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on February 18, 2017
The topmost screw is too short by about 1mm. It can easily fall out when trying to open the clamp enough to accept a flash shoe. Then there is the risk of the screw cross-threading the receiving hole. I counter-sunk the clamp around the thru hole so that the screw-head would move closer to the threaded hole and allow better engagement for a firmer grip. That worked. The other problem is the inexplicable retaining spring for the umbrella shaft. It made installing the umbrella very difficult and uncertain. It was hard to tell when the screw was gripping the shaft and the umbrella fell off twice before I removed the spring clamp and then it worked fine. So I am giving it a generous three star for how it is after modification otherwise it would be a two star; I was tempted to give it a one star at one point.
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on February 22, 2015
Mixed reviews on this swivel bracket. My biggest complaint is that it's plastic and acts like it. It's got a lot of flex and give that I'm not used to having in equipment for positioning photographic gear. And the one reason I didn't rate it a three? Because it's plastic and is less likely to mar other photographic gear. This became important during a shoot that needed an improvised boom stand.

I have two 14' stands, each fitted with one of these swivels. Neither is a boom stand. I needed to get an umbrella directly over the subject, and without a boom stand or an assistant, the only choice I had was to use what was on hand. I set up one stand on a table, leaned it over, and braced it against the other stand. I angled the swivel so the column of the stand lay in the channel on top of the swivel, and tied everything down with double-sided Velcro. It worked great. I got the shot, and because this swivel bracket is plastic it didn't chew up my other stand. As goofy as this sounds, I saw it as a plus.

In defense of this swivel bracket, though, neither of the ones I own have cracked, bent, or taken any permanent damage. I figure when they go I can replace them. Meanwhile they work well, they get the job done, and they won't scratch up my gear. I'm not 100% happy, but I have a hard time saying I'm actually disappointed. They'll do.
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Cheap, but functional. Does not work well with the stands I have. Made of high quality plastic (not necessarily bad but not as good as the steel ones). The "Camera Flash Speedlite Mount Stand and Umbrella Holder Mount 180°Swivel Light Stand E Type Light Bracket for Camera DSLR Nikon Canon Pentax Olympus and other DSLR Flashes Studio Light LED Light" is FAR better.

My only real issue is the bottom mount. If you have different stands then this might work just fine.
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on August 18, 2015
It works. Plastic knobs and handles are cheap but it does the job. The umbrella/reflector mount is a bit tight so get used to struggling to get that umbrella rod thru. It's because there is a tension clip that I assume over time will loosen its spring grip. Otherwise the knob clamps down okay. The hotshot mount works like universal mounts, one stationary rail and one that clamps down on your flash. And it won't short out your flash's connections.

Once you set this up on your light stand it's pretty sturdy holding my Yongnuo 568 EX II and a 30" white umbrella soft box. I bought two and quite honestly for $5 it works great. 4-stars because of its plastic construction. Definitely not for the daily studio photographer but for the casual twice a week on location photographer it's perfect.
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I've had no problems with this flash/umbrella holder. Sure, it's plastic. Sure, it's cheap. But it will work for any light duty work, which is what I bought it for. One reviewer complained that the mounting hole at the bottom didn't seem to fit anything, but it fits the correct part you're supposed to use (the screw-on piece at the top of a light stand). In a pro studio or heavier lights I'd go with a metal holder, but if you're only using cheaper flash units this will work fine.
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on October 31, 2013
1) The top mount is metal and your flashgun will be secured, but because the two little "lips" on the ramp are so short, once you loosen it with the screw even just a few turns, the entire flashgun can fall off. So basically, it goes from very secure to no security very quickly.
2) You can lose the top screw nut if you accidentally unscrew it too much. If you lose it, you're screwed (see what I did there?. It's also a plastic screw. This is perhaps the cheapest aspect of the holder.

1) Price. It's cheap. That's why you're looking at it.
2) It does what its designed to do well. Not spectacularly great, but it's not exactly a complicated job.
3) The angle of the neck is pretty secure when you tighten the screw, which has nice big grippy wings. But again, it goes from very secure to completely floppy fairly quickly after a few turns.
4) Light plastic. Not as durable as a metal one I suppose, but I'm sure I would lose this well before durability became an issue. I appreciate that it's light, as I'm often a one man band lugging gear around.


