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on November 30, 2012
I wondered what happened when I saw the price for Family Fun magazine drop to $5.00 a year and then today I received my first issue. Back when my kids were little, this was "the" magazine for planning vacations, finding kid-friendly recipes, and planning entertaining but educational activities with the kids. Now it's 100% advertisements. Scattered throughout the magazine are about 30 blurbs from Facebook fans and Pinterest pals with ideas you've heard a million times. There are no professionally written articles. Not a single one.

Here's the December/January issue:

p. 0(inside front cover) Ad for Oral-B and Crest
p. 1 table of contents
p. 2 table of contents cont'd and credits
p. 3 ad for Hilton Resorts
p. 4 ad for Ore Ida hash browns
p. 5 ad for Ore Ida french fries
p. 6 ad for Kings Hawaiian bread
p. 7 facebook fans and pinterest pals (like I care)
p. 8 ad for Family Fun's iPhone app "ToyHopper" which recommends Christmas video games for kids (omg)
p. 9 ad for Pringles potato chips
p. 10 list of holidays in december and january (like national cocoa day)
p. 11 ad for Curel lotion
p. 12 ad for Toyota
p. 13 idea from Pinterest pal (I've seen this before, about 15 years ago, duh)
p. 14 how to make a really ugly and flimsy clothespin menorah
p. 15 ad for SpongeBob Christmas DVD and iTunes
p. 16 how to make two really tacky ornaments and a cute angel
p. 17 ad for Legos and Duplos
p. 18 how to make a table fan tree (same as it was 40 years ago when I did this in elementary school)
p. 19 ad for Orajel and Spinbrush toothbrush
p. 20 how to wrap a photo around a candle (ugh)
p. 21 ad for CakeBoss mail-order cakes
p. 22 ad for Karen Tack's cupcake books
p. 23 ad for Karen Tack's cupcake books
p. 24 recipe for crackers from about 20 years ago (originally in Better Homes and Garden Kids cookbook, I believe)
p. 25 ad for Hallmark
(four more pages of ads for Hallmark with no page numbers)
p. 26 rest of cracker recipe
p. 27 ad for Oral B, American Girl, and Apple App Store
p. 28 recipe for sugar-coated marshmallows dressed up to look like gingerbread men (one of the most sugar-laden recipes I've ever seen)
p. 29 ad for ABC Family television channel
p. 30 idea from a Facebook fan
p. 31 ad for Mucinex
p. 32 ad for FaceBook and Disney Princess dolls
p. 33 ad for Geico (seriously?)
p. 34 ad for Rice Krispies
p. 35 rice krispy marshmallow treat recipe (in shape of christmas ball) and ad for Kellogg's Rice Krispies
p. 36 ad for Eggland's Best eggs
p. 37 how to make a snow angel (like we need instructions; it's not that complicated-->lie in snow, fan arms)
p. 38 ad for Zoo Tunes speakers for mp3 players
p. 39 ad for Palmolive dish detergent
p. 40 ad for Similasanusa cough and fever syrup
p. 41 ad for RedBox video rentals
p. 42 ad for Similasan ear relief drops
p. 43 ad for website membership
p. 44 ad for Blue Bones dog bones
p. 45 ad for Blue Freedom dog food
p. 46 three yoga poses for mother and daughter (not fitness, not even fun)
p. 47 ad for Organic Valley dairy products
p. 48 ad for Gerber "generation" toddler food
p. 49 ad for Gerber Graduates dippers
p. 50 ideas from Facebook fan (ridiculous, if this is educational then your kids will not be very bright)
p. 51 ad for Disney Channel's "Sofia the First"
p. 52 multiple ads for kids' furniture and accessories
p. 53 multiple ads for kids' furniture and accessories
p. 54 how to soak your feet (omg)
p. 55 how to paint your nails (another omg)
p. 56 ad for Piggy Paint kids nail polish and Moodylicous Childrens Spa face frosting
p. 57 ad for Crazy8 kids clothes
p. 58 ad for Nissan
p. 59 how to find a local greenhouse (hint: google "greenhouse")
p. 60 how to travel witha dog (if you have a dog, you know this)
p. 61 ad for websites catering to dogs
p. 62 ad for IAMS dog food
p. 63 ad for IAMS dog food
p. 64 ad for Disney World Resorts (Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort in particular)
p. 65 ad for Imaginext toys
p. 66 ad for Imaginext toys
(two more pages of ads for Imaginext toys with no page numbers)
p. 67 ad for Oreo cookies (more sugar, just what our kids need) and Wilderness Resorts (a division of Disney World)
p. 68 picture of peppermint fudge (recipe later, a copycat version of the fudge on sweetened condensed milk cans)
p. 69 how to frost a donut hole (seriously?)
p. 70 recipe for gingerbread biscotti (wife's a cook, she said "gross" when she read the recipe)
p. 71 ad for Minute Rice
p. 72 how to frost a cookie like a present (a really ugly present)
p. 73 ad for Sears Portrait Studio (the only ad worth paying attention to although JC Penney takes better kid pics)
p. 74 a really awful recipe for Newton-like sugar-laden jam bars (more sugar)
p. 75 ad for Fruity Pebbles cereal (the most sugar-laden cereal of them all)
p. 76 how to take pictures of kids (and badly)
p. 77 more pictures
p. 78 more pictures
p. 79 ad for FaceBook and Pinterest (surely you saw this coming; when they have a faked "article" they have to have the ad to go with it immediately after)
p. 80 ad for American Girl dolls
p. 81 ad for American Girl dolls
p. 82 how to paint a metal washer (hardware) with nail polish, add a ribbon, and call it a really ugly gift..uh I mean necklace
p. 83 pictures of ugly painted washers
p. 84 how to paint other stuff with nail polish and call it a cheap gift
p. 85 how to paint a cheap spoon with nail polish and gift it (omg)
p. 86 ad for in the guise of a how-to make a sport pillow (the size of your hand)
p. 87 ad for EpiPen (now the pharmaceutical companies are advertising in Family Fun)
p. 88 safety warnings for EpiPen (omg)
p. 89 add for FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes app store, and about six more ads
p. 90 ads for about 15 products you can buy online
p. 91 picture of a guy walking in a christmas tree cutting yard (I can drive down the street and see this, do I have to pay for it in a magazine?)
p. 92 ideas from FaceBook fans
p. 93 another picture of the same guy, this time carrying a tree
p. 94 ad for InchBug sipper cups
p. 95 ad for Smuggler's Notch Cabins in Vermont
p. 96 picture of a kid on an intertube in the snow (yeah, we know how to do that too, no instructions required)
p. 97 ad for Campbell's tomato soup
p. 98 (back cover) ad for CoolWhip frosting and FaceBook

