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on December 19, 2015
So after a few hours of playing this game i felt the need to review this game, if you played 3 and 4 well this is like a prototype version of the minus the mechanics given in the other 2 such as sneaking to a enemy and killing the. The game starts pretty good but the repetition slowly drags the game becoming dull. The missions given dont feel so important and it seems like theyre all side missions. Theres no fast travel so you have to drive to your destination everytime and this takes up half the gameplay this really ruins it. The level design is pretty neat it doesnt feel like its a island or anything, my first playthrough i was a bit lost and confused. The colors or very greeny or brown reminding me of fallout 3. The gameplay is ok, there are some mechanics that did not make it in 3 or 4 such as the guns jamming up after a while of use and having the map out rather than pausing which was pretty cool honestly. For a 20 dollar shooter its pretty fair i got mine for 3 bucks. Its a worth while game that is decent enough to still play
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on January 31, 2014
I had never heard of the FarCry series until 3 came out, so I played that first. It was an amazing game. I then decided to pick up this one. I figured if it was anywhere close, it would be worth it. From the beginning of the game, I'm just not engaged. I don't feel the excitement I felt in the 3rd game. Even though bought it expecting that it wouldn't be quite as good, I ended up feeling like I was playing a knockoff of FarCry 3 rather than the previous installment. And after the second time collapsing from malaria, I just decided to forget it.
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on February 17, 2014
Have been searching for this game for a while and finally found it very reasonably priced on Amazon. Just started playing the game (roughly 14 hours into game) and can see how this game and "Far Cry 3" relate. I played "Far Cry 3" first last year and, thankfully, am glad that the controls for that game and this game are basically the same. Storyline is alright - nothing to brag about. Movement, gun-play, action, etc. are pretty good and are basically the same as "Far Cry 3". Must admit that I had gotten used jungle animals pouncing on my character whenever running around or in gun battles in "Far Cry 3" - keep expecting that to happen in this game. Probably my only complaint about this game is that STEALTH is basically useless. Have been trying to sneak up on enemies and they always seem to "hear" something and then know immediately where character is hidden - amazing!! Have read many of the reviews for this game on Amazon and really do not understand all the negativity that it has received - may just be me. Overall, an enjoyable game. Amazon did a great job in getting product to me even though it arrived roughly 3 days later than expected due to a massive storm that came through my area. Product arrived in excellent condition.
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on November 18, 2012
Far Cry 2 is... honestly, a letdown. I bought this game in anticipation for Far Cry 3, which despite the vibe I got from this game, I am still stoked about. Let me tell you the good and the bad about this game.

Far Cry 2 has some pretty average graphics. Nothing you haven't seen, but nothing you should be disappointed about, especially considering the game's age. The Savannas of Africa look very pretty, characters look... HORRIBLE! While the environments and vehicles, weapons, etc. get the job done and then some, the character models, the way they run... just disgusting.

The things that made the first game, some of the things were taken away, and replaced, or just forsaken altogether. Apparently the issue is being fixed with Far Cry 3... I cannot wait!

The weapon mechanics are pretty interesting... the guns can overload, you can have a heavy weapon, light weapon, and a special weapon. The weapons jam, so while you're in combat, it might jam and you might get your head shot to pieces. The elements also affect the weapon, so how long its been used, if its new or not, where its been used, blah blah blah, it affects the weapon's performance. Kinda sucks, but its a realistic element I enjoyed to see. Added more to the usually quite bland game. However, the controls were horribly stiff, and I found it reminiscence of the old PS2 shooters, that were terribly stiff too. It was usually detrimental to the gameplay.

The story is quite bland, but not unplayable. The game is open world, so you can just shove off the missions for however long, but to be honest, there isn't much to do or explore, unlike RDR or Skyrim. The missions aren't too repetitive, but sometimes they can, and usually, they'll be difficult to complete, due to some bad map construction. I had to spend about 30 minutes finding my way around a tiny village in the water, because I was stuck in the water as guys were shooting me with RPG's. AI is usually too smart, spotting you before you see them, even though they're out in the open, and you're totally obscured by tall grass. Sometimes, they're horribly stupid. The cool thing though, is if you aim a gun at them, they're going to react, even if they aren't your target. Like, if you're in a no fire zone, and you aim your gun at one of the guys just walking about, they'll shout out and raise their arms above their head. But if you shoot them... you better be ready when all hell breaks loose. Good luck getting out of town. And if you get shot, maybe one of your buddies will come save you. Maybe not.

