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on September 11, 2014
Both a warning and some good news. The sellers do not seem very well informed, so here is the result of my research.

WARNING - This is not warrantied in the U.S. You have to call the Samsung EU for assistance.
Samsung UK 0330-726-7864

GOOD NEWS - Unlike the U.S. version of this phone which is only warrantied for 1 yr, this actually has an automatic 2 Yr Warranty of parts, 6 months for battery, and 12 months for the charger.

If you live in the U.S., you will have to check the bands (4G: LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600) against what your carrier offers, as some, like T-mobile only use 1700/2100, and thus you will not get as much 4G coverage as when you order a phone from your carrier and it is set up for their bands. This may or may not make a difference to you, but you should research this first, and test the phone when you get it to see if you are getting the service level you desire.
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on July 14, 2014
Okay, if you're here you probably have made your research about the S5 so you know it's an awesome phone. I do, however, wanna talk about some aspects of this version since it's and unlocked version.

First of all, yes, do you get the SM-G900F version. So don't be afraid you'll pay for that one and get a SM-G900H instead (that was one of my concerns when searching for it since a read different reviews that talked about that). Also, I read in some of the questions that it didn't came with a box; that it was new and had all of the plastics but that it didn't came with a box. False, the box is there with no signs of being opened since all of the stickers are still intact. If you compare it with the box of a phone that has been bought at a carrier, the specs list is in a different order, uses different words but in the end it's all the same. The biggest difference, I think, is the fact this one says LTE while carrier ones say 4G LTE. But then again, no big deal.
However, although 4G capable, I am NOT able to get 4G signals all the time. I have an AT&T sim card and for the first days I wasn't able to get 4G at all. I then called costumer service and they updated my phone info (cause apparently the system registered it as a 2G phone rather than a 4G device) and guided me through creating the specific APN settings for AT&T's network. Sadly, even after that it didn't worked. But after that though, I started having problems with my network signal. I didn't always had all of the signal bars and my phone even started disconnecting from the network completely displaying the "Only emergency calls" sign. To which in many occasions I had to reboot it more than one time in order for it to get signal again. Long story short, I am now able to get 4G speeds in SOME areas for a little amount of time. And it's 4G, not 4G LTE. The rest of the time it's stuck at H or H+. Yes, I know that not every single area is 4G capable, but I live in Boston and I know for a fact we're pretty much set. Also, it's frustrating to be sitting next to someone on the train and seeing how their phone has 4G LTE even underground, when mine disconnects from the network and enters "only emergency calls" mode. And, to make things worst, although my browser and apps work, I'm am NOT able to send multimedia messages. I've spent more than 3 hours total speaking with AT&T's technical support and they assure me they've done everything in their power but that the problems seems to be my phone. Of course, they can't guarantee that a phone that isn't bought from them will get 4G speeds or any data whatsoever and the only thing they can recommend at this point is for me to reset my phone and call back again in order to be guided though the process from the beginning.
Honestly, I don't even have an unlimited internet plan, so I have to be cautious with my data usage and there for only use it when I'm on the train. The rest of the time I'm either at home or at work, both of where I have wifi connection. H+ is almost 4G and the speed isn't bad, really. So if this isn't a deal breaker for you, buy it! Also, I'm not saying every single phone and carrier will have this problem, I tend to be a little unlucky when it comes to this things so it could just be me! I'm just disappointed because the phone itself says 4G on the back where it usually says "Galaxy S5" so it's quite ironic that I can only get 4G speeds at certain locations for a couple of minute...

Also, the phone does NOT bring a USB 3.0 cable, it brings a 2.0 cable with no Samsung branding... I don't really know it that means anything at all, but been the SM-G900F version I did expected it to bring the USB 3.0 cable.
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on December 21, 2015
Instead of offered international model SM-G900F, I have received a chinese SM-G9006V re-flashed with G900F firmware. All labels on the phone and on the box say it is G900F (fake labels I guess), but when you boot it into the download mode it shows that it is actually SM-G9006V with Knox counter ticked (which means it was re-flashed).
There are a lot of fake Galaxy S5 phones on the grey market and one of the only few good ways to check if the phone is genuine is to boot it into the download mode and see the real model number.

And the charger that is included with the phone is not powerful enough to charge it. The phone see the charger connected, but it doesn't charge at all.

Seller: BlutekUSA.

More problems discovered:
1. This phone can't connect to the secured wireless network when MAC Address Filtering is turned on (phone's MAC is registered in the list of allowed devices). At the same time Galaxy 4 mini, Galaxy Ace, iPad-2 Mini and HP Touchpad connect with no problems.

2. The first screen of download mode is all in Chinese symbols. When you get past that it shows the model number SM-G9006V. It also shows that Knox Counter was tripped (0x1 (4)), and that the system installed is a custom system, not official. At the same time it shows official G900FXXU1POEC system in the "about the device" tab in "Settings".

3. The recovery mode is not accessible, so there is no way to restore this device to the factory settings. When booting into the recovery mode, it shows the following message: "Recovery Booting.... Set Warranty Bit: recovery" and after a little bit reboots into the normal user mode.

My guess is that in attempt to sell cheap SM-G9006V as a G900F, the phone was flashed with partially modified G900FXXU1POEC firmware, as there is no way genuine G900F firmware can be flashed into the wrong device).

