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Fable III - Xbox 360
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$15.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 26, 2011
First of all I am a huge fable fan, so this review may be a tad bit biased :D

Overall Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay was almost perfect, I take a point off because it was a bit too easy. I went through the game without dying once. The combat was easy to control, the enviroments were fantastic and well designed. But to be honest it really just felt like fable 2 with some extra stuff thrown in.

Story 8/10

The story was fantastic and really pulled at some of my emotions, but only when I was playing as a good character. There really is no room for an evil character in this game. Which I was kind of upset at. Even though I enjoy playing as a good character more. It really just seemed to lean towards a good story. My evil character can slaughter entire villages without remorse but if a single person in a cutscene gets killed he cried and felt so bad. That however is the only flaw in the story. There is excellent character development for the supporting cast, and seems to be more well written than the past fable games. I love how this one was actually a continuation from the previous game. If you play through the story play through as a good character first so you can experience the story how it was meant to be played! You will thank me later.

Exploration and size of world 9/10

The exploration was fun, but there wasn't really a need to explore, unless you wanted to see the hilarious demon doors, and find all the hidden things! And there is just so much to find! Like hidden legendary weapons golden and silver keys, and those oh so funny demon doors. There is even a cameo from the most famous demon door from fable 2! I laughed for about an hour while listening to it's story. Having the exploration being optional is kind of nice, some games like oblivion are massive and it's hard to find things which exploration is mandatory in order to do anything, but I like those too. But when you have people living with you that don't like to explore much they or just like to experience the story this is a perfect system.

Music, I dunno what to rate it... I didn't hear much... but what music I did hear was pretty good, but sounded like it was ported straight from fable 2.

Controls 10/10

The controls are just fantastic, they streamlined everything and did away with text based menu's! It's now all game control menu's and probably the best thing to happen to any game in quite some time! The combat controls are just fantastic and so easy yet very fun.

I know it's kind of jumbled and I may have repeated things... but... yeah... that's... it... thanks for reading, I hope it helps you make a decision.
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on November 8, 2010
When you first start Fable 3 you immediately feel as if 2 never ended. That's where the good things end. Each Fable game starts off really strong, story-line, weapons, questing, it's all great except it all deteriorates into banality and monotonous repetition. Like the previous Fable's, 3 has an annoying and eventually boring interaction mode that prevents you from talking to people and instead demotes you to village idiot, you have a handful of actions like dancing or clucking like a chicken that you can use to interact and try to get people to like you. Unlike 2 where you had to figure out what worked on what people in 3 pretty much any positive will work and most negatives will not. The game starts with your character as the sibling of the king who is the child of your character in Fable 2 (shame there's no import option to truly give you history) and you have to overthrow him, stop the darkness and then build a kingdom. Sounds like a big game, it's not. In all it can be done in 20hrs or less, not even close to a Zelda or Final Fantasy. But, that's not the downer, the disappointment is the ease and simplicity with which you goals are accomplish.

So, you set out on your quest, win the hearts of the people while becoming a hero. First of all, interact, so go to EVERYONE and do something positive and get a guild-seal (These will allow you to advance, you spend them to earn skills) and if positive doesn't work hold them to your ass and fart on them, then move to the next person. When you "talk" to most people long enough at a some point in the game they'll give you a courier quest, there are so many of these, I think fifty or a hundred as I've barely found anyone that doesn't give one after six to ten interactions. These are boring as hell, track down a book, pass on a letter, lead someone to somewhere and complete the quest. There's some good/evil options here like dragging children into a factory for slave labor, but for the most part, not much.

I didn't even care about the quest, mostly it was just walking, killing things as you go and moving on. After certain quest you move forward on the "road to rule" where you spend your guild seals to level up, learn new expressions and buy colors to dye yourself. At almost no point did this game ask me to think, just walk and interact, kill and walk. You don't have a menu, just a series of rooms and a butler where you change cloths, weapons, etc. You approach the map, look for quest, warp there, complete, repeat. This is easily the easiest of the three Fables, the simplest and the least satisfying.

