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on January 7, 2013
My PS3 recently pooped the bed, and needed to be replaced. The new super-slim PS3 has a lot of interesting features that I appreciate, and others that I wish weren't removed.

The Good:
- Slim design
- Uses less power than the older PS3s
- Quiet
- 250GB of storage
- Plays all PS1 games
- Top-loading mechanical disk drive*
*Some may not consider this a feature and may like the "feeding" disk drive instead, but when your PS3 breaks and a game is stuck inside your broken PS3 and you have to take it apart to get your game back you'll appreciate this feature.

The Bad:
- Only 2 USB ports
- No PS2 backwards compatability
- No Memory Card ports

The Ugly:
- Looks "cheap" compared to older sleeker PS3s

The remote control for playing Blu-Ray movies is a nice bonus, and it comes with 2 $60 games. Since there are only 2 USB ports you might need an USB splitter for using Move or some multiplayer games. I really REALLY wish that they would bring back PS2 backwards compatability. Even if it was an additional component that I had to buy on the side (like the old SEGA CD or 32X) I would be fine with that. Since my old PS3 (which had full backwards compatability) died, I now have to buy a seperate PS2 in order to play all my PS2 games. This bundle is still a great deal though, so I would still recommend it and give it 5 stars.
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on June 10, 2016
This is actually my second PS3. I bought the original "Fat" Ps3 when it was released as part of the Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle. Bundles are a great way to get a good deal on a gaming system as well as a game to play right away. This bundle was great, it included the full Ratchet and Clank games as well as All Stars, which is a fighting game not too different from Super Smash Brothers that pits famous characters across the Playstation platform against each other. Unfortunately, this system does not have the backwards compatibility of the "Fat" PS4 and I would not recommend you purchasing one if you have a working "Fat" PS4. My original PS4 overheated and it was a perfect opportunity for me to upgrade. I do miss the backwards compatibility, but I find this slim PS4 to be more reliable and doesn't overheat.

It makes very little to no noise even after hours of playing. I keep my system in a well ventilated area so the fans rarely spin to the point where they're unbearable. With the release of the PS4, I've placed my PS3 in a less used room of my house and it's now serving as a great, effective, and cheap Blu-Ray player.
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on July 9, 2015
The professional Sony packaging was a behemoth of a product to behold in all its high-def entertainment system glory. Upon slitting open the Sony seal, there was a well-packaged dualshock 3 controller, Blu-Ray media remote, AV and power cables, small USB mini B charging cable, and the CECH-4001B 250 GB 3rd iteration PlayStation 3 console. First, the plastic aesthetics does make the product look cheap and the inner grille design isn't helping either but it's a technological marvel how well Sony has engineered a gaming console that's reliable and small. This is my first entertainment console that I purchased in a long while and I am mighty impressed with the level of graphics and gameplay. I bought myself an HDMI cable because none were included with the product. I also received two non-resellable games, PlayStation Royale All-Stars and Ratchet and Clank Collection. I also received $40 Amazon Instant Video credit with this bundle. This bundle has a total value of over $110 and every penny is worth it. I will definitely not purchase the PS4 yet because I have a huge backlog of games to go through.

I think this is the best Amazon exclusive PS3 console bundle to buy and at $279.99, it's a good deal for what I got. I don't care that this system is already over 7 years old because the console is still relevant and there are still people who just purchased one because it's finally affordable. The value of this bundle is amazing and it's the most feature complete experience right out of the box.

I use this console to play games, check my email using WiFi or Ethernet, make Custom PS3 background screens, play downloaded PSN games from the PlayStation network (free and will continue to be free for the life of the system) , play music on Spotify, go through photos and custom music, use the myriad of entertainment apps(YouTube, HBO Go, July, Amazon Instant Video, and IGN,etc.), check my trophies, free video chat with a separately sold PS3 Eye camera, PS3 Move system sold separately, and separately sold official PS3 wireless stereo headset. The PlayStation ecosystem is definitely worth your money and you will definitely grow fond of this system. I have never wrote such an in depth review of a console before but this is amazing value. Even though the Amazon Exclusive bundle is unavailable, I hope it will be offered someday. I love this console even,though it looks cheap because its got the best value.
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on February 16, 2014
I loved the slim design of the PS3, but I hate how the disc tray cover is now manually operated. There was something classy about previous versions when they ejected the disc not to mention the eject button on the remote now has no function.

I tried out the All Stars Battle Royale. It wishes it was Super Smash Bros, but it will never be. The game is a joke and the buttons are confusing. It was the highlight of a party because all of my friends made fun of it and how bad it was.

