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on July 2, 2013
Why isn't every game open-world? Why do people still like games like Call of Duty where you are herded along a single path and made to push forward? How is that fun?

It's fun to just play on this island. The hangliders are so much fun. Just driving around is so much fun. This game has so much to do, and each thing provides a different type of entertainment.

Taking an enemy base is the funnest part, IMO. You can do it slow and methodical with a silenced sniper rifle or you can just go charging in with guns blazing.

I used to love GTA, but I rarely did the side missions and stuff like that. I completed the entire game with FC3. Now I'm playing through a second time.

One of the coolest things I did: I was heading to take an enemy base and the approach put me at a disadvantage. I was coming up a closed in road and the base had a wall around it. The only way I was going to get in was a full-frontal assault. As I'm hiding in the bushes along the side of the road, I hear a soft growl and notice a tiger is walking up the road as if it had been following me. I hadn't used the rock throwing much yet, but I saw an opportunity. I threw a rock ahead of the tiger, towards the opening in the wall. It moved up the road to investigate. I sneaked up a little farther and threw another rock closer to the base entrance. After about three times, I was able to throw a rock over the wall and into the base. The tiger walked right in and I heard all hell break loose. After it had all died down, I walked into the base and saw the carnage. The tiger had been killed after killing about eight enemy troops. One enemy guy was left, an easy dispatch, and the base was mine.

How could you not love this game?
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on March 19, 2013
This game is definitely in a "break the mold" genre. It is a first person shooter, but with open world exploration and questing (although distinctly NOT an RPG-FPS like Borderlands). I'll break the game down into subsections to better analyze it below:

The game is simply stunning. The open world island that you spend the entire game exploring is inviting, non repetitive, and interesting. The textures look very good, even on the Xbox 360. Small visual queues make a huge difference - such as bandaging bandaging one's arm (in first person) in order to heal. The characters look good - and the cutscenes function just fine, even though they are all done through the first person view with in-game graphics.

The gameplay is addicting. There are all of the usual FPS elements, but also a certain aspect of crafting and developing existing equipment. I found myself doing more crafting in this game than in many full-fledged RPGs. There are also many addicting side elements as well, such as side missions and territory capturing from the island's pirates. All of these things are addicting, and contribute little to the main story. As far as gameplay of the main story, there is one major complaint to be had. Without spoilers of the story, there are four notable boss battles in the game. One is OK (not great, not bad). The other three are really bad - they are simple quicktime events that require the proper button pressing at the right time. Especially considering the fact that the last boss is someone you spend the entire game trying to reach, his boss fight should be better than a simple sequence of pressing buttons at the right time. Other than the boss battles, however, the game is great. There is also a very good element of stealth that balances well with the "Rambo approach". I found myself using each approach about 50% of the time out of necessity, which shows that there is very good balancing. To put perspective - the stealth in this game is, in my opinion, done better than the stealth of 'Hitman: Absolution', which is meant to be a stealth game.

I will avoid spoilers, but I will say that the story starts really well. There are some points in the middle where it drags, but overall it is quite engaging. Very good writing contributes to the game's theme of the clash between vacation/freedom and pirates/darkness/human trafficking. This clash is done extremely well. Some of the dialogue could be better written, but overall it is delivered well. The main problem with the story is the ending. The game does not provide choice (like an RPG does) thoughout. Instead, the story path is predefined, which is OK for a game like this. However, at the end of the game, you are given a choice of one of two outcomes. This sudden last-minute decision seems contrived and highly out of place. To make matters worse, the choice is an extremely poor one. There is no gray area between the two choices, and only one of the choices even feels like it fits with the story. The game would have been better served to erase the 'wrong' choice and simply make the 'correct' ending mandatory. I personally chose the 'correct' ending, but the 'wrong' ending seems so out of place it makes you wonder why it was even included in the final build of the game. If the two endings were the result of choices made throughout the game, perhaps things would be different. Instead, it is simply a choice that you get to make right at the end. The effect of this poor ending choice is to make the game stumble rather than sprint over the finish line.

Overall, this is a great game. If the boss battles were done better, and if better consideration were taken in creating the ending, this could have been an amazing game. As it stands, it is definitely worth the price (especially at Amazon's price of $30 as of this writing), but it does not reach the heights of other similar games, such as Borderlands 2. I would recommend this game for sure. It is, in a way, frustrating however because this game had the potential to be a Game of the Year candidate.
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on January 22, 2013
I'll keep this short and sweet. In all honestly I have never really played any of the other Far Cry games, however that all changed with Far Cry 3. I don't play games all too often, but I have to tell you this is definitely a game worth purchasing and investing 20-30 hours into. Everything from leveling up and unlocking skill tattoos, to the array of weapons, wildlife which you can hunt and skin to upgrade your items and or equipment, from collecting relics to old WW2 letters, I mean there is so much you can do that just roaming around the island you can spend hours without even completing a single mission and still have tons of fun. Graphics are great, game play is great, sound is amazing, the story line is meh but like I said, tons of fun overall. I will now be purchasing and playing the previous Far Cry titles as FC3 has definitely made me a believer and the franchise has gained another fan. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the BS online pass to play multi player, and it matters because my son and I both have Xbox 360's and we had to decide who gets the online pass code, (which of course he got). Other than that, yeah it's a great game.
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on June 21, 2013
This is the kind of game that is hard to come by. The gameplay is immersive and the open world aspect allows you to do as you please. If you want to take a break from the main story you have plenty of other things to do. Capture outposts, hunt for animals (which is quite fun to do with just your bow), play poker or throw knives. Whatever you want. But with great voice acting and story line I can't figure that you'd really want to take a break from the main mission.

The characters are very believable. Each has a different personality and that personality sticks with them throughout the story except for you, the protagonist if you will. Your character Jason will soon understand that he can't continue to be innocent on an island so unforgiving.