Fable three was supposed to be a three part game, each is incomplete. First the quest, overthrow your brother and become king. Next, the darkness approaches. Set tax-rates, decide on spending or cutting spending like keep a shelter at a cost or convert to a brothel to raise capitol, drain a lake for mining or spend money to preserve it for the rich-folk that live on it's shores. This doesn't last long enough nor is the system beyond a kindergarten level to master. Once the darkness comes you fight, defeat and then spend endless hours on meaningless side-quest. Nothing like 20 hours of chicken races and taking letters from one person to another, but this is the way you complete the game, to truly complete it, if there is a true ending, I've not completed all the menial task.

Over-all the graphics are good with some frame-rate drops, sound is better with less of the same voices/phrases constantly in the background as the other two games. The fighting system is much improved with a "devil may cry" quick-switch between weapons and magic, but magic has to be charged to be worth anything and there's little in the way to improve it. The quest are short, simple march in a line with only finding keys and side-quest offering any challenge but little reward. The game is painfully short, what could have been a grand-quest mixed with the complexities of taxes and social programs, raising an army and growing a nation becomes little more than a sketch-pad for these ideas.

In Fable III Lionhead reaches further, promises more and delivers less than any other Fable. Some of the preview stuff they showed for two years was near mind-blowing cool -- none of it's in the game. It's so simple and tedious that it really feels not like an action-rpg but like a simple child's game with adult themes. Once again, lots of sex of-screen (why rate it "Mature" if sex is going to be PG and violence / gore barely exist???)

Over-all a fun game used for $20 in six months, but too simple and unsatisfying for a new game at $60. No doubt a $100 in add-on packs will quickly emerge with quest that should have been on the disk to begin with. Let's hope a new team takes over for Fable IV, sees the short-falls of the first three and finally gives us what has been promised for years.
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on November 9, 2010
First off, Fable 3 is only slightly related to fable 2 as you are the child of the hero on there and it is in the same world (the blind seer is back as well). I say you are the child and the game says you are the child but it doesn't matter what kind of "hero" you were on Fable 2 because even if you were evil and everyone hated and feared you then your hero became a beloved monarch who had 2 children. One of these, Logan, is the King when the game starts out and you are the prince or princess depending on the gender you choose. The storyline in Fable 3 is heads and shoulders above the other entries in the series, but Fable 3 has quite a few problems as well as moments that have you asking what Lionhead was thinking.

The Good:

Good storyline (for a fable game mind you not mass effect worthy but good), Graphics and style are all wonderful, evil gnomes, great soundtrack and voice acting. The Sanctuary is a cool concept, lots of stuff to collect and a ton of side quests, took about 30 hours to complete nearly everything, improved multiplayer, and the gameplay is still fun if extremely simple

The Bad:

The game is quite glitchy as i encountered several glitches (no game stoppers but i have heard horror stories), the control scheme in combat is even more simplified, the game is extremely easy, no switching spells on the fly (you have to go to the sanctuary armory to change your spells, the touch mechanic looks bad and works even worse, there is no way to pick which expression you want to do, the levelling up mechanic is not very good as there is no complexity which would be fine but there is really no reason not to just buy everything, making money is really pawnbrokers and shops and then buy everything. There is still no emotional attachment to anyone in the game as the expression system has actually gotten worse, the storyline doesn't really support being evil very well as even if you pick the evil options at the end it helps you save people for the most part(unless you just pull all of the money out of the treasury and transfer it yourself, but then whats the point of the storyline if you aren't going to save anyone), there are way too many legendary weapons to gather and you end up picking a favorite and leveling it up for the whole game, Your weapons may change appearence but they all end up looking alike if you are a total good character or a total bad character. Speaking of which being good and evil doesn't really change your appearance that much other than tatoos glowing different colors until the end of the main storyline and since you will have all of the chests then every good character and every evil character tend to have the same features and the real customization comes with the clothes, hair, tatoos, and makeup.

