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on November 29, 2012
Keep in mind with this kit is not a $1,000 lighting kit, but for less than $200, it is fantastic. That's the key reason that I gave it 5 stars. I am even thinking of buying a second kit because in my opinion, the heads, softboxes, bulbs and case even minus the stands is worth the money for this kit.


If you have never put together a soft box, you may find it frustrating. However, since I have experience with soft box setup, I found it easier than most. It will likely take you 7-10 minutes per light to set up even if you know what you are doing. You have to unpack it, put it on the stand, attach the soft box, put in the 5 bulbs and put the cover on the softbox. No matter how good you are, this would take time with any similar unit.


The lights are bright and you can switch 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 bulbs on. It holds 5 bulbs and has one switch for each bulb. That's pretty cool for an affordable kit.


I own several quality light stands already. One of my favorites for the money is Giottos LC325 10.7 feet 4-Section Air-cushioned Light Stand which is currently in the $60 range per stand here on Amazon, so if you needed 3 for this kit, that's nearly another $200. Since I own several stands including nice C-Stands, I don't plan to use the stands that came with the kit. However, the stands are usable but are not the quality that I personally like.


Again for 15 bulbs, stands, a case, soft boxes and heads for under $200, you cannot expect the heads to be what you'd find in a $1,000 kit. I said that first to state that the heads are kind of cheap feeling, but they do the job. You need to just handle like you would anything else that is not super high quality. I plan to baby them for the most part.

Travel (Just an Opinion at this point - not fact based from experience with this kit):

I have not traveled with the kit yet, but I believe it's a lot about how you take care of your equipment. If you are a heavy user of these type of lights and would be setting them up and breaking them down 3 times a day, 5 days a week, I could see the wear and tear catching up to the quality. However, I think this kit will be fine for light use even on a weekly basis.

Overall Quality:

Because I have alluded more than once about the quality of parts of the kit, I thought that I would add this segment in. Remember, this is a kit that is under $200. I own professional equipment and I own some cheaper stuff. There is a difference and that's why you pay more in most cases to have professional equipment. I still believe for the money this kit is hard to beat but you cannot man handle it like you do some pro-equipment. My c-Stands are heavy duty and two of them probably weigh more than this whole kit but they cost more than the whole kit. Just keep in mind you have to consider the quality based on what you paid. In this case, I would not have been disappointed if this kit had cost more than it did, but I like what I paid for it. I am very happy for the price paid and what I received in return. It's not fair to compare this kit to a $1,000 kit because it's not, but for the money, it is fantastic.

Side Note:

If you take all your soft boxes out of their cases at once and lay them out, you may have a hard time figuring out how to get them back in their cases. I recommend taking one light out and setting it up first leaving everything else packed up, so that you can get an idea of how to pack it all back up. Just a thought...totally up to you.

If you have a $1,000 laying around, you should find a $1,000 kit that is built like a $1,000 kit. If you want to get a nice kit for under $200 that will do the job if you take care it, then I say buy this kit.

Happy Lighting ... I hope this review helped.
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on August 27, 2011
You can't beat this setup. Everything works excellently as described. Although there's no much in the way of instructions if you get on Fancier's website there is a video that explains how to put the softboxes together and it's really easy. They throw excellent light and the 4 bulb light heads can also be used with umbrellas. The stands are decent but not exceptional, but an excellent value for the price. I put pennies in my counterweight bag for the boom stand and it works. This equipment is untouchable for the price... PERIOD.

Is it studio quality? not quite, will it last forever? probably not.. but you get alot more than you pay for and it's all definitly decent quality.
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on April 12, 2014
This is a decent set of lights -- good for starters. The stands are very sturdy and the light bulbs are good quality.

However, the soft boxes are not well made. The heads that hold the bulbs are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bulbs and sure enough after a few months of use they broke and came apart exposing the internal wiring (very dangerous...)

