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on February 20, 2016
Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas are HUGE open world games that both have excellent plots, addictive game play and are STILL some of the best titles going on consoles these days. The level of immersion in the Fallout world, the characters, atmosphere etc. is comparable to what GTA USED to be (without the driving of course). Naturally, this world is NOTHING like GTA but the game dynamics are what you would expect from one of the older GTA titles (in other words, the world is huge, the story is great, the game play feels endless and it's crazy addictive). This game will take weeks (maybe months) to complete, so be prepared. It's not an online multiplayer circlejerk like most games have become (thank God).

This is a game for adults who like to be part of a great adventure. You have to have some sort of attention span to enjoy it. Don't worry though, it's not like some of the ridiculous (and completely overdone) Sci-Fi, Fantasy stuff -- it has a very grounded, real world vibe to it that is unique to Fallout. I don't do "D&D", "Space Fantasy" or "Anime WTF ever" stuff at all. This has a touch of Sci-Fi but it didn't get lost in it. It made me feel right at home.

Completing a Fallout game is almost like completing a good novel. It leaves you remembering all of the places you've been and people you've met and it makes you think about all you've experienced.

If you're like me and you've become kind of disgusted and disenfranchised with the direction the "micropay", "freemium", "expansion pack" and mandatory multiplayer games have been going -- GET THIS. If you like SINGLE PLAYER, OPEN WORLD games and if you somehow missed out on Fallout -- these are must own titles.
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What can I say about my favorite video game ever! Did you know I liked this game more than Super Maro Bros. when it came out for the NES in 1984?

Man, oh man, when I played this I wondered why they even bothered to make other video games. I loved it! I like it even more than Fallout 4. Bethesda is failing in making their franchise available online for online gameplay like Happy Wars. When Bethesda figuires this out, Fallout 4 will have a good chance of beating the COD franchise and with any luck even Happy Wars and that's saying a lot.

Titus Flavius! If I have not paid for this game full retail price several times including one special edition, I have not paid ever for it. It's that good and I've used, broken, sold it, re-sold it so many times! I finally got the digital copy AND a disc copy just in case.

By the way I do have ALL DLCs for this game. They're all decent, except maybe for Mothership Theta, but since I like the game so much I still got it.
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on November 18, 2013
Easily one of the greatest games I have ever played. The game has a fantastic story, characters, and controls. The gameplay length is ridiculously immense. The replay value is very high. I've clocked in close to 300 hours on this game and in my second run through, I am still finding quests and areas that I hadn't the first time. If you like role-playing game elements, 1st person shooters, wide-open worlds for exploration, and a game with tons of side-quests, this game is for you.

Also recommended for post-apocalyptic enthusiasts!

*If you need more structure to your game or are looking for a FPS with tight, precise controls, you may want to look elsewhere. This game allows free placement in terms of shooting, but primarily relies on the V.A.T.S. system, which is a fancy way of saying you are able to "pause" the action and choose different parts of your enemies body that you want to shoot at. This is perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of the entire game as it never gets old and provides a nice change from the norm of FPS games.

*While Bethesda is known for creating award-winning games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, they are also known for creating games with vast amounts of frustrating glitches. I have experienced the game freezing and weird anomalies in certain quests of the game that have forced me to either reboot the system or load from a previous save slot. Despite being a minor annoyance, the game absolutely shines and should not be dismissed because of this. This can also be fixed by simply saving abundantly throughout your play through.
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on November 27, 2010
I'm 14 years old and I have played both Elder Scrolls games and Fallout games, both by Bethesda. Fallout 3, however, is my favorite by far. In my review of the game I will list the pros and the cons. Hopefully this review will be of use.

Fallout 3: RPG, open world, gory action, leveling system.

--Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C--


Graphics - The graphics in this game are among the best that I have ever seen in a game. Very realistic facial expressions in the characters, precise voicework and beautiful attention to detail are abundant in the game. No player should have any trouble with the graphics.

