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on March 19, 2005
Five graduate college students, calling themselves the Groovers set out on their last road trip together to dig up Dom before going their separate ways. One a loner, one a ROTC, one confused, one a minister, and one passed out. Gardner Barnes played by Kevin Costner is the loner that will realize he should not have been so distant. Phil Hicks played by Judd Nelson is the ROTC that begins to appreciate life rather than constantly complain about it. Kenneth Waggener played by Sam Robards is confused about giving up a chance at marriage and whether he should show up for duty in the service. Dorman played by Chuck Bush studied for ministry but is not sure how to approach it. He finds that supporting those around him is the answer. Lester Griffin, played by Brian Cesak, is passed out for most their journey but will wake up just in time for their last night together. The directing, acting, sets, and music are all great.

This movie was never a big hit, but it strikes a chord with most people that recall graduating from High School or College and spending a short time with their friends before going their own way. The journey in this case is to dig up a bottle not a friend. The journey is what makes this movie great because we realize that life is a journey and the trip is what makes it, not getting to the destination. Some scenes are hysterically funny like the Parachute School jump with pilot Truman Sparks played by Marvin J., McIntyre. Other scenes like the wedding are truly poignant. Don't miss the movie, it is one of Kevin Costner's and Judd Nelson's best. Fans of the 80s movies will definitely enjoy it. Although the timeline for the movie is 1971, the message is the same today. Life moves forward, so embrace it. The picture and sound quality on the DVD is excellent and it includes some extras. The soundtrack for this is wonderful if you are fan of rock and new age. Pat Metheny's "It's for you" is a nice touch.
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on May 6, 2002
This little coming-of-age flick is a real gem. All of the comments of hungry actors, hungry directors, etc., etc., etc., are correct. And, perhaps, the wonderful script, the genuine enthusiastic acting, the flying stunts, the hundreds of moments we can all identify with (You've got to love the bottle rocket battle, and the broken down car scene), the soundtrack which is arguably one of the best uses of classic cuts by Blind Faith, Elton John, and the wonderful Pat Metheny ballad at the wedding, all pull this little cinematic adventure together.

Read all the reviews, see the movie, and then do us all a favor. With the myriad tons of junk released on DVD these days (and re- and re-released, with more "features", second disks of the director's brothers commentary, and on and on, ad nauseum), write a note to Warner, and maybe WB could do us consumers a small favor and release this on DVD. Hey, I'll buy the first. Maybe the second and third, too, as gifts.