If you are on a very tight budget or you are looking for some entry level lights to use before you can afford better ones, then go ahead and get these.
review image review image
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on November 26, 2013
This poor company has been getting ratings all over the place. Even so, after doing a bunch of research and reading too many reviews from multiple companies offering pretty much the same product, I chose these guys. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with their product! Some reviewers talked about there being broken or faulty parts, no assembly instructions, lights burning out after one use, how it takes hours to put the lights together to the point where people only assembled them once and just left them up, and on and on.

I don't if we're talking about the same product, because these lights are awesome. You can't beat the price and while the stands aren't made of solid steel they are still really stable and a damned good product. Each light comes with five bulbs that have individual switches; well worth it in my opinion. So you basically get 15 controllable lights. Also, I didn't realize that there are two screens you can use per light if you really want to soften things up a bit. There's the big one you see in the pic, and then a smaller one that fits between that one and the lights, inside the lightbox. Again, awesome.

Assembly time if I'm talking to cast and crew while I put the lights together is max ten minutes per light. Max! I don't how people are saying it takes them half an hour or more per light - it ain't rocket science people. I've been using these now for over a month on a regular basis and I've yet to lose a bulb, yet to have anything break, and I tear everything down and put each piece back in its box and then back in the bag every time. SUPER EASY AND SUPER AWESOME!

I highly recommend these lights! I do web series' and short films in addition to commercial work (local promos, etc) and these lights are perfect. They're light and easy to transport, very compact, low energy use, etc.

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on March 6, 2017
Product is as described. When I first turned on the lights I was disappointed because my light meter showed F 2.8. Then I remembered - ahh, fluorescent bulbs, they need to warm up. Once warmed up, they gave the same F 4 reading as my Lowel DP 1000 Watt bulb with diffusion. So, yes, they do put out the amount of light advertised. The limitation is that you can't turn lights on and off to check for lighting ratios because of the lag in getting to proper brightness.
Construction is as previously reviewed - OK but not professional level.
These are a very inexpensive way to get such a large amount of light. Even the speed ring from Chimera to use one of their light boxes on my Lowel DP is $100 and the Chimera light box is over $200, so really, this kit is a bargain.
I'm hanging these from the ceiling and they're not being dismantled. If using the light stands, definitely get sand bags. I also glued the poles into the Velcro pockets since even if dismantled, you don't need to take the poles out.
As a permanent installation, they're a great deal. As a travelling kit, I'd have my qualms.
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on March 14, 2016
Not sure what all the fuss is about from some of the 1 star ratings. Perhaps they experienced the law of averages and just happened to get defective units. I however did not. While the assembly was a little confusing at first, simply search Google for Fancierstudio Video Tutorial and followed the easy steps for the 5 light softbox setup. The first one took longest to setup simply because it was the first one. However within about half an hour all three were set up and working great.

They give of a fantastic amount of light and I left them on for about two hours and the soft boxes barely got warm to the tough. I would advise that you invest in different CFL bulbs for different 'moods' when shooting video or using these as fill lights in photography. The CFL bulbs that come with this kit give off what I call 'sterile hospital tone' lighting. Basically they are blue based whites. This can be remedied with a gel over the soft box or go to your local hardware store and buy some natural light CFL bulbs for a warmer tint. Also, use common sense (which isn't so common anymore) and when screwing in the CFL bulbs do not grip them by the actual glass. Screw them in by gripping the plastic base of the bulb. Also, with these 5 light units, put the first bulb in the center socket and then the outer bulbs. Otherwise you will have difficulty getting the center bulb in and screwing it in with limited room to hold the bulb in the proper place.

When it comes to the stands. Some have stated in reviews that they are wobbly and not reliable. Others have stated that the light stands are plastic and fall apart. The stands that I got are metal (likely aluminum) and the tightening brackets are plastic. Use common sense (again not so common) when screwing these tight. Don't over screw, you'll either crack the plastic or strip out the screws. As for wobbly stands or falling over. The only time I've noticed a propensity to tip over is when the tripod legs are extended at a higher degree, thus decreasing their ground coverage.If you set them up the way they look in the photograph (horizontal support bars parallel with the floor) you won't have any problem. I do not recommend setting these up outside as the softboxes are large and wind WILL blow them over.