Open World - Some people prefer following certain missions and going into certain areas to complete objectives. Some players prefer to explore a vast world and engage in all the little side missions and discover the locations all over the game. Fallout 3 has one of the most vast landscapes to explore currently presented in games. Over a hundred different locations to discover, not to mention downloadable content that nearly double its size. I've played the game for about a year or so and I still haven't completed everything the game has to offer

Controls - Quick and responsive controls make for precise and satisfying gameplay for both fans of shooter-games and for those who want to try them. You can also alternate between 1st person perspective (through the eyes of your character) and 3rd person (over the shoulder camera), which is a very nice touch for those who don't prefer 1st person.

Tons of missions - As is the name of this pro, this game has SO MANY missions for the player to willfully rifle through. The player can start one mission, abandon it, and back to it months later and pick up where you left off. If I were to give the number of missions, I would say an approximate 50+ missions, including the main story. You can go from killing giant fire-spewing ants to huge mutated lizards with claws the size of a 5 year old child. Don't worry about tense story missions that ask your constant participation, you can go halfway through the story and decide you want to go off and save a town from insane looters.

Unique Control Feature - Bethesda had introduced the new feature, called VATS (I forget what it stands for, something like something-automatic targeting system). VATS allows you to press a button (for Xbox it's RB) to freeze time and zoom in on your enemy, and then target specific parts of their body. This comes in handy for disarming enemies by shooting them in the arm, or reducing their accuracy by shooting them in the head. The use of VATS requires Action Points, which regenerate automatically over time after using VATS.


Maturity rating - This game has most certainly earned its M for mature rating. This is by far the bloodiest game I have ever played, and I've played several bloody games. Seriously, you can shoot someone in the head, and if your gun (or melee weapon) packs a serious punch, it can make their head explode, quite realistically. Many players would probably prefer this, and I'm sure there are many who would avoid this. Another maturity in the game is the abundant (but not monotonous) cursing. You'll find many enemies calling you ego-bruising things, such as a f-ing sh-farm (I've been carefull not to include any nasty words in the review). No notable amounts of sexuality in the game, just some minor suggestive themes, nothing major. This con may be considered a pro by some viewers, but I figured it might as well be named a con.

Glitches - Like any game, this game does indeed come with glitches. This is, as I've mentioned, a HUGE game, thus coming with some glitches. Nothing major, surprisingly, maybe an enemy getting stuck in the wall at some point, or silent character dialogue (when it should not be silent). The glitches in the game happen fairly rarely, nothing notable. Every game has them, and Bethesda did a very good job on making sure it's practically glitch-clean.

This next one can be considered either a pro or a con. The game has a leveling system, which means, for new-to players, killing a certain amount of enemies, completing missions in order to earn experience (XP) to level up, hence increasing the power and durability of your character. When you do level up you, of course, get stronger and earn more health. Fallout 3 also has a unique feature when it comes to leveling up: you get to choose a new feature (called perks) for your character. For example, when you level, you can choose to increase your damage with certain weapons, or increase your run speed, reduce your damage intake, etc. Of course, the better perks are saved for later levels. Another unique feature about leveling up is the spending of ability points. These points, which are very different from the VATS action points, are used to increase your damage with explosives, increase your skill with hacking computers, picking locks or melee damage, etc. Note that these points can not be saved throughout the levels, you must spend all of them in order to continue (no frustration here, there are ample amounts of usefull abilities to spend them on).

Well that ends my review of Bethesda's Fallout 3. I hope this review has been helpful to you. All in all, I give this game 4 and three quarter stars in rating (the Amazon rating system wouldn't let me give it the three quarters), and strongly suggest it as something to consider if you're looking for an open-world level up shooter game. Again, please note the maturity rating previously discussed in the review.
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on January 12, 2012
Fallout 3 was my first foray into this franchise. I must say, it certainly left a positive impression on me. For the current price of less than $20, I'd pick this game up in a heartbeat, and here's why...

