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on March 22, 2014
My brother let me play this game for a few hours and than he had to give it back to his friend and ever since I played it for that short amount of time this game has been #1 on my list of games to get. I love almost everything about this game, the hunting, the weapons, the massive map, the shooting, the leveling, and the looting, its all very satisfying.

Here are my only gripes, the driving is very difficult at times, it is in first-person view the whole time and I prefer an aerial view just so I can establish my surroundings. Sometimes I will drive down a short cliff and reach my destination faster, but other times that short cliff will be a mountain I'm falling down, its just hard to tell, so I died a few times. I eventually just skipped driving and started running everywhere. My second gripe is the saving, I really wish this game (and every game for that matter) had Quick Saves. Its very annoying to get so close to your destination and than get mauled by a random tiger and respawn a mile away, or while attempting to liberate a location getting spotted by one last guard and it ruin your entire stealth bonus, or while climbing a radio tower accidentally falling off and dying and than respawning far away. My last gripe is one of personal preference, the story. All of the characters are really... for lack of a better word "douch-y". It made me not care much about the story because I couldn't really relate to any of them, I guess they were trying to cater to the frat guys of the world.

With all of that aside, there is soo much I love about this game. Whenever you get enough skill points for completing missions, killing enemy soliders, collecting runes or letters, and activating radio towers, you get to select a new skill to unlock. These skills are very satisfying to unlock, and range from being able to breathe under water or run longer, to being able to quickly chain kills with your machete or kill a soldier, take his knife or gun and kill surrounding soldiers with it. The other aspect of the game is the animals, there are tons of them. Killing and skinning animals is how you can increase your ammunition capacities for all of your weapons, its incredibly satisfying and I spent the majority of the beginning of the game hunting. Unlocking parts of the map is somewhat similar to the way it is completed in Assassins Creed, you climb up a massively unstable radio tower and activate it, once its activated you get 500xp and some of the guns in the gun shop become free so that was another thing I spent a lot of time doing in the beginning because this place is HUGE, one of the biggest game worlds I've been in and you can hang glide or drive to get around faster.

Another aspect of the game are the fast travel locations which unlock when you liberate a territory under enemy control. These territories can be liberated in a number of ways which makes it very fun. You can snipe the enemy from a distance or blow them all away with an rpg, you can also let loose a caged tiger and let him wipe out most of the soldiers for you, its up to you. For the most part, the game tends to award stealthiness more than explosiveness in most situations. There's so much to do in this game and so much to explore, if you like FPS's and want a very unique action/adventure game pick this up ASAP.
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on December 8, 2014
Hello there! I'll be reviewing Far Cry 3 today--I'll be writing a pretty detailed review. I'll start off with the main things first. let's get started... This is an amazing open world and first person shooter game. Graphics are great, nice storyline, flawless animations, very interactive environment, and awesome firefights. It's as if Battlefield and Just Cause 2 got married.

The game is a hybrid of open-world and FPS. You have a big map to roam around and explore, your perspective is first person--like when you're playing Battlefield or Call of Duty. You can liberate outposts, do quests, progress the story, find collectibles, many things. Open world games and FPS are two of my favorite genres so it's great fun.

The plot basically is, you're on vacation with your friends and you go skydiving on some remote islands in South East Asia which is filled with pirates. You get captured, then escape and journey on and fight to get your friends back who also have been captured. You're fighting alongside the natives of the islands which are called the Rakyat. You can't choose which side you're on. You play as Jason Brody.
I enjoyed the story but it's quite short, I finished it in 2 days. But that's just me you see, whenever I get a game for some reason I play the campaign 24/7 and before you know it, it's finished. Now that I'm on my second playthrough the campaign actually has a decent length to it.

One thing which I was disappointed of was the hype around the whole "insanity" theme. Things are pretty sane honestly. Vaas and Hoyt are pretty sane, killers for sure but pretty sane. There's nothing which pushes the idea of insanity--those commercials really conceived me there was some crazy crap going on but there's actually nothing. I also don't see the big deal with Vaas, not a bad character but the media and everybody on the forums and in the comments section on Youtube built him up too much.

