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on August 20, 2016
 I loved this product during the initial few uses but after merely about 10 uses, the lid lock mechanism has started leaking pressure and water..making a mess. I make sure that the contents are below the max line and the gasket and parts on the lid are clean of any food deposits. After observing it closely, it seems I need to pull the lock latch behind a few millimeters after the yellow indicator has popped up. The yellow indicator prevents it from sliding all the way to open, but there's room to slide it back a little bit which better locks the lid. This is a very annoying experience as you've to attend to the cooker and adjust the latch if you see it leaking steam and water. I'm attaching a video showing how pushing the latch forward starts leaking steam (I had already pulled it slightly back to avoid the leak)
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on June 13, 2015
I've only had this pressure cooker for four days, but have used it several times. It took a little getting used to as I have never owned one before. Once I got it down, its a breeze to use and clean-up is a snap. Note: if you are making several dishes in a row, make sure you wash it after each one. Make sure you oil the inner silicone washer after every wash. I forgot to one time and it didn't seem to come up to the pressure stage as fast.
It make great meals that taste very good. I cook two cups of black rice in 25 minutes; stove top would take 1 1/2 hour and that is iffy for it to come out nice. Hopefully this will last me for years to come. I will use it a lot. I would recommend this to purchase.
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on March 1, 2015
Works, well. Previously used my mother's old Presto one that had a more precise measure for when it was cooking as compared to over-cooking or not cooking. Once the gauge ceased to work (must have been at least 40 yrs old) on her trusty, used often pressure cooker, I ended purchasing one that you had to count how many times per minute it jiggled. That really did not work well-- either under cooking or burning bottom. I started to look for another pressure cooker since I do really prefer how quick it is to make dinner. Came across this one and am very pleased with it. While it does not have the same super easy way of telling that it's cooking (my mom's had a gauge, that the needle was either to the left-meaning no cooking, center-meaning cooking, and right-meaning over cooking), it is easy enough to gage the cooking without under cooking or burning the bottom.
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on February 27, 2014
Basically this is a the bottom line if you are looking for a basic pressure cooker without any complication this is it. I really don't understand why ANYONE wouldn't like this. It is meant for you to cook hearty meals in no time. The 15psi pressure is standard throughout most of the cookers and it is really all that is needed. I made chicken with vegetables 15min. I couldn't believe it!!! I cook a lot and invest a lot of money in cookware and I am so glad I purchased this. I had purchased from fagor the 10qt more expensive model. But it is too big for everyday use.

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on April 18, 2016
People need to take the numerous comments about the handle/valve leaking seriously. This seems to be a fairly common complaint and I have had the same problem. It does not leak around the gasket. Sometimes it works perfectly and the indicator pops up with nearly no steam escaping. This happens roughly 25% of the time. The rest of the time massive amounts of steam come out from around the plastic handle and water puddles under the handle and the indicator never pops up. I'm careful to always check that the valve is in the correct position and that the indicator can move freely. I have had this issue from the beginning so it can't be blamed on not keeping the valve clean or the indicator getting gummed up.
I simply can not find a way to get consistent results with this product, even after a few dozen uses.

I'm not disappointed that I bought a pressure cooker as it has significantly reduced cooking times, even when it doesn't work correctly. This has a big effect on what and how you cook. However, this is a very inconsistent product and I am frequently having to adjust the cooking time to compensate for the fact that it doesn't seem to predictably reach or maintain pressure. Every use involves guess work and sometimes additional cooking due to underdone results.

I have chosen to live with this but I feel obligated to give it a below average rating.
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on December 4, 2012
I love my new Fagor 10 Quart pressure cooker! I've used it several times, and it's just great. I was given an aluminum pressure cooker last year for Christmas, and hated cooking in aluminum so I upgraded to this beautiful, heavy-duty stainless steel one. The bottom is thick and solid, with an aluminum core sandwiched in-between the stainless steel. The whole pot is nice and sturdy and could be used for cooking anything (even without the pressure cooker top), from boiling pasta to making large batches of soups and stews.
The lid is wonderful and very safe. The seal is silicone and seems like it will hold up very well. I like the pressure valve much better than the other cooker I had. It's not a "floating" valve and therefore seems safer to me, since there's no chance of it ever blowing off. There is a steam release setting on the valve, which I've used and loved. It's a quick release method. I highly recommend this pressure cooker. It's a very great price for such a nice product and it's an awesome size, too. If you like cooking large amounts, then this is for you! Two thumbs up!
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on July 4, 2014
Overall, this pressure cooker does its job well and without much fuss. I use this cooker primarily to cook lentils and beans. I have a Fagor induction cooktop and this cooker works quite well in that combination. The size is perfect for cooking a couple batches of beans/lentils.

A couple observations that indicate minor issues with this cooker

1. The bottom interior does get to discolor after every use. This might well be related to the hardness of the water used in the water bath. I have used it quite regularly in Oregon and California and have had to contend with this problem. I usually add a few slices of lemon to the water bath which keeps the discoloration under control.

2. The portion of the top lid bordering the black bakelite tends to rust. I have had my cooker for a year or so and the entire border where the bakelite meets the stainless steel has a ring of rust. This shows that the steel is probably not of the highest grade.

Aside front the above two cosmetic issues, I have little to complain about the performance of the cooker.
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on September 7, 2016
I just recently discovered pressure cookers and they are AMAZING!!! Cook a roast in an hour? Yes please. My mom has this one, and I just loved using it, so I got one for myself. I really didn't want another electric appliance in my home i.e. Instant Pot. This does the exact same job in half the price. I love this thing so much!
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on June 14, 2015
Simple to use if you read the directions. Timing is very important. Start the cooking time when you have reached a steady flow of steam. It is also easy to burn the pot when you allow to over cook. It may take some minor adjustment to learn when to shut off the the burner. Also never over fill. Leave enough room for cooking, esp rice. See directions.
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on March 1, 2011
I read Ms. Vicki recommendations and MANY customer reviews here for several Fagor, Magnefesa & Presto models, which prompted me to: 1) settle on this 4 quart model (using a gift certificate to ease price gulp) in January; 2) READ instructions first, and ATTEND during cooking; 3) explore different beans & veges for cooking time/texture outcomes. Once I knew how to put it together and clean it, I started working several different beans, both pre-soaked (per instructions) and not. I'm sooooooooooooooo happy now. Vegetable & grain pates, chilies, high protein combos and the usual beans & rice fare are perfectly easy gourmet explorations now, several in a day for this vegetarian. I can make great sauces alongside monitoring the pressure cooking, and freeze larger cooked volumes for busy week schedules. I do use spice while cooking, so clean the gasket & lid liner immediately (basically a thorough) rinse, because I want it to last!!!
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