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on July 7, 2015
This thing is ridiculous. You may think you've brushed the hair off your dog, but oh no, my friend, you haven't.

Let's get one thing clear, your dog has too much hair, and the FURminator was sent by aliens in the future to help you fix that. Let's get started!

First, go put on something you don't plan on wearing for the rest of your life. Unless you wear plastic trash bags (Derelicte?), you're about to be wearing your very own authentic dog-hair suit. A lint roller will help, but plan on tearing through half the roll of adhesive sheets when you're done.

Next, go outside. If you have a particularly ornery dog, you may want to throw a leash on him, but don't you dare FURminate in your home, unless you're the first person to brush their dog because you want MORE hair in your house. When you're done, you'll have little fur tumbleweeds bouncing around while you stare in disbelief at your dog, which will still have fur, somehow, despite the hairpocalype unleashed by this innocuous little brush.

Get help. This isn't a leisurely afternoon in the back yard where Rover pants contentedly while you haplessly brush away the loose hairs. This is war, and in war, you need two hands. One person holds Trigger in place, the other FURminates.

Get in there. Short, fast strokes are your best bet. Use one hand to hold the skin in place, and the other to run the brush through. Use the handy button on top to clear out the teeth when it gets clogged. Expect to do this about a million times. Seriously, you're going to wonder how much longer it can possibly go on. Longer, amigo.

Stop when the fur piles are waist-high, or when the fur changes color. I'm convinced you would end up with a shaved dogif you just kept going, but the pile of fur would be unmanageable. The FURminator allegedly pulls the undercoat first, so when your brown dog starts getting lighter in color, we assume that means the top coat is getting attacked. But who cares? Go nuts, the d#mn beast will grow it all back in 2 minutes anyways, right?

This is the be-all end-all of grooming products for your dog. If you hate having animal hair in your house, and have the discipline to use it every week, the FURminator will change your life.

Cons: Doesn't work on human back hair
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on March 6, 2017
If you haven't read one of the top reviews on this product--go read it now! I couldn't stop laughing! The reviewer is a comedian! The hysterical review forced me to press, "Buy Now", knowing darn well that the Furminator could turn out to be a total fail. I will start by saying that I have a 65# adult yellow lab. You'd wonder if I owned a dog (or 3 kids for that matter) upon visiting my home. She is bathed regularly and brushed a few times a week with the average dog brush that costs around $10 and breaks in a few months, only to be replaced. I have all white slipcovered furniture and bedding and keep my home immaculate. However, this includes vacuuming 2-3 times per day because the dog hair is everywhere! I'm telling you all of this because you may be a skeptic, and like me, wonder if this brush is only "great" because those who purchase the brush don't groom/take care of their pets in the first place. My FURminator arrived today and I couldn't wait to rip it out of the packaging. I purchased the large short hair brush. After 5 minutes of brushing, I was shocked; speechless. I have a pile of hair that's probably a foot high and a foot wide. It didn't seem real how much hair was coming out! Have I been dreaming that I brush her, but in fact, never do??!!! Initially, I wondered if this was hurting her seeing the chunks of hair being brushed out. But my lab absolutely loved it! She rolled over on her back with her legs up...she was so happy and relaxed. As the Top Reviewer stated, you WILL be covered in hair (my clothes will have to go right in the wash) and you WILL have dog fur tumbleweeds blowing all over! For sure, it's a hairpocalypse! Lol
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 1, 2016
Buyer beware! I purchased this long hair "FURminator" from MegaStorePlus through, it is a fake! I noticed a misspelling in the product description, "otl" instead of "oil" which made me look closer. I then found other issues. The images of the dog laying on a rug and picture of the brush on the packaging is lower resolution than a person would expect for a $50+ dollar brush. The packaging is also too small for the brush and bulges out instead of sitting flush. To confirm it was fake I went to the local pet store and paid $10 more for a real one and found further inconsistencies. The font and package coloring is slightly different between the two. The Authentic sticker has a water mark with "valid" printed in the silver part of the sticker, while the fake is just silver. The brush cover for the real one is a yellow-green, for the fake it is yellow. as far as the brush itself is concerned the main difference is the teeth of the brush. In the authentic FURminator the teeth are sharper and longer, and the brush is half and inch wider. I am sure that would translate to better fur removal.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 25, 2017
Our Bull Terrier has short hair, but sheds an awful lot. Her groomer recommended the Furminator and it is excellent. My Bully even likes it and to her, grooming is just another necessary evil that humans have imposed on dogs.

I took it on vacation last week and my friend's small white dog was dropping her white hairs all over the dark green rug in our rental, so when she saw our Furminator, she asked to borrow it. She has just ordered one for her fur kid as well.

She just borrowed ours for the weekend to take to a family bar-b-q where she plans to Furminate all of the family's dogs!

