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Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code]
Platform: PC Download|Edition: Standard - Steam DRM|Change

on April 7, 2015
This is my introduction to the Far Cry series with the PC download from Amazon. After a problem-free download, I was instantly immersed in the game and spent many hours engaged in the various missions of Jason Brody, our young protagonist who's vacation in Bangkok and the Rook Islands has taken a horrible turn for the worse! A couple of points worth noting--1> you can occupy your time achieving new items crafted or unlocked, or you can just explore the incredible graphic detail of the island and just goof around. 2> The more skills you collect, the bigger the detail of the tattoo on your (Jason's) arm! 3> The save feature can be annoying as you are sometimes forced to go all the way back to the beginning of a tedious adventure if you fail. Overall---Five Stars. I am looking forward to the new Far Cry 4......Stay tuned for more.
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on March 29, 2014
If you're one of the few who haven't tried Far Cry 3 yet, you should buy it immediately. It's as simple as that. I'll get into exactly why in this review.

I'll primarily focus on the campaign, mostly because my experience with co-op is limited and I haven't even loaded up competitive multiplayer. Of course, you aren't coming to this game because of the multiplayer. The co-op is very average, and pales in comparison to the main story. It's definitely an afterthought, but it's serviceable.

So, now for the biggest part of the game: single-player.

-The visuals are fantastic. The game runs pretty well on my machine, with only an i3 2120+ GTX 560 at high settings at 1080p/60 FPS. I can't recall any moments that took me out of the experience because something looked remarkably ugly. Lighting is awesome, water is brilliant, and textures generally look nice. Surprisingly for a game as large as this, the terrain is perfectly modeled. I was taking screenshots as often as I could.

-Not only are your eyes treated with this game, but so are your ears. Sound effects aren't on the level of something like Battlefield, but they're generally very solid. Music was generic "wub-wub-wub" for a portion of the campaign, but some tracks stand out, notably Heat and Falling Into a Dream. However, what really hit me was the voice acting. I'm sure you've already heard all about the excellent performance by the actor who played Vaas--and it really is that good--but all the other major actors completely sell their roles.

-Story: I'm well-versed in my literature. I've seen my share of great movies. I know good writing when I see it. This game stands up there with Bioshock Infinite in terms of story. If Far Cry 3 was written out, it'd be universally praised for its depth. Ubisoft Montreal focused on the idea of insanity, and they absolutely nailed it. Of course, that's not all they did. Other notable themes include family ties, growing up and finding a place in the world, unrestrained nature vs. society. That's barebones, but this is a story that could be dissected and analyzed more than many popular novels.

-Overall immersion factor and cohesion of all above elements is seamless. I compare the level of immersion to something like Skryim; I never want to leave the world it creates, and I'm always struck by awe and curiosity when exploring the world. There are bits and pieces of lore scattered about the island, but they always leave enough room for your mind to imagine and fill in the gaps. It's probably my favorite setting in a game I've ever seen. There is always something to do, and always something to see. The little things like the psuedo-platforming system add an indescribable amount to the game.

-Handling and controls feel off. It's clearly not designed for M/K, but it certainly works alright. It may just be the clunkiness of the inventory and menu system. I've remapped a few keys, but I feel like the weapons menu in particular is far too complicated than it needs to be.
-Combat is extremely mediocre. It never struck me as a ton of fun. Gunplay is finicky and awkward, especially when hipfiring. Many games (for example, big-name multiplayer shooters) give you a lot of feedback when you engage an enemy, both in gun mechanics and hit registration. However, in FC3, both seem to be minimal. They just feel "off" to me. It doesn't ruin the game at all, but it's not a high point.

Overall, the issues with the game are only minor. The experience is incredible, and nobody should miss it. It's truly one of my favorite games of all time, and I say this with a Steam/Origin library exceeding 160 games, and an Xbox library reaching 40. For me, it's on the level of Bioshock Infinite and the Metro series in terms of immersiveness and quality of experience. It's a fantastic game, and I recommend it to anyone.
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on August 14, 2014
UPLAY IS NOT THAT BAD. GET OVER IT. Okay seriously, everyone said the same thing about Steam when it first came out, and now look at it: everybody's darling. Uplay works fine. And for DRM, it's leaps and bounds beyond SecuROM. Also I've always liked the Upoint system where occasional achievements give you access to Mp3s, wallpapers, and in game toys like an extra gun or car. It's fun. Do I like the idea of double DRM? No, not really, but that's the reality of the situation, and Uplay could be way worse. As it stands it's just Ubisoft wanting to get in on what all the cool kids are doing. And who knows, Origin is getting better every day. Uplay could eventually get good enough to rival Steam. I mean probably not. But maybe.

