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on April 18, 2017
"Falling Skies" is a very engaging and entertaining science fiction thriller and interpersonal drama from the TNT Network, featuring a superb cast and excellent special effects. Season 2 continues its examination of the apocalyptic aftermath of a mysterious and devastating alien invasion, and the manner in which the remaining humans struggle to survive, as well as the complicated relationships and alliances that inevitably develop. "Falling Skies" is replete with action, adventure, and drama, and makes for very enjoyable viewing for proponents of this genre, and merits a five-star rating, along with a strong recommendation.
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on February 1, 2016
I put this program on more because my husband likes it than because it's anything I am especially excited about. I'm sure that you all have similar issues within your own families. Different people like different things and finding shows that everyone can enjoy together is an exercise in compromise. In my house, there are three people. I prefer older shows without all the sex and violence. I also like good life lessons in my shows. My husband is pretty picky, but tends to be partial to all of the newest, action packed stuff that is around. My son is a Star Trek junkie and also a big fan of Top Gear.

With all of that said... Falling Skies is something I watch with my husband. He stays interested because the story line is fast moving and there is a heavy military feel to the entire thing. I don't mind this one because most of the violence is aliens being blown up - more explosion than gore. And there's no nudity or sex to be concerned with. I also think the cast is great.

Season 2 specifically gets into finding another community of people and the attempts to rebuild the government. There is a lot of how things appear vs how they really are stuff going on in this season. So, if you like the dystopian future that always has some guy in charge of things and the people aren't happy about it... stick with this show through Season 2.
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on October 22, 2016
Season one and season two had very strong plots based on time tested moral and ethical dilemas people have always faced. I was enameled by seasons one and two. Such sacrifice and valor depicted by such out gunned men and wonen. I salute the Tom and Dan of season one and two, and even thrvfirst few season three episodes. However, regretably, season three to a nose dive in story depth and moral aptitude. Its as if some evil entity or force usurped the show and it's characters, rather than leaving the show in its original format, and pulled a bait and switch in order to insidously implant it's nefarious ideals into an unsuspecting and now, because the seasons one and, open viewers. I got through season three and stopped. I'll never see season four. Was a great show. What happened? In so disappointed.
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on January 22, 2017
Falling Skies is an excellent show. It grabbed my daughter's and my attention the minute it came on television. It was a show that both of us could watch and bond through because even thought the genre was sci-fi, it maintained a a sense of decorum and presented moral scenarios that provided conversation between us. The special effects were definitely cutting edge for t.v. and I have recently began watching again to enjoy the whole us against them battle that signifies this great nation's issues. We Americans are like the proverbial "family". We may fight among ourselves due to our individual desire to be free to do what we want, but Heaven help those outside forces who threaten us or our way of life!! We have proved time and time again that we will bond together like steel when the wolf is at the door. This show demonstrates the courage , tenacity, and ingenuity that the blending of this "Melting Pot" of different cultures provides this country. I am glad that Amazon chose this show to air. I highly reccommend it for the entertainment and the feel good mood it provides.
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on January 28, 2016
This is the second season of a show that I have really enjoyed. ---SPOILERS ALERT---
With science fiction, one is always suppressing one's sense of disbelief of how believable the plot is, but there are a few times when this suspension of disbelief went beyond the typical science fiction suspension of disbelief, because the plot seems slightly contrived. Such as Karen's elevation with the Espheni (unless this is explained better somewhere that I missed), the depth of Anne Glass's character's postpartum depression meltdown (unless I missed how where is explained also have been alien-influenced), Pope's constant and unreliable swinging between palatable and despicable (and how leader after leader tolerates him regardless of how despicable he was at times). Pope's whole character swings between believable and necessary evil and unbelievable and contrived, but I have gotten used to him. If the contrived parts of the plot occurred TOO much, I would not like this show, but since I am giving it 4 stars, you can surmise that it happened enough for me to notice, but not enough for me to not like the show.
Being a man with my own sons, Tom Mason's relationship with each of his sons draws me into the show at a level other shows don't.
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on June 26, 2013
This is one of the toughest genres for a TV series to undertake. As a movie, this type of post-apocalyptic show would be easy to execute, fitting a story line nicely into 90 - 120 minutes. As a TV series, you have to keep the motion of the story line moving along for hours on end. In addition to keeping the story line moving along, you have to maintain a certain degree of realism for the situation.

I believe that Falling Skies achieves these qualities satisfactorily. While my mind occasionally does ponder the obvious contradictions (90% of the people, including the military, have been wiped out, but these rag tag fighters aren't destroyed in the same fashion), I still find the story line intriguing enough to overlook these technicalities.

Overall, this series holds its own against any other shows in this genre, and continues to gain traction with new viewers.
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on December 11, 2014
See my FS review re Season 1. Each episode is a mastery of editing, as the story continues 3 or 7 months later, the viewer is filled in on the past via present day dialogue. This avoids boring sequences where, say, Tom is held captive for a while. The story then shows flashbacks as needed to keep us visually apprised. The shows never disappoint with action, meaning shooting, explosions, running and car or motorcycle chases, and there is plenty of scary suspense. I would not recommend it for viewers under 10, unless they're used to big, scary-sounding alien robots coming out of the fog at night. Some good gunplay by the humans. Note the salutes via similarities to other alien invasion movies, like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "War of the Worlds", "Terminator " et al. Well done.
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on July 6, 2017
Not bad except for typical formulaic approach for across demographics ratings; teen romance, pre-teens involved, adult romance and soap-opera relationships - and, plenty of violence for testosterone-brains plus, for other men sci-fi tech. Spreading the programming out that much weakens the story. Don't know why they don't get that. The best, and most successful, shows and movies don't try to appeal to all people, but concentrate solely on the story.
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on February 2, 2016
As much as i like Falling Skies the jump from season one into season two makes your head spin. then Season one into Season Two good god. the end of one they reach Charleston and that goes bad then two is the good Gone bad in Charleston. it seems to want to show everything that is wrong with Humanity the writers think that Humanity will fight its self along with an Alien Invasion. then it ends with Hal being lo-jacked by his ex-girlfriend there is a traitor (mole) among them and its all the typical Post apocalyptic BS. Now Season one was Good it sucks you in and hooks you. then it just goes down hill. in season two. now that said for what it in its good. the jumps in time even tho has been done many times these have drastic changes (Spoiler Alert ) if you have not watched them the jump from season 2 to 3 is massive 7 months and Ton is not the new President, and they have made strides in making a new city? good God, I had to pause it to get it wrapped around my brain. I have stopped watching for now the shifts are major and really tosses the story out of Balance. will again watch soon but I think it small segments unless it starts to improve on the story line.
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on November 11, 2015
I really like this TV series I have watched it almost 2 times I'm watching the series right now. I have short term memory problems so it's like seeing it for the 1st time. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sci-first / Action shows it has a good plot unlike alot of sci fi's that can be really corny if you have Amazon Ptime. Take the time to watch 2 or 3 episodes. I'm sure you will want to see the entire series if you enjoy spending the time watching it takes to watch 4 or 5 seasons
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