All in all, this game was a disappointment, and kind of rained on my Far Cry 3 parade... I'm hoping the issues were fixed, and even more is added to make the new game a game to replay over and over and over, and to actually enjoy. Far Cry 2 was a game that I really wanted to enjoy, but I can't say I really did. I guess its up to personal preference, so I can't really recommend either way... just wait for Far Cry 3, or if you have a PC, get the first one.
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on October 1, 2014
I enjoyed Far Cry 3 so much that I searched for other games in the series. I should have paid attention to the negative reviews :(. the game moves slowly,with huge amounts of time spent wandering dirt roads looking for destination/activities. The action is sparse and the hunting/gathering is nothing like Far Cry3.

I'm sorry I bought this one, but was able to sell it back to a game store for credit on Far Cry4.

Save your money....

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on July 1, 2010
Greetings and salutations!

I've looked over the reviews, yes this game is probably old to most by now but there may be some who have gotten a PS3 recently ( like me) and wanted to find a game that really showed me just what my money had bought me as far as graphics/entertainment on this console.

Far Cry 2 is as most have said already, a very different FPS because of its realism --- and realism is abundant to an extent. I think most have already talked to death about this game so I'll keep it to a bare minim. Here is a short list of the positives to this immense undertaking:

Sound --- excellent. At times you can even hear a guard's cell phone going off in the bush, a frantic conversation between two scared mercenaries after you've attacked their position where they plan out how to flush you out...or shouting as to where or how many of you there may be! ( very cool). The guns, explosions, bugs, boat motors, cars, field generators, the " bloop!" from your grenade launcher, mortar attack whistles, RPG rounds, rounds missing you and hitting your environment to the animals of the jungle.

Map and environment --- it is huge. You have two distinct maps and each one has many different climates you can encounter to rich-golden prairies with wheat grass blowing in the wind, desserts, thick jungles, mountainous regions with falls, dry regions with rock out cropping along with river channels that go through narrow rocky passages to open lakes and streams. The light detail of the changing times of day is particularly awesome, I even decided to investigate my self just how a grouping of bushes and trees look at late-afternoon vs Far Cry II and its exactly how you see it in real life. Simply gorgeous. The environment also affects how you will go and finish certain missions along with what type of day light your looking for. It also makes you think about the safest route or means to make your way to your destination as they also include re-spawned check points on most roads.

This can either be an annoyance or help you in the end because as most of this map is devoid of human life, in my perspective, if you cleared the check points then there wouldn't be much in terms of getting anywhere in a specific way... and very boring. On the other hand, I do believe they should have allowed you to clear big areas like the surprisingly well guarded " Post Office" that you'll run into later on in the game. That was one hard corps post office let me tell you!

This is a big world and with it, the realism of you getting somewhere may take awhile which is what will turn off many game enthusiasts used to having the action coming to them in a small scale pre-planned route. This is where the dedication of patience sets in. In many ways, FC2 will turn into a drawn out Armed National Geographic show in which you cross streams, valleys, mountains and hills to get to your target.

Action ---

There is no such thing as an automatic winning gun fight in this game, especially when more useful weapons enter the hands of the UFL or the APR. One man in an undisclosed place that has a better vantage point will chew you up --- whether he has a pistol or a rifle. The gun fights are realistic, you can't just blunder into the place and shoot everyone because you'll quickly get taken out. The AI is very good in many cases. They will hunt you if you don't hunt them. The foliage, cover, and ways to avoid your gun fire are plenty and they'll use it. If you happen to use a sniper rifle, they will intuitively find cover and wait you out, forcing you to get into a gun fight close up.

When guns get dirty from travel and use --- they will jam. When you get hurt, you see your wounds and if you don't heal, you can bleed out. ( this can get annoying specially when the means your character uses to get a bullet/shrapnel piece out of his body) I don't see this as a hindrance but more or less a realistic detail. Having shot many of these weapons in my personal experience for the exception of the bigger explosive weapons like the old RPG, the weapon at times, will not fire when you want it to so the detail is a tribute to UBI SOFT's work. Explosions and the use of your weapons are pretty detailed, when you shoot your RPG/Explosive/Grenade, make sure you have some room because the explosions and noise from it are pretty spectacular. The water affects of the boats as they go down stream, the sound of spent rounds hitting the ground --- all of it was amazingly put into the game.