The Islands
The islands you play on are called the Rook Islands; much of the time they're just called Rook. The ones you play on in singleplayer are the two main islands--the south and north islands. These two are referred to as just the Rook Island much of the time. There are a couple other smaller islands but those are used for multiplayer and co-op.
These islands are those typical tropical islands with lots of palm trees and white sandy beaches...only these beaches are filled with heavy machine guns mounted on jeeps and the occasional firefights between the natives and the pirates during Friday evenings. You can roam the thick jungle and be attacked by tigers and leopards, jet ski on rivers and bays filled with crocodiles and bull sharks, or just hang-glide over everything and view the sights. The terrain is rough and hilly, full of dirt roads from which more minor dirt roads branch out into the thick jungle and hill tops. Check out some screenshots and you'll get the idea.
You also have old, crumbling WWII fortifications which were built by the Japanese. You can collect the Letters of the Lost which reveal the history of the Japanese on the islands. At many locations on the islands you have old bunkers and gun emplacements, even crashed Zero fighters.
You also have a map editor. You can literally make your own maps for multiplayer. Craft the terrain and everything!

The graphics are great, everything looks sweet and the water is just fabulous!

You have 4 difficultly settings--Adventurer (easy), Survivor (medium), Warrior (hard), and Master (very hard). Master difficultly is added with patch 1.05. I did my first play-through on Warrior and it was fun, now I'm doing it on Master, only main difference is enemies can take more punishment and enemy bullets do more damage. Not that much harder. But it was quite intense during the beginning. I had low ammo reserves and low health. Once you get better weapons and upgraded gear it get's much easier. To make it harder you can turn off weapon tagging, reticles, detection meter, hit indicator, grenade indicator, and objective reminder. I just might do this on my next play-through.... When I was playing on Master during the beginning of my second playthrough I had to become very tactical. No run n' gun. I had to plan out hits otherwise I was going down. I really liked that.

I had to write this section somewhere near the top. The game is a FPS and you can't have a FPS without guns! And there are many--not Battlefield 4 many but a decent number; could be more though. You have 4 handguns, 5 SMGs, 3 shotguns, 6 assault rifles, 3 sniper rifles, 3 LMGs, 2 explosive launchers, a WWII era flamethrower, flare gun, and a recurve bow for which you can craft explosive bolts and flaming bolts.
You also have signature weapons which are highly upgraded firearms--they're upgrades of the regular ones. You unlock them but doing...stuff... no spoiler guys. You have the AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) for example, it's a customized Z93 with extended magazines, high power scope, custom paint, and it fires an explosive, penetrating round. You don't see an actually explosion when it hits--sadly--but it can blow up a jeep with two shots to the engine block. You also have the Bull--a customized M133 (MP-133) which is, "enhanced for damage." And oh boy, it packs a punch.

Let me list SOME names of these weapons... P.S. Out of these weapons, you'll unlock some of them when you reach the second island.

>Handguns: M1911, IMI Desert Eagle

>SMGs: Agram 2000, Vector .45 ACP, MP5

>Shotguns: MP-133, Winchester 1887, Spas-12

>Assault Rifles: AK-47, FAMAS, P416

>Sniper Rifles: Dragunov SVD, Remington M-700, M93 Black Arrow

>LMGs: PKM, FN Minimi

>Launchers: RPG-7 and GM-94

For many of these weapons you have attachments like sights, suppressors, and extended magazines. For some weapons which you get right of the bat like the M1911 and the AK-47 they don't have any attachments available--very weird. You do have paint jobs though for every weapon except for the RPG-7 and flare gun. The paints look awesome and not all styles/themes are available for every single weapon--they're unique. My M-700 really rocks the Deep Jungle paint and Chrome never looked better on my Desert Eagle.

The ammo system is very nice. Instead of having different ammunition calibers, for let's say the assault rifles, they're instead all under one roof. You don't have 5.56mm round or 7.62mm round you only have assault rifle rounds which you can buy and pick up, those rounds are "universal." They'll work will every assault rifle; so no worries about buying different caliber rounds. This works for the rest of the firearm types as well.

You also have grenades, Molotov cocktails, mines, and C4 triggered explosive. Molotov cocktails can set areas ablaze, mines will obliterate enemies on foot and vehicles, and C4 can be planted on anything and is perfect for ambushes.

The guns look great. Ironsights are sweet as well as the scopes. For the sniper rifles you have a steady button to steady your breathing to take a more accurate shot. Weapons are well modeled and show cool recoil.

Weapons are chosen through the weapon wheel. Hold L2 to bring it up and rotate to the weapon you want to equip with R3 and let go--it's equipped. Press triangle to bring up the previous weapon, it's sort of like hot-keying but it's not permanent.

