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Elder Sign
Format: Toy|Change
Price:$27.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 16, 2018
I've played the game twice with my life mate and we still feel that we haven't played it correctly. The instructions were the most confusing I have encountered and we'll be watching a video on how to play this. Besides that I enjoy the game and the concept behind it. After some research and more playing I feel that we'll look for expansion packs and try out Arkham Horror.
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on June 25, 2017
Great game. Lots of replayability! "Cthulu Yahtzee" is what many people call it. Fairly simple rules with a very shallow learning curve.
Definitely worth picking up!
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on March 7, 2013
Elder Sign is a great way to kill an hour or so.
Someone on YouTube reviewed this game and called it "The Yahtzee" of horror games. I'm not sure that's true, but I can see some similarities with all the dice rolling and matching of the results.

The game play on "Elder Sign" is great, because most people I know, enjoy rolling dice and no overly complicated rules or pontificating of strategies. Once you learn the rules, "Elder Sign" is between 30-60 minutes. You match dice with emblems and use special cards to do things. Because your main goal is to close a gate from hell or some other horror-like plane. This game was based upon the most popular game "Arkham Horror" and the game doesn't take a ton of time or set-up (like "Arkham Horror"). There is a ton of people who prefer "Elder Signs" to "Arkham Horror" though because it's much simpler.

The pieces are of great quality and could last a long time, especially if your not hard on your game. The artwork is some of the best images, colors, etc etc... of any board game I have ever seen. Honestly I love the art on it.... phenomenal! The box is perfect and good quality. It comes with plastic bags and the cards have a nice texture to them. The dice have symbols on them and have nice rounded corners that make rolling pleasant (so they don't stop too early).

I also LOVE the theme. I enjoy novels and stories of the macabre (or "dark themes") and Elder Signs is like that. Inspired on Lovecraft's horror stories, the game has this feel. "Arkham Horror" is more immersible and you feel more involved, than Elder Signs, but on the whole it's great. I would warn and suggest, do not go through the motions on this game. Read through each card and piece and think about what the situation and circumstances of your characters are. It really helps make the game way more enjoyable. Just rolling picking, rolling picking will make the game a slog and not fun.

My ONLY complain is this;
I desire more of the game... more meat... more of it in general. It'd be more fun, to do more research and more discovery on why the monsters are there, and why the situation is so dark and crazy in this facility. I guess "Arkham Horror" is the solution, because I love that game too. For most people though, "Elder Sign" is a better choice because of it's quick play and you still get a dip into the theme without spending days to complete it.

Overall though, I am happy with my purchase, and wow... the games theme and art is completely and simply awesome.

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on June 6, 2014
I don't have much experience with tabletop games and recently decided I'd like to try some. I purchased Elder Sign first, because it seemed easy to pick up, had a fun theme, and it can be played co-op with as little as two people (a huge selling point, since most of my friends no longer live in my area.)

The dice are well-made, the game is fun (other reviews should go into enough detail,) and the cards are really cool looking.

My only qualms are that the flavour text on cards is nearly impossible to read with poor eyesight and a few of the pieces (doom tokens and character tokens are the worst) are very, very small. My friend's gaming area wasn't very well lit, so I had to have him read the entire time. Of course, you can play without reading, but that makes it less fun for me. Just be sure you have good eyes or a magnifying glass before you try to pick this game up. And be careful not to drop the doom tokens. You might have trouble finding them.
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on October 20, 2017
Fun to play with a group or solo! Love the details. I do use a small craft box with dividers to keep all the little pieces sorted - there are a lot!
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on October 19, 2012
As a long time gamer, I've developed a taste for many of the more complex games that are out there (Descent, Twilight Imperium, Arkham Horror). Unfortunately, those games don't resonate with most people and, with play times of 3 plus hours, really require a dedicated event to play.

My wife enjoys tabletop gaming, but usually taps out after about 2 hours, enjoys games that she can play and learn quickly, and likes to have a mix of strategy and luck in her gameplay. She loved Arkham Horror, but doesn't have the gaming stamina to play it more than once a year.

Enter Elder Sign.