Not So Great Elements that made it a 4 Star Game!

* Some of the accuracy of the weapons being shot at you were too accurate, in this case, a guy with a shot gun that has seen you can almost snipe you to death with it. In fact the bad guys are all crack shots and they seldom miss --- they also never have jamming issues until they die and you try to use their extremely dirty weapons. Their was a complaint that you can't see your enemies --- well its realistic...your not going to see folks trying to hurt you in a real engagement so its part of the game's challenge! However --- there is no such thing as concealment for you, for some reason, your enemy also has eagle eye vision and find you...all the time. Even if your miles away they'll run...and they are pristant too! There were high annoyances.

* Thin story line. There was a lot you could have done with this game as far as the story goes. Yes it does make you feel like your in war torn Africa during the nasty civil war days of the early 90's --- in fact --- you already know this game is dreary and dark because of it. The problem is... there was no depth into it. Your there to kill a bunch of people, relinquish the warring factions, and hunt for this supposed guy who started it all, " The Jackal". The NPC characters... ehh... aside from an excuse for side missions, they serve no purpose to the flow of the story what so ever. The meanings behind the missions are often ridiculous, and some of the technicalities to them mean less sense. How is it that any faction would allow you to continue to work for them after certain events that allege your character's involvement to their plans? You would be shot on sight...just like your shot at everywhere in this particular part of the world.

Which leads me to the next issue. It sort of like you --- and then the rest of the violent nation. There is no middle ground and you can't talk nor speak to anyone that comes at you because your too busy getting ready to kill them first. The only time they don't kill or try to kill you is at the cease fire zones!...Yet...your able to drive to the hotel and back in the beginning, even bribing the guard post with beer of all things! Then there are parts where you can be sitting in the middle of no where, watching the wildlife when some car or armed pick up truck finds you --- or even better, roaming mercenaries just like you suddenly appearing from the bush to shoot at you.

Its also devoid of people too --- villagers/civilians. You keep hearing about these civilians, refugees, and people caught in the war...but you never see them. The buildings are there...but there is no one in them. There is also a lack of wildlife aside from the wildlife...say...elephants, giraffes. The rivers and streams are devoid of anything that could be unsafe.

* Lack of Character build up. They are different...with accents and behavior that sets them apart from another...but other than that... they share the Malaria issue as far as it being a part of the game's flow. If they were not there, the game would be the same. One thing was great about it, is that their fate wasn't exactly set in stone. You could very well loose them if they should be your back up and they get injured, or they are part of a mission but they get hurt in the process.

* Lack of means to climb rocks and a not so great map. It will take you 30 min at times to get to a destination and often times, a simple metal fence will be impassible.... and you can't blow holes into it to get by. Very inconsistent. The map will highlight an area in which you need to go...but will not let you know that its either within a rocky hollow or possible a few feet below you.

* Vehicle Verity. Its either going to be a pick-up truck or a car,jeep or a buggy...and that's it my friend. They may have a different color but that's all you get. The boats are also that way...either a very slow fishing trolley or what looks to be a modified San Pan from Vietnam.

* Weapons --- in reality its a crappy selection at the end of the day. Some pistols were pretty useless. The Markov with the silencer didn't do much for covert/up close action so you might as well have skipped and held the .45 or .50 cal D-eagle. Rifles were also garbage aside from maybe the AR-16 with the dot scope. They lacked real upgrading. The cost and time it takes you to get the diamonds to buy them does not equal their quality. The sniper rifles also lacking. The only weapon that half-way allowed you to keep your self covert only came with 5 rounds...and with an extra ammo pack...10. Woopee! The thing didn't even last either!

It was impossible to make stealth operations as well --- even with a silenced MP5. Why not have it to where you can buy silencers for most of the weapons? After all, this was an arms dealer you were dealing with, along with missions to get " better weaponry" but what you got was 3rd rate stuff. I suppose this added to the grimy world the game is place in...shanty towns and hand-me downs...but still. With all of this traveling and hardship, you think you would have gotten something better.

* Lack of a decent ending. I shan't spoil it but...geez...

