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on May 15, 2014
All put one port failed on my second charger. This stuff is junk.

Look I am usually really happy with products I get from Amazon, but this product stinks. I'm in IT, I cannot for the life of me understand how a charger can possibly fail so quickly. At first I thought it was my cables... Then I realized when my wife told me that one of the "bad" cables worked just fine for her that it was device.

Update:5/30/2014 - Anker contacted me directly once I posted the review, they asked for some details around the cables used and the model number, I promptly sent them. They then at no charge shipped me a new unit, did not expect the old one returned. The new unit has worked flawlessly for nearly two weeks. Will update with any further information if the situation changes.
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on June 22, 2014
After re-reading some reviews here, I thought I'd better check mine. One of the ports is dead, possibly shipped that way (30 hrs of use). Have contacted Anker and will revise depending on outcome. I'm concerned the design may not be viable, given the 120 VAC to 5 VDC 40W inside the small, sealed case.

Update 8/15/14: I should mention I never purchased any Anker product before, so felt doing so was a bit risky. Was contacted within one day of posting above review by Anker customer service. They had a new lot available, with an updated design (inside), but only in white. Since I wanted 2 black chargers, I waited.

Within about 10 days, Anker contacted me and said they had determined the problem with the previous design and had corrected it - I don't think I've ever seen such an honest and open admission from any vendor in my life. They offered to send me two new black chargers with the updated design - they did and I have them now, all ports working.

In short, Anker took immediate responsibility for the problems with the earlier design. I am glad I bought from them, my impression is that they do care about customer satisfaction, perhaps more so than more established companies. If you have a defective unit, I suggest contacting Anker customer support - they'll make it right.
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on April 14, 2014
I have numerous Anker products and like them for their quality and reliability so I was a little dumfounded when this charger failed in less than a week. The middle port is dead. It could have already been dead before I received it but I just now noticed it. When plugging in any of my Apple products. they give the familiar dinging sound to let ya know they are charging. When I failed to get the ding.... I checked all ports and tried numerous cables to be sure. I have a confirmed 4 port charger now. I am well within return period but it's a pain in the butt. I lost something I thought had found with Anker. A high quality gadget company with bulletproof reliability. Bummer.

Update: Now only 2 ports work. 3 out of the 5 are dead! Major disappointment that I can no longer trust Anker products!!

Update 2: All ports have now failed except 1. Anker is replacing the unit under warranty. Apparently there were some bad batches and the issue is suppose to have been corrected.

Update 3: Anker replaced by unit by sending out a refurbished unit... when I paid for a new product. This 2nd unit failed in less than 1 day!!! 2 ports are completely dead. What horrible quality. I have lost all faith in this company.

Update 4: ALL 5 ports on the replacement charger are now dead. Various and new USB cords were used to confirm.

Update 5: After the disappointing experience with 2 of the chargers.... Anker said they did not want to send a 3rd unit because it would probably result in the same failures. Long after giving up on the product, Anker contacted me and said that they had an updated version and asked if I would like to try it.... for free. I have been using this new one for a few weeks and it works. No problems and all ports continue to work!

Update 6: About 12 hours after writing last update... the 1st port has died. I fully expect the remaining ports to die. The charger is extremely delicate and I highly recommend not wasting your money. Nothing but disappointment with this. It surely does not fit into the usual Anker quality category! Support was good though towards the end though.
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on August 29, 2014
I purchased 4 of the Anker USB Chargers and within 3 months all stopped working. Also, my Samsung Galaxy Tablet was rendered inoperable after plugging it into the Anker USB Charger using the manufacturer supplied cable. One of the chargers overheated and almost started a fire and caused property damage. If you will read the online reviews you will find that I am not alone, as others have had devices rendered inoperable and fires and damages caused by the charger.

I have contacted Anker Direct and requested replacement of my tablet and a refund for the 4 purchased chargers. I indicated in my emails to Anker Direct that I did not trust the chargers and did not want a replacement. However, Anker Direct continues to send replacement chargers to my home and has not responded. I requested that Amazon hold the seller responsible and issue a replacement tablet and a refund for the 4 purchased inoperable chargers.

Current Status of my Request from Anker Direct - Unresolved
I have received the following response 6 times from AnkerDirect
"Thank you for contacting AnkerDirect Customer Support. Your support request has been received, and the ticket number for this request is #. We will strive to respond to your inquiry/inquiries and provide all possible support within 24 hours!"

Update September 5, 2014
I received a reply from Anker Direct requesting additional information which I have provided. I will update this review after receiving the reply.

