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on June 30, 2016
Works great on XBOX ONE's Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility feature. They just added the game about a week ago to the backwards compatible list. Although only the regular edition is labeled as backwards compatible, this ultimate edition works just fine too, core game & DLC included.

It's basically the reverse of the instructions for if you bought it for a 360 with a few extra steps. For the ONE, you install disc 1 which is the core game disc. It installs the entire disc (about 5.8GB). Then you put in disc 2, it'll add all the DLC (All six DLC's). This all takes some time, I never can tell if the Xbox One is just really slow to copy off a disc or if it is downloading rather than copying. This is due to the fact that Xbox One calls everything (downloads, actual installs, updates) "installing". So you never know EXACTLY what is going on. But either way, it all installs to the hard drive. The reversal I mentioned earlier is, on the 360, you install the DLC off disc 2 and then play off disc 1. On the Xbox One, you install the DLC and then you have to leave disc 2 in. Otherwise the game will not recognize the dlc. So disc 2 is the trigger disc that tells the system you own the game and the dlc. Since the entire game is actually installed on your hard drive for the XBOX ONE usage, disc 1 technically isn't needed anymore. You can also start the core game with disc 1 but the dlc won't appear. So it's a little confusing but trust me, it's easier to do than explain. Very easy. Just takes some time to set it all up.

Anyway, I love this game, had to have it. Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 are some of my favorite games. Despite already having played this earlier, I had to get it again for Xbox One. I can't play these games enough anyway, it's a different experience every time. So if you are curious if the Xbox One supports this Ultimate Edition. Yes it does.
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VINE VOICEon February 7, 2012
There's one crucial element that's somehow gone missing from most modern RPGs: the actual ability to role-play. You can play as Commander Shepard, but you can't do anything a Spectre wouldn't do. You can play as Geralt of Rivia, but you can't do anything a Witcher wouldn't do. Developers have *developed* a nasty habit of creating games that force players into a role and then tell them that they're role-playing. Maybe you are, but in that case I think our definitions might differ.

The opening moments of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS see you shot in the head and left buried in a shallow grave somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Somehow still clinging to life, you're rescued and brought to the town of Goodsprings, where the local doctor fixes you up and sends you on your way. This is where the magic of the game reveals itself, because you have a few options here: Investigate the reasons why you were shot; Set out to get revenge on the people who left you for dead; Stick around and help out the denizens of Goodsprings; Strike out into the Mojave Wasteland blindly and forget that this whole ordeal ever went down. What happened to you was unavoidable, but everything that happens now is completely up to you.

The fantastic thing about NEW VEGAS is that it allows for so much. You really can do almost anything that you feel like. Gamble in a casino/Rob a casino. Explore abandoned homes/Break into occupied homes. Retrieve a rare item for an NPC/Shoot him in the back, take the reward, and the rare item. Pick out a nice house or apartment somewhere in the Mojave Wasteland and decorate it with all of the neat items you've accumulated. Help out several different warring factions, and then betray them all. Or you can just explore at random, discovering powerful or rare items along the way, or a series of quests that you never would've found otherwise.

Obsidian Entertainment went into this project knowing full well what players want out of a game like this. A heavily branched main storyline with several different outcomes; warring factions that can be played against each other; emphasis on choice, immersion, and exploration. If you go out of your way to explore some lone compound, an abandoned apartment complex, or a cave system, there's always something to be found, whether it's a new questline or a rare item. The game does an excellent job of rewarding you for being a little adventurous.

That's the base game: a well-written, dialogue heavy, well-executed post-apocalyptic RPG that might never be truly appreciated for the freedom and immersion that it extravagantly imparts to its players. As is, it's still one of the best games I've ever played, and one that you can believe the creators of PLANESCAPE: TORMENT and the original FALLOUT games had a hand in. And like I said, that's the base game.

-DEAD MONEY (4/5 Stars): This was the first expansion to be released for NEW VEGAS, and although it's by far my favorite out of the bunch, there are a few elements that might put off a few players. For one, this is a survival game, through and through. You wake up in the shadow of a mythical casino, stripped of all your items, forced under penalty of death to break into a vault. It's a very stressful experience, compounded by the extreme rarity of life-saving items, weapons of any kind, and how your primary enemies have to be dismembered before they stay dead. That, and after you're finished, you can't go back and explore, so it all has to be done in one shot.

