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on February 24, 2016
Unlike some others, from what I've seen on these reviews, this unit works really well. I went outside at night to see how it looks. It's very similar to my real 60 inch TV, it's bright and its colour display seems truly "random" and life-like. The reason for the one star review is that the automatic turn-on at dusk doesn't work with the unit I received. No matter what I try I can't get that feature to work! The manufacturer ought to test these things better before they ship them out!

*** UPDATE ***
I emailed the menu facture about the problem (it doesn't turn on automatically). It's been several weeks now and I haven't heard MOO From the manufacture. I say this so that you'll be aware of that level of service you can expect from FAKE TV.
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on September 16, 2010
I bought a Fake TV last year when we went to Florida for the winter. I also bought/installed 2 Barking Rex motion sensor alarms and installed 4 electronic light timers. The Fake TV I set up on an electronic timer.

We live on a private road with several summer cottages. While in Florida the neighor across the road (full time resident) and the one next door (summer cottage) got broke into. Our house was not bothered! When our neighbor came to check on our house he said the Barking Rex scared the crap out of him. I credit my passive security measures as keeping us from becoming a victim too.

The Fake TV and 1 Barking Rex was passed on to my son. So this year I bought 2 Fake TVs and 2 more Barking Rex alarms while we take an extended vacation. The new Fake TV now has a timer installed, new and improved. It can be on full time, come on at dark and stay on for either 4 hours or 7 hours. There is no need to hook it into a timer. Nice touch.

As a retired police officer I strongly recommend this to anyone that wants to imrove the impression someone is home. Set it up as instructions indicate to get the best benefit. Add Barking Rex and some light timers and only your neighbors will know you are not home. We are trying to keep the stranger from breaking in, we trust our neighbors. The stranger will see the lights coming on and going off, see the Fake TV lights in the window, and if they approach the doors hear a dog barking at them. Enough to make them move on to a different house.
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on October 14, 2010
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but I figured I would give it a try. Although my intended use for this is not specifically what it was designed for. I am using it as a prop for television and independent film. It will be shone on the actors faces to simulate them watching television. I had my girlfriend go up to my sons room and do a test to see how authentic it looked through the closed curtains. She set it on top of his TV. Then to test it she turned on one of the items. I had to guess which it was, the TV or the Fake TV. I couldn't tell the difference. When we compared it to the larger TV in the living room it did not shine bright enough to fool me. It works well in smaller rooms to represent a smaller TV. All in all I rate it at a 4star. If it was a bit brighter I would have given it a 5.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 19, 2015
Okay, but must be kept very close to your window. Why? The light rectangle is only 4 inches by 3 inches--super small. Casts light through LEDs, but not extremely bright, so just be sure you have a plug close to a window where you are willing to keep the shade open at night, and best to have a wall near the window that this can cast off from.

But, for anyone in the know, this light is not effective (and may tip off the criminals that you are,in fact, gone). How? It runs on a very specific pattern of blinks and pauses. So, if one watches it for 3-4 minutes, the pattern is clear and is not like any TV set would make. Then, it's clear that this is some type of device rather than a TV set. Better would be if this worked with random light pattern.
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on March 27, 2014
I have read reviews here stating that the light is not very bright. I dont know if they were reviewing a faulty unit, but mine is so bright you would see the tv lights on during daylight.

The unit has 4 settings
dusk+ 4 hours and
dusk+ 7 hours

The dusk settings work with an ambient light sensor so you want to ensure that it can see daylight where you place it so it will be off during those times. Its operation would be similar to night lights you might have plugged in around the house. When you have it on the dusk + 7 hour setting, it has a low blue led always on to indictae that it is in that mode. If you choose the dusk + 4 hours, the led is red. Very useful setting to now that the unit is operational when you set it and leave the house.

If you do not like those options you can set it on a timer plug and have it set on the always on mode so when the plug switches on, the unit will go on.

For power consumption, the unit barely registers on the killawat in standby mode and when its on, it consumes less than my 40 inch lcd tv (granted, if it was an led tv, my tv consumption would be even less).

