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on November 30, 2015
Welcome Back James Patterson! Granted in this book we still put out our views about the world today, (this book he focuses on stem cell research) but at least this time it isn't like his past few books where that is all we focus about is global warming etc instead of the story. And what a story! We have finally started to go back to the first Maximum Ride books that the fans have loved so much. Action packed, and this one...well...I can't even start to spoil it. But I will say, it's one heck of a roller coaster ride that had me going oh no he didn't, to OMG YES!, to NOOOOOO!!!!!!. So you're in for a treat loyal fans, because it's finally coming back to the style we all knew and loved.
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on September 1, 2015
This book of the series made me angry, sad, frustrated and a bevy of other emotions as the flock starts to split apart. The fact that they would seemingly so easily split after everything they've been through was upsetting... yet the very fact that this book brought out strong emotions, even if not all positive, shows how invested readers become in all the characters.
This book introduces yet another villainous scientist with a twist of adding a new kid to the flock to causing a love triangle and has more inner flock drama than any of the previous books. Personally I enjoy more action, less soap opera type drama but still I found myself sucked into every minute of it all.

The plot is still a bit crazy and confusing thus the 4 star rating rather than the 5. I almost dropped to a 3 just out of anger for the split but you have to give credit to any book that evokes strong emotions.

Still waiting for things to start clearing up so we can see the bigger picture and how all these crazy twists and turns tie into it but I'm willing to keep reading to find out.
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on March 16, 2014
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on October 28, 2016
Having read all the books in the series, and enjoying them so much,and having loaned my books, which were not returned, I had to buy the whole set. Books I will read several times. Thank you James Patterson for these wonderful books for young and old, I am 74. Dreamed about flying a lot, and these books allow me to fly.
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on July 19, 2013
I think this book was pretty good. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't totally AMAZING, you know? I mean, the first three books will always be the best of the whole freaking series mostly because there was a main plot, and a specific idea of 6 bird kids trying to survive. No talking dog, no global warming, no save the world, and no fluffy romance.
Okay, so first of all, James Patterson never ever should have added Dylan into the book. I mean, that was the main thing I hated about this book. He ruined fax! (Fang and max) plus, he just annoys me. I'm really mad at Jane Patterson for adding him into the book. I mean if you're gonna add a new character, add them in the second or third book, NOT THE SiXTH.
Second, Fang mad me cry. Twice. And it takes a lot to make me cry. So first ( spoiler) he dies. I was SOBBING. But then he games back to life and I was crying tears of joy. Then he writes this super sad letter an leaves make an the flock. Again, SOBBING.
Also, I hate James Patterson for making fan leave. He belongs with the flock! It's just not complete without him!
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on May 4, 2017
Great book for those who love the Maximum Ride series. My granddaughters have read or will be reading them all. Older sisters pass them down or read to their younger sisters.
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on June 6, 2013
This particular book in the Maximum Ride series had its ups and downs, really more downs than ups but enough ups for me to give it four stars. It really just seemed to throw you into an emotional blender with useless, flavorless, but sometimes intriguing ingredients tossed in. Actually, I was thoroughly entertained because I like weird smoothies and absolutely loved mentally berating the characters and the author for their stupidity. Trust me, that was not sarcasm. So here's a list to describe the weird smoothie of a book (not in order of course because my memory sucks) :
1. Mr. Chu turns out to be a lizard-man mutant.
This isn't even cleared up by the very end of the book as to WHY or HOW he's a lizard man, so that really just makes the reader want to rip their hair out.-A useless ingredient.
2. Popping up into the story now is ANOTHER bird kid, Dylan, who is a clone of someone else, just with wings, and is also really, really hot.
Apparently, this poor sap was made for Max. Max's Voice is telling her that he's her "perfect other half" her "soul mate" that she should forget about Fang because they "have too much history together". Wow. Just, wow. I think we all figured a love triangle was going to form at some point in the series, even though we all prayed we were wrong, but honestly, Dylan is just an irritating installment to the story.-A part of the emotional blender.
3.Erasers are back. (but for a fraction of the story)
WHY James Patterson?! WHY?! Your readers are so over Erasers, it's like bad get rid of it, but somehow you get it again...-A flavorless ingredient.
4. Dr. Hans-Gunther-Hagen...uh...
So here we have yet another brilliant but brain dead psycho scientist. Yay. His deal is stabbing people with needles, (including himself, and I sincerely enjoyed the twist) making them have super fast regenerative abilities. Oh, AND he's been Dylan's caretaker, and what would a loving psychotic scientist do for their "child"? You guessed it, experiment on them! Yay!-An intriguing ingredient.
5. Angel.
This child has really turned demonic in this book. First she kicks Max and Fang out, then SHE takes over the flock. Then she does a bunch of INCREDIBLY STUPID stuff with them, like public appearances, and of course walks them all into a trap. Max and Fang come just in time to kind of rescue them, and Max takes over again. Then the little telepathic demon turns into a traitor and goes to be WILLINGLY experimented on by Dr. Hans-Gunther-Hagen, resulting in Max almost getting captured. Afterwards, if memory serves, Fang goes after Angel as well, resulting in his death. Max and the flock come to kick some butt as a result of Angel shouting loud enough with her demon brain. Max, distraught because Fang is dead, stabs an adrenaline needle into his heart, therefore saving him.
So basically what I'm getting at is in this book, Angel's little halo is being held up by demon horns, which is the equality in my mind as the little six/seven year old bird kid being incredibly annoying.-A part of the emotional blender.