In conclusion:

I know I listed alot more bad than good but Fable 3 is still fun despite its many flaws. The thing that makes fable 3 so upsetting is that with a few tweaks like a harder difficulty (this could have a more complex levelling and combat systems) and a better system than the horrible expression system fable 3 could have been one of the best xbox games period...for now its middle of the pack but if you loved the first 2 you will love this one and if you have never played an rpg...fable is a great place for a casual or inexperienced gamer to start. In closing, Fable 3 is a flawed experience, but a fun one nonetheless
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on April 14, 2011
I'm about half way through Fable 3 and decided to review it.

Graphics are awesome. Lots of familiar places redone with more details. Some new areas to discover, too. I like the realstic blur feature when you get to close to something.

Quests are not very original, especially if youve played Fable 1 and 2. But the interactions between characters makes them bareable. I like messing with the people and proforming expressions with them. But I'm kinda getting tired of dancing with dudes... I liked F2 where you could choose your expressions. F3 kinda chooses for you?

I like continuity. But I also like new and exciting surprises, too.

The options / map system is VERY different then F1 and F2. It's very visual and in my opinion it's to overdone. Every little thing is visual and interactive.

You have a quest list. But I felt navigating the map requires a steep learning curve. I'm not unhappy with it. I see the advantages. But you really have to think differently with F3s map system...

And the glowing trail of breadcrubs is still here. But I had trouble locking onto my current objectives after I exit combat or recieve a new quest... I hate waiting for it to reappear.

And my dog gets lost. Alot... I find myself going back to him and walking around him to get him to move again. I need him with me to scout for treasure. I almost wish for a whistle command to get him back on point...

Combat is fun. Swords, hammers, pistols, rifles and magic gloves, too.
I love mixing it all up if I have to room to fight. And you have a few cool power moves with mini cutscene animations. They will slow you down, but they're neat...

I'm not done with the story, but so far its a decent game.

6 out of 10
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on November 23, 2010
Fable 3 seemed more linear than its predecessors. I felt very rushed in getting to the final quest before becoming ruler, and once ruler the main story quests seemed to fly by until the "end" of the game. Thankfully there are plenty of additional things to do, such as hunt down all the keys and chests in the game, unlock all upgrades in the Road to Rule, own each legendary weapon, etc. The enemies are also tougher in this one, because they actually dodge you and have more life. The mixing of magics via the two gauntlets was a nice touch.

One of the things I enjoyed most, though, was the "pause menu." When you press the start button you go to your Sanctuary, where they've managed to turn a traditional menu system into a more engaging experience. The main room contains the map, where you can fast travel and look at quests. Then there is a room for weapons, a room for clothing, a room for your money, and a room for online stuff like matchmaking and DLC. The various rooms loaded up very quickly and having a non-traditional menu system actually kept me in the game experience a lot better. And it was far less boring to navigate the sanctuary than it is to navigate traditional list menus.

Although the main quest felt rushed, the rest of the game was very enjoyable. If you don't want a game that's going to get the main part completed in a couple days, don't get this. If you like going on all the side quests and exploring for all the little things, this game will keep you occupied for a good while.
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on November 5, 2010
This game more or less plays exactly like Fable 2. Most of the changes are cosmetic or an attempt to keep players "in the experience" as much as possible. And there lies the problem. Fable 3 is, in its heart, still an RPG. However, the RPG elements and menus are now not so cleverly disguised as a"road to rule" which shows your progress as well as the "sanctuary" where you can go to change your appearance, save your game, find your stats, etc. Things that used to be relatively simple to do in Fable 2 are now annoyingly complicated. For example, to save a game you have to leave the game by pressing the start key, which sends you to the "sanctuary" where you have to walk over to a wall, press two more buttons before you're given a menu where you can save the game. In order to change clothes you have to go to the sanctuary, walk to the "dressing room", then walk around the room looking at mannequins trying to find the exact thing you were looking for. Talk about taking you out of the experience! What's so bad about about a good old menu to streamline things?

