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on February 3, 2017
Neat product, good price, but the first two I ordered are missing metal washers and hardware for the handle. Third one I ordered is fine.

Also, what others are saying is true. These brackets will work better on stands with longer mount stems. Even those you have to carefully tighten the bracket. The temptation is to crank the handle as hard as you can to make it secure, but remember this is plastic and it can break.

Also true is your flash can slip out of the top bracket. I recommend attaching the flash with the bracket off the stand first. Tighten the top clamp on your flashmount and then turn your flashmount tightening dial down towards the bracket to make it even more secure. Make sure the flash can't reasonably slip out by pulling on it gently. It it doesn't move then you can more confidently attach the bracket to the stand. Not a bad idea to put a piece of black duct tape around the bracket to stand connection just in case.

If you don't want to go to this trouble, consider buying a much higher end bracket.
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on April 9, 2015
Pros: Cheap.

Cons: Cheap. Seriously spring for the more expensive option.

This thing cannot hold a flash well if at all and forget about using flash with remote trigger base. Lost my previous speedlight to this thing having absolutely no grip.

I also think the assembler put the tightening screws in the wrong holes. The one for the umbrella is longer than the one gripping the flash bracket but at least on mine (both screws were nickel colored not like in the pic on here) reversing them luckily was possible (same dia.).

While it did improve grip marginally along with me using a pen-knife to carve a small counter sink into where the flash bracket screw goes into, I still didn't trust it and testing proved me right, my replacement speedlight fell out (into my hand since I was testing it over my lap carefully before actually using this).

Do not use, spring for one of the 'pro' models for the extra 10 bucks or so (one that comes with it's own spigot adapter too!). To paraphrase that commercial: Don't be like this me and try to save 10 bucks only to have to spend much more correcting the mistake. Bought this then realized I also needed spigot adapters to use it on my tripod (that one's on me though), but then the speedlight slipped right out onto the floor and broke so there was another purchase that had to be made because of this piece of... well you know.
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on July 29, 2012
You get what you pay for. The plastic stripped for me after less than two months. I will be replacing this now with something more durable.
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on June 6, 2013
I used mine 2 times and it broke, during a job! Luckily I had a mini stand and was able to use the flash without the umbrella! Wast of money and time!
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on February 18, 2017
The topmost screw is too short by about 1mm. It can easily fall out when trying to open the clamp enough to accept a flash shoe. Then there is the risk of the screw cross-threading the receiving hole. I counter-sunk the clamp around the thru hole so that the screw-head would move closer to the threaded hole and allow better engagement for a firmer grip. That worked. The other problem is the inexplicable retaining spring for the umbrella shaft. It made installing the umbrella very difficult and uncertain. It was hard to tell when the screw was gripping the shaft and the umbrella fell off twice before I removed the spring clamp and then it worked fine. So I am giving it a generous three star for how it is after modification otherwise it would be a two star; I was tempted to give it a one star at one point.
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on May 1, 2016
I ordered one to do a preview and then 2 more as the initial offering was OK.
I will not order more as the followup pieces did not "pan out" well. They will do for an emergency but I would not trust them for anything other than a dumb flash that is of no consequence. PUT ON A CONTROLLABLE STROBE or even a cheap trigger knockoff..and that is too much to trust to these units.
The adjustable side clamp is too fragile and using a screw driver to tighten up to the point that the strobe is "SAFE" strips the thread in the plastic base. I'll find a way to upgrade of them in some way, but not to use them except in last chance situations.

I will go back and order some higher quality aluminum fixtures.
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on June 5, 2017
Horrible - broke my flash the first night...I bought these because they had good reviews and the price was decent. Little did I know that the middle wing nut doesn't tighten anything...I think it's just decorations. I needed it for the night, I used it...first time I went to move my light stand...BAM! there goes my flash, on the concrete. The center adjustment moves at the slightest touch...it just clicks into different angles, the nut doesn't tighten nor loosen it. Spend the extra couple of dollars and get something more study...
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on April 22, 2017
OK, this is cheaply made, but the price reflects that. So, I figured I'd give it a shot.