I still haven't played the other one since I never have time to play games.
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on April 30, 2013
As a gamer and father of 4 children that also like to game, I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgable in gaming and systems. I currently own 3 PS3's and have bought 4 over the past 5 years. I have owned two Fat 80GB PS3 Metal Gear edition, the Slim 160GB system and now this system which I am reviewing today. That being said, I will go over the pros and cons of this system and try to keep out any rambling as much as possible.
The price was definitely right...I bought this for $225.00 on sale on Amazon. Great price at the time and it comes with 4 games and a BluRay PS3 remote. The system is smaller, so for shelf space I suppose some people really like that option too.My younger kids love the Ratchet and Clank games and my older kids love the All Star Battle Royal game, so it was nice to get games with the system. Personally I love using the BluRay controller when watching movies to not have to worry about the gaming controller turning off or using it's power. The PS3 itself seems quiet and even though I have only owned it for a month or two now, it is used a lot and I have not noticed any major issues with it.
The games for this system come in sleeves, not in hard cases. I know many people have complained about that fact. To me, having free games comes at a price and if that's the price of a hard case, no biggie...but it is a con. The slidding door on the top of the PS3 I am not a fan of. You can press a button to open the door when the game is running or not but the button does not close the door. In addition to this, you can not select eject game from the XMB menu and you have to have your PS3 low enough to be able to see where you are sticking your hands when removing the disc from it. As an adult it probably won't bother you much, but if you have kids that use the system you will have to be careful they put the disc in correctly and don't touch the lens when trying to get the disc.
Those were the main system points I noticed. If the system had a more user friendly child way to access the disc and if there were hard cases for the games this would have recieved 5 stars, but I really don't like the top access on this PS3. The price was really good and you can't argue with the accessories and games that it comes with...so with all of that being said, 4 stars from me.
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on May 24, 2013
We had the standard blue ray player. Was very hard to figure out how to use. We also wanted to be able to play dvd, blue ray and do streaming. Can't do that with other player. Our kids each recommended a different machine. We went with the PS3 because it had all the options we wanted. Once it was installed, it was a breeze to learn. This is important for us old farts! We can use this PS3 for multiple applications, which is always good.

Update: After using the new unit for 3 weeks, it just quit working. Only used the PS3 a total of 3 times. Amazon was not helpful at all. They told me to contact Sony. Called support, had to send it back to be serviced. They sent me a box and directions. Several weeks later, they sent me a dirty, dusty, scratched and beat-up RE-FURBISHED unit. The only good thing about this one was it did work. So I effectively paid full price for an extremely used PS3. Never again. If I had wanted a used one I could have purchased a used one. The techs that I dealt with were professional and helpful. Company policy sucks for me!
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on March 5, 2013
I've been gaming since the original NES, and I've owned a PSX and PS2, but I held off on buying a PS3 due to the originally high price. I adopted the Xbox 360 and played that as my main console for years. After Gran Turismo 5 came out, I started looking at the PS3 more seriously but never ended up pulling the trigger. I recently bought a HDTV, and wanted a BluRay player and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get a PS3.

This bundle comes with a comically large BluRay remote, which doesn't really fit in my hand very well. It's also difficult to see the buttons, especially in a dimly lit room. Comes with 2 AAA batteries and works fine, though. It also doubles as a controller as it has the traditional buttons on it (X, O, square, triangle, etc.).

The Super Slim PS3 is much smaller than I anticipated. My large Xbox 360 looks downright huge next to it. I'm on the fence about the sliding disc drive cover, but it does its job. The drive sounds quiet, and I can't hear it unless there is no sound on the TV. Sometimes I wish the drive had a button that you pushed to open the cover (like on the original PSX) but that's probably just being nit-picky.

The controller is wireless and rechargeable. I would've liked a removeable battery pack a la the Xbox 360 just in case the internal battery stops holding a charge. You charge this controller using a USB cable that is included. The cable is pretty short, so I would recommend just charging the controller using a PC's USB port rather than trying to play with it connected to the console. It also only charges when the console is on, another plus for PC charging. The controller is almost identical to the Dual Shock 2, but there is now a motion-detector (SIXAXIS) and the L2/R2 buttons are now triggers rather than traditional buttons. There's also a center button that allows you to access the menus and turn on/off the controller and console.

I'm pleasantly surprised with All-Stars Battle Royale, but I have yet to open the Ratchet & Clank collection. It also comes with a 1 month trial of Playstation+, but you have to enter your credit card information to use the trial. If you don't cancel before the end of the month, they will continue to charge you for the subscription. The Playstation+ subscription allows you to get discounts on the Playstation Store and you can also download a limited selection of free games (LittleBigPlanet 2, inFamous 2, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, etc.). There are also free 1 hour trials of a large selection of retail games for you to try on Playstation+. The included games do not come in a traditional plastic case, just a cardboard sleeve. Not a huge deal, but something that probably deserves mentioning.

