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on June 10, 2014
This is a good concept regarding the micro-current technology for lifting and toning facial muscles,but younger women will get better and faster results than those of us who are older.

1) Nicely packaged unit with several compartments to hold wands, serums, and foam sleeves
2) Instructional DVD and brochure included
3) Two different sets of wands, finger wands or hand wands for personal preference

1) Very time consuming
2) Foam sleeves loosen easily and slide off wands during use. They can be washed, dried, and reused but will
be thin having very little cushioning.
3) Liquid components costly to replace, so like many others, I finally resorted to serums, gels, and facial oils.
4) Not suitable for mature `already aged' skin

My Results:
I was in my fifties when I purchased the FaceMaster, and I was diligent in my use; five times a week for seven months. As the months progressed, I increased the power levels and I increased the repetitions, so that I ended up spending close to an hour and half on the tightening and toning of the facial muscles, and close to half an hour on the `feathering'. These `exercises' were split between morning and evening because I was so stubbornly determined to get results. As I said, I was determined, so I would put on my music and get on with this procedure. By the end of the seventh month, I became discouraged. Any so-called improvements in lifting and toning were temporary and minimal, not much for the time over several months devoted to this procedure. That's when I started to do a little research to find out why the Facemaster was not working for me.

My research:
When one is younger, your skin cells and facial tissue are healthy, toned, and tight, however as one ages, the facial tissue actually separates from the facial muscles. The sagging skin that we witness on our face is the facial tissue that has been stretched and has separated apart from the facial muscles. During a face lift, the facial tissue is pulled taut and the excess is cut off and removed. That is why after a face-lift, the facial skin is so much tighter and more youthful looking.
So in essence, this is almost like getting your body in top physical condition and then wearing a top coat that is two sizes too large. The facial muscles may be toned, but the sagging facial tissue (like the oversized overcoat) is what is visible.

My conclusion:
For women in their twenties, and thirties, go for it. Your skin cells and skin tissue is still healthy, strong and intact, you most likely will achieve the benefits, and may prolong the inevitable aging.
For women in their forties, everyone ages differently at different times according to our genetics,environment, and lifestyle, so if started early enough you also may achieve results.
However, for us `mature women' in our fifties and beyond, it may be too late to receive the improvements and all the benefits than a younger woman, and I would recommend finding another way in the quest for that more youthful look.

I do believe in this product, The FaceMaster, and I have passed mine along to a substantially younger woman.
With diligence and persistence I believe that she will achieve some terrific results.
And I hope that my review has been helpful, as I have tried to address the success rates for younger, middle, and maturewomen on an individual age classification basis.
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on May 5, 2015
I have a good plastic surgeon and have had fat transfer to my face and cool lipo. These devices do what they say an impart a temporary youthful facade to one's face. I have this model and a Serious Skin Care Egg. I would never pay these prices. I mean Suzanne Sommers bought these in bulk on Alibaba and arranged to havethem ;labeld for her to sel.. Alibaba does that. I got mine for $21.00 shipped on

I am a chemist and highly recommend making your own conductive gel as I do. Just buy a gallon of aloe gel and then add in any uniodized salt water solution. If using small amounts of aloe gel then add about a teaspoon of salt to every ounce of aloe gel. I like magnesium chloride (AKA: sea salt). Magnesium has the added benefit of not burning and/or stinging like sodium does (not the difference when using either to soothe a sore throat) Group I and Group II metals like sodium and magnesium are conductive and salts are formed between metal ions and halide ions (chloride, bromide, fluoride, etc...). Most of those conducting gels have magnesium sulfate (complex anionic salt Mg2+ and SO42-) and sodium hydroxide (Na+ Cation and OH- anion) which when placed in an aqueous solution form ions which conduct electricity (like water is conductive esp. sea/salt water). Honestly just light salt water spray works too.
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on June 13, 2012
I was skeptical about this product for a very long time and finally just decided to try it. Being in my early 40's and showing the first signs of aging, I decided it was time. This product has done everything it has promised for me thus far. The first time I did the regimine I noticed a difference in the lines aroung my eyes and nose. I truly thought this was going to be another waste of money but this product actually delivers. The only down side is that it really takes up to half an hour to get through the whole routine. Suzanne Somers says she does the routine in like 15 minutes. Well, maybe she does do it in 15, but those of us who don't have a plastic surgeon on demand it may take a little longer.... Regardless, I love this product. Down side #2? Conductive fluid is expensive - when you are done with what they give you just buy something gel base like aloe vera gel. Works just as well. Unfortunately, the foam caps or "booties" you do have to buy, but they do seem to be washable - to some extent. Use common sense. Those of you without common sense, just buy them buy the boat-load.
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on May 4, 2014
I love the product. Originally I purchased itto deal with sagging upper eye lid. It worked very well. I feel my eyes are wider and I don't feel the eyelid sagging anymore. On the whole my skin looks tighter.

