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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on December 24, 2006
I received my box set of Family Affair Season 2 and went directly to the
bonus material. I was shocked by the continued omission of Johnny
Whitaker from the extras!

The few minutes spent featuring merchandise generated by the show could
have been expanded with additional material beyond the scope of the
piece. Johnny Whitaker was not asked to participate and if he had been
asked, his personal collection would have made a vast and welcome
addition to the few items that were shown. As archivist of the Whitaker
archives, I can assure you that there are far more products than those

The fans are the people who have supported the series and are the one
who purchase the series as it comes out on DVD, and they are not being
offered the perspective of all of the surviving cast members. Although
Johnny was a child when the show was being filmed, he has many wonderful
stories to share. Why has he not been included? It appears that the
people being hurt by his omission are the very people who are buying
this product...THE FANS!


This is a wonderful product otherwise. The episodes are crisp and clear
and the voice tracks are clean. Packaging is one box, which I find to
be an advantage with no small DVD boxes to get misplaced. Everything is
in one place.

Season 3 is already slated to come out in March 2007, so there probably
isn't time to include Johnny Whitaker in that season's bonus tracks. If
MPI wants to really do justice to Family Affair by the fans, they should
not waste any time in contacting Johnny Whitaker to give his commentary
to the remaining seasons. If they decide against it, it will be a
travesty and the fans will be the ones who lose.
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on October 7, 2013
My grandchildren like to make watching this a "family affair" ! They really enjoy the show, and often ask me "was it really like that" the older ones about the clothes, hair, etc. the younger ones are truly interested if there used to be doll hospitals (when toys were built to last!)or something like that. I believe watching these older shows help kids with honesty, morals and many more things that have become a thing of the past. But either way, we enjoy it as a family!
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on March 8, 2007
Season 2 was when the series really hit its stride. Bill Davis (Brian Keith) and his British gentleman's gentleman Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot) care for Bill's nieces Cissy and Buffy, and also nephew Jody.

The series is a situation comedy with the emphasis on "situation". But there are also poignant moments which never seem forced. The interaction among the characters always rings true. And it shows that a family does not have to conform to the traditional norms of what a regular family should be. These characters bond beautifully.

There were some interesting guest appearances by Ann Sothern, Joan Blondell and Jackie Coogan which add to the fun. And the special features narrated by an adult Kathy Garver (Cissy) add insight and have a behind the scenes feel.

This season is well recommended along with the companion Season 1. And loking forward to three.
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on December 21, 2006
I can't believe how fast I watched and truly enjoyed all 30 episodes!!! Thank goodness fans won't have to wait too long for season 3 of Family Affair(March 27th)!!! It's amazing how the storylines seem even more relevant today, especially the episode when Buffy and Jody befriend a boy who is handicapped. It's so important to teach children how to act around a child who is different. I'd have to say the episode when Jody had to deal with a bully struck a nerve, because he was taught not to hit girls, and by the end of the episode I wanted to punch that kid!!! My only complaint is the dvd extras did not include a current interview of Johnnie Whitaker. It would have been nice considering he's the only other surviving cast member, along with Kathy Garver.
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on December 2, 2013
I grew up with these twins and Cissy. So they were kind of my television siblings. having gone through season one already, it stands to reason that I had to have 2. Then of course 3,4 and finally 5. If there is anything good to remember about childhood, this is one of the best ways to do it. And, if the kids are grown, we still have the grandchildren we can share this with. About a simpler, more innocent time.
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on September 5, 2007
Season 2 continued where Season 1 left off and in the process, raised the bar for quality. Season 2 finished at number 5 in the TV ratings for the 1967/1968 season and was nominated for an Emmy award in the best Comedy Series category. This is really good when you consider the four shows that finished higher in the ratings: Gunsmoke, The Lucy Show, Gomer Pyle, and Andy Griffith (all of which are considered classics). In my opinion this show contains equal parts drama and comedy. Other than MASH, I can't think of a show that was able to combine both with such perfection. In this season, the chemistry between the cast is impeccable and everyone seems to be more comfortable with his/her roles. Both Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot were nominated for Emmy awards for their performances. The consistent theme throughout Season 2 is that of "incorrect assumptions" between Uncle Bill and the kids (Cissy, Buffy, and Jody). Throughout the season, Uncle Bill is willing to sacrifice his lifestyle and his comfort to provide the kids with a better quality of life and the kids are willing to do the same thing for their uncle. For example, in one episode Uncle Bill contemplates moving out of New York City to a suburban setting because he thinks this is what the kids want. The kids are willing to leave the city they love and move to the countryside because they think it will make their uncle happy. In the end they realize there has been a breakdown in communication and they stay where they are because they realize that the location of the house does not bring happiness, it's the people in it. The important thing to note from all of this is that an atmosphere of unconditional love, loyalty, appreciation, and sacrifice is the foundation for this show. Some people view this show as too "unrealistic" and "ideal." Although few families are acutally like the Davis' and Mr. French, what is wrong with portraying a family unit in a way that every American respects and wishes he/she could replicate? Another benefit of Season 2 is that Sebastian Cabot is able to appear in all the episodes. I believe in Season 1 he missed 8 or 9 shows due to illness. Another unique aspect of Season 2 is that all of the shows deserve a 5 star rating. Usually in a TV series, several shows are pretty awful and another handful are just of average quality. This is not the case with Season 2 of Family Affair. Season 2 of Family Affair provides excellent entertainment with very intriguing plots and high production standards in every episode. Family Affair is simply the best show ever made for such a wide audience. This show definitely deserves 5 stars, and then some.
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In Season Two, there are many light hearted laughs and also some sadness, just the way both sadness and happiness happen in the life of every family.

One of my favorite episodes is The Invisable Bear and the classroom scene is one that is delightful and humorous.

This Season is fascinating and entertaining, perfect for family viewing.

You just can't help but fall in love with all family.
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on August 25, 2016
Lovable children and adults who parent with respect and leadership. It seems that the youth of today are missing out on these qualities of parenting.
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on February 24, 2007
I watched these shows when they first aired, and they are truly as great as I remembered. The actors portray multi-dimensional characters that deal with true hardships and complexities of life. Brian Keith displays the perfect mixture of tough guy/loving uncle and Sebastian Cabot is in a class by himself! The child actors are adorable without being annoying. I have Seasons 1 and 2 and I am anxiously awaiting the release of Season 3. My ten-year old son LOVES Family Affair and my best friend's children (ages 8 and 11) are hooked on them too! GREAT family entertainment!
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on March 21, 2012
Classic family entertainment with the illusion of children who are grateful for what they are given, who are polite, who are innocent and yet believable in the context of the sixties and seventies. I enjoyed each episode in the series and am pleased that Amazon offers the series of classic TV for me to share with my grandchildren. These stories are well written and the performances are perfection. If you enjoy clean comedy this series is for you.
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