The mounted and stationary heavy machine guns are really fun to use. There are two types: one is the DShK MG and the other is the mounted MKG.

Fire can spread fast and across large area. Explosions can cause these grass fires, the flamethrower, Molotov cocktails, etc. And it can get crazy... try dodging enemy gunfire while there's a large fire burning around you eating up all your cover...hahaha! The Repair Tool isn't exactly a weapon but you can use it to set things on fire. Just imagine starting a fire near the edge of an Outpost and engulfing the whole place...hummm I need to do that...

You have 7 vehicles in the game. The game puts the wingsuit, parachute, hang glider, and zipline which aren't even "vehicles" under the vehicles section for some reason and has two vehicles which are almost identical, so really they're really only 7. You have the high-speed off road dune buggy, cargo truck, a small compact car, jet ski, patrol boat with a heavy MG, ATV bike, RHIB light boat, and 2 jeeps. The two jeeps and the RHIB boat have 2 versions--one is the normal plain version and the other version has a mounted MG. You also have a helicopter but you can't fly it. All of these vehicles have different colors. You cannot choose which colors though, this isn't Grand Theft Auto with a paint n' spray. You can repair vehicles with the Repair Tool though. Vehicles can get damaged, they can start smoking and stop working, panels can be shot off, tires can be punctured, and engine fires will lead to a huge explosion when the fire reaches the gas tank. You can also look around while driving. While driving at high speeds you can bail out--you literally dive out of the vehicle and hit the ground and roll a bit (minor animation). The vehicle collisions are very good. They're not the type you have in Battlefield 3 or 4 for example, they don't glitch and jump around. They're firm, solid hits. You also have a collision animation--if you hit an object at high speeds Jason will be thrown forward a bit, he'll then get himself in order and get back in the driving position. He won't do anything fancy, he just put his hand on the car and push himself back.

One thing I've noticed which is very cool is whenever you're traveling at high speeds the edges of the screen start stretching, they start streaking giving the feel of traveling at a high speed, I like it a lot. It really immerses you in the moment. It's a subtle effect and it won't bother you.

In some vehicles you have a radio. You have songs playing and they're not too bad. You can switch through song with the right button on the D-pad and turn it on and off with the up button. I really like Change the World by Nick Person.

The Wingsuit lets you fly like a flying squirrel and the Zipline lets you zip from Radio Tower to the ground quickly. The wingsuit is very fun, jump off of Radio Tower or hills and zoom and glide around. It acts a lot like the hang glider only thing with this is you have the ability to pull a parachute.

Somewhat destructible environment
The game has some destruction, plants can be mowed down by vehicles, flimsy cover can be destroyed, fences as well, a few things like that. Nothing big though.

The Tatau, skill trees, and XP
The Tatau or tattoo is inked onto your left forearm. As you learn new skills a new portion of tattoo literally appears on your arm. You also have 3 skill trees: The Heron, the Shark, and the Spider. The Heron is for Long-range Takedowns and mobility skills, the Shark is for Assault Takedowns and healing, and the Spider is for Stealth Takedowns and survival.
A word of caution though, you will have the ability to learn every single skill in all the 3 skill trees, what you want to learn first is up to you but this system is not like the one in Fallout New Vegas for example where players get to make very specific builds like an all melee character. There's no pressure on you forcing you to choose this skill or that skill--you will get it.
You learn skills by learning them with skill points, with every skill point you have you can learn one skill, you get one skill point every time you level up. You level up by earning XP--you get XP by doing missions, getting kills, doing quests, etc. Skills are unlocked by progressing the main story and by doing things like completing some Supply Drops or finding some Relics.
You have some very epic skills like the Grenade Takedown where after you've successfully melee killed an enemy you have the option to pull the pin on their grenade and kick them into other hostiles. Other skills add another health bar and others let you reload guns faster.
One thing I really like is once you've maxed out XP and gotten all the skills the message saying how many XP you got on that kill will still show up. The XP won't go anywhere but it's still there to show you if you got a normal kill or a headshot (headshots give double XP). It's nice to see the points still showing.