My other gripe with the game is that progress is maddeningly slow. Each new item or concept is introduced gradually, usually requiring you to leave the game, go to the sanctuary and listen to some long winded explanation, which fortunately is narrated by John Cleese. I mean, I know how to use a gun in a game, I don't need it explained to me. Everything is explained in nauseating detail. It's an RPG, the player knows he or she is going to be questing. Having it explained in game as if it's some earth shattering concept is a little insulting.

So to sum up, if you liked Fable 2, and don't mind a little tediousness, then Fable 3 is probably worth picking up after the price drops. If you're new to the series, you're probably better off picking up a copy of Fable 2 and playing that instead.
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on January 30, 2011
The original Fable was one of my favorite games on the original X-box.

Fable II was basically the same game, except that Peter Molyneux decided that I should have a dog (ok) and I should be able to interact a teeny bit more (in an entirely meaningless way) with villager npcs (it wasn't something I felt I needed, but it didn't bother me much).

Fable III was basically the same game with the useless and annoying elements cranked up to 11 with many of the fun bits excised from the game.

Improvements?: a) Now instead of merely farting and belching around villagers and gaining their approval, I get to fart and then run repetitive fetch-it quests for them to gain their approval and tokens to spend on power-ups. How is this a positive step forward?
(b) I can now play with the dog in mostly non-interactive ways, thus allowing me to improve my standing with villagers before being asked to run fetch-it quests.
(c) I can now interact with my offspring before being asked to run fetch-it quests. (Sensing a pattern yet?)
(d) The "gladiator arena" level--one of the more fun and re-playable elements common in many games of this type recently, (see, e.g.: Fable, Fable II, Jade Empire, most of the Ratchet and Clank series) is effectively gone.
(e) Demon Doors and new and upgradeable weapons that often require you to find strangers to join with you online in pointless tasks designed solely to open the Demon Doors or upgrade the weapons (I'm not the biggest fan of online play, but this is clearly one of the more desperate attempts to shoehorn online play into a single player game)
(f) A new wrinkle on property management--your rental properties will fall into disrepair unless you occasionally navigate the unfriendly map and click on them to repair them (there is no master setting or master option allowing you to "repair all" under 50% or anything like it)...what fun!!!
(g) A new system of difficult moral choices--once you become the monarch, you'll be faced with a series of difficult moral choices to make because the realm only has so much coin in the treasury...unless you, like everyone else playing the game, already owns every building in the realm and is making a tidy profit and can simply supply your own funds to make up any shortfall

Negatives: (see "Improvements?" above)

Bottom line: It is playable. It is not horrible. It is much more tedious than the previous installments. If you liked the other Fable games, you might be mildly entertained by this one...then again, you might just end up cursing Peter Molyneux.
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on April 20, 2016
I love this game series. It's so fun to make a character and have them interact with the NPCs in different ways. I enjoyed trying to decide if I wanted to be more of a hero, or more of a villain, and making decisions to help me along that path. This is a great game, and the graphics are much better in this one than in Fable 2, but it will always have it's own quirky style of animation. I do plan on playing this one through again at least a few more times (I'd like to be more villainous this time), Can't wait to explore the world of Fable again!
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on May 12, 2017
He had Fable II and wanted to play this one. Cool game, works well when played. I understand that everyone liked Fable II better but hey it is worth a try to form your own opinion plus it is the next one in the series so he decided to get it. Wasn't disappointed but I think he was possibly annoyed at some aspects of it like the options menu thing.
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on February 26, 2015
I fell in love with Fable after playing Fable 2. I picked up Fable 3 and fell in love all over again! There are some slight differences in the gameplay between the two games and there are some things I liked better in 2 than 3, but it doesn't take away from 3 all that much. It's still a wildly fun game and it was so much fun to play multiplayer with friends. I also liked the feature that you could play randomly online with other people on XBOX live. What fun! This game has great humor and can still make me laugh, even after playing thru it several times. It's one of probably 3 games that I refuse to ever get rid of. And that's saying a lot!
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