of the time, but far from all of the time. The whole family was greatly disappointed in it's performance. My guess is, it will be in the trash long before another Christmas rolls around. I haven't ever been as disappointed in a gift that I've given. Further more, Willa being purple I guess, put her in great demand, and along with demand came an increase in price that was unforgiveable. I always trust Amazon for sound information, and rarely purchase anything on line except through them. Who ever is promoting this toy, needs to reconsider.
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