Play style
You can customize some things to suit your play style. You can put suppressors on your guns and choose stealth related skills like Ninja Steps if you want to be stealthy. Or put an extended magazine on your LMG and prepare to slug it out with the enemy. And the rest is up to you! This is where it get's fun, perks and equipment can only do so much in the end it's up to you. Watch your step and sneak into an enemy outpost, use your own skill to plant C4 at key locations or exterminate the whole outpost silently with takedowns and then use those skills you've learned to help you like the Takedown Drag to drag the person you've just knifed away (enemies who see dead friendly bodies will start searching for the killer! So be sure to hide them) and Ninja Step so you make less noise when sneaking around. Or just roll up in a jeep with a heavy MG and lit everyone up! Or or.... snipe everyone from a distance. You chose what you want to do! You can even lure enemies out with an explosion and then ambush them with an LMG. Skills and equipment definitely help but the really fun part is where you choose what to do and how to do it, use your own skill to outsmart the enemy and win. Being able to do those specific thing and having support powers for them is just awesome.

Animations, Takedowns, and Cover
The animations in this game are FLAWLESS. And they have to be considering how interactive the game is. Little and big animations are everywhere. When you enter a vehicle, instead of magically just popping in, your character does a small animation of opening the door and getting in. When going into a safe house he opens the door. When jumping over an obstacle he puts on hand on it and jumps over. You also have a C4 planting animation. You can normally chuck it but if you go right up to an object and press the "plant" button your character will take the explosive and stick it on. That way you can even make C4 jeeps! You also have a diving animation. If you jump into a body of water your character will--around during the middle of the jump--join his hands together and get into the proper pose to dive. Very very cool.

Takedowns are basically melee attacks with your machete. You have the standard Takedown which lets you stab an enemy. Some Skills let you learn different Takedowns like the Death From Above and Gunslinger Takedown. They're very cool. You get extra XP for Takedown kills. I love the Gunslinger Takedown--after you've knifed the enemy you can pull out his pistol and kill other enemies with it! Just when I was playing today I got a 800XP chain kill with the Chained Takedown skill.

The game has a nice cover system to it. When behind cover you'll hold your weapon close to and aiming will let you lean around corners to shoot. You can also blind fire--just stick that rifle out and let it rip! You can hide behind anything and it'll work.

Healing is very unique. You have health bars which can be replenished by a medical syringe but also infinity by yourself! If you want to heal yourself and you don't have any syringes left, holding down triangle--which is the heal button--will make your character go into a small animation of them either wrapping their forearm with some gaze, pulling a nail out, putting in a small knife and popping out a bullet which is lodged in their arm, pulling out shards of metal lodged in their arm, and when you're on fire your heal animation is of you patting yourself down. This "manual" healing is less effective and takes longer than a syringe but it's always there. Partially drained heal bars will regenerate in sometime.

Crafting and Hunting
Crafting special syringes, bigger ammo and loot bags are a part of the game.

There are 4 sections for syringes--all syringes are made by first gathering the necessary plants. There are syringes for combat, hunting, Exploration, and healing. The simplest syringe is the Medicine syringe which is for general purpose healing, you can make it by gathering 1 Green Leaf. Let me break it down for you as well... Syringes are made with plants; you have many different types of plants on Rook which can be harvested. All plants which can be harvested come under certain categories; these plants either come under Greens Leafs, Crimson Leafs, Amber Leafs, White Leafs, or Blue Leafs. Each syringe requires certain leaves to be gathered.
You have syringes which increase hipfire for a limited time like the Sharpshooter, increased damage towards animals like the Deadly Hunter, and many more.
When you harvest plants an animation plays of Jason grabbing the leaves and cutting them with the machete.

You can also craft equipment. Bigger weapon holsters, bigger syringe kits, rocket packs and more. To craft let's say bigger ammo pouches I'll have to hunt down and skin a bear or some goats. Ah! Now I can explain hunting. You can hunt in this game, from goats to black bears to even sharks. Animals can be skinned for their skins. And yup this also goes into animation as well. Your character takes out his machete and cuts the animal with one cutting stroke--you don't actually see the wound--just the cutting movement and some blood splatters onto the screen, then he takes a handful of meat (which you do see) and puts it in a bag; just a bit of blood but not too gruesome.

There are ton of animals in the game. Tigers, black bears, bull sharks, vultures, rabid dogs, leopards, komodo dragons, goats, deer, crocodiles, cassowaries, boars, and a few more. Hell, my fight encounter with a crocodile was just crazy...insane! Hey! There actually is something insane in this game after all! Anyway, it was just a wicked experience and I'm not spoiling it for you guys, play it and find out :)

Enemies and characters
The enemies in the game are pretty good enemies. Good responses, natural movements, and sometimes quite funny when you sneak up on them and hear their conversations. There are the pirates on the north island and the privateers on the south island.
Enemy troops have classes, there are the Normals, Chargers, Sniper/RPG, and Heavies. Normal enemies are normal, general gunmen, Chargers are aggressive enemies which will charge you, Sniper/RPG are combatants which attack you from long range, and Heavy units are strong and heavily armored enemies, they wield LMGs and flamethrowers.

