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on February 24, 2014
My opinion is probably biased because I really liked the books. I especially liked how the author of the books made Lucifer someone you could really like and stepped away from the traditional view of Lucifer that the movie chose to go with. The book was about redemption and forgiveness and the movie was about keeping the story simple. I suppose if there had been more action and some connection between any of the characters I could have viewed this as a passable show, but that was not the case. So, if you really liked the character development and stepping outside the box that the book did you will not like the TV shows and should spend your money elsewhere.
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on November 19, 2010
I loved this show so much that I went ahead and ordered Fallen - The Destiny as well. Upon recieving Fallen (Part 1 and 2), I found that Part 3 of the series is also included in this disc set, not just Parts 1 and 2 as indicated in the description. So when you buy it you don't need to spend the extra money and purchase Fallen - The Destiny to have the whole series after all.
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on March 6, 2014
I ordered this cause it had Paul Wesley in it and I had read the books. This is the once case where the movie is better than the book series it is based on. I thought the movie was different and interesting and the actors did really well in it.
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on April 27, 2010
I Loved this "Show". It stars Paul Wesley, Who is now on the CW's Vampire Diaries, As a supposedly normal teen and orphaned at an early age when he is adopted into a very nice family that has an autistic son. On his 18th birthday when most teenagers would get a car or a great party he gets Wings, As in ANGEL Wings!

Now MY review...

I was THRILLED to see something so different on TV especially when it has religion in it. Most Networks and well EVERYONE avoid Religion and Politics even if it IS Fiction. I was really hoping that this would have been a actual SHOW and not Just a Mini-Movie. That said I WAS Really Happy with what they did in telling his story BUT they did leave a cliff-hanger. So It is possible to get MORE someday. If You have any interest in anything having to do with Angels both Good and Bad, Then this "Movie" Is for you. It has action, romance and a bit of magic.
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on June 23, 2014
You will love the movie as much as the books! This was everything I hoped it would be as a fan of the series.
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on April 16, 2015
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on March 7, 2013
I watched the first episode while vising my father and my aunt in Vermont when I was seventeen. I fell in love with the story. That winter, I lost my aunt. The following summer, when the final two episodes came out and I was able to curl up and watch them with my boyfriend (now my husband). Through my tears of missing my aunt, I was able to enjoy the conclusion of the story. I love love love love love love this story! If you love stories about angels, this is a must see!
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on June 17, 2010
Based on the FALLEN books (eg. Fallen, Leviathan, Aerie & Reckoning) written by Thomas Sniegoski . . . unfortunately (as with most movies) it doesn't follow the true path in the books. Personally I found the books to be far better. The movie was good in its own way, but I like the way the book ended better than the movie.
Originally an ABC family mini-series, which was first aired in 2006 (The Time of the Redemer) and followed with additional episodes in the summer of 2007 (Mysterious Ways and All That, Someone Always Has to Die and Il Gran Rifiuto aka the Grand Refusal).
The movie introduces us to Aaron Corbett . . . a Nephilim . . . the offspring of an angel and mortal woman. Hunted by the Powers leader Verchiel (a woman in the movie), Aaron is informed by a Fallen Angel of his TRUE nature. Of course he is in denial, but events slowly unfold as his angelic powers start rising to the surface. When Verchiel goes to his home she's hell bent on anniliating him, but after blasting him into fire he walks out, his angelic nature surfaces and he battles with her. He is then forced to flee home with the angel Camael and his dog Gabriel, he leaves all his loved ones behind.
A prophecy foretold " . . . in the footsteps of his father, in the sign of Virgo, a Redeemer will be born. His hands will deliver fair judgement. Ye will know him by his markings, names on his flesh reveal his mercy. The Redeemer shall judge what the Fallen have done and bring the Fallen to ascension and glory one more. Many shall seek him. Those meaning to destroy him will guide him to his fate. Again all of the damned or Fallen shall know Paradise, once again the Fallen will have time to make right where they went wrong."
During an encounter with the Powers Camael is wounded. They search for the angel Ariel, who is a gifted healer. Aaron visits a college campus and learns more about the stories of angels and the Fallen from a professor. The professor takes Aaron to his home to show him proof . . . Aaron sees Vilma, a girl he knew in high school . . . she is a Nephilim too.
After rescuing Vilma, the Powers are hot on his trail, now lead by Mazarin they continue to hunt him down. Camael tells Aaron and Vilma to flee, and he is captured by the Powers. Another fierce Fallan warrior angel by the name of Azazel joins Aaron, Vilma and Gabriel. Azazel lies, and tells Aaron that Camael is dead. He promises to take Aaron to the Light Bringer, the oracle who wrote the prophecy and who would be able to tell Aaron WHO his angelic father is.

Unfortunately this mini series stirred up alot of controversy (not too surprising), as some folks fail to realize this is a work of FICTION and a MOVIE (not a documentary). Some religious folks are probably offended because this story does not follow the Bible . . . hello, this is "fantasy" all things go, it does NOT have to follow the Bible. Seriously, I think the movie portrayed LUCIFER as the BAD guy (as do most religious writings), if the movie had followed the BOOKS, then religious folks would REALLY be offended . . . the books are far more graphic and violent and portray the first of the Fallen, Lucifer, as a person you feel sorry for . . . anyhow, just enjoy the movie for what it IS . . . a wonderful story with nice special effects. I thought it was AWESOME! So glad it FINALLY came out on DVD, been waiting a LONG time for that!!!!!!!!!!

The Fallen Leviathan (The Fallen) The Fallen: Aerie Reckoning (The Fallen) The Fallen 1: The Fallen and Leviathan The Fallen 2: Aerie and Reckoning
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on April 15, 2014
Here is a boy turned half angel, sought out by god's killer angel's, trying to live a normal life saga. The story is good, not great, hence the 4 stars and not five. You may feel different however. The special effects are top notch. The characters portrayed well, though Paul Wesley seems a little out of place here after seeing him in Vampire Diary's. Would I recommend this yes and no. Yes, to anyone who enjoys this sort of stuff and no to anyone looking for A movie quality. This is defiantly far better than B movie quality but less than A Movie quality, it's somewhere in between.

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on March 11, 2015
This was an awesome mini series and it includes all 3 parts so you don't need to buy the third part that they offer to purchase seperate. You'll just be wasting your money! Paul Wesley did a wonderful job in them.
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