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on August 24, 2009
Doctor/Coach Tom Osborne of Nebraska will never get his due as one of the greatest American leaders. This book gives you a taste of how he maintained a successful program and engineered one of the greatest finishes to a career in modern American history. It reveals his insights on human nature, pyschology of leadership, and basic human traits that build a successful organization. I've known and spoken with the man, and the only drawback is that his humility prevents him from too loudly tooting his own horn. If he were a prideful man, there might be even more insight into how he went about his business...but that's only a small drawback. Read everything you can get your hands on about and from Coach will be money well spent.
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on January 18, 2014
Never was a huge fan of Nebraska football (being from Missouri) but I have a ton of respect for Tom Osborne. There's a lot of football specific things in this book, but also a lot of ideas that would be helpful for anyone in a leadership position.
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on October 10, 2001
This is a neat book. It is fascinating, it has scores of information about how the Huskers built their program, and it is written in exactly the right amount of detail, including the technical details.
If you are a coach in any sport, if you are a Husker fan, or if you are a Tom Osborne fan, this book is a good read. It is also an excellent gift. It is one of the five best sports books I have read in the last few years. You can't miss with Faith in the Game.
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on January 12, 2013
This is one of the greatest coaches EVER....and I doubt there will never be a coach that will be as many years at a university again. The Values he trained his kids to follow etc. Phenomenal!
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on March 9, 2015
Excellent read, especially for Husker football fan.
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on August 15, 2016
I read this book eight years ago. If you're looking for a book that will talk about Nebraska's glorious 1990s decade under Tom Osborne, then you've picked up the wrong book.

What you will get in this book is chapters dedicated to Osborne's tried and true methods on how to run a big-time college football program.

You see, Osborne was more than a head coach. The man was interested in helping to make 25-years worth of Cornhusker players more than just football players. He wanted his players to represent the Nebraska program as hard-working football players. And he also wanted his players to be role models in the community, through their taking care of business in the classroom as well as donating their time to various Omaha area hospitals, charities, and etc.

The main demographics that will enjoy this book, are die-hard Nebraska football fans from the 20th century and football coaches who may need a little help on running their high school, college, or even pro football programs.
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on January 4, 2000
I'm no fan of the Big Red and the state's obsession with it, but I was a fan of Dr. Tom. He seems like a decent, hard working man and I liked him for his fairness and smarts.
Dr. Tom uses this book, in a nice way, to make some points and answer his critics. Riley Washington, for example, was acquitted for shooting at a car but the critics would have thrown him off the team. He was found not guilty so Osborne was right to let him play.
He doesn't go too much into l'affair Phillips but I agreed with him on that. He points out the media errors. What Phillips did is not too much different what many college students did/do about breaking up.
I found his point system similar to the demerit system at my Jesuit high school; albeit modified for college in the 90's.
His mentoring program indicates where his heart is. He didn't need to do that and I can't think of another coach doing something similar.
I won't give it away, but I was very surprised by his decision-making process regarding his retirement.
One final note for certain Big Red fans, the coaches spend a great amount of time watching the players practice and grading the films. Stop second-guessing the play calling and the playing time. Dr. Tom makes that point in his indirect way.
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on December 29, 1999
If you've grown up with TO in Nebraska like I have, you've been through a lot. Most of us lambasted him in the 80's and hero-worshiped him in the 90's. I received this book as a gift and was a little skeptical myself. TO's values lend themselves to preaching, but this book was refreshing in that sense, and I'm glad that I was able to get beyond that because it's had a positive impact on the way I coach my athletes. While there are times it sounds like Osborne is seeking attonment for some of the things he's been crucified for (such as going for two vs. Miami, or the handling of Lawrence Phillips) Osborne gets to the meat of his coaching and philosophies and this is the value of the book. The writing isn't overly poetic, but that probably reflects the fact that it's Osborne, not a co-author setting down the words. There's some awkwardness and some dry humor that no self-respecting co-author would let through in an attempt to put together a 'serious' book, but that too makes the book refreshing, and gives Osborne credibility (in my mind) because you know it's from the heart. This book stands alongside 'They Call Me Coach' by John Wooden and 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom as the three most influential books in my young coaching career
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on October 25, 1999
Faith In The Game: Lessons on Football, Work, and Life, by Tom Osborne, (New York: Broadway Books, 1999
I must start this book review with an unqualified confession. Growing up I had a strong case of hero worship of Tom Osborne and as I have grown older this hero worship has grown into a feeling of deep respect for the man and a feeling of gratitude for what he has done for the state of Nebraska. So my reading the book objectively proved to be somewhat difficult.
Having said that Faith in the Game is not Osborne's best literary work, but it does prove that he is a man that has his foundations in an American past that we should all aspire to achieve. If one reads this book with out experiencing first hand the impact the Coach has had on the young people that make up the Nebraska Football team, the author leaves you with a state of disbelief that real people still have values that this book propels.
But for a coach, or a leader of any kind, this book should be a must read! I doubt if any person in the country has taken on a task like Tom Osborne's and been as successful over the last 30 years.
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on September 10, 1999
In this new book just released a couple days ago, Coach Osborne is able to distill-down into about 160 pages what he believes are the reasons for his success as a coach, father and human being. When he was being criticized by nearly EVERYONE for not being able to win the "big game" because he's too nice a guy, he stuck to his guns and eventually came out on top. He created a family atmosphere with his players and stood behind them when they won games, as well as when they were being hauled into court. He proves that you DON'T have to make a pact with the Devil to succeed in today's world. The book also outlines some principals that he believes could help to alleviate some of the problems caused by the morality vacuum in which today's youth are being raised. After hanging up his whistle and sideline headset, Dr. Tom continues to teach at the University and works with several organizations to improve young people's lives. Who could possibly want more from a man? This is a "must read" book for any coach, teacher or youth pastor.
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