Customer Reviews: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - Xbox 360
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on November 21, 2012
This game... wow. It seems like it should have come for free with some sort of Burger King Promotion. Remember those games? Years ago when the 360 and PS3 were new? There was like, a "Sneak King" game where you had to, uhm, sneak around stuff, and some sort of "Burger Kart" race game...
And they were like, unplayable-bad. Just frustrating messes.
Yea. This is way, way worse.
I literally don't know where to start. Pick anything. *Anything* about this game and it's a good place to start talking about where it's bad.
And I'm a Family Guy fan. I love the show. But this...

One really peculiar thing I kept thinking, was some of the dialogue was obviously written and performed just for the game (I'm making an assumption here, because maybe they used some b-roll or extra material from the show). But if that was the case, Seth actually came in, read the script, performed the voices, and thought to himself "well, good work here, send it out! this pile of trash accurately represents my brand!". Something of this poor quality coming from the guy seems off-kilter.

So. There you go. Instead of buying this, Go buy "Sneak King" for $1.81 Xbox Sneak King(4.95 shipping? Seriously?). Or spend the sixty bucks on some new sheets. Buy a bunch of candles. I don't care, I'm not your money butler. Do pretty much anything but buy this game.
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on June 8, 2013
Not worth $59.99 as a new purchase, but is great as a used game! First, you must be a Seth McFarland fan and lover of the Family Guy TV series. If you are, then you would really appreciate this game and understand the story line. The graphic are good; similar to cartoon on TV. GOOD FOR MANY LAUGHS. MANY FUNNY AND EASY GAME ACHEIVEMENTS.
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2012
When it comes to the television show Family Guy, some of the best episodes out there are the ones in which Brian and Stewie travel together and actually don't feature the rest of the cast. One of the better episodes was an episode in which Brian and Stewie traveled through the Multiverse. Apparently the creators know how popular the episode is because they made a video game that was a sequel to it. Back to Multiverse can be considered fan service in just about every respect. If you really love the show and its humor you'll really love this game to a certain extent. And while it's packed full of references it's hard to say this is a game worth forking over sixty dollars for. If anything it would've easily sufficed as a downloadable game on PSN or XBOX Live Arcade. There isn't really enough content to justify the price tag (though it's sure to go down eventually).

Back to the Multiverse begins in typical Family Guy fashion. It's as though you're playing through an actual episode of the show. It plays the opening of the show--credits and all--as though this really is going to be a typical episode. It then shows Brian and Stewie. Their banter is quickly interrupted when Bertrum shows up from a different universe. He wants revenge on Stewie and is about the travel the multiverse to amass an army. It's up to Stewie and Brian to stop him by following him through the multiverse. As far as Family Guy goes, the actual synopsis for this episode is definitely pretty cool. And it's got some great humor in many respects. The cutscenes themselves are full of some nice witty banter between Brian and Stewie but once you get into the actual game only your fan devotion is likely to hold you. And you'll need to be a die hard fan of the show for it more so than just someone who watches it every now and then.

There are ten levels in Back to the Multiverse. Each complete with objectives. You'll never get lost as there is a marker that will always show you where to go and where you should be. Each level seems to have its own theme. There's one level where it's all filled with Amish. Another where everyone is crippled and you must battle through their fortress and a few more surprises I won't spoil. Although there isn't much to spoil. Any die-hard fan of the show will have seen this all before. You don't get the sense there was much created from scratch for the game.

You'll play as Brian and Stewie and be able to switch between them on the fly. Each of them have their own set of weapons at their disposal. Stewie has his trademark ray guns and inventions while Brian has the standard stuff like pistols, shotguns and rifles. Characters also have secondary weapons and items they can use. You can throw diaper bombs with Stewie or molotov cocktails with Brian. It seems like there is a lot of variety but Back to Multiverse puts an emphasis on shooting your way through. And hordes of enemies will come at you from everywhere. The difficulty spikes seem a little unbalanced. One minute everything seems manageable, the next you're overrun and barely able to survive. It's okay though, because a lot of health packs and ammo are plentiful throughout each level. There isn't really too much variety in the objectives, though. Many times it's usually finding something to open passage so you can move forward, or it's something along the lines of killing a certain enemy to move on.

As you kill enemies you'll also collect cash. You'll be able to use this to buy more weapons and costumes, as well as increase your health or the amount of ammo you can carry.