In terms of performance, 8/10. With the cheap price factored in, 9/10. I bought a second one after I used the first one awhile. It's worth it.
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on September 26, 2017
I was looking for inexpensive, light brackets for out of country travel to help shave ounces off luggage weight. These will be fine for that purpose. They are cheap, and plastic. That being said, there is no way I would intend to use these for constant studio use. I believe they will survive my 10-day trip, but I do not expect them to last much past that. The are clumsy, and not up to the quality of other brackets I got in a studio kit from RPS. If you are looking for something to last for several years, spend a little more money and buy aa higher quality bracket.
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Its all plastic but it seems to be of a decent quality. All the parts arrived for it and it arrived within a few days of ordering, 3 days ahead of schedule. It holds my speedlight and a 33" octoabox perfectly fine, with no wobble or movement. I could see if you were constantly moving this up and down where the teeth wouldnt last forever, but it cost less than a trip to McDonalds. Yall need to quit being cheap then complaining how cheap something is. You get what you pay for. For me it works just as advertised. As far as shipping that's Amazon, thats what fufilled by Amazon means. Go call customer service. Just because it was slow to get to you doesnt mean its not a decent product.
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on September 19, 2016
For the price, these are the best out there! I do a lot of off work with off camera flashes and needed something inexpensive, so if it fell I wouldn't be too upset.

As I predicted, during a wedding reception, The stand with my light fell... and to my surprise the bracket, flash, and radio trigger made it out alive. The bracket held everything together and did not launch parts everything.

The only thing I would change is the holes for mounting to the stands should be a little larger, it was a tight fit to get them on my stands.
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on February 11, 2012
I have purchased 3 of these from Amazon. The 2nd & 3rd times, I just went to the previous purchase in my history and clicked on the first item and ordered again. The first two I got came from seller JRFOTO INC, now known as Fancier Studio. I did not notice the third time I ordered that the item came from a different supplier, HDE. Now, HDE shipped FAST and was great in that respect, and the price was the same as I paid before, but not Prime eligible, just a lower price plus shipping that was the same total. No problems with that seller.

However, I have a SIGNIFICANT problem with Amazon representing the third item as the same as the first two! When I clicked on the item I previously purchased to make another purchase, Amazon defaulted to HTE as the Seller, and I didn't even notice the supplier was different. The choice to purchase the item from Fancier is there if you go to look at other sellers. But the big problem is not that the seller is different, per se. The big problem is that the item itself is different. This item I am reviewing from Fancier has two significant differences, in spite of the fact that the items look almost identical in the photos.

The one from Fancier (JRFOTO INC) has a METAL shoe clamp, and a slightly larger mounting hole in the base. The one from HTE has a PLASTIC shoe clamp, and a slightly smaller hole in the base. For me these differences are all the difference in the world, as the plastic shoe clamp does not have the range of adjustment that the metal one does, and my expensive Rode SVM microphone will slip right out of the shoe, even with the shoe clamp tightened as far as it will go. Furthermore, the pole on the microphone stand that I am using for this will fit into the mounting hole on the base of the one from Fancier, but the one from HTE won't go on.

In fairness, the mounting hole size difference is very slight, and the hole could be enlarged easily with a drill bit of the appropriate size. Also, the shoe on the Rode SVM is a bit smaller and thinner than most, and that's why it wouldn't fit snugly. The one from HTE did tighten sufficiently to snugly hold the other shoes I have. Looking closely, I can see that the tightening screw is bottoming in its hole before the shoe clamp has reached the end of its available travel, and that is what is limiting its adjustment range. So if the screw were shortened just 1mm or so, it would have sufficient travel to snug that smaller shoe on the Rode SVM. Even at that, I found that when I tightened the locknut on the Rode SVM shoe, it held ok.

But all-in-all, I prefer the metal shoe holder.

So, to me the difference between the one from HTE and the one from Fancier is worth the additional $2 cost (including shipping).

Here is my original review:

This flash shoe holder is well-engineered, solidly made, and provides a host of mounting and configuration options. It's amazing they can build something this good at such a low price. And the fact that it's Prime eligible is a double-bonus! ~NOTE~ NOT Prime eligible anymore.
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