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Format: Video Game|Change
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on August 27, 2012
The game is fun at first. All the things that make the previous Fallout games great are still here. In fact, little has changed with either functionality or graphics. New story and plot on the Fallout 3 engine, without any of the major bugs fixed. The new features weren't that great. Ammo reloading would be nice, but own finds a lot more ammo in the game than stuff necessary to load you own. The "survival" skill and recipes for healing powder and such were not interesting to me at all. The per-faction reputation was a great addition in theory, but the implementation was poor. It doesn't make sense to have a poor reputation with a faction like the powder gangers because you defended yourself when they ambushed you on the road. The idea of improving weapons was interesting, but I never managed to find add-ons for good weapons, only weak early-game weapons. The feature seemed incomplete.

The fun wears off about half way though. The 30-level limit arrives very quickly. I hit before even starting the main game quest, and with plenty of side quests yet to complete. No more character growth combined with bugs that cause inventory items to disappear (e.g. keep an eye on any companions weapons when exiting the Gomorrah casino, even if you leave the companion outside.) kills a lot of the traditional RPG fun. There was no reason for such a low level limit, other than to sell expansions that increase it.

I gave the game two stars because it had its fun moments, but only two because it seemed like a quick, poorly done repackaging of the Fallout 3 code.
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on December 28, 2015
I took nearly two months to complete this game because I was being fanatical about completing every possible side quest and exploring every possible location.

I have to say I think I liked it even better than Fallout 3. There was just something about the environment I enjoyed more. I liked the weapons and companions better too. The glitches could get a little irritating at times, but I always wanted to come back and pick up where I'd left off. Great game.
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on December 2, 2010
Lets start out by saying if you liked fallout 3, you'll enjoy this one as well. Apart from the fact that i witnessed a few bugs during my playthroughs(enemies can be found in the ground, rarely but still can) the game was still phenomenal. The weapon mods were a great addition, and the new weapon system made a bit more sense. It adapted to shooters more (as in you dont NEED the v.a.t.s. to hope to hit anything) so much smoother gun-play.

The biggest problem is the load times IF you collect a certain quest item. Each of the items for the quest use a different item code, causing the game to load slowly. if you have more then 25 or so, you're looking at over a minute load every time. to avoid, dont pick them up anymore once you've done the quest, or once you have obtained 50 of them.

This game is much harder then fallout 3, where you could play on very hard from level 10 comfortably. In New Vegas however, its still dangerous to go on very hard at level 30, as death claws are a 1-2 hit killer. Hardcore mode adds an interesting option, allowing you to choose an even more challenging game. Unlike normal mode, hardcore has ammo weight and the constant threat of dehydration, starvation, and sleep deprivation. Both modes are fun and can suit many styles of gamers.

***COULD BE SPOILER***One aspect that i didnt like was that you couldn't really choose more then one faction to stick with. Eventually you have to choose one. Makes sense i suppose, but i think it could have been done differently.

I have heard that there are many more bugs then I have witnessed during my playthroughs, but as i didnt see them, this game gets an easy 5 out of 5. Thus i advise you take into consideration this review along with someone's review who experienced a lot of difficulty with the bugs before making a decision. If your system has had problems with a lot of other bugs (in fallout 3 especially) this may not be the best choice for you.
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on January 30, 2012
I love fallout and always will. Fallout 3 will always be in my mind as one of the greatest games of all time. I sunk hours and hours into the game and its dlc. I was so excited to hear about New Vegas. More Fallout? Count me in.
As I began playing it I felt right at home. The game played just how I remembered it should. I enjoyed the thought of exploring and new location and tackling more awesome quests. I loved the new additions to the game as well like the greatly improved buddy system and the variety of ammo types you can put in your weapons.
Unfortunately, how it's so familiar to its predecessor is also its greatest weakness. It felt too much like a giant expansion pack for me. After playing the game for quite a few hours I started feeling like I had played the game before. The game still looks the same. Thats not a bad thing at all until you start running into the same glitches and bugs that the 3rd had. There is still very stiff animations, slowdown, game lock ups and whatnot. There werent any quest breaking bugs that occurred in my playthrough but the game just locking up on me made me too paranoid about saving the game and keeping a ton of them. I guess I was just a little disappointed that nothing was really done to correct these issues or improve the visuals overall.
Other than that, however, the game is still a joy to play. The story is great and the quests are fun. The improved buddy system I mentioned is probably my favorite addition to fallout. Your companion is usually very competent when it comes to slaying your enemies and the best part is is that you reap the xp rewards whenever your companion kills something. It makes it very much worthwhile to tag along with someone else and if you happen to find a dog in the world you can have the dog and your companion as well. Theres a lot of killing to go around.
The bottom line is if you enjoyed playing fallout 3 then definitely give this one a shot. You'll have a great time with this one if you can still look past the abundant unfixed technical flaws from fallout 3. If you didn't like fallout 3 then, first off, shame on you and this one will not convert you.
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on February 5, 2015
Enjoyed the game thoroughly.
Not the best of graphics, but still worth the fun.
After finishing the game, I turned it in to GameStop so someone else can have a chance at the game.
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on July 18, 2011
New Vegas tried to do it all but had too many shortcomings. Before I delve into the bad, I would like to say I was entertained. A lot of different weapons and options to resolve a conflict were great. The graphics were very similar to Fallout 3 which created a very bland environment outside of New Vegas.

