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on January 22, 2014
When their father dies and leaves his daughters without any means of support, they decide their best option is to become mail order brides and trust God to lead them on the right paths. Each answers a newspaper ad with someone wanting a bride. Faith goes to Texas and discovers a successful ranch run by Nicholas Shepherd. While the wedding is postponed several times, Faith takes an interest in a local blind boy and agrees to teach him Braille. When this father, a widower, takes an interest in Faith, will it be the wake-up call Nicholas needs to move him to the altar, or will Faith need to change her plans?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Despite the fact that occasionally Lori Copeland will insert something in her historical novels that hasn’t been invented yet or hasn’t been called that, her Christian romances are always entertaining, and I thought this is one of her best.
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on December 30, 2011
After reading this book .... I had to wonder what book the other reviewers read.
I thought it was a really terrible book. Couldn't stand Nicholas and his evil mother -
whom we were supposed to excuse for her awful behavior because she was going through
her "change". Did anyone else want to strangle Nicholas?

I couldn't figure out why Faith didn't get on the next stage out of town -
after spending ONE night
in the presence of those two terrible people.

I have read Lori Copeland books before, but never again.
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on September 18, 2015
I have read several of there reviews for this book. Most recent were not kind. Was the story predictable? Maybe, but it is a clean, christian romance and that is to be expected. Were some of the characters obnoxious? Yes, but their change of attitude is what is important. People who are good, are not always likable.
I am going through some of that myself right now. Angry at the world because of things out of my control. I avoided this book for a while because I didn't want to read something sweet and nice. I am glad now that I started it. The message under the story touched my heart in a way that I can not express other than to say, God does answer prayers and they message is often found where you least expect it.

This story was sweet and nice and I thought it was a great Lori Copeland Mail Order Bride. I am glad to see her in ebook format and hope to see more in the future. God Bless and happy reading
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on December 31, 2011
I'm addicted to Mail Order Bride Romance books so when this one popped up free I thought what the heck. I think the book was well written the characters were strong the story was a good entertaining one that I basically enjoyed with a few issues. I wanted to club Nick whack his mother Liza and wished Faith married Dan instead of Nick he didn't deserve her but it all ended up well.

OK this is where everyone is going to jump all over me but I'm entitled to my opinion so here goes: I knew this was a Christian inspired book and have no objection to light religious messages nor do I object to no intimacy in a romance novel, but this was way beyond my comfort zone. Every single page mentioned something religious I think it took away from the story I felt bludgeoned by the bible. Some of the characters were very Christian but certainly didn't act the part they were hypocrites saying one thing doing another. I tell you this in case this makes a difference to some you when choosing to read this book, I would have liked to have been prepared and known.

I would not have paid more than $4 for this book it just isn't worth what Amazon is charging to read it. I look forward to reading Glory since that one seems to be the one that sounds the most interesting one to me, hopefully it is a bit lighter in it's spiritual content. Happy Reading Enjoy.
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on January 22, 2017
This story does more than take you from Michigan to Texas, IT takes YOU from sadness to total HAPPINESS. This story let's us know and absorb and know God's True Love for HIS people.

Faith is both a sweet woman AND a believer in what God's plan is for her marital status and the plan to help blind and, also, uneducated people have a more meaningful and happy life..

Lori Copeland has written a most HEART-WARMING. and LOVING story about life and how God can help people turn their lives from sadness and frustration to Joy and Happiness.

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on July 26, 2016
This book makes me believe in love and want to be open to it. Thank you because I am drawn to the male character Nick and just like him I use pride to cover the true feelings of my heart. The battle of feeling worthy of accepting the notion of someone loving me is epic. He tries to use work and other things as an excuse to be open to love and I use work,religion, and material things to fill the void. This character is a reflection of my inner self and I am thankful for this because I never tell myself the truth until now. With tears in my eyes I wanna say thank you an I will continue to read the other stories.
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on December 24, 2011
This was okay -- I did finish the book. However, I deleted it from my Kindle when I was done as I don't intend on re-reading it. It starts off interesting with Faith travelling to Texas as a mail order bride. Her groom and future mother-in-law don't have much to say to her. She is a pastor's daughter and tries to do the right thing. The book didn't hit you over the head with Christian aspects. My issue with this romance book is that I never really believed that the two characters fell in love with each other. They were either ignoring each other, apart (when he was gone for weeks on a cattle drive) or fighting when she wasn't behaving in what he viewed as a "proper" manner. There were also aspects thrown in that I just didn't see what it added.... like when she decides to help out with the steeple. What did that add to the plot? It was mentioned a few times but then just went away. All in all, an okay book but nothing special.
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on March 15, 2017
Very entertaining book about relationships, acceptance, love, pride and obedience in our walk with the Lord. Good to the very
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on August 2, 2010
This book is about three sisters who decide that they will become mail order brides. It tell about each sister adventure and how they become brides. What each sister experiences in her search for a happy marriage. How each sister comes to love a stranger and become a family. It is set in west, at a time when the only option for some young women, to have a home and be provided for was to become a mail order bride.

Faith the oldest of the three sisters travels to TEXAS to become the bride of a rancher. She learns to love her new husband and he learns to love her. They become a family, and learn to trust GOD to make a way for them to be happy. There are many adjustment to be made by Faith and her new husband. They must learn to get along with each other and understand each other.

Hope the middle sister, while traveling by stage is mastaken for a senators daughter by outlaws. While being held hostage by the outlaws, she falls in love with one of the outlaws, who is really a secret service agent for the government. Dan has been sent to join the outlaws and find out how they are getting their information about government payrolls, enabling them to steal the payrolls and get away. Dan must save Hope and arrest the outlaws. Dan and Hope have to learn to trust God to get them out of the situation they are in, and work out a way for them to be together.

June is the youngest, and travels by boat to Seattle, where she hoped to marry and have a family. The man she was susposed to marry dies and June must make other plans. June learns to trust God, to show her the plans he has for her. She fall in love with another man and has to over come some obstacles before she fines happness.

These stories tell how God may have a plan for you life that is not your plan.
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on September 13, 2012
This author has written many stories. This is her first book in the Christain genre. I can tell, and I believe other die-hard readers will too. The plot outline is fantastic, as are the mental images her words convey. However, as several of the other readers have mentioned, there are huge gaps in the climax of the story. The resolution just "poofs" into the characters heads and results in actions. I believe this is due to applying Biblical truths to her literary characters. At the point of leading to the climax, the charactors need to have someone or something intervene - even the Holy Spirit prompting a Bible verse into their minds! I did enjoy the book, but I will be looking forward to reading the sequel as I believe she will only improve her authorship with time and her own personal spiritual growth.
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