The character and voice acting is good. I liked both.

Outposts and Radio Towers
Outposts are enemy stronghold found throughout Rook, outposts let the enemy control the surrounding area, these outposts have an area of influence in which there are enemy patrols. Outposts are captured when are enemies stationed there are eliminated. But be careful they don't trigger the alarm which will cause reinforcements to arrive! Once the post is taken the surrounding area is safe and new activities are unlocked. Every outpost is different, different layout, different everything. There are explosive barrels which you can lit up and bamboo cages which contain dangerous jungle animals, shooting the cage with let them out and attack anybody nearby. Use them to destroy everyone in the outpost! One awesome thing they've added in the latest patch is the ability to reset outposts so you can capture them again. Once you've completed the story and captured every Outpost you can use this feature. So be sure to download patch 1.05!

Radio Towers are also found all over Rook. In the beginning the world map which you can see in the menu is hidden, as you capture more Radio Towers more of the maps is revealed. Not only that but the more you capture the more weapons in the stores will become free. Instead of buying them you can unlock them by capturing a number of Radio Towers.
Radio Towers are sort of puzzles to climb (climbing animations too). Each one is different and the ones on the southern island are trickier. When you reach the top you'll encounter a small electrical box which contains a scrambler, you shutdown that (yup, animation) and you've capped it. You can travel in areas which have not yet be revealed by capping a nearby Radio Tower by you'll have no intel of that area. It'll all be blank, no roads, nearby plants, animals, etc. So you'll basically be going in blind.

Loot and looting
In the game you can loot dead bodies and crates. When looting a dead body it goes into a animation and it shows Jason patting down the body quickly and that's it. Crates are looted without any animation. You can pick up a variety of things, you can't use them in anyway but you can sell them. You can pick up dog tags, chocolate bars, meth crystals, etc.

You can do a handful of activities in this open world game other than ripping apart Outposts, unleashing your inner monkey on Radio Tower, and exploring the island. You can play poker, do races, sharpshooter challenges, quests, Trial of the Rakyat, Wanted: Dead quests, Path of the Hunter quests, Supply Drop quests, and knife throwing competitions.

Well..poker's poker and I suck at it. Seems fun though, just need to look up the rules.

Races are pretty fun--reach the finish line before time runs outs. With races, sharpshooter challenges, and knife throwing competitions you can set a bet--a wager. You have 4 settings--Practice which has no bet, Novice, Skilled, and Expert. As you choose a higher skill level it gets harder and the wager increases.

Sharpshooter challenges give you a certain weapon with which you have to shoot down targets--which are birds.

You have minor quests like helping out local. You seek revenge for some, take photos for others, and just that's pretty much it. It's nice they tried to add some side missions but these are extremely short. It'll take you no more than 5-10 minutes to complete one. If their length was more like the quests in Fallout games that would have been great.

The Trial of the Rakyat activities are something real special. Sort of hard to explain but these trials put you into a sort of arena. You are given a weapon or vehicle and your job is to get as many kills as possible--thus score--with it before time runs out. Enemy troops keep on coming and you have to mow'em down. You can shoot blue barrels for an extra 10 second bonus. They're actually very fun. You can get a best score and then try to beat it. If you reach a certain score goal you get a cash reward.

Wanted: Dead quests are basically assassination missions. You have to go to designated location, find the target and kill them with a Takedown or knife like "Rakyat tradition demands." The target can be a sniper causing trouble and you need to take him out. They'll be accompanied by their gang so watch out. You can't kill them with a firearm, bow, or vehicle; it has to be a knife. I think the reason this did this was so people don't sit 2 miles away and just snipe the target. It's always an interesting quest when I do them and I find them really fun. Not too long but still fun. There's no time limit for this, actually there's no time limited for anything in the game really other than the Trials of the Rakyat; just letting you know.
Wanted: Dead quests and the Path of the Hunter quests are unlocked when you liberate an Outpost and are found on the nearby bulletin board.

Path of the Hunter quests task with you the mission to hunt rare animals, like the Black Panther. Here you have to kill them with a select weapon which is provided at the hunting ground. I'm not a huge hunter so I find them ok.

