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on October 26, 2016
This a great book in explaining Mr. Chomsky's concept of America's foreign policy objectives as a 'strong line of continuity' and 'democracy promotion' aboard (quotes and concepts Noam borrowed from Thomas Carothers). The basic synopsis is that if a foreign country is allowed to have democracy and democratic elections as along as its with in conformity to US strategic objectives and interests. Even, if a foreign country is allowed democracy, the democratic government has to be a top-down echelon form of government that grants all resources and interests to the US. Noam goes a great deal in explaining this throughout the book and Noam confirms this is how all power structures and nations operate and the US is no different in his conclusion at the end of the book. This not only applies aboard but also domestically inside the US. The media propaganda machine evades key issues the public has an interest in and wants legislation for but instead publishes issues most of the American public does not have any interest or inclination to vote on. So Mr. Chomsky's book surmises that democracy is failing aboard and here in the US. I overall liked the book and like listening to Mr. Chomsky's lectures. I sometimes think he is too inclined to workers socialistic rights as his views on Unions being a basis for positive change even in today's climate where public union pension costs have sky rocketed through the roof and the average tax payer like myself has to pay. Similar notions of his that social security, Medicaid and Medicare cannot go bankrupt because the US is the richest country in the world do no fly with me. Noam also mentions, our government should be paying more money for these social programs when these social programs are almost bankrupt and will be in a deficit starting 2017 as per the figures of our own government. I like Noam's ideas on democracy tracing back to the original message by Aristotle that every household should get a vote on every policy and political issue and how that was changed by James Madison and the original founders of the constitution to protect minority landowner interests and how that has spiraled out of control today with the 1% controlling everything in America but Mr. Chomsky is too utopian and quixotic in his ideals in the sense that overspending on social programs lead to eventual government collapse. His foreign policy ideas on nation building by US exploitation is spot on and is mirrored in the appeal for Donald Trump's populism rhetoric that nation building has to end and to have the US be more isolationist in foreign policy objectives.
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on July 3, 2011
The book so far is great, it has a perspective of critical mass for the United States of America. It has very eye opening informtaion. Of course it has it's bias but that is also why I had an anti Chomsky book as well. It is a difficult read at first if you've never read Chomsky or even were interested politics but once you get familiar with his style of writing then you'll enjoy the read.
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on June 8, 2017
Chomsky and Chalmers Johnson have one thing in common: all of their books say the same thing, or maybe one should say they come to the same conclusion consistent with their other books. With Johnson it's always the 1000 overseas military bases, with Chomsky it's the class war and fall of democracy (if we ever had one).
But that's okay because no matter the topic, the realities don't change, the enemies don't change. Unfortunately, our own government is the enemy.
Chomsky's books, and this one, are lively, interesting, logical and highly entertaining. He's so good at stating his case that he makes you believe you need to do something someway somehow. He's inspiring. And in the process he's awe-inspiring.
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on January 23, 2014
Chomsky has a wicked sense of humor that comes out in his writing. He is also a name dropper par excellence and a lazy author. He tries to give the impression that all the authorities he cites (none of which I ever heard of) would vouch for his every word; and even if they did who listens? The Power elite? The Media? Anyone?

Even though "he preaches to the choir" I was not prepared for this barrage of negativity regarding the US, its foreign policy (slightly to the left of the 3rd Reich) according to Chomsky, its support of Israel who Chomsky derides as a minion of the US and a brutal occupier and a negative force to all that is good. The bleak picture he draws of our current world affairs, with only Pollyana solutions that have no political sway with the masses, is awful and seemingly without hope of change.

He is a solicialist by political persuasion and is quick to present Hugo Chaves, Elo Morales, the Castro brothers, and Hamas as the hopes for peace in the world. (Note: This book was written in 2006 so a lot of the references are outdated. For example he extols Argentina 's efforts to better the lives of its people of its people but does not update the book to reflect the near collapse of the Argentina economy, and its fascist government which gets a "pass".

His world view is bleak but that is a realistic view of the world of today, where good is bad, and bad is sometimes good. He savages the Republicans and especially George Bush but presents no solution to our many problems.

A good read but it will leave you depressed.
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on October 13, 2008
Noam Chomsky turns the table on conventional wisdom by claiming that the state most in need of democratic intervention is the United States itself. His basic premise is that the United States government is controlled more by corporate interests than by the people. Government policies are driven by the needs of corporate giants.

To back up this claim, Chomsky looks at America's history of democracy promotion going all the way back to Latin American interventions at the beginning of the 20th century. Time and time again the picture that appears is that of an America that actually crushes governments chosen by the people in favor of supporting rightist dictators. According to Chomsky, the American government is all for the rhetoric of promoting democracy, but as soon as democracy threatens American business interests, it all goes out the window. By looking at the history of democracy promotion, it seems that democracy in the world is actually bad for business from an American standpoint.

This book will really make you think about government policies. In the end, it is important to practice what you preach. If the government believes in the power of democracy, then it should follow-through on developing it rather than catering to business interests. By throwing democracy out the window, we're actually making the world a more dangerous place to live in.
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on February 6, 2013
this book is packed with information and a lot of valid points are made and it really does make you second guess the actions particularly foreign policy of the american government. Some of this is tough to get through, not always the most fascinating but if you like other noam political works this is for you.
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on July 3, 2014
Just to discover the reasons or a logical analysis of governance by the powers that control the world and to maintain its control and abuse of power is a revelation. Thank you.
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on December 1, 2012
Chomsky is just amazing. No hyberole.. no baloney.. no fallacies.. just straight logic and facts showing the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of our (USA) posture in the world.
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on July 12, 2013
If we are ever going to wrest this country out of the hands of probable entropy, we will have to understand and accept what this man says.
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on August 4, 2014
Thank you very much, I highly recommend this book.
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