Every level is filled with references to the show. But this is actually part of the problem. You'll find characters in levels and hear your enemies and people close by spouting off their lines. The thing is... you've heard nearly all of it before. Many of the lines are lifted directly from the show. Every now and then there is something original but for the most part, if you're that familiar with the show you've heard all these lines before. This brings about another small issue with the game in and of itself... you will hear them constantly. These lines pop up again and again. In the very first level you'll constantly hear a frat boy saying, "I'm angry, but not because I'm gay." It gets old really fast. Whenever Stewie picks up ammo he'll say the "This is my rifle/this is my gun..." line from the episode where he and Brian went into the army. It's constant, though and after a while it's just annoying. At first you'll probably enjoy this. Then again, with so many lines throughout the entire history of the show you're apt to wonder why they didn't lift a bigger variety of them.

The biggest drawback is that the game is relatively short with little replay value. The game can easily be completed in 3 to 5 hours. It's brief, just like an episode of the show. And while some of it is funny and witty, it's really only the cutscenes that are really that fun or engaging to watch.

At the very least fans of the show will be happy to know that the writers and voice actors did step up to the plate to help out with the story and characters. The cast is here to deliver their lines and it's done rather well. The graphical presentation is a little jarring at first. It's cartoon like, which is a good thing. On the other hand, some animations seem a little stilted. Mostly the cutscenes and the lip movements from time to time. Likewise, the game being in 3D makes certain aspects look just a tad... strange. Such as looking at Stewie's hair or Brian up close. Nevertheless those are small nitpicks. There are also moments in which you might feel the game could use a couple more details. A lot of environments strangely feel scarce or empty. I like that it looks like the cartoon, but you sometimes get the sense that they could've done a little more.

Back to the Multiverse isn't a bad game at all. It is a little steep to pay the full sixty dollar price tag for a game that's this short and doesn't offer nearly as much replay value. There are a few extra things to do outside of the main story, but it's really nothing special. It's a great amount of fan service at least and if you're a die hard fan you may like it. Otherwise you may want to wait for just a little bit.
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on December 18, 2012
Very similar to The Simpsons game but equally as fun. Simple, but keeps you entertained. Story line is short as it was beaten in only a couple of hours. Would not pay full price for this again, but I do recommend the game. The only con that I can come up with is that it does not have online multiplayer.
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on May 2, 2014
This game seems a bit anachronistic in todays hd supercharged surround sound age, but it's enjoyable. I was expecting something on the lines of the older futurama game, and in some ways it's similar. The cut scenes are funny. Some more than others. The action is fine, but it's almost as if it's aimed towards kids though the humor and subject matter isn't appropriate for anyone under 13 (at least). the humor is on par with the show. It's wrong in every possible way and you will find yourself laughing despite how un-p.c. it really is. for parents there are scenes that are inappropriate such as the level where you have to defend yourself against attacking people on crutches and in wheel chairs just to give you an idea. and the Santa's workshop level may kill his/her love of that family holiday. I know in today's day and age many parents give in to children to easily and expose them to things they should not be exposed to until later in life, so I am trying to give a heads up. Some children are more mature (I know I was) and will know it's just a game and hopefully know it's not supposed to be how things are in real life. I'm sure Seth isn't someone who would attack handicapped people in real life, but it's part of the humor of the show. So love it or hate it, it is what it is. Some of the action is repetitive and sometimes when you need to replay a level to find all the items for the secondary objectives (which is necessary for unlockables) it really becomes tedious. But overall it is fun despite that it seems more like an xbox or ps2 game and not a next gen game. though now xbox360 is the old model, oh well time flies when you're having fun and sure is damn expensive:). I didn't really do much with the online stuff as the multiplayer online is pretty dead. I did try the challenge levels a bit and they were a bit hard. I am not a hardcore gamer I just play to relax (which is actually counter intuitive when you think about it) and to have fun. I'll only spend so much time playing a game after it gets frustrating and I'll get back to it later. Hardcore games will never give up until they finish the part. So I am basically someone who knows when to quit and just relax. So the games I play need to be fun and if it's hard the rewards need to justify the time. This game would probably be about 3.5 stars out of 5 but since we can't do half stars I thought it was closer to 4 than 5 as it's a game that doesn't try too hard and is easy enough to figure out and have fun with. The writing for the story is again on par with the show, so if you love Family Guy and do not mind how twisted and wrong it can get, then this game would be fun for you. A good way to rack up some easy achievement points (except you'll probably miss out on the online points).
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on June 9, 2016
TLDR: If you like video games, AND you're a fan of the show, play this game.