Throwing rock
You can throw rocks to distract enemies. If an enemy is getting too close throw a rock over there to distract him and then silently kill him with a takedown when he's not looking. Fun feature they've added.

The camera
In the game you have camera which you can use to tag enemies. Tagging will allow you to track them easily. When tagged you can see them through objects. You can also tag animals.

Detection meter
The detection meter will appear when enemies can see you--it fills up and flashes when you've be detected.

Foliage and line of sight
You can hide in the brush to block the line of sight of enemies.

Fast travel
You can fast travel to safe houses all over Rook. Instead of traveling there by driving you can just select the location and after a loading screen you're there. I like to travel the normal way though--fast travel feels like cheating.

Multiplayer and co-op
You have a 14 player multiplayer and a 4 player co-op. I haven't played any of them too much but they aren't great--but then again I haven't played them too much. I'll update this section later.

Survival guide
The survival guide is intel about the island being given to you by a spy on the island. I absolutely love it! It's so funny. It's updated every time you get into contact with something new, like when you get a new weapon, meet a new person, or drive a new vehicle. Let me give you some explains, this guys got a sense of humor.

Description of the Z93 - "The Z93 is the perfect weapon for when you really want to kill someone. This Yugoslavian bolt-action rifle is chambered in .50BMG, which is a bullet large enough to kill a T-Rex or explode a watermelon in Russia on webcam."

Description of the Mine - "These mines have motion sensors instead of relying on tripwires. Sounds like my ex-wife's garage opener. Hey, there's an idea..."

Description of the Bull Shark - "Bull Sharks are extremely common around Rook Island and live in both saltwater and freshwater. They also bear a striking resemblance to my ex's mother-in-law, but her two staples are vodka and gin."

Description of Thurston Town - "Thurston Town is a Privateer stronghold. Late at night when Hoyt's mercs feel lonely you might be able hear them listening to dubstep on their boom boxes. Because only bad guys listen to dubstep."

Description of the Helicopter - "Locals associate the sound of chopper blades with bad news, and for good reason. If it isn't one of Vaas's pirates with a shotgun, it's a movie star from Beverly Hills coming to steal one of their children."

What Ubisoft lied about
There are a few things Ubisoft lied about in the commercials. In the following I'm referring to the FC3 launch gameplay trailer--the 10 minute one.

One lie is the role Dr. Earnhardt plays in the game. In the trailers it makes it seem as if he can make special syringes and medicines for you--this is not the case, he gives you nothing, literally nothing but metaphorically...yea, still nothing. He has a pretty minor role.

Another lie is if you get on the "good side" (yea sure, they make it seem like there's a choice) of Rooks neighborhood spy you'll be rewarded with fire power. He only gives you one weapon for one mission in the entire game. He's not a vendor and you can't increase karma or something with him as they're suggesting.

"...but remember, every perk comes at a price." HAHAHAHA!!! I don't know why they're trying to make people feel there's choice in this game. It's all linear. You can't choose sides.

The only problem I've had is the grass on the northern island is extremely green, it's literally neon green, yet the grass on the south island is normal and looks great. But I think this problem is on my end, I've searched a lot and no one has had this problem. I'm messed around with some PS3 settings recently and I can only see a slight difference. Maybe it's supposed to look very bright like that..hummmm...

