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on July 11, 2014

Bought this when on a trip to Hawaii and kept being amazed by the snorkelling and wanted to capture it. I almost bought a GoPro Hero 2 (couldn't afford the 3) but I was worried about the blurriness that appears on the normal (non-flat) lens. Found this and thought I couldn't really lose for $10, though I was nervous about it working. I have a few key points that I hope help.

I used this no less that 25 times on our trip and together with my iphone it took some amazing videos. I've uploaded a sample video as well.

My 2 year old son used it underwater, he stuck his hand in the case and wore it as a glove, it was used in rough seas just dragging behind no doubt putting strain on the lanyard attachment and never came close to coming off. And still keeps water out after being roughed up that much.

Yes you can use the touch screen underwater. You just need to make sure that there is no other part of the case touching the screen as it then won't respond. The way to do this is to expand the sides of the case to fill it with air when closing it shut. The casing then isn't close to the phone (it kind of 'floats' around inside, at least the iphone 5 does) and when you press on the image capture button through the case it is fine. I did find that when diving deeper, the pressure pushed the case closer to the screen, and I had to make sure the phone was right in the middle of the case so that the screen wasn't touching the case at its edges.

Those are the key things I wanted to note. I hope the review is useful. I don't often write reviews, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this that i wanted to! I've even uploaded a youtube copy of the video because I couldn't find any sample videos taken with this case when I was buying.

NOTE: The video on amazon seems to be a bit rubbish. I've uploaded it to Youtube... Just search Youtube for "snorkel hawaii frieq" and it's the top hit. You can view in 720p and it looks a billion times better.
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on April 22, 2013
Update June 10th: Well, it's still working. I took it with me to Soak City at Knotts Berry Theme Park and carted my phone, ID, passes and money around in for about 5 hours. From water slides, submersion and impact in the wave pool, hanging over the side of the inner tube on the lazy river, the playground that sprays water all the time, I hung it around my neck, let it float in the water, peered at it and checked on it twice. Dry as a bone, no condensation this time. Admittedly, I also had my phone turned off and not running music so there was no battery inside to heat things up. I also kept getting stopped by people to ask if it worked and where to get it. So I've directed them here. I'd still give it a 4.5, just for the build up of condensation on the inside if I'm actually actively using my phone. But it still does the job, and without needing to fork out a lot of money.

I felt more than a little smug taking pictures through my phone at the wave pool and sending texts and watching other people tucking their phones into the chest of their bathing suits and screeching when their kids got them wet and frantically checking to see if their phone was still okay. Ten bought me piece of mind and a chance to focus on keeping track of my son in a sea of kids instead of splitting my focus. Allowed me to have fun. I'm going to buy a few and if someone asks when I'm there again, passing one to them and saving them some pain and anguish if their phones get wet. It was also a little easier to open this time, but still sealed up real good.

Original review:

Would rather give this a 4.5 than a straight up four. I bought this (No one supplied me with it or the like) and I saw someone who had wished that there was a review that wasn't a sponsored one. Well, here you go.

I was doing a 5k Mudrun. I wanted to keep my HTC One V with me, potentially take pictures, and be able to text my husband when I'd be close to the finish line. I didn't want to spend 50 bucks on something that I may or may not use once. This fit the bill. The deduction of the one star, is in the con's section and that was just because given enough time, enough condensation could have caused troubles.


* Simple, straight forward, nothing fancy.
* Comes with a lanyard that can unclip from the case to make it easier to open.
* Takes pictures through the plastic pretty well, provided that you don't have drops of water clinging to the outside.
* I heard the music pretty good through the case, though there is some dampening.
* Nice and roomy, can accommodate nearly any phone, even with a protective case.
* Had no issue manipulating the screen at all. I was surprised by this. It was a little harder to text through the plastic, but not too much. Just required a little more attention.


* It may be waterproof but I had condensation going on the inside, and eventually over the hour that I was tromping through obstacle courses, having water hosed on me, wading through mud and otherwise putting it to a good old fashioned test, it gathered enough condensation inside to be a few drops at the bottom when I opened it up at the end of the run. Mind you, this is during a hot day in Southern California spring and humidity is high. There was no water at the seal, so this was clearly the condensation.
* The clasps (for lack of a better word) that keep it closed and waterproof, were at times, a pain in the butt to open. Took a little leverage but it would in the end.

For the 10 bucks or so that it costs, it was exactly what I needed and did precisely what it said. Without it, I would have been unable to let my family know when to be at the finish line to cheer me on. Coated in mud, dredged through pools of scummy water, bombarded by a fire hose a few times, it passed the real life test and not just the kitchen sink test as others have shown. I'll be trying it on a color run next, to see how it stands up to colored cornstarch.