Comparing the PSN service to Xbox Live, I prefer Xbox Live. It's easier to communicate with friends using Xbox Live and it's easier to play cooperatively and compare stats. Xbox Live just seems to have more effort put into it than Sony put into PSN. The trophy system also seems a little bit more shallow than the point-based achievement system on the Xbox 360. However, I am pleased with the fact that you can level-up based on the number of trophies you have. That adds an extra element of competition amongst your friends.

I did encounter one major issue with my PS3 out of the box. I completed the initial setup using the default (automatic) options, and I noticed that every so often my screen would go completely black, then come back on. The sound during this time would also be lost. I removed the option to use 1080p, and left 720p checked and that seemed to help, but it still does it every once in a great while... just not as often as before. If it continues to do this, I may consider lowering the score. At the rate it's doing it now (maybe once every couple of days) it's not a huge deal to me. If it goes back to doing it multiple times per session, though, I'll be thoroughly disappointed. I'm connected to my TV using the HDMI cable at the moment.

[UPDATE 6-24-13] I haven't experienced the black screen issue in a few months, so I believe it's fixed. My guess is that it was trying to output 1080p to my TV, which is 720p. I'll keep it in my review, though, in case anyone else runs into the same problem. I updated my score, however.

All-in-all, I'm very pleased with this purchase. I've been enjoying Gran Turismo 5, Twisted Metal, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale the most out of the games I've played. There's a huge library of games out there that I didn't even know existed. Lots of great JRPGs and exclusive titles to check out. I highly recommend the PS3.
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on April 18, 2013
I used to own a playstation 1 and it was the best thing ever. Had a lot of fun with it and still have it till this day and not a single problem which shows the build quality. Then I got a playstation 2 and it just got better and better with that system and what it can do. My whole childhood was all playstation item and sony. Loved them and they had great fun games. Then I got a playstation 3 slim and loved it, Was very fun and the features it offered was amazing. The best media system out there. Got rid of it for a xbox and I liked the xbox but I wanted the playstation back as a second console and hey look now they have a super slim. so i got it.

I am VERY upset with sonys awful design on this system. First of all, whats with the disk idea? I LOVED how it was before having it grab the disc for you preventing any damaging of the disc and len in there. Now you have to slide a thin peace of plastic and put the disc yourself? Garbage if you ask me. This will make it very easy to ruin the lens and your game doing so. The disc goes in fairly deep so it isn't easy to take out unless you have one side of the disc touch the bottom.

Now what sucks is you cannot change the hdd in the ps3. Not sure if I just got a lemon but thing gets hot and the hdmi input would disconnect from the tv and drove me crazy. Long story short I returned it and not looking back to sony till the ps4 MAYBE.

I do have to say it was pretty quiet but its not like some describe it, its just as quiet as my xbox so its nothing special or something that is new to me. Over all I was upset with the system. The bundle they give you on here is great tho, the games are a blast.
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on August 12, 2013
I purchased this bundle because I wanted an extra PS3 around the house to use when friends came over so we could play some multiplayer stuff together. I currently own 3 PS3s including this one. I have an original backwards compatible model and a 160GB model...I've stored the backwards compatible one because they can be a bit expensive to get your hands on these days.

The bundle is great and it comes with a slim version of the Blu-Ray/Universal remote. I use this remote for the PS3, my receiver, and my TV (all Sony devices) and it works wonderfully. I traded in both of the games that came with it because I had no interest in them and used that to get a different game. The slim PS3 is neat and doesn't take up as much space and I can barely tell its on when my living room is silent.

I'm not sure why a vertical stand is shown in the picture but the bundle did not include this. It did include a free month of PS+ though and I knew ahead of time the stand wasn't included, so I'm not complaining, just pointing it out for anyone else who is curious. This probably is one of the best deals out there for a new PS3, if not the best deal.

I'd recommend this for anyone in the market to buy a PS3. If you're not interested in the games just do what I did and turn them in towards something else.
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on April 28, 2014
So I use my PS3 for pretty much everything, from Youtube to Netflix to Blu-ray to VUDU to Crunchyroll to gaming. The fact it comes with a remote for use with Bluray was the reason I got it. I've been very happy with the purchase overall. I have PS+ which gives me a free game a month which is awesome, since they are really good games (Borderlands, Batman, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, etc). I only play about 1 game a month anyway, so this is perfect for me. The remote is good, doesn't need IR so it can be pointed anywhere, but in general we just use the ps3 controller which works really well.

I actually think the PS3 is a better family machine than the Xbox 360 since it plays bluray and Netflix and Youtube are not behind a paywall. Yes, if you like games the Xbox 360 is probably the better option right now (actually, go for the newer PS4/Xbox1 instead). This one machine can easily replace all your other electronics you hook up to your tv, well worth the investment.
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