This is just an amazing game. You have great gameplay and good replay value. You can do a lot of stuff and for only $20 it's a great price. PS You can also get the Far Cry compilation which includes Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon all for $20. I wish I had seen that before... anyway here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Far-Cry-Compliation-PS3-Playstation-3/dp/B00HNYWFMC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418070311&sr=8-1&keywords=far+cry+3+compilation Have fun!
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on January 7, 2015
Loved this game so much that after I completely beat it and sold it, I started to miss it and bought it again, this time from Amazon! That should say it all, this game is by far the best of the series, I pre ordered and completely beat Far Cry 4 as well as 2 when it came out! The Far Cry series is my most favorite, there a huge open world maps, waiting for you to explore them! Far Cry 3 has so many different missions and side quests to complete, there's caves, underwater one's too, animals, cars, trucks, ziplines, etc! This game had so much to do and is so worth it to play more than once! I would definitely recommend this game to those looking to buy, if your already a fan, why are you reading this?! Get to it! Thanks!
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I played this game when it first came out, and bragged to my friends how awesome it was. If you enjoy first person shooters, you'll love it. If you enjoy racing challenges, you'll love it. If you enjoy role playing games, you'll love it. If you love beautiful dreamy environments, you'll love it. If you like achievements, you'll love it. If you like cooperative challenges, as well as a solid multiplayer, you'll love it. For $20, you have to try it. I stayed away from it for the first two weeks, because I heard it was stealthy, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier left a bad taste in my mouth. Trust me, this stealth is done right. The first 10 or so minutes, for me were boring also, but the next 50 hours I spent exploring were the best 50 hours I've ever spent in the history of playing video games. The best part of this game is that there isn't a set path to follow.
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on May 2, 2017
Easily Ubisoft's finer releases for last gen console. Definetley fullfills every white male power fantasy trip. Even when it comes to scoring with the prized woman of the indigenous. Memorable characters and not just Vaas. Buck and the CIA agent are a riot. You feel yourself get more skilled and badass as you progress. However the boss fights are lame QTE wasting a fantastic mechanic available through the plot device of psychodelics
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on December 1, 2013
You start off as a vacationing American with a group of friends that lands on Rakyat island. All goes well until you and your friends find yourselves captured by the local pirate faction to be ransomed. Shortly after the opening sequence you are thrust into an open world where you are free to go about your business, either exploring and completing side missions or continuing the narrative.

As you amass experience, from killing enemies to completing missions, you will level up and be given skill points which can be used to upgrade certain abilities and provide additional abilities, or even change how a mechanic in the game works. One skill allows you to perform stealth kills, another allows you to do a sprint-slide to get into cover, yet another provides a boost to the potency of healing syringes you use.

I personally loved the crafting aspect of this game. The island the game takes place on is a lush world full of animal life of all kinds. From Pigs and Wild dogs to Tigers and Buffalo, there are hundreds of animals that will spawn constantly to keep the world populated and you hip deep in skins. These skins are used to craft roughly a dozen things, namely new weapon holsters, so you can carry 4 weapons at once, wallets to carry money and loot sacks to carry more things before you have to return to a store to sell your scrounged loot.

The game itself runs very smoothly, In my experience it's predecessor had issues with the stealth mechanic. Far Cry 3 has taken this and completely nailed it. You can clear entire outposts of the enemy in silence with a few arrows or silenced sniper shells, or run straight into the thick of things with a machine gun and your trusty machete.

The AI will actively hunt you if they come to realize that you are hunting them, though they take liberal use of cover that will prohibit you from easy kills. A 'marking' feature allows you to keep aware of enemies by simply aiming your gun at them for a few moments, so you can identify the type of enemy (sniper, charger, heavy), view patrol routes to make a perfect stealth approach as well as marking off features of an enemy compound, such as alarms and mounted machine-guns.

I'd have to say my favorite aspect of this game so far is the sheer personality of the antagonist. Vaas is the head of the local Pirate faction on Rakyat island, and is easily one of the most memorable characters of any game I've played in quite sometime. His brutal sadism marks him as one of my favorite antagonists of all time.

If you are thinking of buying this game, stop thinking and get it. It's worth every penny you'd spend on it.
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on February 23, 2016
This game has it all - memorable villains, open world immersion, good gameplay and battles, you name it. If you like Uncharted/Skyrim/Mass Effect type games, you'll love this one! Personal opinion - Far Cry 3 definitely beats the 4th, which seemed to me like a carbon-copy in a new setting + elephants. The game looks wonderful on PS3 still even though we've been pampered with PS4/XboxOne graphics since.
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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2013
I've only played a few open world games and I'm not a huge fan of most UBI Soft games. Having said that, I played through the game twice: once on casual as quickly as I could and once on regular where I made an effort to do almost everything: missions, game hunts, crafting everything, collecting artifacts and letters and looting everybody and everything for cash. The second time I played it took about 24 hours of gameplay but in the end I had every special weapon, every weapon attachment and even had money to burn on putting camo on all of my guns.

Being an open world game kind of lets you decide what to do next. Do you want to liberate a pirate outpost (which opens up that part of the map), do a side mission like a game hunt for money and XP, or do mission (which you can't leave until you complete)? Or maybe you want to go hunting so you can craft a bigger wallet or russack. This is what make this game different than FPS games like COD where you're usually following somebody through a carefully constructed path.