As you can see, the entire magazine is ads. If there is a "fake" story, it's a paragraph of garbage preceding the several pages of related ads. e.g. How to travel with a dog followed by several pages of dog food ads. The FaceBook fans and Pinterest pals are the ones here giving this junk magazine five star reviews.

Don't believe me? Print this out, take it to your local bookstore and check out the issue. :) Yep, I'm right. Don't waste your money.
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on February 25, 2015
I love this magazine. I have been a subscriber for years, as my family has grown to 5 children. I prefer this to any other family targeted magazine because it is fun and full of cute ideas and in a great format. I'll even save these for a few months because I enjoy reading them that much. My older kiddos even page through them for new things to make and ideas for school projects. My kids range from 1 to 11 and I feel this hits all ages. It's really appropriate for the whole family. If you are looking for some neat activities to do as a family, DIY projects, fun crafts, holiday ideas/activities, etc., then you will love this magazine. The price makes it a no brainer. :)
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on December 26, 2014
This magazine has great and plentiful ideas for family fun. Many of them are simple and quick but very imaginative and others involve a little thought and preparation. I don't usually like it when magazines have product reviews or articles that push products to purchase, but the products are usually good quality and its clear the editors have vetted them to make sure they are not promoting junk and fluff. The photos of activities and crafts are enticing and gives parents a spring board to other ideas. For Halloween there was an article about homemade costumes. I was leafing through it when my three year old granddaughter saw a fox costume and got real excited about it. Her favorite dance video is Ylvis' WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? So I made the costume using an orange hoodie ad fake fur. She wears it everyday. So for Christmas I made fox pajamas for her baby doll from Santa. She loves her mama and baby outfits. Great magazine and glad I finally subscribed.
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on February 19, 2013
I initially started reading this magazine because it was a free gift with a purchase of a baby seat that I got when my sone was only 6 months old and I'm still reading it and finding a lot of valuable information in it now that my son is almost 6 yrs old!

Great ideas for kid friendly crafts and recipes, depending on the the season or holiday. We have done many of them together and both of us enjoyed the quality time together a lot. These are always simple to do for the most part, but things I wouldn't have thought to do on my own since I am very "uncrafty" and a very busy full time working single mom.
There are also usually articles on vacations and trips that are geared towards family and kids, which I really apprecate and find interesting. I've been saving those vacation ideas and will probably look to do one, referencing the ideas in the article, at some point in the near future.

Good magazine and an excellent value at the great price offered by Amazon. The only thing is that with my first order thorugh Amazon, I did get two issues at the same time, one for the month past and one for the current month. I would have preferred to start my 12 months with the current month, not the previous months issue.
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on November 16, 2015
great ideas every issue. My 9 year old still clips crafty ideas out and glues them in her "ideas" notebook, going on 6 years now.
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on August 12, 2014
I greatly enjoy this magazine even though I'm not a parent myself. Working in school, I find FamilyFun rich with ideas to entertain kids. I love the inspiring stories by parents, kids and families.
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on September 1, 2014
Great magazine, it has activities for the whole family, and tips on fun activities geared towards the season, good read on road trips or long nights.
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on April 21, 2015
I like this magazine. I find a lot of creative ideas to do and share with family and friends.
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on May 22, 2014
I find it to be a piece of all from many other magazines not very informative or catching
Or noteworthy
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on December 13, 2010
I love the magazine. It will give me so many ideas for activities with my grandkids as they grow older. The only problem I have with the order process is that I have ended up with 3 subscriptions to the same magazine. I ordered one, then figured I hadn't ordered it after all since I didn't get the magazine, then ordered again. Before I received any magazines, I received an invoice in the mail stating that I owed for my subscription, so I paid again. A few days after sending in a check for the invoice, I received 2 copies of the magazine. Now I have 3 subscriptions to the same magazine and must try to cancel 2 of them.
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