There are some other oddities here and there but I must revert back to the previous games and consoles to conclude that we can have luxury now to be too picky at times because the computer age has drastically change since I was a kid ( it wasn't that long ago, 90-99 were my teen years) so we often forget what we didn't have versus what we have now. Its a good game. It was probably worth its money at 60.00 in the end because it does offer long playing hours, a big map, and numerous things to do. What else do you want at the end of the day? I doubt there will be a perfect game because someone more hard corp will think of something that had irked them.

This game isn't for the fast paced types who want a " wham-bam-thank-you mam!" experience where each turn, you can count how many bad guys come rushing up and you know how far it will go. This is a real " open" atmosphere.

You do need to add this to your video game library however, its a game that does put the PS3 on the map as far as first person shooters go. Remember --- patience is the key to FC2. It starts off slow and your armed with few things to do much with...but it does pick up pace later on. I mean if it were a smaller map, smaller this, smaller that, then the complaints would reflect what wasn't then what there to find.

So have fun --- because you will. There may be negatives suggested that might be positives for others. I should make this a 5 star game because god knows how long these creators and computer gurus took to program and come up with this product. Kudos to them! They truly made something to be very proud of --- but a 4 shall suffice do the very things I listed...but by no means should stop you from getting this game to enjoy.

I hope this little review sheds some light on that choice.

* One more thing. The Malaria pills. Its also a negative. Why? Why I say. It made you go out of the way to these humanitarian type of missions w/o payment...because your payment was the medicine itself. Great. They also made you go to far off locations that took you forever to find and get to let alone dangerous routes where you had to deal with numerous militants. It introduces you to a 3rd party organization called the " under ground" but it was quite useless and more or less a back drop than an asset to the game's continuation.
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on July 24, 2012
With Far Cry 3 on the horizon, I must give my two cents about 'little brother'. This is one of the most unique, one-of-a-kind video games that I have ever played. This is the title that "sold" me on the PlayStation 3 console; namely because of its open world environments (Live from somewhere in Africa); it puts you in a world so wide open, that you can literally spend hours exploring. It is not your typical First Person Shooter, in my opinion. Yes, there are plenty of guns, LOTS of explosions and enough bloodshed for those who 'need' it. However, between the storyline (which sucks you in), the weaponry, and wide a$$ open-world, it is one of those games that 'if' it 'gets' you, plan on staying a while. Being that it is 2008 release, I am still amazed at Far Cry 2's lasting appeal, and can only imagine what Ubisoft has up their sleeve for Far Cry 3, from what I've seen of it thus far, it's a good'un!
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on April 25, 2012
Wow. What a game. This was a lot of fun and I'd like to do an overview, so here goes.

Far Cry 2 plays very well. It is a First-Person Shooter and the game ran smooth. The controls were easy to pick up. As a shooter, it ran well. I had an Option turned on for auto-aim against targets. This really helped me play the game as I tend to over-aim in most shooters. Again, it is an option; just point the weapon near the target and hit L1 and the weapon tends to aim at the target rather well.

There is no 'radar' for the Player - Why would you want one? The game is supposed to be you versus many, and locating the targets is not always easy. That is the way the game plays - no big deal. Sometimes finding targets is not easy, just stand up instead of crouching and be a target! HeeHee

The enemies seem to locate you rather well, again that is part of the game. Crouching in the Brush sometimes is not effective as it blocks your own view of things. Hiding behind a tree definately blocks enemy fire, just watch out since the AI is very good at flanking.

There are hordes of weapons. You get to carry three weapons, grenades, and molotov cocktails. You Primary weapons can be a shotgun, assault rifle, or sniper rilfe. I chose Assault rifle, my favorite. Secondary weapons are usually pistols, but there are options here, as well. Special weapons can be light machince guns (mega-rounds!), RPG's, flamethrower, even a mortar. On one hand I usually like an Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun, but the way this game plays out it was better for me to have an LMG instead in the third slot. I would run out of ammo sometimes with my primary gun and switch to the LMG - great at short range.

These missions unlock new guns. After two, you can upgrade your first Assault Rifle. I only did two of these, but other guns unlocked by default once I was quite far into the game.

The 'convoy' is nothing more than a larg, empty truck driving around. Take out the escorts, stop the truck (ram it?), and throw a grenade into the back and that will blow up the truck.

These are cool. You can increase Accuracy and Reliability for guns, increase toughness of vehicles, and carry more grenades or whatever. Grenades are Very Nice!