But that all kinda folds into the story of DEAD MONEY, which I'd go out on a limb and say has some of the best writing of any game of this generation. It's a story of greed; that you're essentially being punished for doing things that you always do in an RPG. It has a lot to say, which surprised the heck out of me. The characters you come into contact with are memorable, complex, and just plain fantastic to talk to. And the payoff to the entire thing is just brilliant. The path to the Sierra Madre is an uneven one, but wholly memorable. The words "Begin Again" will likely stick with you for some time.

-HONEST HEARTS (3/5 Stars): Out of the bunch, HONEST HEARTS is probably the weakest. It starts out with a bang, after a caravan you're tasked with protecting ends up biting the dust, leaving you stranded in the Zion National Park. Afterwards, you're quickly caught in the crossfire between several warring tribes, with you becoming the decider in the matter. The whole ordeal is painfully short - only two hours compared to the others which provide eight or more - and the characters that guide you along aren't the most interesting, which the exception of Joshua Graham. There's no shortage of places to explore, and you can come and go as you please when the story is completed, but I'd say Zion itself is the most valuable contribution this expansion makes.

-OLD WORLD BLUES (5/5 Stars): If I hadn't been so taken by the story of DEAD MONEY, this one would take top honors from me. Channeling the zany, nonsensical, nuclear-obsessed sci-fi of the '50s, OLD WORLD BLUES is definitely the most entertaining of the bunch and definitely provides the most distractions. After waking up in the Big Empty, you discover that you've lost your mind. Literally. Your brain is gone, and your mad scientist-cum-cyborg keepers have no idea where it is, or even how you're still alive. "Tesla coils!" is the typical answer here, and they don't get any less hilarious as the story progresses. While the tone is generally humorous, there are some genuinely sentimental (if not full blown sad) moments throughout, making this an A+ effort all around.

-LONESOME ROAD (4/5 Stars): If you pay close attention through the base game and the expansions, you'll know that *all of it* has been building to this ending, but even if you miss all of the little visual/story cues, this is still a worthy conclusion. You'll learn about a man named Ulysses, and how he's the reason you were shot in the head in the first place. The man wants you dead, and he's wanted it for a very long time. But Ulysses is not content with telling you; he wants to show you, and the only way to do that is by following him through the dust-swept ruins of the Divide. The level design is a tad linear (intentional, I know), and since Ulysses is one of two NPCs available to talk to, the expansion might feel like one big running-and-gunning sequence. But this is an add-on that really wanted to drive home the RPG mantra that your decisions matter, and it does so in a powerful way.

-COURIER'S STASH/GUN RUNNERS' ARSENAL: These aren't really story expansions or anything. When the game was released, there was dealer specific DLC that's pretty much been bundled up and placed into these add-ons. In addition to providing a ton of new and unique weapons, it also adds new achievements and challenges (and crafting recipes, I believe). Not amazing or anything, but very nice to have in the package.

In closing, I think your enjoyment of this game will be depend on what you want out of an RPG. This Ultimate Edition of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS provides hundreds of hours of content, a plethora of very compelling storylines, memorable characters, tons of weapons, and maintains the illusion of choice so well it'll be hard to imagine other players could possibly play the same game you have. FALLOUT 3 might have brought the series/formula to the new generation, but FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS takes that formula, perfects it and somehow manages to create one of the best RPGs in a very long time.

If Obsidian Entertainment hasn't taken a bow already, they're about due for one now.
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on August 19, 2013
I've never played any of the fallout games before, but it was recommended by friends who liked the same kind of games as me. I found a copy of Fallout: New Vegas used for a good price locally, and bought it. I was hooked, and as I started to approach the endgame, I found myself wanting more. Rather than buying all of the individual DLC, I ordered this Ultimate Edition. I've played through most of the DLC, and am now working on the last module (Lonesome Road). Each DLC has it's own theme, changing things up a little from the feel of the core game, but they're still quite enjoyable. Dead Money was fun, and an interesting premise, though the end of that story fell a little flat with me. Old World Blues was good, probably my favorite of the 3 I've completed so far. My least favorite was "Honest Hearts". I'm not sure exactly why, maybe because it seemed like there was no right answer, that what seemed morally right wasn't necessarily going to lead to the best possible outcome. Maybe it's just the 'tribal' theme. I like the old west atmosphere of the main game a lot better than the warring tribes and misguided missionaries.

