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on March 21, 2017
Admittedly I never played the original Fable. I was aware of it, but as a kid I was much more interested in FPS. As an adult, I've come to play RPGs almost exclusively. I played Fable 3, like it okay, but I didn't love it. I loved this game. The story and decision making aspects were much better than that of the third installation. I may pick up the original after playing this game. That's how much I enjoyed it.
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on July 24, 2015
In world where there is so many choices to choose from. what to wear to, how I conduct myself self to the public, to be loved or Feared, no game does it better than fable. For starters this game improve on many things, for instance,combat is now simplified with one button, interface is improve, dyes and clothing definitely improve over the limited clothing on fable. You also get to not be handcuffed and have a choice on which hero to play. Male or Female(personal favorite) to play with The morality system is a little more than black and white this time around you have a choice being corrupt or pure, good or evil things for instance the foods you eat meat gives corrupt vegs and fruits pure points are nice addition to the game. graphics is pretty amazing for a game that came in 08 albion itself have plenty for the most part of open free roam areas plus this time around you can get married. the only flaw is story which is pretty what see is what you get, no m night shyamalan twist nothing its pretty much straight forward with you but despite all of this, this game is has and always been for a casual gamer like me who work 40 plus hours great game yet engaging deep for those who want to do side quests (new content knothole island and see the future make the game longer).so in short do yourself a favor and own one the best titles on xbox360 , because this is by far a classic so no excuses it is cheap so buy lol have fun exploring albion.
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on September 14, 2016
Have played 30% of the game so far. I like it a lot but don't love it. Absolutely love the Mass Effect series and Skyrim. I see this as a solid notch down in sophistication, but charming and fun. I find the combat easy, but excellent. It is pretty easy to do the different moves and flourishes. Shooting is user friendly. Weapon selection is solid, but not inspiring. I find spells a little frustrating. I find waiting to charge higher level spells is annoying. Because of this I am mostly using combat. I will likely play enough eventually to be a master of things, but I don't have a lot of hours in and haven't mastered this game. I like the characters and story, but am not overwhelmed. I will likely update this in the future.

Over all, a respectable enjoyable game with few faults.
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on March 5, 2017
LOOOOOOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! I've played this like 4 times and each time was totally different! Love the Plot, Controls, Gameplay, Choices, Quests, Characters, Hidden Secrets, Just....EVERYTHING!!! The fact you can be a woman, The fact you can be gay, Good, Evil, it's all up to you! Defiantly a must have!!!
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on April 15, 2015
The amazing game of Fable has a sequel! Although not as impressive in terms of storyline, Fable II brings back much of what you loved from the original game.

With a RPG theme, you start your character off on the usual quest to rid the world of evil, though with a twist that you can become evil if you so choose. As you go on quests, you gain experience from fighting bad guys and monsters and saving people. Depending on your choices, good or evil, your character becomes more good or more evil. The same goes for how much you eat and how your appearance changes!

You can use magic, fight hand to hand (melee), or use ranged weapons. Who doesn't like to scope in their rifle? You can get married, start a family, sleep with prostitutes, fight in contests, buy houses, learn tradeskills, earn money, etc. It is quite involved for such a short RPG. The game does not take long at all if you decide to rush through the story.

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on March 6, 2014
Fable is meant to be fun, and its successor is moreso. There are MANY easter eggs buried in this game, including gargoyles that insult you like the French in Monty Python's Search For The Holy Grail. Good building fun, lots of places to visit, enemies respawn eventually so you can keep dealing with them and gaining experience. The scenery is fantastic. The loading screens are somewhat annoying, but once they complete, you can run around in a fairyland of brilliant colors and ruins overgrown with flowers and trees. This is the best of the Fable series for looks and gameplay. The sequels are famously awful, and Fable 3 won a Raspberry for Worst Video Game Sequel that year. But Fable 2 is excellent fun. No armor, no bow, and guns and swords all over the place, but the costumes are fun, particularly if the use the female hero: its 3rd person, you may as well stare at a hot girl swinging a sword and aiming a pistol like Lara Croft. There's also a lot of side quests worth doing, some repetitive, some with amusing conclusions. They don't raise much money, as that's best from Rent, but making money in the game is almost too easy. Focus on the travel and the swashbuckling. That's good fun. This is a video game that rarely takes itself too seriously beyond the major plot points. Its got many nods at Pratchett and Python and should be enjoyed with the same amused state of mind.
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on December 29, 2014
Wow. Better than expected. I usually use my xbox for dancing and sport games and got tired of those and wanted something different. I'd only played a few hours and I got hooked easily. The graphics are awesome, fun story lines and fun challenges as well. The game comes with guidelines for the controller, so I'm not randomly pushing buttons. I was a bit annoyed with the sister that follows too closely around, but it's a helpful character that allows you to interact with other characters in the game. It's kind of frustrating that you as a main character can't speak for yourself but you can move and do other actions as well. I'd recommend this game to people who are just starting out in the gaming world. Easy to follow along to and addicting. I'm considering to look at the other Fable games as well.
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on August 12, 2013
I really liked this game the first time I played it through, and I love how easy it is to make different and unique characters, and how much of an influence you can have on certain environments in the game. Unfortunately, the main story doesn't keep pace with this--it's the same thing every time, no matter how many times you play it, and while at first it was pretty decent, if you want to make a new character and take it in a different direction than your first, you still have to play the same story. It just becomes a chore pretty quickly. It's a shame that you don't have more options with the story--say, perhaps, that you can make certain choices and it will take you in a different direction in the story depending on what you pick, give you a few alternative endings. It would at least make the game more engaging and make it easier to explore all of the different options you have with your character and the world without being bored by the main story that you've already played. And a main part of this game is supposed to be that you can make choices, but within the story, all of your choices are superficial. It would live up more to its advertising if there was some more flexibility in the story.
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on May 20, 2014
I got my Xbox for my son, but knew that I could stream netflix. That was all I was going to do with it. Then a friend introduced me to Fable at her house. I liked it so much I bought my own copy. Around that time, I started having gallbladder issues, so I was housebound. I played this game for hours and got into it! I love the way you can change how the game goes depending on your choices. I've played both male and female avatars, and played morally and immorally. It's a great game with cool graphics. Sometimes I just make my character look around at the landscape. I love the ability to change weapons, spells, etc. Fable is a great game!
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on November 26, 2011
This game was a Great, great improvement over the original Fable, which is still a fanastic game, espicially with the expantion of the lost chapters, but this game changed the style, the format of the gameplay and made adventuring in this world all the more sweet, where every disition your character makes has an impact on the world, from the efforts or lack there of as a child to choices of whom to attack and kill, this game took all the orginal places in the world of Albian and expanded them into a newer and more evolved age in this world's history, with DLC already installed on this addition there is also more that even the orignal game didn't have to enjoy. Argueably the greatest achievement of the game is the A.I. behind your best friend in the entire game, the dog. When there is a CGI construct in a game that allows for such attachment, something was done right...nobody and nothin' hurt the dog and lived to tell the tale. Keeping the story from the original and adding in little ester eggs refering back to the first game it makes the play through that much more enjoyable. BUT! Parents, this is for you, it is reated M for a reason, so you have to decide if your child (or you) are mature enough to go through the world, drink to access if you want, have sex, have a family, be a grand villian, whatever. Just wanted to put that out there, thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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