This movie is one of those wonderful reasons to have a home theater, and share moments with family and friends, and maybe just sit around and have an evening to yourself, and cherish what the big screen can do. How about a little help, eh WB?
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on June 9, 2003
Have you ever taken the ultimate road trip? Have you ever traveled that glorious byway of youth toward some pointless destination? And did you take all those detours down the side roads headed to grand new adventures promising endless fun? Do you remember those special people you left behind in their youth who are still very much a part of you today? Have you ever wondered what might have been had you not parted with that special girl who once you may have loved? And could you ever have imagined how your new beginnings would often cause such abrupt and melancholy endings?
Have you ever taken the ultimate road trip? You know, the one from yesterday to tomorrow, from childhood to adulthood, from high school or college to responsibility. Did you tarry along the way? And all the while, did you notice the direction home behind you was vanishing? Do you ever wish you could go back to those crossroads in your life, if only for a few moments, knowing what you know today? Do you cherish your choices? And most of all, do you cherish those unforgettable memories of your youth?
Or do you just like the shape of Texas?
If your fancy dances to any of these themes, then you should consider dancing this Fandango.
For almost two decades a Kevin Reynolds' classic has remained the best kept secret in Hollywood. It simply beggars belief. Fandango deserved better. Yes, I know . . . it's a bit sophomoric and far-fetched at times, but behind all the "Animal House" humor lies "Big Chill" substance. If you give it a chance, Fandango will do what it does best. It will take you home again, if only for a while. In a perfect ending, Fandango blends incredible music with such sweet sadness, it cannot fail to stir both heart and soul. So, don't miss this dance. It's a privilege of youth, and it's for you.
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on January 6, 1999
This first collaboration between director Reynolds and star Costner has always been little known and under rated by critics. The Groovers, five college grads in the early 70's, take a final wild road trip before facing real life for the first time. There are several extremley funny episodes that pit the characters views of life and values against each other. For me though, the dramatic undertone and bittersweet sacrifice of Barnes, the groups carefree leader, in the name of friendship, makes this film unforgettable. It always reminds me of my old friends and wild days. The last scence is one of my favorites. Anyone who remembers the lost passion of youth and friendships that you thought would always last will love this movie as much as I do.l
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on January 25, 2004
The genius of writer/director Kevin Reynolds, the brilliant Kevin Costner, plus stellar performances from Judd Nelson and Marvin J. McIntyre combined with the rest of this perfect cast puts this coming of age film over the top! Add the perfect soundtrack against the backdrop of Texas scenery and you get a heart tugging, heart pounding, roller coaster of a movie with enough memorable lines to keep you coming back for more again and again. The only thing missing for us die-hard Fandango fans is a long overdue sequel and the DVD of course! Thanks for this jewel of a film Kev and Kev.
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on February 16, 2005
I think I have seen this movie more than any other movie ever made. And no it is not as good as the Godfather or Apocalypse Now, but man does it bring out many emotions in me. I am so glad it is finally available on DVD. If you have ever been part of a circle of friends you will love this movie. My group of friends in college were inspired quite frequently by this movie. We even burried our own bottle of DOM(cliche I know) but this is a great road movie thta demonstrates that isnot the destination but the journey that holds the key to life.
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on May 10, 2001
I saw this movie while I was in college and could totally relate...and it rates as one of my all time favorites. This is a guy movie, but most of the girls I know who have seen it like it as well. The soundtrack (although as far as I know, never been released) is awesome and fits the movie perfect. If you like the Pat Metheny songs in the movie, then definitely get the Pat Metheny and Lyle May's CD "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls". It includes 'September 15th' (parts of which are in the movie) and 'It's For You' (song during wedding). The Blind Faith track 'Finding My Home' helps complete one of the best endings of any movie. I enjoy telling people this is one of my favorite movies and getting a reply of, "Never heard of it" ah...perfect....keeps it a hidden treasure.
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on January 26, 2014
I've of my very favorite Costner films, hands down. Amazed so few people know about it. Very funny with some very touching moments, a ring of truth in the friendships depicted and the fears of growing up and becoming responsible. The ending is both humorous and sentimental, and wonderfully backed by a beautiful Pat Metheny song that is woven into the fabric of the scene in a stroke of absolute directorial genius in my opinion!

While there are moments that will suspend your sense of belief, but it's all in fun and very well done.
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on March 28, 2000
If you've ever experienced a classic wild road trip with good buddies, performed a foolish act, or wish you had, you'll find many things to smile about in this film. I've been a huge fan of this flick since '85 and have easily seen it 25 - 30 times since. Have had the pleasure of discussing it briefly with Director Reynolds twice and that insight into his personna has given me even greater respect for what went into the movie. And like Reynolds, I too was a Baylor undergrad and understood the critical need to frequently distance myself from the monotonous trappings of life in boring Waco. It's an entertaining story, as carefree or deep as you want to make it. It did give three of us cause to travel out to the site (whose exact location will remain undisclosed) where Dom was buried, creating our own additional chapter to the tale. Enjoy, it's a nice story.
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on November 24, 1998
A "coming of age" film that was the first or second film for director Kevin Reynolds and stars Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson, Sam Robards, and Suzi Amis. Other lessor-known actors are equally memerable. The best part is that some of the music is by Pat Metheny. The rest is all late 60's/early 70's rock. The story is about a last fling of youth as a group of friends goes on a road trip before the the military draft, a wedding, and even worse, a career in accountancy seperates the group after college graduation. The films heavy symbolism helps to highlight the decisions that the guys must make. Very thought provoking, funny, and featuring the best wedding sequence you will ever see. I loved the movie so much that I named my sailboat "Fandango." Now if only someone would publish a soundtrack....
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