The game has an awesome story. My wife sometimes watches me play these games and is totally bored. With fallout, she actually looked forward to seeing what developed next. Plus, you take full control over everything. Want to cause havoc in a crowded city, go for it, wander the wasteland in your underwear, well that's your choice. But remember, your actions have consequences.

Good/evil balance
Do you want to be good or evil? Depending on the responses you give to people, the way you treat them, and how you act will impact the good/evil meter. I was saddened that this didn't really change much in the game, from my experience at least. There are random people you can hire or work with if you are on the right side. At one point I needed to be more evil to have this guy join my squad. I did a ton of evil deeds and he agreed to sign up. Less than 5 minutes later the guy was dead in a ditch and I was left alone again with my poor rating.

As with many aspects of this game, you pick and choose what you want to carry, how much damage it does, etc. I especially liked the VATS system, although it took me nearly an entire game (50+ hours) to figure out how to properly operate it. Most likely this was my not paying attention or being too overloaded in the beginning. But it made things much easier to hit than riddling an area with bullets.

There's so much to do it is definitely overwhelming. Not to mention all of the downloadable content, which causes the every expanding game to continue almost infinitely. My first game I played over 100 hours and still had things left to do! I decided to start over and see how things differed with my new found knowledge. In some ways it seemed like a completely different game. Again, it all depends on your decisions. Do I want to break into that safe? Should I help those people? Will anyone notice if I steal this or that? These are but a few of the questions you'll have to answer.
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on January 16, 2010
I'll admit, that previously I've been drawn to games with a fairly linear gameplay style. Not linear in the way that there's only one single path and it can only be traversed one way, but linear in the way that the game can baby you and keep you on the right track, even if you're given a decent scope to explore.

Well it turns out that I was just looking for the right massive, open game. Because here you're free to be your own man. Sure, you can tackle the main quest and it's decent. But the real treat is the exploration. There's a positively huge world to explore, and even more underground.

Lets say you have some kind of vendetta against the raiders. They roam the Wastes, pillaging like metal-head versions of pirates, and you don't like them. Maybe out of strong sense of justice, or maybe one of them just looked at you funny. Well feel free to wander around, picking them off from on-high with a rifle, sneaking in to set up mines before tossing in a grenade to stir up some carnage, or put on your power armor and run in, guns blazing.

There's a big town, the first one you're likely to come across, with an undetonated atomic bomb sitting in the middle. You can take it on as a mission from the town sheriff to disarm it, or have the mysterious Mister Burke rope you in to rigging it up to blow. And you're fully capable of doing so, climbing to the top of Tenpenny Tower, and watching the mushroom cloud in the distance as you vaporize the city, and all its residences. It's all up to you. Scurge of the wastes, savior, or anywhere in between. Get into the slave trade business, or shoot your way through the traders' encampment and free the slaves.

The only legitimate complaints I know of for the game are the controls with the VATS targeting system, but you don't even really have to use it. In fact it's often better and more fun not to. Sometimes the game doesn't even feel like an RPG. Sometimes it's an action game, sometimes it's a shooter, but it's always an adventure.

The graphics are... terrific. Sure everyhing's grainy and brown and dark and bleak. But somehow it manages to be pretty anyway. Everything might be ugly, but it's ugly in a really good looking way. I'm trying to think of a celebrity to use as an example, but feel that would be in bad tastes.

The facial animations can tend to be a little robotic, but the voice acting is top-notch and lively, from everyone. And in a game with so much dialog, that's very welcome.

Speaking of sound, I was surprised to end up really loving the soundtrack. And I don't mean the ominous background tracks made for atmosphere, but the 1940s hits played from the game's "Galaxy News Radio". I, being a youngster, never even heard any of this music. But after having it as a constant companion in my fares across the Wastes I grew to love it.

My first time through Fallout 3 I played for over 60 hours, and didn't even do everything (keep in mind I did add four of the add-on packs). And just a few days ago I started a new file.

