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on July 15, 2016
Nothing against the seller, I even got it a day early.

Microsoft however... I got home from working a 12 hour day to find the game I wanted to play again. I immediately went and sat at my computer and installed the game (15-30 min install time (time varied as I installed it about 4 or 5 times), launched it, and couldn't get pass "verifying the release date". What in the name that is good is that? Google could tell you when it was released but apparently Microsoft can't. Spent an hour to an hour and a half trouble shooting on my own, trying stupid methods such as adding a file or just hitting "enter" when the release date fails. Nothing. I message tech support at around 1 AM. Tech support was good, no complains there either. She was patient at went through everything I tried as well as a few other methods. Got D*** all results even after 3-4 hours with tech support. So thanks Microsoft, for both stealing my money and robbing me of sleep that night.

TLDR: Microsoft screwed me out of money because they put an awesome game on the failed GFWL (Games for Windows Live) and refuse to fix it.
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on November 19, 2012
This game was a nightmare to get working--the worst, most user-unfriendly, frustrating experience I've ever had in about 19 years of PC gaming. Fun game once I finally got it working, though.

Games for Windows Live is pretty much the entire issue. You can't run the game without signing into a GFWL account. Funny thing is, if you don't have one and click the link to make one, it takes you to XBox live (apparently GFWL is no more and has been merged with XB live.) That web site DOES. NOT. WORK. I spend an hour and a half repeatedly trying to create a profile, and after jumping through all the hoops (including the most migraine-inducing captcha I've ever seen) was told "there was an error, please try again later" every single time--and of course it cleared most of my information, including that godawful captcha, every time.
Onsite help (i.e. knowledge base and forums) were useless, having no relevant information: everything was purely related to getting xboxes to connect, and when I clicked the "I have a different issue" link it told my I was about to leave the site. I clicked "OK" and... it took me to the bottom of the same topic page, where there was still no relevant information or any additional links. There was also no support link on the site (that I could find) to email anyone about the web site itself rather than my account, which it needed since the web site itself was clearly broken in many, many ways including its core functionality of creating new accounts.
Eventually I found a completely different MS site to create a Windows ID, which said it would also serve as a Windows Live account. I created one there (which worked fine) and then was able to use it to login to xbox live. Though my randomly-assigned "gamertag" (not the account ID I'd signed up with) led me briefly to think, in light of how screwed up the rest of the web site seemed to be, that I had been mistakenly given access to someone else's account.
So, yes, this Games For Windows title requires you to access it by logging into Xbox Live. Oh, and you'll need to update the installed GFWL client as well, because the one it comes with won't work anymore. And you'll need to ignore the "no account? create one here!" link and just Google the MS site for creating a Windows ID, because the xbox site doesn't work (unless they've fixed it since then).

BUT... once all that has been taken care of... the game is actually quite a lot of fun. The playful sense of humor in everything is great, the game runs smoothly and looks good even on older hardware. Combat is fast-paced real-time, action-based fighting rather than MMO-style cooldown-based wood chopping. It's a little buggy (I often find that the quest-finder "glowing trail" refuses to change its path when I try to make a different quest into my target) but nothing show-stopping--yet.

However, it shows MANY problems from its console heritage. There's no real "inventory" to speak of, but when you need to do anything inventory-related--like selling loot--the mechanics of it are extremely clunky because it was all designed to be done via controller buttons instead of mouse-based drag-and-drop. It's perhaps the only non-MMO multiplayer RPG-like game out there anymore, but again the multiplayer mechanics are very awkward. To start with, you have to "invite" a friend through xbox live instead of being able to pull up a list inside the game. If you want to give your fellow player something you've picked up (or even some cash) you have to warp back to your "sanctuary", go to the "gift" room, go to a pedestal, use the "-" and "+" keys to select the item category, then the "[" and "]" keys to select the actual item, then your fellow player has to warp back to HIS sanctuary, and go to his/her "gift shelf" (which is not in the gift room) to pick it up. Then you can both warp back to wherever you started. Compare that to how it's done in, say, WoW... and don't try to tell me you couldn't have a "trade" mode in which the game world pauses while you used a direction pad/stick (or mouse in this PC version!) to drag-and-drop items between each player's inventories.