I hope Amazon doesn't run out of them!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 19, 2015
My vet recommend THIS brand dog brush for my shedding Bulldogs. OH, MY GOSH! It's the best on the market!! I'm amazed at the large amounts of dog hair it removes in the first few strokes alone! You get so much loose fur off your dog so for effortlessly that you may want to consider doing this outside.

1. It works effortlessly, fast and very easy!
2. It has a button you press to eject the fur into the trash bag or what ever your using so you can get the job done faster without having to stop and pull it off with your hands.
3. Both my dogs AND my cat LOVE this brush because it feels like a massage instead of those old fashion slicker brushes that are actually sharp and hurt if you press hard.
4. You don't need to press hard to remove lots of fur very quickly.
5. This brush is very efficient at getting the job done. There is nothing else on the market like it.

TIP: Having said that, be sure to order the correct size for the size dog you have. In other words don't buy an extra large brush if you have a tea cup breed dog and if you have an extra small large dog be sure to spend the extra and get the larger size because you can cover more area faster.
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on August 17, 2017
My picky adopted jackrat doesn't like brushing with it, but Mommy does because he sheds a lot. He hates grooming. Someone must have hurt him in one of those six homes he passed through before he found his forever home with me at age one. I just do it till he wiggles away and catch him later. I also use a sticky hands mitt on him to fool him into thinking I'm just petting him. This tool is much more effective though in getting all those loose hairs. I take him to a great groomer with his Bichon "brother" once a month even though short hairs like him should be easy to keep up with this tool at home. She gets him great with the same tool.
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on May 17, 2017
Would buy this all day long, my friend has a Bernese Mountain Dog and he swore by this product.After trying it out on my beagle I pulled out my phone and ordered this on the spot. Shedding season is tough esp with a double coated dog and this does a great job removing loose hair. I almost can't believe how much comes out, plus my dog loves it, when I take it out he gets so excited to go out and get brushed. The fur comes off easy as well the the push of a button. The handle has nice grip and the brush itself has a good weight to it, feels very solid.
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on May 16, 2017
I have a German "Shedder" and a Husky, and this works great on both, ESPECIALLY my Husky, Chief. Chief is shedding like crazy right now and I don't know how he's not already bald from all the clumps of undercoat coming out for Spring, but it makes him look completely unkempt. This tool is amazing, it gets all the undercoat that's loose and coming out, and his coat looks smooth and silky after. I love that you can just push the blue button on top and it de-sheds the comb for you, and you can go right back to brushing. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and got this.
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on August 21, 2015
Oh my God! I ordered this a few days ago and it was at my house when I got off work, I couldn't wait to use it. I've only used it on about half of my dog, a 50 pound Siberian husky, and Jesus Christ! I just brushed her last night with a rake brush, that doesn't even compare to this! It's worth every penny. I really like the button to eject the fur too, it saves me a couple seconds of pulling the fur out of the teeth after every brush stroke. I love this thing. I don't know how I lived without it. Strongly recommend for double coated dogs! You need this, stop reading reviews and just buy it.

10/14 UPDATE:
Still love this product. I'm actually ordering the short hair version for my Husky mix who has much shorter hair than my Siberian.
I'm really annoyed with all the reviews saying this "cuts hair". IT DOES NOT I think people just don't understand how much of their dog's undercoat is ready to come out especially if they haven't been using great tools or during season changes. Like I said originally, I had brushed my Siberian with a rake brush (suppose to be great for removing undercoat) and still got a ton off. If you look at the fur taken off your dog you can see there are no guard hairs in the mixture, except maybe a few which would have fallen out just as human hair falls out. It's completely obvious the fur isn't being "cut".
People who said it cut their dog are obviously using it incorrectly. I raked this across my own skin (pretty hard) a few times to make sure it wasn't sharp and it most certaintly isn't. You don't need to dig deep with this thing, it does the work for you.
Another review said it thinned out their dog's coat "too much". Again, it's truly shocking how much fluff can come out with the right tools. You've probably grown accustomed to what your dog looks like with all that extra fluff stuck under his guard hairs. This is a brush, not a blade, it only takes out the loose hairs.
I use this 1-3 times a week now and my Siberian is practically shed free and doesn't mind the brushing at all. We actually went to the vet today and she complimented me on how she didn't have excessive shedding unlike most Huskies. And any Husky owner knows these guys can SHED. Which is actually what brought me here again to buy the short hair version for my Husky mix in hopes it will work better, like the long hair does for my Siberian. I was hoping to find reviews comparing the long and short but saw all these negative ones I felt I needed to correct them.
AGAIN you need this in your life, if you have any sign of intelligence and use this tool correctly (not hard to do) it is an AMAZING brush. Buy it NOW.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 3, 2017
I'm not saying the brush doesn't work, I'm just noticing it's not worth the extra money.

Updated review-

The customer service team is amazing. I realized I wasn't doing all the correct steps to get the most out of the brush, and they kindly walked me through each, and I'm seeing much better results. I take customer service very seriously, so I feel this product is a 4.5 star product, with a 5 star customer service team. Glad I purchased this brush.
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