A lot of people are claiming "for the price these are pretty good." The truth is, for the price these are a steal. Treat them properly and they will likely last you a long time. Be gentle switching them on and off. Be gentle when screwing and unscrewing knobs and bolts. These are very light weight but if you handle them well they should last you a significant amount of time. Treating them like they are made of steel will end up destroying them. I'll come back in update my review once I've had them for a few months. If they stand the test of time I will upgrade my review from 4 stars to 5.
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on June 25, 2013
Assembles in about 30 minutes. The bulbs that come with the product are packed in Styrofoam, so no chance for damaged bulbs. Decent center of balance--in a small studio, I've bumped them a few times, but they have not toppled over, so good there. Each unit provides independent lighting of between one and five lights. Perhaps the only problem is that in a small studio, the standard-issue lights are very bright. Even one light on blankets the subject in light, so I purchased lower-wattage bulbs for one of the light stands, which now offers a "dimmer" solution. If you do purchase additional lights -- make sure to purchase 'true-white' bulbs, which will match the standard-issue bulbs.
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on April 23, 2017
Great product for the price I bought it for, but there are definitely problems. First of all, there are way too many bulbs to keep up with. Then when they came in, a couple never worked. They go out after a while, which is fine since you have so many bulbs that you can still light up your room/subject. Another problem is that they are very lightweight, which seems like its a good thing, until you find yourself constantly making sure it doesn't tip over and break. It's tipped over many times from people accidentally running a cord underneath or bumping into them until one of them finally broke and smashed a few bulbs. I will never buy this product again just because I HATED taking the bulbs in and out and in and out and packing and unpacking. After about two years the bag split, since it's not very durable. Now have to make sure those bulbs don't come spilling out! Anyway this product IS really great, especially for the price. It lights up the room very well, and it's easy to adjust, just don't accidentally tip it over while adjusting.
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on December 20, 2013
I was super hesitant when i bought this lighting kit, because there are so many review saying how its hard to transport and set up , so on and so forth. Before I give my review, let me give my background. I am not a photographer, but I own a music website where that features concerts, producers, and DJs. I am 26 and have a decent amount of common sense. We travel around alot interviewing people in dark clubs and green rooms, which means we need lighting we can control!

Here is my review:
The kit arrived right on time, with all parts in tact and working correctly. The total set up time my first trt was likely 15 minutes as i had to figure out the best way to do it. Once i saw how it worked, I timed my self again. All 3 lights out of the bag and set up only took 14 minutes. That is not bad at all, when i have help its half that time.

The stand opens like any normal stand. Its metal and the parts feel sturdy to me. All the other reviews people say it breaks easy and its crap quality - honestly its not.

The lighting head goes on the stand, then the square soft box goes over that. 4 rods on each corner ensure that it remains a box and then you insert the light bulbs. They come in small boxes with smaller Styrofoam forms inside, to save time i just keep the bulbs in the boxes.

The stands and light heads also come in boxes, i ditched them also. The carrying bag is SO HELPFUL and all the components fit in it perfectly. If i had to but lights again, I would buy this kit.
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VINE VOICEon January 18, 2014
These lights are, in my opinion, just ok. I got a different set which didn't work out of the box and returned them, hoping these would be better. For the price, they will probably get the job done if you don't use them a lot or are just learning. The dilemma, of course, is that if you're just starting out, you can't afford - or don't want to spend a lot of cash on - pro-grade equipment that sells for 3-4X above this price range. It's understandable. So you expect a lower grade of quality and you live with it. The stands here are really basic. I'm not sure they'll hold up over the long haul and I certainly wouldn't want to be taking them down and moving them too much. The fixtures are ok and the light output is decent. The case is like so many others (which is to say that it's probably the best-made part of the whole kit!). My biggest problem is that two of the lights came busted. I've tried to contact Fancierstudio but haven't gotten a reply. So if I truly want these lights to work as designed, I need to fork out some extra $$ to replace the bulbs myself. They run about $10-15 a piece so plan on figuring that into the purchase price. If you're just starting out - or just want to play around with constant lighting - these aren't bad. They're not pro quality by any means. Just be aware that once you get them, you're probably on your own in terms of customer support.
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