No, wait! Don't go away! I am actually going to talk about the game! Now Far Cry 3's pedigree is above-average at best. Far Cry and its expansions were fun, but brief and not that memorable. And Far Cry 2 played with some cool ideas sure, and hey, the Springfield was easily my favorite rifle in any game EVER, but it got boring and tedious fast and it could be brick stupid at times. Far Cry 3 takes the best from both games and adds some nice ideas from Assassin's Creed and Crysis, and it all boils down to easily the most enjoyable sandbox from Ubisoft I've ever played. The guns are bonkers fun, and though the plot is lackluster and some things could be said about its use of questionable subjects like race, rape, and poor writing, that's all amended by some amazingly fun shooter gameplay. Optional side missions encourage the use of multiple play styles, while the cream of the game--the base takeovers, of which there are a ton (and which can also be reset in the post-game for infinite fun)--allow you to take practically any lead-slinging approach you see fit. I usually sifted heads with a silenced R700 before switching to a Black Arrow with a tear in my eye, but occasionally I got down and dirty with a silenced Makarov and tanto. And if sniping's not your thing (though sadly neither the useless SVD, the R700, or the inclusion of an explosive-tipped Black Arrow ever surpass the superior experience of FC2's M1903 Springfield) then feel free to go in gloriously with LMGs, shotguns, and large-caliber handguns.

Definitely try if you like sandbox games and shooters.

As for the multiplayer... it's serviceable, but nowhere near approaching a game-changer, and personally I enjoyed the single-player far too much to bother with what amounts to a COD clone marred by less arcade-y movement.
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on April 8, 2014
This Game is SOOOOO good. IT's So different from others and some of the best i have ever played. Few quick Pros and cons are below.

1. Open Environment - it's open Island, you explore it, go anywhere, you won't have to follow a specific linear story line like majority of other games.
2. It's not just killing pirates but also a ton's of side missions that are optional.
3. You enjoy Land, Mountains, Sea, beaches, grasslands and Cave environments.. Barely many games provide such vast environment
4. Game is not just about killing enemies, you can enjoy Hunting, reading relics, WWII Letters, Interacting with town populations, Playing cards etc.
5. You get to enjoy using and riding tons of guns, weapons and Transportation ranging from modern cars, Ships to Stone age Gliders ( glide down the hill)-- Gliding part is cool as you hawk eye the world down while gliding.
6. So Much variety out there of Plants, Animals, Predators... some of which i didn't know existed in this world before playing the game.
7. You are the Cook of recipes for many herbal medicines.. senses boosters and ammunition, weapon holder. Like i said, you do killing and side stuff 50/50 times.
8. Game is pretty long ( Unlike other s***ty games that take barely 12 hours to finish) i bet if you DONT rush through game, enjoy playing every mission, side mission with full strategy, interest... conquer every check point and loot everything... IT will take at least 40 hours for 1st time player to finish it.

1. Game require CONSTANT internet connection with UPLAY.
2. Game was initially lagging behind (dialogue & game play) . Once i lowered picture quality and frame.. it works fine now.
3. Pretty heavy game.. use a lot of Laptop energy and may cause you Laptop screen to go black because of improper cooling.. so be aware, use stiff table and cooling pads to carry laptop.

I have never played any game 30 hours (50% progress) long since a long time and never spent 7.5 bucks for one game ever. I Don't want to finish such a nice game up.
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on December 27, 2013

If you download the key from amazon, you will have to install this game on steam AND create an account through Uplay, Ubisoft version of Valves Steam. The only problem is, when you try to create an account through Uplay to finish uploading the game (this is unavoidable when downloading FarCry 3 from Amazon), Uplay will close and you will not be able to boot up the game. The reason is that Ubisoft servers have been down for the past few weeks, with no indication of when the problem is going to be fixed in the future. So unfortunately for people who want to play the game now , will have to patiently wait until Ubisoft gets their act together and repair their servers. This is a big disappointment. Just Google, "Ubisoft servers down" and see when they are available again.
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on January 14, 2014
The single player game is great! Ran through it in a couple of weeks, and then re-did it on the next difficulty up. Loved it!
I bought it on sale for 7 and half bucks, so I more than got my money's worth. However, if I had to pay full price, I would not be so happy. And here is why:

Single Player:
-The storyline was very nice (though I wish there was an option to skip cutscenes).
-How you want to do the missions, take over the map, or do side quests is entirely up to your whims.
-Nice to have 4 slots for weapons (eventually). Which there are a fair amount of, with varied ways to customize them.
-The map respawn points are very fair. Sometimes right at the outside edge of a quest target point you are currently doing.
-I could nitpick a little. But at the price I got it for, why? There is plenty of that in these reviews *no offense :)*
-One nitpick (sry). Occasionally you die for no reason. You respawn @ nearest town/tower/last checkpoint, and continue on.

Online Play (multi and coop)
-I have not seen so many angry frustrated people, playing a game. Ever.