Oh, and the rather nice-looking map feature is nearly useless, because it doesn't show your character's location or facing on the map. This makes it almost impossible get your bearings, because the map is much more cartoonish than the game world and it's very hard to correlate what you see on the map to what you see in the game world, especially without any compass to tell you which direction you're facing or indicator on the map to show where you are. This last bit is especially annoying since every NPC shows up on the map walking around in real time... just not you.

So: a little simplistic, and VERY clunky in many, many ways, but ultimately well-written, pretty, very funny, and fun to play. Was it worth the hassles? Maybe... but only barely, and largely only because co-op RPG-style games that are focused on individual players and therefore go much deeper & stronger with their stories are so very hard to find these days.
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on March 9, 2017
The game doesn't work at all. Without Windows Live or Market Place, it will not work for anybody. It neither does have a connection to it and even without a starting account, it still doesn't work. Please try to send information on how to do this without customers questioning if it works or not. If it also says error to Windows Market Place or if it freezes after download, it doesn't work because they canceled it. Please also read about Windows Live turning into Windows Mail as well. Without any help I have to say they have complety shut down this service from Fable 3; the PCWORLD.
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on December 9, 2011
I really like this game. It works fine on my laptop.

I have yet to complete the game. I am playing on challenging mode (there are two modes: normal, and challenging). I have not found challenging mode that difficult, but if you keep in mind that this is Fable, that shouldn't be too surprising. I have played Fable: TLC, but not Fable II, and I am quite intrigued about the concept of having children.

The game is simple enough and you can have multiple save files, so you can have multiple different gaming experiences (if you get bored- or just alternate b/w the girl/boy option). I think there are 3 or 4 (not sure).

My main complaint is the Main Quest. If you get too close to an area that moves this (the Main Quest) along it will automatically trigger a cut-scene or the progression to the next portion. (Seemingly minor but annoying nonetheless) If you walk away from the character, they will keep speaking and walking as if you are following them.

Also there are major limitations in the number and type of interactions you can have with NPCs.

(Also, why is Elise/Elliot the only potential romantic character given a personality and unique look?)
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on February 20, 2012
First off, this game is alright. Its not that fun and the moral choices reflect the character change not by much. (no angelic wings or halos)And don't get too attached to the character your building for the file and autosave might become corrupt at anytime. Saving in a different file won't help either, I tried that. You PROBABLY could play the game 1st or 2nd time around without glitches AND COMPLETE IT without problem.When I am talking about glitches I mean crashes, being stuck, unable to accomplish a mission, things don't appear where they should, characters not acting right,...your trusty dogs butt might float in the air for some weird reason or trophies don't appear on the homes you bought. THEIR ARE NO PATCHES AT THE LIONHEAD SITE. People have been asking for the patch fix since Dec 2010. You will be dissapointed, frustrated, angry, and crushed. Its not worth it. The hype of being a leader in fable is not worth it and it doesn't deliver.
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on November 9, 2012
Love this game! So much fun! Even better then the original Fable game :-)! The issues I had with the original Fable(like not being able to quicksave by hitting f5) have all been taken care of in Fable 3. I am hooked.
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on March 27, 2017
Don't even try
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on March 3, 2017
it dosent work
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on October 8, 2011
I love playing this game...really fun.

But they never came out with a patch!? This game is eons old, but they haven't fixed anything. I glitched out after 40 hours and can't get past this one part of the game due to a glitch. Don't waste your time on such a huge dissapointment because its just not worth investing your time into this sucker.
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on September 9, 2016
I am sure that by now there are no longer nay copies of Fable III available for purchase, but if there are: DO NOT BUY IT!!!
Games for Windows Live is needed to verify the game, but GFWL is defunct and has been for several years. So the end result will be that you can install it, but because you cannot verify it like it wants to be, you'll never be able to play it.

Save your money and choose another game.
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