Speaking of add-on packs, there are five. Broken Steel, Mothership Zeta, Point Lookout, The Pitt, and Operation: Anchorage. Personally, I found Operation Anchorage to be boring and linear. The Pitt was similar, but with a better story and an uglier world to explore. Point Lookout is a valuable addition. And Broken Steel continues the main story and raises the level cap. I haven't played Mothership Zeta, so I can't comment. But I only recommend Broken Steel and Point Lookout (which are offered together on a buyable disc if you don't have access to XBOX Live). The standalone Fallout 3 is the most powerful and by comparison the add-ons fall short in general.

But in all, I found Fallout 3 to be a fantastic game, in my top-ten list of all time. And in a game-playing career of somewhere around fourteen years, that's saying something. If you're on the fence about whether or not to buy, I'd say buy.
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on July 10, 2011
What can I say about this game? A masterpiece.

I won't leave a huge amount of comments here, just want to clarify why I think this is such a great game. I am not a techie, and I am somewhat of a gaming enthusiast, but more so as a hobby. Oh, and I've never played the other Fallout nor Oblivion games.

I vastly underestimated how awesome this game would be. I had seen videos online-loved the visuals, and was excited because I did not know what type of game it would be. I wasn't sure if it would be a progressive storyline with few options to choose whatever path you wanted to. Whoa, was I wrong!

The detail and the construction of the game, the characters, scenery, the weapons, and a multitude of other things in the game are superb. Of course there are flaws, but the overall experience of the game makes it the most exciting game I've played since the first Halo.

There are similar characteristics to other games, such as Bioshock, like the nostalgic 1950s theme. It is interesting because the story of the game states the world ends in the 2070's, but all of the stylistics, the music, and the themes are early American-as if the world ended during the Cold War, yet set in the future. A truly fantastic touch. You'll understand when you play.

So just read the other Amazon comments yourself, note the amount of five star reviews, buy this game and enjoy! Just beware, I have been playing this game for what seems like 30 hours. I finished it (or the main mission-I won't spoil it) and yet I went back, changed my actions, and I'm still going. Beware playing this game if you value your free time.

Kudos for Bethesda gameworks for making a game that is imaginitive, super interesting, and is filled with never-ending action. Ok, maybe I left too many comments after all!
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on October 19, 2015
This was my first Bethesda game (aside from all the time I've spent watching other people play Skyrim) so it took a bit of getting used to. I had never been aware of how much of a storyline the Fallout games had, and playing in first person really helped with story immersion, in my opinion. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, considering I'd never want to find myself wandering through a radioactive wasteland.

Great game overall though. I can't even tell you how many times I reloaded to keep Dogmeat from dying...
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on May 16, 2013
This would have to be a super bargain at this point I'm sure and definitely is worth your $20 or so. If you didn't already know, it's a fairly funny, comically violent shooter/roleplayer set in an alternate universe where the DC area is obliterated by nuclear weapons.
It's fun scrounging weapons and supplies and setting out on expeditions where--at least for a good long while--you can't be entirely sure you'll come back alive.
Slightly disappointing as almost nothing, aside from the Nat'l Mall and a few structures, looks anything like DC and its suburbs. Lots and lots of brown and gray here, and not the least bit beautiful like Skyrim or Oblivion.
Still, for $15 or $20 it's a good time for dozens of hours and has a catchy soundtrack. Note: Not a good one for kids. Even Call of Duty is less violent.
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on September 22, 2009
Having out 60+ hours into this game and only going for the acheivements is crazy and not to mention changing from 1st person or 3rd person is sweet. All the DLC and places to explore make this game a must have and the action is everywhere. What you do will affect other people later in the game and the ability to change the skill level from normal to hard or easy in the middle is awesome. You stop gaining exp after rank 20 or 30 so you are not able to add any more specail Perks so choose wisley. Picking up weapons and caps from the guys you kill helps a lot since you get to fix your gun if your have more of the same guns. Ammo does not add any weight to your max which is good but other stuff does like cloths, body armor, guns, food and drinks. Hope this help and enjoy this game
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