However, I consider a cost savings of one hundred and thirty dollars to be significant, especially for a newer model. It's simple. Buy directly from the manufacturer whose address has the same name as the product for one hundred and fifty. I discovered this major price difference when searching for replacement covers and conductive serum, which are not available here but can only be purchased from the manufacturer.

I'm very disappointed with this seller's pricing. It is unjustifiable.
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on December 27, 2016
I just started using this machine. It sat in my cabinet for two years before I decided to try it. I'm 41 and starting to see alot of wrinkles and my skin looks like it's starting to sag. I started to use this because I don't have the money to pay for facial fillers and botox. Night one I shower, then wipe my face down with Apple cider vinegar ( 2 oz water, 2 oz acv) I spray on a cotton ball and wipe my face really good, then dry off and get out the machine I follow the instructions that are in YouTube and I was imoressed, first night I could see a difference. So I thought okay, did it again tonight and made even more of a difference. All my likes on my face puffed up and look alot better, even my forhead wrinkles are looking better. They aren't totally gone, but did give me much better looking skin and I am happy with the machine I will continue to use it 2 times a week. It feels like your sticking your finger in a light socket and your facial muscles jump a little, so be ready for thst but does work.
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on May 18, 2015
Love it, I'm 54, almost 55, years old. I've used it three times so far. I can tolerate the highest settings and do it twice as long as suggested and can notice a difference. So far I've used it everyday since I got it and will continue to as long as I can. It does take longer than 15 minutes only using it the suggested amount of time, probably because of having to look back and forth at the instructions. The DVD is well done and easy to understand. I would definitely buy this again, and will if this one ever quits on me. I might even invest in a backup to keep on hand just in case.
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on February 24, 2015
I would like to say that I DO recommend this product. I first purchased it thinking "as seen on home shopping" type items are sometimes good, sometimes not. This one IS good. I would like to let everyone know the "conductive serum/lotion" that comes with the system does NOT need to be replaced (at HIGH prices) with ONLY that. I have used both 100% Aloe Vera Gel (you can get it at WalMart, make sure it is 100% Aloe, about $6 for a HUGE bottle) or Ultrasound Carrier Lotion. Yes, the same kind rubbed on Momma's belly .... it is also "gel like" and about $12 on eBay for a huge bottle...both work JUST as well as the tiny "Facemaster conductive serum" that costs way too much. I love this little machine so much, I have one at home and an older model (again, ebay) in my gym bag. You can really FEEL the muscles being worked, AND you can see it from the first time. One of my lids was not as peppy and open as the other one, and after one time doing the eye movements (you can find all of the exercises ~ Facemaster Videos, on the official site.) You must keep it up, tho, you cannot use it once, and hope to stay taut, much like ANY exercise, keep it up and you will SE results, and they STAY as long as you continue....I am always guessed to be 32-38 years old, and I am 54 :) so this is an important part of my regime, along with my custom blended (by me, LOL) Facial Serum.
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on May 15, 2017
People are telling me my face looks good. I think it also stimulates circulation so I have a nice color and glow.
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on May 17, 2014
I'm not a huge fan of Suzanne Somers, but she knows microcurrent therapy. This device is a perfect alternative to the large professional grade machines. Since using this device I have noticed firmer, brighter skin. Very happy with it.

The science behind microcurrent technology seems quite sound. Here is a helpful, comprehensive article.
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on January 1, 2014
I was skeptical for a long time, and didn't want to pay the price, but after seeing Suzanne Summers still looking so young and beautiful I finally gave in. I was shocked at the instant difference it made. I have found with constant use and adding the gel to the tips that I can see a definite improvement in a short time. My worst wrinkles are between my brows [deep furrows] so I try to work that area more consistently and its already making a difference. If the kit doesn't come with the gel, make sure you buy it. I tried without it first and didn't see what I would consider any serious results, then I bought the gel and tried again. It made a huge difference!
Seriously, if you've tried crèmes and moisturizers and still can't make those deep wrinkles relax and even out, try this, you will love it. I am trying to work this into my hectic schedule more frequently, cause I am loving the results.
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