I've had it 48 hours and already played 5 games of it with 2 different groups. Fun gameplay mechanics, excellently executed Lovecraftian theming, and excellent price point make this one of the best gaming purchases I have made since I bought my first copy of Carcassonne. Great casual gaming night entry with just the right amount of creepy thrown in.
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on July 14, 2014
This is a great fun board game that you can play alone or with a large group.

I love to game, but finding a group to play with can be tricky so having a solo game like this is great. It also works great in that people aren't put off on playing you because they know you play a lot and could probably beat them. The Co Op nature of the game makes it great to have any level experience at the table.

The replayability depends a lot who you play with. The challenge diminishes after a while as you start to learn the best strategies, but that is were playing with new people can make it even funner.

Over all I would recommend this game to most any serious or non serious gamer. I have played with people of all ages, 9-50, and everyone has had a great time.

Also great fun for fans of the Lovecraft Mythos. Has convinced me to drop the money and try out Arkham Horror, can't wait.
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on December 26, 2013
Every time I play one of these games in the Arkham series, I wonder what I'm doing. I never win them, but there's something fun about the punishment none the less.

I think this game is probably more enjoyable for those who know Lovecraft lore, only because then you can appreciate the abuse that comes with playing one of these games.

The only frustrating thing is this game is largely based on luck. The strategy lies in gaining items and doing things that slant the game in your favor, but a bunch of bad rolls do ruin this game. That's where liking the lore comes in really handy.

My boyfriend and I play this game two player, and we enjoy it.

* Lots of Lovecraft references
* Makes you go mad in true Lovecraft fashion
* Beautiful pieces
* Fast paced with two players
* Keeps you on your toes
* Longer duration game
* Lots of replay value with different monsters and investigators

* Largely luck based(though this can be altered with careful strategy)
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on September 5, 2012
I bought this game after seeing an episode of Tabletop on the Geek & Sundry youtube channel featuring it. I knew from the beginning that I had to have this game. This is a great, fun game. I have a roommate who loves Cthulu and my boyfriend and I love board games.

- You can play by yourself or with up to 8 players. So far I've played it with 2 players and 4 players and the results were wonderfully varied. I haven't played by myself, but I think it's safe to assume that it's a lot more fun with others.
- The artwork is beautiful and really sets the feel for this game.
- It is a cooperative game, so you can even play it with friends who are a little too competitive.
- It's pretty quick for a game of this genre.
- Lots of characters, items/abilities and monsters give the game high replay value.
- Price is pretty reasonable for this type of game.
- It's essentially a game of chance, so it can be pretty suspenseful. Always fun.

- There are a lot of pieces and cards to keep track of.
- The rules (including set-up) can be a bit complex the first time you play.
- As with any game of chance, sometimes you just don't get the rolls you need. There are items and abilities that can help you reroll, add dice or boost your rolls, but in the end sometimes you just don't get what you want which can be frustrating.

In conclusion, I'm definitely happy with my purchase and foresee myself playing a lot more in the future. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys cooperative games, likes H.P. Lovecraft or collects board games. I'm happy to have this one as part of my collection.
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on August 21, 2012
When purchasing this product, I was initially interested in the larger, much more complex Arkham Horror. However, after reading the reviews on Elder Sign (same universe, simpler setup, shorter games), I was convinced to purchase it instead. I must say, I was not disappointed.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the game was the high quality of the pieces. From the cards to the cardboard tokens that make up so many of the game's components, you could tell the makers didn't skimp on construction.

Next, the gameplay itself was excellent. The game is completely cooperative (all players vs. the board) which allows a lot of interesting strategies that wouldn't be possible if every player were on their own. Some of the rules are a bit ambiguous in certain situations; however, after a couple of playthroughs things started to coalesce. There is a very good balance of difficulty in the game, I always felt uneasy about our chances to win while never feeling completely hopeless. I love the end game in the situations that the "Ancient One" is fully summoned and the players have to fight them. It is almost always a lost battle, but provides an adrenaline rush comparable to watching your favorite football team throw up a Hail Mary at the last second of a game to try to pull out a win. On those times where you actually defeat the "Ancient One" in battle, the victory is just as sweet.

I would definitely recommend the game to anyone looking for a fun addition to their board game collection. The varied environment of the game and interesting twists give this game a lot of longevity. Well worth the money.
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