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on June 30, 2016
Works great on XBOX ONE's Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility feature. They just added the game about a week ago to the backwards compatible list. Although only the regular edition is labeled as backwards compatible, this ultimate edition works just fine too, core game & DLC included.

It's basically the reverse of the instructions for if you bought it for a 360 with a few extra steps. For the ONE, you install disc 1 which is the core game disc. It installs the entire disc (about 5.8GB). Then you put in disc 2, it'll add all the DLC (All six DLC's). This all takes some time, I never can tell if the Xbox One is just really slow to copy off a disc or if it is downloading rather than copying. This is due to the fact that Xbox One calls everything (downloads, actual installs, updates) "installing". So you never know EXACTLY what is going on. But either way, it all installs to the hard drive. The reversal I mentioned earlier is, on the 360, you install the DLC off disc 2 and then play off disc 1. On the Xbox One, you install the DLC and then you have to leave disc 2 in. Otherwise the game will not recognize the dlc. So disc 2 is the trigger disc that tells the system you own the game and the dlc. Since the entire game is actually installed on your hard drive for the XBOX ONE usage, disc 1 technically isn't needed anymore. You can also start the core game with disc 1 but the dlc won't appear. So it's a little confusing but trust me, it's easier to do than explain. Very easy. Just takes some time to set it all up.

Anyway, I love this game, had to have it. Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 are some of my favorite games. Despite already having played this earlier, I had to get it again for Xbox One. I can't play these games enough anyway, it's a different experience every time. So if you are curious if the Xbox One supports this Ultimate Edition. Yes it does.
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on December 15, 2014
Fallout: New Vegas is a great entry in the Fallout series and a great RPG in general. The game follows the story of a courier outside of "New Vegas" Nevada in post-apocalypse America. The main story line is entertaining and allows you to have a lot of fun travelling and making good or bad choices, sometimes these choices influence how other people in the game interact with you. Combat in the game is also fun and challenging; there are always multiple ways to take down your opponents. There is also a tremendous amount of side quest content, I found myself getting distracted frequently from the main story due to these, it wasn't a bad thing though!

This particular edition of Fallout: New Vegas, the "Ultimate Edition" contains 5 DLC packs for the game. Four of these packs are additional missions and one is a bonus weapons pack. These DLC packs add a little more to the game and allow you to get special weapons and apparel not found in the regular edition of the game.

I only have one complaint about this game, albeit a small and controversial one. This game is notorious for being buggy and crashing frequently (especially the DLC packs). There were many occasions while playing this game that it crashed for either for too much action happening on screen, or for no reason at all. It was extremely frustrating at times to repeat the same sequence over again for something as silly as the screen freezing. However, this is to be expected. Fallout: New Vegas is an extremely massive environment, filled to the brim with different elements that put the Xbox 360 through its paces. In order to provide the least amount of frustration with this issue I would recommend installing this game on your Xbox 360 hard drive and saving frequently.

Overall Fallout: New Vegas is a blast! It provides an intriguing story line with lots of action and side quests. The crashing can be an annoyance at times, but it isn't enough to detract from the overall ride this game gives. If you are a fan of Fallout or RPGs I would recommend picking up a copy of this game.
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on September 7, 2013
I've been a fan of the Fallout Franchise since it's first installment, In 97. I have finished all of them more than once. I gotta say this one is the best installment so far, due to its complexity and density.

Let me start with the flaws: A lot, lot, lot of bugs, and glitched DLCs. They caused me to lose equipment, companions, and restart quest many times.

Apart from those, this game is perfect for gamers who love action, RPG, open scenarios, and ethical dilemas.

First, if you want to explore it as much as possible, it will take you approx 300 hours to finish it.

Second, The quests are varied and extremely appealing. They range from finding a Teddy bear to rescuing an airplane.

Third, the scenario is huge, and you can explore pretty much everything. By the way, your whole experience changes depending on the direction you first take when you begin the game.

Also, at one point, you'll have to decide which faction you'll want to join. There are many, and it's almost impossible to be in good terms with all of them.

Last, the sense of humor you find here is hilarious and creative.

As a bonus (remember, it's in Las Vegas), you can play roulette, Black Jack, and an exclusive card game called Caravan, which I became addicted to.

If you like games such as Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim or Rage, this game will definitely awe you. Just remember to save your game every 5 minutes.
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on July 17, 2015
First off I would like to say that anything in the Fallout series is awesome.

Now on to the nitty gritty.

I think the console releases of these have some issues due to hardware limitations. You will notice after playing for a considerable amount of time (hours) that the game may freeze. Save often, as the auto-save like to get corrupted. Fast traveling too many times will cause the game to lock up. Other than that the game has a lot of glitches.

You can do a bit to help things though.