The only thing keeping this from getting 5 stars overall is that it's still got quite a few bugs in it which were never addressed in patches. These "Known Issues" can be minor, things like a vendor's inventory not updating properly, or they can be a bigger issue, such as one NPC not offering the right dialog and preventing you from advancing on half a dozen different quests. I understand things were much worse when the game was first released, and several patches came down through xbox live to address issues, but there still seem to be plenty of issues left that will never be fixed. The game is fun, but the issues keep it from being a 5 star game.
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on September 28, 2016
This is a slightly older game but wow does it have an amazing story.

As a hardcore Fallout player, I enjoy almost every aspect of the games in this series. Still though, I feel that Fallout 4 lacked the story quality that Fallout New Vegas had. The fact that if you get the "Fallout: NV Ultimate Edition" you get the base game AND all of the Downloadable Content is crazy.

If you are considering buying Fallout New Vegas make sure to purchase the ultimate edition, as you will want the DLC's accompanying stories as well!
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on May 10, 2013
After Falling head over heels in love with Fallout 3 - I did the nerdiest thing I have ever done, and attended the midnight release for New Vegas - Bought a copy, took it home, and was swearing at it in no time.

Random lockups, corrupted saves and general inconsistency plagued the release of this game.
The lockups seem to have been fixed by the GOTY release, and the corrupted saves really just meant I got to play it even more, which may have ticked me off at the time, but it was going to happen anyway :)

I think what kept this from being as good as Fallout 3 was the world. The area the game encompasses was spared getting hit by nukes, but the same creature frequent it as heavily irradiated areas. What caused the mutations if the area isnt irradiated?
It was still fun to play, there were tonnes of quests, and different ways to end the game, which was really cool.
One thing that REALLY drove me nuts though, was the way the quests were setup, would let you pick sides and do DIFFERENT quests, based on the side you picked - but the markers are still there for the opposing sides, so if you take a quest to poison the Legion camp with barrels of sludge, it would pop up that you FAILED a different quest that you never undertook, and wouldnt undertake based on the faction you sided with.

Otherwise, this is still a LOT of fun, and if you like RPGs and post apocalypse games, quite reading and starting playing this game!
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on March 12, 2017
Really wish they would remaster this game, I loved it and still do but it's hard to go from fallout 4 back to NV. Only thing is there is no sprint button so it takes forever to get somewhere
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on June 4, 2015
What can i say about this Game??? If you Loved Fall Out 3 then pretty much you should love this one Too. They add quite a few things to this game like you can mod your weapons so they can do more damage or have a scope or silencer, you can even make your own ammo types like FMJs or Hallow points and there is a new skill called survival which helps you make certain items at camp fires (kinda like making potions). This game mostly talks about Las Vegas aka New Vegas and California aka New California Republic and does have the brotherhood of steel still so you get alot of the the fall out 3 feel but at the same time a new take on what happened to a new place other Than DC. 5/5 thats for sure if you loved Fall Out 3
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on November 22, 2017
Purchased as a gift for my older brother, it has all the content that the original game did not for a much lower this series
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on April 14, 2014
Not to mention is one of my favorite games now. Just be sure to save often in addition to the autosaves incase your save becomes corrupted. This game at this value with all of the DLCs has been great. Fallout 3 was if not my favorite, one of my favorite games of all time. This game is exactly like it. You will not regret buying this with the 100+ hours of gaming. Even with the new consoles out, this game still has a place and should be played. It is simply that good. I prefer playing on easy. It makes the game more enjoyable by focusing on the story instead of worrying about deathclaws coming out of no where to destroy you while exploring. I play this game more to relax though if you want to be hardcore I am sure it is fun for that too.
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on February 24, 2013
ok, so I bought this on ps3 about a year ago, played through it several times, noticed a crash or choppiness every so often. Then I started old world blues, it worked great for about 20 minutes, allowed me to get through the first dialogue scene with the brains, as soon as I stepped out into big MT, the game crashed. After trying again many times, it froze as soon as I stepped outside. After starting a new game, it crashed way more often. Apparently after so many hours the game starts to die pretty much.
Friends of mine told me about the 360 version, and how they had never had problems with it. Sure enough, I've put about 70 hours into this game so far on the xbox, not one crash, or sudden spike of choppiness.

I have to say that if you love this game but experienced similiar problems on the ps3 version, I reccommend you buy the 360 edition. If you haven't played this game at all, I highly reccommned this to all fans of rpgs, its one of the best games I've ever played, the other reviews can tell you more about the game itself, I simply wanted to say that this is the version that runs the smoothest out of the 2 consoles, as for pc I don't know.
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