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on March 18, 2012
I decided to purchase this product with its promise to clean\filter the air of various compounds and molecules. After reading the reviews about the potential failure rate and some issues I had with another product, I ordered two of them hoping one would work. I set one up in the master bedroom by my wife's side of the bed. Not only was there a noticable difference when waking up (no stuffy noses), but it has replaced the claritin pill my wife was taking every night before bed for her allergies associated with our rabbits. I have since moved that one to my son's room (now that I know it works), and put the 2nd one in the master bedroom. Both work great three weeks running now. I would recommend you only put it on high at night, and it is most effective if the door and windows are shut (of course). If I leave both doors open, combined they do a good job of filtering the air from the office as well, which is between the two rooms in the hallway. They don't go much farther than that, however, so if you plan on using one of these in a large open space, you may need two or three to do a good job. For the price, this item is well worth every penny. I cleaned both filters last weekend, and though it wasn't a huge amount of debris, it is still very impressive that much was pulled out of the air we breath. Recommended for those with pets & allergies.
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on September 2, 2013
I bought two of these guys about a year ago. One was for my son's room and one for mine. My son has asthma, so I was really hoping that this air purifier helps. I also have allergies, and being that my house is right by the feed mill, my symptoms were frequent. I do have to say my son's asthma episodes got reduced drastically. I actually don't think he's had one since we got the purifiers, and when it comes to my allergies, I've been just fine ever since too. It makes a huge difference to sleep in a room with fresh and clean air. You can actually smell the cleanliness. Ozone makes it smell like fresh after a summer rain. I had people comment and compliment the smell in my house when they'd first walk in. "Wow, it smells good in here! What is it?" is what many people have asked me.
I leave my purifiers run 24/7 on high. They are not loud. I can hear everything, and I can't sleep with noise, but these units are just fine. The sound is constant and after a while you just don't hear it. We clean them once a month and it's supper easy. I need to mention that ever since I got them I don't need to dust the bedrooms nearly as often as I used to, and not even close as often as I dust the rest of the rooms that don't have the air purifier in them. This is how I could truly tell that these things really work great.
Now after a year of constant use the unit in my bedroom quit working, and the one in my son's room has a crack in the plastic right by the control button which makes it difficult to switch the unit on and off, or from low to high. The only time I use this button is to clean them (I didn't have to since I had to unplug the cable from the unit anyway), but still I wasn't happy that it was broken. I contacted Five S customer service and explained my problem to them. I got an email letting me know that as soon as I can email them a date of purchase and order number they'd send me two new units. Off course I never kept the receipts so I contacted Amazon via chat. In less than five minutes I had all the information from Amazon on a purchase I've made a year ago. I think that was pretty impressive. Great job Amazon! Anyway, I sent the info back to Five Star and the very next day I received an email letting me know that two new units are on their way and to keep the old ones. Needless to say I am very happy with Five S.
One more thing, now that I'm waiting for my new air purifier, and I don't have one running in my room, I ended up with a cold. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the machine, but I think it's a pretty big coincidence to be allergy free/cold free for a year, and to get a cold now.
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on October 31, 2015
I recently learned about the impact of electronic devices on our health - and as such, bought this device. I'm very happy with it. What did I learn?

We spend most of our lives in enclosed places. Our air is electrically charged, which means it contains positively charged ions and negatively charged ions. Scientific research has shown that their balance is required for optimal health. Computer screens, air-conditioning, and TV sets are sources of surplus positive ions in the air. These devices make an electrical atmosphere that can lead to bad moods, weakness and sleeplessness. We must add negative ions to the atmosphere to achieve a balance in the air and neutralize the electrical smog around our homes and work places.