Update: Well, it's now been two years and what can I say. I still have it. I just recently took it out with us on a camping trip out onto Backbone Lake and a few times it dipped into the lake water and it was still going strong. Still a bit of a PITA to open it back up after it's sealed but I can still get it open. For what I paid for it, and what it currently costs, it's still hands down a mile above others when you need something fast and cheap. And I could still take pictures with it, play music through it and this time there was no condensation. So I bumped it up to a 5 star instead of 4.
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on July 19, 2013
This thing works great! First I tested them out in the sink and placed paper towels in them. Next I headed to the pool with the actual Iphone inside and took a few great under water pictures!
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on January 18, 2015
This thing works awesome. For the price ans to capture underwater stuff it's great. Doesn't leak at all. I did my tissue test prior. It's dry as a bone. Would like to a hard scuba she'll case. But this work for the time being. You can still use the touch screen
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on July 11, 2015
I really can't believe all the positive reviews for this products after testing and seeing it for myself.

I put it to test as soon as I received it: paper towel and the blue card with FRiEQ logo in a 5 gal pail filled with water. Then I put a weight on top of the case, left it overnight. The next morning, the paper towel was soaked. So immediately I requested for exchange.

The replacement arrived 5 days later, in fact I was heading out to swimming pool with my kids. So I took the case along with me to the pool. This time, I put the case 4 ft under water, for 30 minutes. As soon as it was taken out from the pool, I found that the transparent plasric scratched very badly, even though nobody touched the case. I though it must be the gentle movement of the waves causing the case to move back and forth. Water didn't get into the case this time however, but I found the locking mechanism not secure enough, and could unlock a little if touched.

I will not trust this case when I go snorkeling, not to mention scuba diving. That's only if you are able to take great care at all times to keep the case from being scratched with. I believe most people would not be able tp use it for taking underwater pictures after just a couple use.

(First picture: water got into the case and soaked the card around the edges. Second picture: The case did not leak after 30 minutes under 4 ft of water, but the plastic was badly scratched even though nobody touched it)
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on July 15, 2015
I was nervous to put my iphone 6+ in it, but it works great! Because the main button is heat activated and doesn't work underwater, just use the side volume buttons to take pictures. Another trick I do is to start recording video above the water and then go through the video frame by frame and find the frame I like and then screen shot it. I had so so much fun playing with this while my kids were at swimming lessons...I didn't even get in the water, I just sat on the edge of the pool and held it under water. The attached picture was a screen shot taken from a video and edited on some phone apps. I can't wait to play with it more!
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on June 14, 2015
I ordered two of this waterproof cases one pink and one black. They arrived pretty fast and my husband who has a galaxy 5 is very impressed with how well the black weatherproof case fits his phone. We did the test in our bathtub I did it with the paper towel and it was dry after like 19 minutes after I got it out. My husband by the other had tested his with and old broken phone we have and let it under water for like 3 hours and also passed the test. We are traveling to Belize and we want to take some underwater pics of out snorkeling tour but I am nervous about putting my phone under water so we will see if I am brave enough to do it. I will let you know!
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on July 16, 2015
The FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case Bag feels slightly too large for my iPhone 5c. The "Universal" aspect is certainly true--it looks like it could hold phones of all sizes, all the way up to something like the iPhone 6+ (not sure about Android phablets). However, phones on the smaller side of the spectrum will shift around quite a bit inside this case. The material is conductive and allows typing through the bag, but it's very difficult when the case is wet and the phone is shifting positions inside of the bag. You'll end up mis-hitting a lot and making a lot of typos.

It is effective for waterproofing your phone. I have used it at varying levels of intensity, from fully submerged while lake swimming to changing songs in the shower, and it has not leaked. It does get some airborne moisture condensing on the inside at colder temperatures (a given for any similar product), but that can be solved by including a tissue or anti-fog device/absorber. This condensation will seriously obscure photographs, so if you're looking to do some underwater photography make sure you're on top of this.

The closure seems pretty secure and is easy enough to open and close. It seems more trustworthy than "zip lock" style closures I have seen on other bags. The included lanyard is nice since this WILL SINK when used while swimming in open water. I might recommend attaching a floatation device if you're worried about sinking.

Overall it's a decent, economical waterproof case bag, but its size makes it a pretty mediocre purchase for me.
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on October 9, 2015
Worked great!! I tested it for a whole night. I took into the ocean and attached part of a foam noodle so it would float. It looked funny but was great to not have to worry about it. And it slips right of if needed.
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on February 9, 2015
I've read a couple reviews here saying it leaks water, I haven't found this to be a problem. I use this regular in the summer and on rainy days to keep my iPhone 5S dry. It's especially useful in the garden also!! (No dirt gets inside) Also if you want you can bring it with you to the shower if you're the kind of person who just can't be without their iPhone for 10mins. I have not yet tested to see if it really keep my iPhone dry in the pool, but have done a submersion test with a tissue paper. The results: tissue paper was dry. Not a drop of water. I high recommend this product if you love being outdoors!
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