Update on Status of my Request from Amazon - Resolved
I received the following reply from Amazon Customer Service
"I'm sorry to hear about the problem that you've had with your order and for the inconvenience this has caused. I would like to let you know that our customers' safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, I've passed your concerns about the charger along to the Electronics and Wireless team so they can be aware of this potential hazard, and be avoided from happening with our future customers. To help make things right for you, I've requested a full refund." Amazon is also replacing the Samsung Tablet that was damaged.

Amazon customer service resolved my issues within 1 hour of receiving the initial complaint. I am very happy with Amazon's prompt resolution. However, I will not be purchasing other Anker Direct products due to the safety issues I experienced and the poor customer service.
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on August 28, 2014
I'm a hardware engineer. This charger has a significant design flaw. Rather than using current-limiting circuitry on each output, the designers took a short-cut and installed 3A fuses on each port. What does this mean to a user? If you plug in a bad cable or bad device with a short circuit, the fuse will blow and the port will be dead. You will then naturally think, "How come this isn't charging?" and will try the device on the next port, blowing it too. It happened to me. I ended up with 3 dead ports before I figured out that the cable must be causing the problem.

If you have many devices and many cables, you will eventually plug in a bad one that has a short circuit. So buy a well-designed unit with proper current limiting, instead, that can survive a bad cable.

UPDATED Sept 29, 2014... AnkerDirect was kind enough to provide me with a replacement unit. They also claim, in an support email to me today, that all units now being shipped through Amazon no longer have the design flaw. The 3A fuses have been replaced with a proper current limiting circuit. But as of Sept 28, I see that several new one-star reviews are still complaining of dead ports. Perhaps they bought their units before the revised version was available?

Assuming the design flaw has been fixed, I'm upgrading my review from 1 star to 4 stars. In a few months of use I may either revise it again to 5 stars if I have no problems or 1 star if the "dead port" problem reveals itself again.
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on February 8, 2014
+ Works exactly as expected. Worry free charging for nearly any USB device (apple, android, tablet) on any of the 5 ports.
+ Compact, silent, sleek and no annoying lights (LED, blinking, or otherwise).
+ Gets only slightly warm when charging: neither too hot to handle nor enough to burn.
+ Draws minimal power when not charging devices (10mA at idle), so few concerns leaving it plugged in.
+ Best price to performance ratio in the market at an excellent price point ($26).
-- Charges Wii U Pro and PS4 controllers but possibly not PS3 controllers, PS Move controllers, or PS Vita (no consensus).
-- The major unknown is long-term reliability. It's new, only time will tell if it lasts. (6 months so far, have 3 of them now...all good).
-- CE+FCC marked, RoHS compliant, but don't see a UL listing. This could be a problem for the corporate/government environment.

I've been in the market for a good USB charger for the past few years. The number of devices I own that charge via USB seems to have exploded recently. Between the mix of android, iOS, and other devices (kindle, raspberry pi, etc) that I have, I was puzzled that no one had created a reasonable product that would charge all of them. Now, yes, I know there are several devices that have labelled ports (2.1 Amps, iOS, Android, etc), or dedicated chargers, but it's all such a hassle. You have to keep track of which port went to which device, keep track of cables, and all that. What a mess! Confuse something up and your device would either charge too slowly and not have a full charge in the morning, or worse, not charge at all! All I wanted was something where I didn't have to worry about what device I was plugging into what port or with what cable. I wanted it to "just work." Charge any device I throw at it at full speed on any port. Make it foolproof! Mercy, is that really too much to ask?

Gratefully, that's no longer too much to ask for. I've only had it for a little over three months now, but I am very impressed. I've now bought three of them, all flawless. It works exactly as described: full power to every device (Apple tablets, Android tablets, Android phones, Kindles, Raspberry Pis). It does so silently (no buzzing, hissing, or whining sounds) and without any annoying bright or flashing LED lights anywhere. Yes, it's completely sans-lights, remarkable! Finally, a manufacturer with some sense. I'm really hoping this thing is built to last (it certainly feels like it might be, but only time will tell).

I don't have enough 10W sucking iPads to push the limits of the power ratings, but between the assortment of devices that I have, I was able to verify 25W of power drawn simultaneously without issue regardless of port via a Weanas power meter. It also draws 10mA when not charging, so it's quite efficient to leave plugged in. Note however, that most devices will continue to draw some power (usually cycle between charging and idle) even when fully charged, so you have to remember to unplug the devices from the charger when fully charged if you're very power conscious. For the vast majority of use cases, (i.e. those involving a mix of high and low power draw devices like phones and tablets), this should meet and exceed all requirements. Note though, that at only 40W, it can only provide high speed charging to four iPads simultaneously (or other similar big 2A draw devices). So if you're eying this as an iPad charging station, it will work, but I would recommend designating only four iPads per charger.