Buyer beware, this game has a ton of glitches despite having patches. I recommend saving any time you enter a major town or complete a quest. The glitch that ruined my experience was when one of my companions disappeared from the game. My companion "became unconscious" but was no where to be found. This meant I lost a companion slot since I could not dismiss them from the party.

If the glitches don't bother you. Here are some critiques I have of the game.

1) The story is not as epic as Fallout 3 and to that effect, it is very easy to become disinterested in the primary objectives. The problem with having so many quests is that the game becomes repetitive.
2) The factions are not balanced. I found it very hard not to ally with the NCR. Caesar's legion was a pain in the ass to find and did not have as many quests as the NCR. The minor factions were just that. Not only were they out of the way but it was easier to kill them off in the name of the NCR and/or ignore then to do their side quests.
3) The companions are not balanced and had worthless perks. Also, some of the companions loyalty missions were extremely difficult to unlock without the use of a guide (The brotherhood of steel companion for example)
4)The perks and skills are completely unbalanced. Why anyone would want the ability to equip their weapon 50% faster is beyond me.
5) Despite having the ability to free roam an open world, I found it difficult to do so until mid-to late game. From the start of the game, you are discouraged to go north because of strong annoying enemies like the cazador.
6) You won't get the full experience unless you follow a guide or set aside an obscene amount of hours. Even then, it is very easy to fail or not continue a quest because an NPC died from a random giant rad scorpion.
7)Lastly, hardcore mode usually entails the game is much difficult in terms of combat and puzzles. It should not be a mode where you are inconvenienced every hour by doing a mundane activity to slow the pace of the game down.

I value this game under $20. The game can be fun if you make it out to be.
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on December 26, 2012
This game is great! With a shocking opening scene; and the ability to join or destroy factions. While the game is fun at first the time it takes to "run" to the missions or objectives, and it takes a long time. The game takes place post nuclear war, in the region of Las Vegas. With a plot that you the gamer choose. The game features many hidden dangers, (DeathClaws, Huge Fire Ants, Giant Flys, Ghouls) all rying to kill you. They are scattered around the map, But if you lack the sufficient armor or guns, you will be killed quickly and sent back to your starting point; (fun at first but becomes very annoying). Honestly it is not an action game and when there is any, it is a minor gun fight. The game also features the ability to shoot someones limbs off; and while visiting "The Strip" you have an option to hire hookers for fun, (not a child friendly game). Drinking is another part of the game as well, you can get addicted to drinking, as well as getting addicted to medicine. Over all this game will keep you interested for about an hour to two hours.
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on May 31, 2011
I loved the game. It is a great deal of fun and most of the adjustments have made a huge difference for me. For example, the reputation system is brilliant, allowing the player to clearly define his or her own role in the Mojave Wasteland. The addition of the iron scopes gives the game a much much better action feel, especially when you are surrounded by a dozen Viper Gunslingers after fast travelling to what you thought was an abandoned site. The VATS system is back and it has been fixed from its initial problems that it had in Fallout 3. Now it is much better and much more cinematic and sure helps alot when your enemies are so fast that zooming in in pointless.

Love the fact that there are multiple endings! Gives me a far greater reason to play than just "being good or evil". No, now you can change the course of the game at a whim. Though be careful not to make everyone mad at you or else I doubt the game will allow you to finish.

Another brilliant tweak is the addition of Hardcore. Hard core made this game fun for me again because it made it so much more realistic. It gave so many items a purpose without which, the game would have hand once again, hundreds of pointless items just getting in the way. Love Survival!