The Gameplay.
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is a third-person shooter. In the campaign you'll be playing as Stewie and Brian who each have their own specific weapon set, as does every playable character in the game. More on that later. The variety of weapons and special items allow for multiple play styles throughout various types of encounters. Wanna snipe enemies from a distance? Brian is the dog for you. Wanna get in close and torch baddies with a flame thrower? Stewie is your baby. Prefer to call in some assistance/assistants and let them do some of the work for you? Send in the machine gun-toting Joe Swanson, or have the Giant Chicken bludgeon your enemies with his feather-fists while an old rock-'n-roll song plays. Toss an Ipecac or a dirty diaper and then watch as your enemies vomit uncontrollably, unable to defend themselves against your weaponry.

The Story:
Brain and Stewie protagonize across the multiverse attempting to foil Bertram's antagonistic efforts. There are plenty of jokes along the way, delivered in that self-aware Family Guy style. The campaign will take you to a variety of locales aka universes each with its own unique setting, enemies, and challenges. Crossbow-wielding Amish farmers, suicide-bombing elves, and handicapped people with machine gun crutches await you. There are a few platforming challenges (jumping from one place to another) to be had along the way, but the camera, controls, and physics work well enough that these can be traversed handily. Again, if you like the show, and you like story based action/adventure games, you'll dig it.

The Graphics:
I played the Xbox360 version and I gotta say the game looks like the show. The characters look and move like they do on the show, although in the game they're more likely to be holding an improvised weapon.

The Sound:
All the voice actors are present to represent their characters, and the humor. If during the campaign you encounter a non-hostile, recognizable character it is worth it to approach them and hear what they have to say. Meg is pathetic, Peter is stupidly funny, and Mayor Adam West is bizarrely insane. Also, pausing the game will cause the Family Guy theme-song to play in differing styles. You might hear a medieval instrumental, or an 80's style rap, or something else.

The Multiplayer:
This is a bummer but it's split screen local only. To reiterate, no online capabilities. Moving on, there's campaign coop, challenge mode, and versus. Campaign was largely covered previously. Challenge mode is exactly what it sounds like. There's a circumstance, a difficulty selection, a character choice, and a time limit. You can pervishly photograph sorority girls as Quagmire, or defend your sailing vessel against the onslaught of pirate Peter Griffin's minions,or try another scenario.The versus modes are Deathmatch (shoot the other guy), Infiltration (capture checkpoints), Capture the Greased-up Deaf Guy (capture the flag, except it runs away and speaks with a deaf accent), and Multiverse Madness (defend against waves of increasingly-difficult enemies).

The Achievements:
It was a fun list to do, and nothing too crazily difficult. I think my time to complete to 100% was probably around 20 hours, and it was a fun time. Nothing too grindy.
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on November 24, 2012
I swear i've just spent the last 4 hours playing (or trying to play) this damn piece of trash... I will some it up with the following few lines.


If anyone is interested I will be selling this (game...if you can call it that) on craigslist for $5.00... yep $5.00 .. Can't bear to bring this thing to trade it it.. People might found out I bought this and thus bringing shame and dishonor to me and my family...
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on December 11, 2012
There are a lot of opinions and mixed feelings over this game. Here are some thoughts that may help you make up your mind as whether to buy it or not:

Honestly, it's not BAD. It's just not GREAT. I would give it maybe a seven out of ten.
You will enjoy it much more if you actually like Family Guy.
It is a fun, highly addicting shooter game. Single-player or splitscreen with a friend. (Sadly, no multiplayer)
It does actually have a pretty good story.
The dialogue used in gameplay gets old and repetitive. (What the characters say as you play/kill them)

Overall, I wouldn't buy this game for sixty bucks. It's not worth it. Maybe thirty at the most. Compared to some of the other third person shooter games this year, it's not as bad as MIB Alien Crisis or the Ending of Mass Effect 3; but at the same time it's not as good as Max Payne 3. It has a good style, good story; however I felt that they could have done a lot better: the story could be a little longer, they could have some multiplayer modes to add value to the game, and they could have added more phrasing into the game. Other than that, I wouldn't be ashamed to add it to my own collection when the price drops.
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on June 28, 2015
As a game, not great. Typical for a game like this based on your favorite show. The jokes and stuff were funny and the multi-player (offline) has potential to keep your small party rocking. But the overall story mode is just a game that you can't wait to finish.
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on September 6, 2013
I dont see why this game gets a bad rap. i happen to love this game, yes the levels are short but only a true fan of Family guy would enjoy this game. only people who would give this game bad reviews are people who are not big fans of family guy and are expecting a top notch third person shooter instead of just enjoying the classic game
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