On first use, I noticed right away that if I wanted to use it to bounce a soft flash using an umbrella pointed straight up at the ceiling I'd have to make a slight alteration. The problem is that the umbrella goes in only one way because of a metal spring tab screwed into the hole that accepts the umbrella shaft. Because of the positioning of the plastic wing nut that attaches the unit to the light stand it prevents the umbrella and flash from going perfectly vertical.

So, what I did was completely back out the plastic wing nut that tightens the ratcheting horizontal/vertical adjustment, and tap out the hex bolt. Simply pull the top assembly out, rotate it 180 degrees, and slip it back in. Reapply the hex bolt and wing nut, and you are good to go.

I have no expectations that these cheaply made units will last long at all without the plastic eventually breaking or stripping out after tightening and retightening the wingnuts. My whole camera lighting rig at this point is on a budget, and I intend to replace everything as more money comes in from my beginning real estate photography business.

But, like I said, the price aligns with my expectations, so it's worth a try.

Three stars because this unit does do as advertised, but it's basically a cheap, disposable item.
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on December 1, 2013
They technically work - I'll give them that. Impossible to really get wobble free. You just can't get these tight enough to be rigid, and even as tight as I can get them, I just don't have 100% confidence in the flash shoe holder part, especially when a $500 strobe is depending on it for survival.

For umbrellas or reflectors, they're superb, but in my case (and I'm probably a rarity), I shoot Sony/Minolta so to mount a flash on one, I have to use an adapter between the clamp contraption and my strobe, which also adds some wobble and uneasiness.

I will at some point spend some quality time with these and a dremel to deepen the flash show channels, but for now they are getting very limited use. The first time I used them on location, I went to change the output on a strobe and LUCKILY used both hands, or the flash would have met the rocks in an unfriendly manner; it just came completely off as I pressed a button. Once shaken, my confidence in gear is slow to rebuild, and I spent the next two hours worrying that my flash was going to meet an untimely demise at any moment. It didn't, but it wasn't for lack of the possibility.

The price is right, so if my dremel surgery goes south I won't have to BK, but I'd prefer they not need it to begin with. Also - the screw to tighten the modifier shaft is kind of small and sharp - it deforms the tube if you get it too tight, and even then, it doesn't SEEM to really hold it still. The one that tightens it to the stand it OK because the stand ends are solid. I suppose one could put a shim in the umbrella socket to keep it from gouging the tube, but at this price, how much modification time do you really want to spend?

I think with minimal effort, the manufacturer could correct the two issues and have a really spectacular product at a great price and sell buttloads more, but as it's designed now, it's a little iffy for holding expensive strobes.
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on February 22, 2015
Mixed reviews on this swivel bracket. My biggest complaint is that it's plastic and acts like it. It's got a lot of flex and give that I'm not used to having in equipment for positioning photographic gear. And the one reason I didn't rate it a three? Because it's plastic and is less likely to mar other photographic gear. This became important during a shoot that needed an improvised boom stand.

I have two 14' stands, each fitted with one of these swivels. Neither is a boom stand. I needed to get an umbrella directly over the subject, and without a boom stand or an assistant, the only choice I had was to use what was on hand. I set up one stand on a table, leaned it over, and braced it against the other stand. I angled the swivel so the column of the stand lay in the channel on top of the swivel, and tied everything down with double-sided Velcro. It worked great. I got the shot, and because this swivel bracket is plastic it didn't chew up my other stand. As goofy as this sounds, I saw it as a plus.

In defense of this swivel bracket, though, neither of the ones I own have cracked, bent, or taken any permanent damage. I figure when they go I can replace them. Meanwhile they work well, they get the job done, and they won't scratch up my gear. I'm not 100% happy, but I have a hard time saying I'm actually disappointed. They'll do.
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