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on January 14, 2015
Nice three pack of shades! Aviator style. Look great. Well built. Economical. For those of you that don't want to lose you expensive shades, just keep a pair of these in you vehicle/office/jacket and enjoy the awesome look without the worry of misplacing!
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on February 20, 2015
Price is great! They're pretty good quality. I'd purchase again and again. LOVE these aviators and perfect for this summer!!!
Loved these so much-bought my sister some too!
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on March 24, 2013
First, the description of these sunglasses' protection level doesn't do them justice. They are UV400 lenses, which is the best you can get by blocking all UV-A, UV-B and UV-C from 0-400nm.

Second, they just look cool. I got the Fire color.

Third, when you get the 3-pack for $15 the price can't be beat.

Lastly, others have complained about them being too small. I'm 6'2" and 185lbs and they fit me perfectly.

The 3-pack is a deal that just can't be beat. I put one pair in my car, the second in the truck and the third in the house so I've always got a pair handy.
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on February 11, 2016
The red little aviator lasted me about 3 days. I took them with me around campus taking extra care as they were really cool and brand new. After having them with me for 3 days, they had developed some serious scratches. I tried rubbing the glass gently and "pop!" the shade fell off. And that was that.

The blue little aviator lasted me about 2 days. They were in a safe pouch in my bag for a few hours, then when I took them out they came out in 2 pieces. I discovered that the piece of metal that connected the actual shades to the bar that reaches behind your ear wasn't actually one piece. It was 2 pieces lightly glued together, and it broke with the light stresses of being in my bag, which my previous glasses had been able to handle for months. Then, as I was trying to see if I could glue it together myself, I guess my finger brushed the glass lightly, leading to the blue shade popping out. It was a tragic but kind of hilarious death to my 2nd favorite aviator.

The green little aviator was my favorite, so I kept it safe in my car. I figured without actually using it as I intended to (around campus), I wouldn't have to worry about them breaking. Then about a week after very very very very VERY light use (putting them on while driving, carefully setting away when not) I put them on and felt a sharp pain. The little rubber pad that rests on the bridge of your nose so that the sunglasses won't cut you... had unscrewed itself and fallen out. So I drove home squinting, with a lightly bleeding nose, pondering the short and tragic life of my three little aviators.

The End.
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on April 2, 2015
Very Good!! i Love it!
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on April 25, 2017
Very nice ! I got one pair pink and one purple. The purple is like a subtle brownish-tinged purple, and very classy looking ( like the picture ) and comfortable, and not too flimsy, and overall darker in tint than the pink.
I found the illustrations not very helpful, because what I called 'pink' judging by their picture, they called 'purple' when I got them.
In actuality, the pink are very light ( in color, with less brown ) and in my opinion not as attractive as the purple,(you can see the wearer's eyes through them) .As for a case ? . . the case I got with my "Tourege" glasses last year fits these glasses also !
It's fun to have a selection. ( I have 3 pairs now, and am satisfied with that )
In order of preference I would go : Tourege, purple, pink.
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on February 15, 2015
I purchased these because they reminded me of the much more expensive Ray Ban version. I kept the red/orange pair for myself and gave the other two pairs away. The colored mirror effect looks great in person and was exactly what I was looking for. After 6+ months of regular use, including dropping them and tossing them in my bag, they have help up well. No scratches on the lenses! I would say that my head is on the larger side, I find that these glasses fit well and are not too tight. Overall the quality is good, except for the nosepiece. I had to adjust the nosepiece quite a bit to get the glasses to sit on my face properly. The nosepiece is made out of a hard plastic which is uncomfortable on my nose. I think this is one area where the product could be improved. Overall I'm happy with my purchase given the affordable price.
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on September 4, 2015
When I first got these glasses I wasn't sure about them but I came to like them after a while. They fit well and don't fall off of my face when I look down like my previous pair did. I thought I finally found a pair of sunglasses that I wanted to keep when all of a sudden one of the plastic nose pieces came off. I didn't abuse the glasses. I never even dropped them! I simply had them attached to the collar of my shirt and when I pulled them off I found the plastic piece in my hand. Taking a closer look I discovered that the (very) tiny screw which connects the plastic to the glasses had unscrewed itself. Owing to the tinyness of the screw, I could not locate it. I did, however, find someone else's balled-up toenail on the ground which I had mistaken for the missing screw and so picked it up. So that was a great bonus to the day.

In summary: great glasses but be wary of loose, tiny screws which when lost render the glasses useless.

Update: These are not good. I should've waited longer to review them. I find I still have to squint when wearing these on bright days. They simply aren't dark enough to block out the worst of the light. Also, they feel and SOUND cheap! They make a lot of noise when you move them around and set them down. Easily smudged and scratched. They're as good as you can expect from sunglasses that are this inexpensive.
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on February 17, 2016
I was a little disappointed with these glasses. I received a pair of zeroUV Wayfarer style glasses last year as a gift, and they held up fairly well. Upon arriving I was surprised to see them not even in the pouch that came with them. They feel horribly flimsy and cheap. The lenses are hardly tinted and I don't think they would make much difference on a sunny day.
These went straight into my desk instead of my purse in the unfortunate event that I forget my other pair.
To give you an idea of how transparent they are, I've included a picture with writing that you can see both with and without the lens.
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on March 7, 2016
Well, two out of the three shades are perfectly fine. The blue shades are fine, and the fire red shades are nice, but the ones that i think are meant to be yellow are strange. One lens is bright blue and barely shaded at all, and then the other is green. Im not quite sure what happened. A replacement or something of that nature would be nice. Other than that, thank you.
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