So... this ionizer is powerful enough to create a balance of negative ions to positive. The smaller ionizers tend not to do as well. It is big, but quiet, and easy to clean. I've cleaned the filter with just a rag once a month. Once I started using this, the headaches I had after a long day at the computer went away. Low price for good health
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on December 21, 2014
So.... I was very hesitant about buying this Air Purifier after reading very mixed reviews. I took a chance. I am SOOO glad I did! It takes any smell out of the air with in minutes. I live in a 1000 sqft home (small) and this one small unit cleans the air of the whole house. If you are looking for something to collect an abundance of dust, this is not the purifier for you. If you are looking for clean crisp smelling air then you will LOVE this. It is about the size of a single cup Keurig coffee machine. The light inside kills bacteria and has not burned out with my constant use. The night light is a nice feature but I do not utilize it much. It is a quiet unit. I don't know its on unless I look at it. The quality of this machine is poor however. I do believe if it tipped over it would break so put it in a safe spot and enjoy the fresh air.
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on December 7, 2014
The device is very nice.
It has two settings, both are quiet, but the higher level I can hear, it is about as loud as a computer, the lower setting about a quarter as loud and barely noticeable.
I believe a lot of the air cleaning it does results from the air particulate being drawn to and stuck to floors walls etc. Which is fine as far as I am concerned, but unlike a filter that is where it goes. After a few days I did pull out the electrostatic insert and there was a very thin film of dust on it.
I am sure it is working well and stronger than that though because in the morning when the sun is streaming through the window and into the room, I would have seen a lot of dust particles floating about through the sunlight, and now I see just air. But the size of those particles are a lot larger than anything that would comfortably adhere to the unit's insert.
So, I would say the larger particles are removed by the static charge imparted to them, causing them to come out of the air in situ, where the tiniest of particles are actually held by the unit's metal insert.
Overall I like it, and it works well, cleans the air, and does not need to have filters continually replaced.
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on December 28, 2014
I haven't had this very long, maybe 10-12days..but so far I am pleased with it. Considering I have 3 house dogs who all stay in the room with me, I thought it would indicate a need for cleaning relatively soon but it hasn't. It is easy to handle and to clean. It has a fan but I can't even hear it..this is lightweight, easy to handle and clean and doesn't quickly get overcome with dust or dog dander.
It isn't as tall as I thought it would be even though I studied all the specs. Turns out it needs to placed on a table and 3 ft from walls...specifically states not to put it on the floor. If u have limited space or inability to manage a large unit, this is the one for you. It's fan is quiet and I love the light on front. So far, so good.
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on October 27, 2012
Wife and I had serious allergies when we moved into a new residence with carpet. After vacuuming the carpet a few times the allergies were not any better. However, after we got the air cleaner, there was a night and day difference. The air was much cleaner in the room and the dust collector rod in the unit was trapping a lot of dirt that was floating in the air, that was not picked up with the vacuum cleaner. Also, we have noticed there's less dust accumulating in places where we used to get dust balls.


1. Quiet even in high setting
2. Clean air in the room
3. Considerable less dust
4. Low cost of ownership and simplified maintenance



Most people spend close to 90% of the time in an indoor environment; Home, Work and/or in recreational environment. However, most of us don't realize the effects of poor indoor air quality can have on health. Most of us come up with these excuses to spend on our health:

1. I don't have the money
2. I am broke
3. it's a gimmick
4. hmmmm....I don't have a good reason

Well, just ask yourself these questions: Can you survive without breathing? How important is clean air to you?

Investing in the air you breath is NOT AN EXPENSE, rather a down payment for lower health costs.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS UNIT for anyone especially allergy sufferers. Use of a VAPORIZER with this product tremendously helps to collect 95% of the dust that otherwise might be processed through our lungs!!!!.
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on December 31, 2013
I am Very Happy with This Air Purifier, It needs No costly filters to Buy, On High Setiing Just above My Head; I can barely hear it running! At times I have actually looked to see if it was on! I am a smoker and I have it in the TV room, which is ONLY Room I smoke in! I keep it on 24/7 and it keeps the room smelling much fresher, when you enter it, Doesn't Smell like "Stale smoke"! It also keeps dust down from the Forced Hot Air Heating That Blows From Floor Vents! I have had Numerous our Air Purifiers By Well Know Names And Much More Expensive;Plus The Cost of "Replacement Filters Made them Too Costly to maintain! This one is a 0Winner! I may get additional Ones For other rooms, too keep them smelling "Fresh"!
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on February 18, 2015
Best Customer Service EVER !! I purchased this product in 2011 and until now i have never had a single problem with this Awesome Air Purifier . when i contacted Dave from customer service he immediately helped me to remedy the problem and sent me a replacement part that i needed instantly . If all customer service was this good the world would be a wonderful place . This product not only cleans the air extremely well but the company's service is unmatched . I would recommend this product to the Pope if i could !!!!
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on March 19, 2014
Amazing! Purchased this for my daughters room to help with her allergies. After about a week - no more coughing while she was sleeping!!! The ONLY reason it gets a 4 instead of 5 is the output. It does't put out much air at all. But if you have patience and are willing to wait for it to actually work, it's quite seriously a life changer. I never would have thought it would have made such a huge difference. I definitely recommend - maybe go a size larger, if they have it, but it works. The air smells cleaner, feels cleaner, and overall has helped my daughter sleep, and be more energetic in the morning.
**This is for SMALL rooms. Don't expect it to do your entire house. My daughters room is 14'x16', and is able to keep up, but took about a week to get it 'clean'.
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