1. Install the game to the HDD.
This helps the loading times considerably. It about halved mine.

2. Clear your system cache.
Once you start having a lot of failures and see a lot of glitches clean the system cache. The will need to be done every now and again. the upside is it did fix a lot of issues.

3. Get the update/patch
Make sure you get the system update/patch for New Vegas. This fixed a lot more issues I was having. Granted you lose the ability to exploit cheats and glitches. Some glitches with conversation and gaining XP still exist, though they are minimal.

Keep to those 3 and you should be fine.
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on September 24, 2016
I wasn't sure I'd enjoy this game, but after being addicted to Skyrim made by the same company, I had to give it a try. It was a great price and I figured I couldn't go wrong. I was right! This game is really great. It took me a little while to figure out exactly what I was doing, but it's really a great game once I got the hang of it. It's not my very favorite game - that'd be Skyrim - but it's a very nice addition to my game selections and I am so glad I gave it a try.

The DLC all being included was especially nice! I'm very happy with my purchase!
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on November 13, 2015
I already own FNV, so I bought this solely for the DLCs. It was out of stock when I ordered, so I got a smokin' deal at ten bucks; only waited a couple weeks to ship. I've completed Honest Hearts and I'm a quarter through Old World Blues, but wow I love it. The scenery in HH is beautiful - I live in Utah and have been to Zion NP a lot, Bethesda nailed it. The dialog on OWB is amusing; Patient Zero is a notable easter egg. One tiny complaint; once you enter the DLC there's no going back to New Vegas till the mission is complete. There is a dearth of armor to use for repair, so I end up paying which is 'spensive. I feel like using a mod is cheating, but that's just me. Overall excellent and looking forward to many hours of play while the El Nino snow piles up.
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on January 6, 2016
I liked this iteration in the Fallout series. It was developed by Obsidian, not Bethesda, so that's why it's got a subtitle and not a number (like Fallout 3, Fallout 4); however, that doesn't mean it falls short of the fun and experiences you've come to expect from Fallout games.

I also liked the setting of this one. It was a lot of fun to check out the post-apocalyptic version of Las Vegas.

As always there's TONS of content in a gigantic open-world map. You're free to choose to help people (or not), and there's no lack of challenge.

If you are at all a fan of Fallout, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. It is a lot of fun.
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on August 3, 2016
Okay, when i first played this back in 2012...I think. I thought that game was boring like a McDonald's pancake without the syrup and butter. So I decided to try this game one more time. I've been playing it and have to say this game has so much content and I haven't been bored yet. Just when you think you have seen everything you stumble into another "deep" side mission. I don't want go in detail about missions but you have to try it. In my opinion the main story isn't as strong as Fallout 3. Even though I have read the original Fallout games were more mature and better than Fallout 3. There's these giant mutated bees called Cazadores. They will screw you up if ain't at a high level or prepared your character with enough anti-venom. There's Three main factions N.C.R, The Legion, and The Khans. There other factions you can join because I joined The White Glove Society. Wearing certain armor from a different faction can cause npc to treat you different.
The landscape and wasteland has more of a rundown apocalyptic feel than Fallout 3. I liked the choice of songs in Fallout 3 radio station a little more than this selection but it's still good. My character is a level 25 with high speech, unarmed, and melee skills. My character just survived being decimated by Boomer artillery as she tried to get into their base. There's also different companions I have found three. I have a robot companion. It's a good game!
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on June 19, 2014
I will admit, I am a relative newcomer to the Fallout series. Fallout 3 was my first and emerging from Vault 101 and exploring the Capital Wasteland was an amazing experience. FONV definitely has a different flavor to it and has its own unique gameplay aspects, some of which I love, and others....not so much.

- Two companions at a time? and they have their own storyilines and quests and are upgradable? Awesome!!
- Foods and healing works over time, makes gameplay a little more strategic when you can't just switch to your PipBoy and hit ten StimPaks.
- Way more items to build and ammo to make. And being able to craft foods, awesome. I was getting sick of just Cram and Pork N'Beans

- I feel like there were just so many more places to explore and unmarked quests in FO3. Just think of the Dunwich Building. I never quite got that experience in FONV.
- Unlike FO3, the game early on is a bit too linear. Damn it, I just want to go to New Vegas first!
- No RockIt Launcher!
- Temporary skill books. Meh...not a fan.

Overall I still prefer FO3 although maybe that's just because it was my first introduction to the series.
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on April 17, 2017
This doesn't hold a candle to fallout 3. The world doesn't feel lived in when you come across a farm, if you have no reason to be there yet nothing will be going on, and similar things happen all over the wasteland. All the normal fallout stuff is here so if you're a big fan of fallout you will like this game, probably a lot more than me.
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