4. There is a half millimeter gap between the bezel and the glass on the left side of the phone.

I'm looking into returning this item before it is too late.
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on October 2, 2014
The original Samsung seal was broken and SHOPEBEST seller put a non-original Samsung seal instead. I can tell that because the logo was not in same quality as original. I could carefully open that seal (which with original i wouldn't be able to) and found out the Wall chager was an european one, so they had to put a non-Samsung adapter. So i dont know if they broke the Samsung seal because of that or because it wasnt a Factory unlocked pone. They could say that in description or something like that.
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on June 25, 2016
It's fantastic !! So far I'm pleased with the functions of the phone. It arrived exactly when it said it would. In addition, I came updated and the battery and apps are as they should be. My one an only disappointment is the contact app provided in the phone. Apparently this feature is not compatible for my Trinidad and Tobago Sim card and as a result I'm unable to successfully make a call ( following the instructions = find the desired # then swipe left to right calling and right to left for messaging.) So if anyone is having the same problem with the contacts app just go to apps store and download the 'quickly contacts app and import your contact name and numbers. I love this phone and I'm now tempted to make another purchase fromantic this supplier..
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on December 26, 2015
WOW, WOW, WOW...I'm so terribly disappointed with is purchased! I decided to give this as a Christmas gift for that special woman in my life however a good deed, thought and gift has turned into a nightmarish experience. I'm not sure if it's Samsung's fault for not having better measures in place to prevent false CHINESE copies of their phones leaking into their inventory or if it's a planned ploy to get over on less educated customers. Also I think Amazon hold companies passing off fakes via their website to the highest level of responsibility because it does affect one's thought towards making future purchases of certain items.

Yesterday after opening this gift my loved one plugged it up to charge the battery as anyone would do, but when we return later that evening I noticed immediately there was a problem when the recharge light was still red. So I unplugged it, removed the battery for 1 minute, and revered the process again, but there was no change for it appeared as though the phone wouldn't charge. My lady unplugged the phone and powered it up, but she couldn't get past the "Language Selection" menu which was English (UK) ONLY so she asked me to look at it. I attempted to navigate through the phone without any success. When I pressed start the phone did nothing and when I hit the power button the phone shown only "Turn Off and Restart", but wouldn't do either when selected, so I had to remove the battery to shut it down.

The next morning after breakfast I started doing online research into the problem after booting the phone to the Android ROM upgrade window. First before entering that screen a window appeared and all of the characters were written in Chinese versus Korean. As a veteran that have served overseas I can clearly distinguish many of the Asian languages from one another especially Korean which is more distinctive. Also I work as an IT Specialist and have been in the field for over 20 years. I downloaded the latest versions of Kies and Smart Switch, but neither software would recognize the phone and at that point my suspicion grew even more. I started conducting a search online of the "ODIN MODE - Product Name: SM-G9006V" and then is when I discovered I'd received an ETREMELY well made and PROFESSIONALLY packaged CHINESE made SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 knock-off!

I'm glad the events that occurred happened otherwise if everything had functioned as it should have I'd probably NEVER EVER known I'd purchased a Chamsung Calaxy S5! No offense to anyone Chinese!

I've added photos to substantiate my claims. Amazon please post this for it would be in the companies best interest to let other prospective buyers beware. I want to give SAMSUNG and Amazon a fair chance at righting this VERY WRONGFUL act before taking to social media.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 28, 2014
It took me a while to figure this out. Those who plan to purchase an unlocked phone and intend to use it inside US please be careful. Most S5 models came with LTE capability, but not all of them are compatible with the US provider. For example: G900A is specific for AT&T, 900T is for T-Mobile etc. Some of them are interchangeable but you need to be aware of the compatibility. For example, 900F model (this one) supports LTE 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 (these numbers are actually frequency like in the radio channel), but AT&T provide LTE using 700. The reason I rated 4 is because I think they should provide more information like this to the customers.
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on October 30, 2017
The software part is great. Only issue with it is the fact that they removed the thermometer, apparently due to an issue with the underwater feature. I don't plan on swimming with my cellphone anytime soon, and the thermometer feature was very useful as it let you know the actual temperature of the occupied space, as opposed to the general city temperature, but it might be a minor or irrelevant thing to another user.

The physical phone itself is another thing. The glass is very resistant to scratches and the display is great, but everything else is very cheap. The side of the phone has eventually peeled off in patches everywhere near the front facing side, and gives it a very worn, ugly look. The back cover looks good but is very weak. I dropped it once or twice on a carpet and the left edge broke off, and one of the locking parts as well, so it never locks tightly. Also, the "samsung" letters just fell off on their own. There's only the spaces left. I'm sure if they put in just a minor upgrade into the quality of the materials the phone would look much better, but right now it has a quite cheap, worn feel to it. Curiously, my Samsung S3 mini and S4 never suffered from this wearing down, and I take great care of all of my phones.
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on March 2, 2015
After two weeks the screen started flashing and stopped working. I took it to the IFIX repair store in the Galleria Mall and the told me that someone had already repaired tis device and had damaged the internal components. This is a very expensive device and to be sold a repaired second hand product it is disappointing. the Samsung letters have even fallen off the back piece. Shame on you amazon and your suppliers.
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on January 6, 2017
I had to replace my previous S5 after I was robbed a few weeks before. I absolutely love this one!
The first time I purchased Galaxy S5s I bought 2; for me and my boyfriend. I got the white and he got the black, but there was just something different about his. I don't know what in the interface or OS was different but the two phones had different layouts. So for months I was jealous of him cause his layout looked waaaay cooler than mine. But now I don't have to be because this one is even better! Which is weird cause it's the same model, but oh well.
I haven't had any of the freezing issues I was experiencing with my previous phone so I'm also very happy about that. I use it overseas when I travel and have no trouble switching to different networks. Signal strength is also very good.
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