Another great addition is the expansion of the use of Work benches. A new addition, the Breakdown bench, allows your character to become a master smith, making and disassembling ammunition and creating new weapons. I discovered that this means that nearly every singe useless item in the game suddenly becomes highly useful. I think thats great because now junk isnt...junk.

The only Cons of this game is that, like its predecessor, it has some bugs. With a game as HUGE as this one, it is hardly surprising that every now and then you will see something weird or something will go wrong. For example, I tried to help out some crazy ghouls when suddenly I found one of them shooting at me from behind a glass window. Very strange. Another weird glitch is the fact that when me and Mr ****** (spoiler) were fighting, my ally managed to shoot him from the ridge that I had left him. Hysterical!

Hope you enjoy the game. Its not a copy of Fallout 3 though it is similar.
Anyways, I am rambling. This is a great RPG and a good shooter. I highly recommend it to anyone.
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on January 29, 2011
Fallout: New Vegas has its problems, but it's overall an enjoyable game. You'll like it if you liked Fallout 3, unless you happen to get some of the more serious glitches that have been reported. I didn't. I never had a saved game corrupted etc. but I did have some minor annoyances. The most common thing that I've seen is the 'arm glitch' where the player's arms often jump up, either into the middle of your screen or completely above the camera, preventing you from accessing the Pip Boy until they decide to come down.

Another thing I had an issue with was the amount of quests that are bugged in such a way that if you complete one before another, you may not be able to complete both. For example, I completed the bounty quest at McCarran and enlisted the sharpshooters' help, but afterward, Corporal Betsy would only say "We have a job to do", preventing me from continuing her quest. Same kind of thing with several other quests that overlapped. Similar issues occurred when I realized much too late that some of the companion quests could only be triggered by certain events I'd already experienced without them. Reading the Fallout Wiki helped prevent some conflicts but unfortunately I missed out on those.

Something I found to be interesting, but mostly a nuisance, was faction reputation - several times I encountered situations where people were hostile to me even though my reputation was good, and stealing something from a faction that idolized me caused everyone in a room to start firing guns, or the time I made the mistake of wearing Brotherhood armor on the Strip and got attacked by the NCR, which my companions automatically went after and got me vilified. Argh.

Finally, the radio is lacking in comparison to F3. Wayne Newton is awesome as Mr. New Vegas, but all stations play the same mix of songs, as opposed to having the Enclave station and the violin station in F3 in addition to GNR. I got tired of everything a few hours into the game.

Overall, though, it's a fun game and there's plenty of places to find, quests to complete, and challenges to achieve. I was totally addicted to it despite the issues. Things I did like were the specific skill requirements for speech/barter/etc checks, companions don't die, VATS is always a godsend for someone who can't aim, and the fact that you can neutralize a poor reputation with the Legion and NCR when you progress with the main quest. Do a bit of reading on the Fallout Wiki about the quests to make sure you don't have to miss a couple due to glitches.
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on November 30, 2010
If you played Fallout 3 then you know what to expect in Fallout New Vegas. If you haven't, I recommend buying Fallout 3 GOTY Edition before you buy New Vegas. It's not that you'd have to play one to understand the other, but Fallout 3 is just a better game. That said, if you enjoyed Fallout 3 and are looking for more, Fallout New Vegas will scratch that itch.

The pros: Fallout is a huge game that could easily take up 100+ hours of your time. Like any good RPG, it is extremely flexable, letting the player choose how they wish to enjoy their stay in Vegas. You can be good or evil, helping or destroying everyone and everything you meet. You can sneek around all day stealing valuable items or you can accept every quest that comes your way or just hunt mutated animals around the Wasteland. Everything you do nets you experience points that allow you to level up and increase stats that help you in the game. The nice thing is the game doesn't get bogged down with stat building and grinding like some RPGs. The focus is the gameplay, and you won't spend all your time in a menu. Five degrees of difficulty ensure both newcomers and veterans alike will enjoy the game.

The cons: The game is almost exactly like Fallout 3, with a few minor exceptions. Even most of the textures in the game are reused from Fallout 3. The gameplay is good, but still isn't precise enough to be played like a FPS. VATS (the in-game targeting system) is still necessary to pull off efficent kills. Also, there are some game breaking glitches that will rear their ugly head. Often reloading the previous save rectifies the problem, but it is still annoying.

If you enjoyed Fallout 3, get this game. Despite the software bugs, it is still worth your time and money and there is much fun to be had exploring the Wasteland.
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