I'm more of a stealthly player so my loadout is a Japanese Tanto, a silenced M700 sniper rifle, the AMR sniper rifle (because it shoots exploding rounds), the Bull Shotgun and a silenced m6 assault rifle. Note: My loadout is similar on the first half of the map but my guns aren't as good. Generally, my primary is the silenced M700 and my seconday is the silenced m6 which is usefull if anybody gets to close. You just have to make sure not to trip the alarm otherwise a bunch of reenformcements show up and it's tim to swap the M700 for the shotgun and go loud.

The nice thing is that there are severl ways to take on pirate outposts. You can go in guns blazing but you better be ready to blaze out of there to heal just as quick. You can try to sneak in and turn off the alarms and the stealth kill everybody. Or, my personal favorite: Take the high ground.

At almost every outpost the is a hill overlooking it. I find a nice spot up high within 200m, mark everybody with my camera, and can clear most camps with 7 or 8 headshots from the silenced M700 because you get more XP and it's the only way to killl the Heavy guards with one shot. You can't just park in one spot and hope they don't find you. No matter how stealthy you are it's not a bad idea to shoot and move - preferably to a place you previously checked out.

On a side note: If you shoot the animal cages in pirate outpost -- particularly those with tigers -- you can just sit back and watch the fun because it releases the animal and it systematically eliminates the pirates. Yes, you can take out an entire outpost with on shot into a cage.

There are a couple of things I didn't like, such as constantly having to inject myself to heal or gain special abilities. I also think that there should be a bank.

Make sure not to do too many missions because once you're done there's not to much left to do except start over again. All things considered, This was a fun game but it's not for somebody who's in a hurry.
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This reminds me of the only other Far Cry game I played which was the PC version so many years ago and while obviously there's a major difference in story and characters the overall entertainment and fun you get with the main mission as well as the many side missions makes this game worth getting. The graphics and background scenery are great and the effects are incredible too, of course the wacky and in most cases psychotic characters that give the island a atmosphere of danger and tension only adds to the game.

If you're unsure if this game is for you I'd advise trying a demo if possible but if you're a fan of FPS or shooter games in general here's a good choice to try out.
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on February 24, 2013
The description of the game as an open world first person shooter is quite apt. That's exactly what it is...a great first person shooter open world RPG style gaming experience. Instead of leveling up, you gain perks, which can be anything from swimming faster to assassinating an enemy on a ledge above you, and many more options as well.
The shooting mechanic in this game is pretty much on point. The guns feel real, and each selection comes with pro's and cons, forcing you to choose carefully. You start being able to carry limited amounts of everything, including cash, but as you play, you can hunt various animals and use their body parts to craft upgrades to all your various storage devices. You can also craft special weapons and potions (in the form of syringes) by doing the same (well, plants are used for the syringes). You can craft at any moment, anywhere, as long as you have the proper ingredients.
The story itself is pretty dark, and is definitely more a mature audience type game from that standpoint. If this was a movie, it would be rated R. There is no shortage of horrible violence, drug use, etc....
The main character, Jason Broadie (spelling?) goes from being a totally naive, whiny college kid to a hardened killer. There are a few points in the game where you must make decisions that would be considered evil, for the greater good. In fact, I would say the overall morality of the game is ambiguous at best. I think it does a great job of bringing the true nature of morality in this world to the forefront. There are no easy decisions. Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.
The various personalities in the game are all pretty awesome in this game. I think most people will like Vaas and Citra the best. I know I did, although Sam is pretty awesome as well. However, there really arent any slouches in this regard. All the characters are well thought out and developed.
Although the overarching theme in this game is saving your friends and brother who have been captured by slavers, there is also the element of saving the locals from ruthless slavers and pirates as well, by helping the "rebels" (i.e. natives/locals) fight to take back their islands.
As far as graphics go, again, I would say they are top notch. Everything looks pretty amazing in my opinion. I noticed a couple glitches later in the game where I parachuted inside of a bridge and had to restart from the last checkpoint or where when swimming, the graphics would get a little wonky, but those moments were few and far between.
Speaking of checkpoints, every major event is preceeded by an auto save, and you can manually save as long as you arent in the middle of a mission. Sometimes, when dying mid-mission, the auto save brings you back to a more advantageous position then where the auto save actually occurred. I'm not sure if this was intentional in the game development or not, but I actually found this to be a good thing in a couple instances.
Overall, I cant say I played a better game in quite some time, and given the fact that there have been some great games released over the last two years, I think that's saying a lot about the quality and fun of this game. This is a definite must own for any system.

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