I should note that it does warm up a bit when charging. This is to be expected of anything pushing over 25W, but it doesn't seem to get too hot, only mildly warm. I have no concerns as far as any accidental contact burns or for those with curious children.

In summary, it's sleek, compact, and does its job well. It's also in a class of its own at this very low price point. You won't get a better ratio of devices per dollar at this time. Trust me, I've looked. So if, like me, you're tired of futzing with dedicated chargers or those kludgey multi-chargers that only work sometimes with only some devices on _only_ some ports, buy this well-designed but affordable charger. The stress you'll lose and the hassle you'll save as a result alone will pay for itself many times over.
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on July 28, 2014
Worked great for a few weeks, then three ports died. If a device is plugged into any of those three ports it will act as if I'm plugging/unplugging every 30 seconds, or not charge at all.

**Update 7/28/14**

3 hours after I wrote this review an iAnker CSR called, apologized, and asked if I wanted a replacement. She said she's calling everyone with this similar review to replace their units. I didn't have to pay shipping, and I don't need to send in the faulty adapter. She said the batch she's shipping has some updated or fixed part, so I hope it works well. Will update this review a month from now.

**Update 7/30/14**

Received replacement charger. Replacement charger has the S/N silk screened directly onto the plastic. The original charger had the S/N printed on a sticker. The sticker was hard to read or misprinted. Perhaps S/N printed directly on the plastic is an indication of newer batch?
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on June 16, 2015
To be fair, this rating may be too low...due to my own lack of research (or understanding) of the specs for this charger. I was a bit disappointed in this charger by ANKER, because, though it's advertised as a charger capable of producing forty watts, that is somewhat misleading, or not clearly defined HOW that forty watts is applied to the ports. I must have misunderstood the fact that when even a SINGLE DEVICE is plugged into this charger, the charging power IS NOT fast enough to charge a SINGLE device WHILE IN USE. If i plug in my Kindle HDX while I'm using it, the "SLOW BATTERY CHARGE" alert will pop up. And the result was the same no matter which port I was plugged into. Some chargers have particular ports for certain devices; some ports on the charger being higher output than the others, but no matter how I arranged the plugs, my device was still slow charging. I have no doubt that this charger would indeed charge five devices at would just be very slow. So, obviously, this charger was designed to charge while the device (or devices) are asleep. And if that's what your looking for in a charger, then this charger is fine --you plug up your devices before you go to bed at night, and they will most likely be charged in the morning. I misunderstood the "smart charge" in the advertisement that proclaimed that the charger would pour as much power as needed to a device to charge it. But in all fairness, I must admit, the advertisement did not say that it WOULD charge a device 'while in USE...So, my disappointment could be due to the fact that my expectations were too high for this particular charger. My rating is based on what I MYSELF wanted out of a charger. This review is for clarification, not necessarily because the charger is lacking.
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on October 22, 2014
This device slowly failed port by port until I was left with 2 working ports. I received and email stating there was a known issue with poor quality cables causing failing ports. I have been using the manufacturers cables that came with my devices. I would expect the manufactures intended cables to be considered quality products. I have decided to avoid warranty repair, accept my loss, and move to a new product. I found it inexcusable to blame the failure of this product on the customers equipment instead of a quality issue or manufacturing defect. I suspect port failure is a common issue since I happen to have a coworker with the same device and a failed port (he was lucky enough to only loose 1 port). I am very apprehensive of buying another Anker product after my experience.

Within days after my 1 star review, Anker attempted to contact me via email and phone. I was notified that the email sent to me was intended to be notification that some units may require recall. I no longer have that email, but I suspect it attempted to explain why they think the unit was failing (It just sounded, unintentionally, like a damnation on my end). I am now being sent a replacement unit. Based on the effort of customer service alone, I am bringing up to 3 stars. Once I get my hands on the new unit, I will changing my rating as I see appropriate for the device based on a working and non-defective unit.
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on July 20, 2015
I like Anker a lot, but this thing failed on me once, 3 ports out of 5 stopped working after about 2 months. Anker customer support is awesome, they sent me a replacement right away. The replacement is still working, the only issue I have is that it gets pretty hot if I'm charging an ipad or something. It feels like it will fry and that might've been the reason my original one stopped working. Anyway, I'm afraid to use all 5 ports for anything because it gets so hot so I knocked off a star.

It's been about 2 years now using the replacement, still no problems, it does get hot but still going strong.I bumped it up a star.
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