If you see an operational vehicle you can steal it; no one cares. The roads are dangerous, however, as are the waterways. Vehicles do not need fuel, but they can be shot up rather easily. Watch out for enemy patrols - they will try and run you over! I died a few times until I got the hang of it. Oh yeah, the enemy has super-rides, they will catch you no matter what. It is all part of the game.

Enemey checkpoints are filled with bad guys. It seems they are everywhere, and the guards are easily alerted to your prescence. The AI is very good at swarming to your location and flanking, so shoot and move! Technically, if it were not for these checkpoints, the game would be very short - the main missions are not that long. Getting to the mission sight, in one piece and with enough supplies to get the job done, is what the game is all about.

There are 40 Side missions; I did only nine. There are 12 Buddy missions, I believe I did them all. And there are 32 Main missions, I think I missed 1-2. It took me 25 hours on Normal mode to beat the game; the last few missions were rough but doable.

ALL shooters are repetitive! If someone does not like it, they should stop playing shooters, right? That is what happens in a shooter, especially in a real-world game. No big deal. Far Cry 2 has some repetitiveness.

Save often! Also, your weapons will degrade; get new ones from the gun shops after every major mission. Once you buy a gun, there are always new ones available for free at the gun shops.

I had 22 Bronze, 1 Silver, and 2 Gold. There are more bronze and 1 silver for the single player campaign that I did not get. Unfortunately, there are quite a few Online Only trophies. I did not try, but am certain after over two years that the online site for this game is pretty dead. I really wish they'd stop putting such trophies in some of these games. Although COD and BF3 are mega-online games, many of these othere titles just are not multi-player popular enough to warrant online trophies.

I used PS3 wireless headphones. They really helped me hear enemies. I could hear whether they were to left or right and in front or back. Any decent headphones are recommended since the monitor sound does not let you discern enemy footstep directions.

The music was ok and appropriate for this game. Guns sound real good, as well. And grenades/RPG's/etc. go off with a Big Bang!

This looks way better than the Unreal engine used for many games even today. The graphics are very good.

Definately Adult. Shooting people in cold-blood and a lot of swearing make this an M title. I liked it. Enemy comments were realistic.

Overall, Far Cry 2 is not the best game in existance, but it was a lot of fun for me. I hope this helps and was not too long.
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on November 22, 2011
Spent about 50 hrs. on the game in about 6 weeks and enjoyed it a lot. At first I agreed with some of the bad reviews but thankfully I didn't give up on it untill I had put in 10 hrs. I give a book 100 pages before giving up and saying it's not worth my time as I give a game 10 hrs. I rarely give up on either.
Don't give up on this game until you've given it a fair amount of time.
Learn the controls. DO NOT waste your diamonds on the COMO SUIT. Use the bus, the rivers and the safe houses.
Use the Dragonov sniper rifle since it has a better rate of fire and more ammo, the dart rifle doesn't seem to make any difference anyway. You'll love the grenade launcher.
Stop before you get to the check points and soften them up with the Jeep's mounted weapon. Works wounderfully if the jeep has the grenade launcher mounted. Watch the wind, get upwind and set fires with the molotov cocktails.
I thouroughly enjoyed this game. If you like a first person shooter with stealth required, action, lots of sniping and blowing up things you'll like this game as much as I have.
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on May 26, 2010
I just finished playing through the game on the Hardcore level, as Frank, and really, really enjoyed it. I don't think I'm a hardcore gamer so it took a while for me to accurately target with the thumbstick, and I was glad to see my accuracy increasing during the course of the game. Walking through a canyon in the moonlight, surprising the wild animals, or surprising a couple of guys just hanging out and not expecting a grenade to land at their feet, just great. I liked all the side missions and resulting diamond payments or upgrades to the safehouses. I looked forward to advancing the story with more main story missions.
A few things I didn't like were the fact that you couldn't permanently clear guard posts - they always come back - if you travel out of sight of them a little way. That's sort of realistic but in reality it would take a while to restaff them.
The game is you against everyone with occasional help from buddies. I have to agree with RedCoyote (another reviewer) that I would have liked to run into a few people who weren't completely hostile-that if they ran into a mercenary they would just want to be left alone-this seems appropriate for a sandbox game. And one other thing, probably because I used to play Quake a long time ago, I don't expect a target to just fall down when they are in the direct blast radius of a grenade or rocket.
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