I checked it from the outside and the light switching is random as if you were watching some intense action flick. At moments its super bright and others its quite dark. I have always used lights on timers and some timers are even a bit more random than just turning on at specific times (anyone remember home alone where the burglars knew the times the lights to deter burglars would go on?). But this technique is well known and the fake tv is not. As for the fake tv..well people will often watch tv at the same time to watch some regular shows, so even if one knew about the fake tv, they couldnt be certain it was that.

So overall I am glad I purchased this and added it to my security system.
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on March 29, 2015
When the FakeTV is in operation in a darkened room, it shines a shifting light pattern onto the blinds that does look at a casual glance from outside as if a TV is in operation behind the blinds. However, I think that any half-way intelligent potential burglar who observed it for a few minutes would figure out that it is not light from a TV set, but perhaps most potential burglars are not that intelligent and would just move onto the next house.

The other disadvantage of the FakeTV is that it only works in a darkened room. I suspect that not many people watch TV in the dark these days.

All in all, I think that the FakeTV probably provides some deterrence to burglary, and given its low cost and low electricity consumption, it is probably worth installing as one part of a burglary-deterrence system along with motion-sensing lights, etc.
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on July 13, 2012
When we're away, we'd like to have things turn on and off as though we're at home. For lights that's pretty easy, and in fact, we use those light timers all the time, even when we're at home--so there is no difference in the pattern if we happen to be gone. We used to keep a TV on a timer when we're away, so that it would turn on and off at times that look like someone is at home. Of course, there is a cost associated with running a TV, both electricity and wear and tear on the TV.

We have AT&T U-verse for Internet and TV and no practical way to add an antenna. U-verse TV works fine, but the receivers time out if there is no activity for a while, and they won't turn on via an outlet timer, so that's a problem for leaving a TV on. The solution? Put a radio and FAKE TV on a timer. That way you have noise and flickering light to mimic a TV. The Fake TV itself is good, but it's better with some sound as well. I hope it holds up--that is a concern these days with inexpensive/cheap electronics--but if it does, we'll likely get another one in a few months to simulate a TV in another room.
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on November 23, 2010
I found out about this in an email about how to protect your home. I went to the website and watched the video. Then came to for the unit at the same price but free shipping. I set it up right away and when I went out to see how it looked my neighbors where out by the window. We were all amazed that it indeed looks like a tv is on in the room. Coupled with music playing it says you are home.

The LEDs use very little electricity so it is cost effective. What I really like is it is also a great night light to go into this room at night and find something. It is flashing but it doesn't hurt your eyes...well I guess if you stared at it then yes it may. But just to go into the room to get something it is fine. It makes no noise and it is very small. It looks like a car headlight in the picture but more like the size of a small fist.

For the piece of mind and the price your really cannot go wrong. I am very satisfied and the seller shipped it in 2 days and packed it well.
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on January 20, 2014
We have three of these on each level of our home and turned them on when we went out of town. We had our mom pick up any UPS packages left on our porch to make sure no one knew we were out of town. We didn't tell her about the Fake TV's and wanted to see if she said anything. Matter of fact, she said she stopped by our house with a friend at 9:00pm and said she stared at the house and couldn't understand why someone was inside our home watching TV. She said she thought maybe we came home early but that didn't make sense since she just talked to us. She said she stared at the house and waited for someone to walk by. It really gives off a motion and energy that someone is inside the home.

This even tricks the person who is watching your home while you are out of town. Brilliant. :)
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I've compared the FakeTV to my next door neighbor's real TV from the outside, and couldn't tell the difference. The only downfall I see with this product is obviously it only works at night. I think one must really consider their living area. This will definitely work a lot better for those that have an upstairs. The downfall I see with this product is that you would need to have your house lights go out at night, so if you're away for several days you'd need a timer, so you could have your interior lights on during the day.

Note: in the brief demonstration, I pointed the FakeTv at about a 60 degree angle away from where I was filming. Anyway, I'm sure somebody can make a better demonstration, but I tried my best with what I had to give an idea of what this product can do.
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