There's a whole bunch of other details and sub-plots I could berate here but if I did I'm pretty sure your brain would self destruct, and your lifeless head would then make a YouTube worthy face plant onto your laptop or desk. So, figuring that you would want to avoid that, I am going to stop writing about details and sub-plots, and leave you with some overall comments:
I was thoroughly entertained with Fang, by James Patterson, though numerous times during reading I rolled my eyes, raised my eyebrows, allowed myself a sorrowful sniffle, and mentally kicked characters for their idiocy. But overall, I do believe this book deserves a four out of five stars rating. However, if you have a kindle do yourself a favor and save a buck buying the digital version.
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on March 12, 2011
I started this series February 2011, and I finished Fang in the beginning of March. And I believe I have to put this book under "Remember forever."

This book had its ups and downs. What chilled me was the description: "He has always been there for her. Now he may be gone forever." My reaction: "Whaaa...?!" So I'll be very sophisticated about this.

I'm not big on the romance between Max and Fang as other readers are, but I became fond of it. Fang was always endearing to Max, always there for her, since they met in the School and started living together with the Flock in Colorado. So when I saw FANG spalshed across the cover, I was curious if this would uncover Fang's dark guise and open up his character. Instead, I got a slap in the face - Hi, my name is Dylan! I'm Max's perfect other half! Woohoo, here comes the Twilight method. So Max, choose the dark childhood friend or the nearly perfect newbie? (SPOILERS: This appeared in the Hunger Games too, and to my disappointment, Suzanne Collins followed Stephanie Meyers and made Katniss choose the newbie, Peeta. So I'm kind of scared now.) Poor Fang's finally got competition for Max's heart.

And Fang the first to die? Oh snap - points for Dylan. I endearingly loved Fang's character as his position as a father figure for the Flock. He'd taken some of Max's pain, he's been her shoulder to cry on, and he's been the strong, silent one that the Flock knows they can depend on as the rock hard foundation to their family. He's what makes the Flock whole, complete. Well, every single avian kid is, right? Even Iggy's absence drew tears. I didn't find too many cons on it, except James Patterson DID focus a little too much on the romantic aspects...

And so, as the first book to bring tears to my eyes and really touch my heart on the emotion, action, and thrills, Fang will forever remain a book I will read over and over. There are only so many of those types of books that come around - Fang is one of them.
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on February 20, 2014
I had started this series not sure what to expect. Love James Patterson and as I read I became so engrossed in this book it only took me about 3 days to read it. James Patterson has taken this story and kept up the momentum through each and every book in this series. Anybody who wants a really good read just needs to start this series, once you start you won't want to stop!
As usual, Amazon not only shipped this book really quickly but the book was in excellent shape, everything that was posted about this book in the description was absolutely accurate.
I would and have recommended Amazon as a place to go to not only look for books but for anything else you may be searching for, things are always as described, the prices are always great and things are always shipped very quickly.
Thanks Amazon, everything that is mentioned above is the reason I come back time and time again!!
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on September 15, 2016
I bought this series as a gift for one of my grandson's - when he got the 1st 3 books he was very excited. I've now bought him the last 6 in series, he loves the books in about 2 days after school/homework he told me he is already almost finished reading book 2 - he got the 1st packages this past Sunday! he also said he has told his friends he has the entire series so he is envied right now in the 7th grade. I will ask him the review questions so I can give true review.
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