The graphics are also impressive. They capture the beauty of the island perfectly. The textures give life to the landscape and the colors are striking. You might as well be walking the island yourself. Everything ran smoothly except one time I had someone glitch through a wall but that seemed to be a one time thing.

As for the downside to this game the only thing I want to do is keep playing a main story even though it is still fun to explore the island after finishing the story.

Besides single player, co-op is more of a ran at the enemy, shoot em up style rather than developing the separate set of characters it has. Strictly for fun, it does it's job but doesn't have a ton to offer. Multiplayer is the same way and I only ever do it if I'm really bored and feel the need to kill some people online.

But the single player alone is well worth a full price of $60. Having gotten in on amazon for only $30 it was a wonderful deal. THIS GAME IS AMAZING.
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on April 12, 2017
This was a great game until about half way through you have to do a scripted task that is timed (it was the one where you are trying to protect the guy getting out of the helicopter and getting him to the safety of a boat - I could not complete it - and I could not find a way to just fail it and move on with the game. other than that I have really like the fry cry series
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on February 20, 2013
This is a huge game. There is a lot of exploring and doing your own thing, rather than following a linear path.

The story in the game is very unbelievable and you won't grow to love the main character. Basically, your vacation to an island is interrupted when your entire group is captured by pirates. You spend the game trying to rescue your friends with the help of the native tribe on the island. You do so by capturing pirate outposts, meeting contacts on the island, and completing quests.

The gameplay is what makes this game. If you're a fan of the GTA games or the Assassin's Creed games, you'll like this game. There is a lot of free roaming and exploration. It is a FPS, but Ubisoft makes it work very well. You level up your character by learning new skills, hunting animals to craft new pouches (for guns, loot, ammo, etc), and completing side missions.

Very cool game and one you should check out if you like free roam games.
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on March 11, 2016
This is a great game
I still play it
I love the story and this has to be one of the best Far Cry games ever made
Plays excellent on the Xbox and I would recommend it.
There are some "Adult" moments in this game (Lang and Situations) but that should be clear with the M rating
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on January 30, 2013
To keep it simple, this is one of the most entertaining games that I've played. The gameplay, graphics, story, replay value, sound design, and overall fun are near perfect. That being said, it has a few minor flaws. Pro/con list.

- The graphics are great. Along with that, the island is beautiful.
- Generic controls, but there's nothing wrong with that because they work well.
- Sound effects from gunshots to tigers and from explosions to cars sound great although the actual quality doesn't feel as genuine/crisp as Skyrim's.
- The soundtrack is unique.
- The map is big and there's a lot to do--mindlessly wandering around the island is fun.
- I love how customizable the options are. You can add/remove enemy tagging, enemy visibility, auto-aim, customize your weapons, and so much more.
- The sneaking system works very well--I'm really glad that Ubisoft concentrated so much on the stealth aspect.

CONS (but more along the lines of suggestions)
- The "X" button is used to loot enemy bodies and pick up their weapons, so it can be aggravating when you have to slowly maneuver your way around an opponent just to loot them without taking their weapon.
- I'd like a "quick 180" feature to turn around faster. If there is one that I don't know about, disregard this. Same goes for using takedowns when hunting game.
- Your character is highly flammable. By this, I mean if you sprint over a small campfire, you will ignite in flames. You can craft flame retardant potions and become more flame-resistant, but it's like he sweats lighter fluid.
- The save system should be more similar to that of Skyrim's. It's simpler and gives the player more control and responsibility. It's not as "death-friendly," either.

Overall, an amazing game, definitely worth the price. Those are just a few additions/adjustments that I think most everyone could agree on for the next release--which I'll most likely purchase.
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on April 2, 2013
Let me just start off by saying that there's a reason why the most helpful comments are five star comments. I've started this habit of short and sweet reviews, and I won't stop now. Sure breakdowns by dimension are fantastic, but sometimes you want to hear an opinion in a pinch.

This is a great game. I can't even begin to think about how many hours you can put into this. The sandbox style gameplay will keep you engrossed in the story, but will also encourage you to gather colletables and go on side quests. Unlike Skyrim, I don't believe that a monotony of "dungeon raids" will develop. Dialogue is always fresh, characters believable, and overall it's just fun. Seriously, if you're considering getting this game, just do it. It's gorgeous, well worth the money, easy to sit down and play for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

You'll love it.
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on June 2, 2013
Let me state the pros that made me give Far Cry 3 a good fun rating
- Chosing other activities (includes side missions like hunting, delivering aid, poker, shooting challenges, knife throwing and taking over posts from enemies)
- Free roam (run/drive around killing people and animals)
- Challenges against other online players
- Multiplayer
- Some cut scenes are cool to see, and bring out emotions
- Fighting against your enemies to find your friends gives your quest meaning
- Wide range of weapons and things to make your playing experience easier/more enjoyable/and customizable
- Fantastic graphics

- Most cut scenes don't really matter, they are a long version of just giving you a layout of a mission
- Important cutscenes seem like they are on LSD, distracting you and confusing you about what is real or not
- Game could've been easily 3 times longer in my opinion (going about saving your friends and trying to escape or joining the tribe and hunting down your former pals)
- Best enemy is the first enemy (Vaas should've been the top person to go after all game, but no ... you get an LSD fueled fight with him before the midway point)
- The Ending! Really? Two choices and either way the end isn't even surprising, it's either boring or angering to me that the game just ends.

Great game and I would recommend it, but to me at least the end could've turned into you being chased off the island while trying to protect your pals or joining the tribe of your choice and trying to weed out anyone of your choice including your friends. To me more choices such as asking your friends to join a tribe or picking between people to kill/save throughout the game would've made it a 5 star experience
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