-To give it some credit. The storyline is different, and just as good as the single player (just a smaller story).
-Adjustable difficulty levels
-Occasional sudden death w/o cause. More annoying here because you have to wait for the next checkpoint/party to die/leave the match and find another.
-GAME SERVERS ARE DOWN 1/4-1/3 OF THE TIME. So much that players have various forum posts dedicated to adding friends, for the purposes of being able to make a private match so they can as least play.
--When they are down, you click to take you to the lobbies, and then get hung up waiting forever. Forcing you to shut the game down by way of alt+f4, or however you can. While in mission they will glitch, and sometimes you can continue on.
-No complaints with the maps
-Team deathmatch, and a mix of achieve the goals before your enemy does type games. But no free-for-all uber chaos deathmatch type.
-System quality of your PC plays a large factor in gameplay. If you just meet the minimum system requirements, get used to dying a lot. If your rig is bleeding-edge tech, and youre a fair to good fps will rule multi.
--(Causing some friction.)
-GAME SERVERS ARE DOWN 1/4-1/3 OF THE TIME. Not always the same time as coop, but enough. When they get glitchy while in game, players will get kicked out of it one by one or en masse.
--(More anger)
-Level based weapons/long-term upgrades. Lower levels don't have access to better weapons, and some upgrades take forever to do by way of using in-game rewards for doing well in multi/completing coop missions. Which brings me back to, "get used to dying".
-Best course is to do enough coop missions (if you can manage to play when the servers are working) to max the level (75) then move on to multi. It doesn't take long. Xp is based on the mission difficulty, but normal yields a fair amount.

All this adds up to a bunch of grouchy players. W/the exception of the ones that have bleeding-edge systems. Who are pretty happy, pwning 5-10 people by themselves. :)
-Im not one of those btw. 2.9c2d, 3gb, GTX 260. Ive gotten used to dying in multi. I do very well in coop. Only difference is: You cant gloat about pwning a computer.

**I showed this to a gaming buddy of mine, and his take was: Good game if you get it for the right price. And that I was ranting a bit. I admit to being frustrated, I just want to play when I have the time.**

Hope this helps.
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on December 1, 2013
Best $7.50 I ever spent. One of the best single player games ever made and a huge improvement over Far Cry 2. Not only is the gameplay fantastic, the graphics are amazing. With a high end PC, this game looks very realistic. Compared to the Xbox 360 version, it looks like a generation and a half ahead on the PC with all the detail settings on ultra + AA and AF. Multiplayer could have been better but I kind of like the co-op mode. Co-op is a lot like Borderlands or Left 4 Dead where 2-4 players help each other complete missions. This co-op mode should be included in all the shooters. Call of Duty has the zombie mode which is similar but they should also have one where you fight against real enemies. Overall, this game is nearly flawless. If there is one thing I would complain about it is the boss fights. Without spoiling the story, the boss fights (two major ones) involve a style of game play known as "quick time events" where instead of fighting the enemy straight in the style of play that the game is normally played, you have to quickly press the button that is flashed on the screen. Failing to press a single button correctly or in time results in having to do the entire sequence over again. If this isn't removed from Far Cry 4, I will probably not be interested. This is probably the worst thing in the game and would almost have ruined it if there were more fights like it. There is, however, an easy way around: find a walkthrough video of the fight online and pause the game before each button press. Watch the video to know which button to press next. If you are stuck on these dumb fights, it is totally worth a little cheating to get through. If there was an option to simply skip these fights, I would skip them every time. Since there was only two such QTE fights, it wasn't worth a star off. But if there were more, I probably would have taken two off.
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on February 7, 2014
Many claim that Far Cry 3 attempts to deconstruct the typical action game story and, in a way, parody it. I guess I can see that, but, in the end, I don't really care. It's a game after all, so to offer some critique of the genre in a game I'm probably playing because I want to escape with that genre is a little weird. I don't think it's even that successful at portraying the supposed intent.

In the end, you really don't care about the main characters or anyone else around you. The story gets weird and things just get more and more insane. In the end, you're just playing to play the game.

And this is where Far Cry 3 falls short for me. At first it seems amazing. There's stealth elements, hunting and gathering, all with a free roam world and typical FPS gameplay. None of these lived up to their promise, though. The stealth is annoying. Enemies somehow know exactly where you are despite sniping some guy from many meters away. The AI is incredibly exploitable and stupid. Hunting and gathering comes and goes far too fast. It's not fleshed out in the slightest and you can do a majority of the important stuff in the first half of the game. Most of the consumables you can craft aren't even worth making.

On the normal difficulty, the game was far too easy. Far Cry 3 felt like a lot of promising ideas that were not completely executed. That, along with a story that actively makes you dislike the vanilla protagonist, makes for a mostly forgettable experience.
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on August 28, 2014
FC3 will not let you play with other online players via PC. Ubisoft doesn't seem to care that their lobby has never worked. I bought the Steam version but haven't been able to connect to a single online game when all my other games work just fine.
The only reason to buy this game is to use the Far Cry Editor but as it is now, any levels you create are only able to be played alone.
WTF Ubisoft/Steam?
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on February 23, 2013
This game is a lot of fun and easy to get immersed in. There are very large, well detailed areas to explore and dozens of side quests to keep the story less linear. Many kinds of weapons and vehicles. I spent a lot of time sneaking around enemy camps and using different methods to take out bad guys; sniping from a hillside, leaping off a rooftop, or stealthfully planting C4 charges.

The voice acting and cut scene animations are very well done. I love the bad guys in this game. A lot of games go over the top with their voice acting but with Farcry 3 the baddies come off as real, twisted bad people. I do wish they had more outfits and said more lines. It does make it easy to spot the bad guys though.

The artificial intelligence is pretty good too. Bad guys will alert their team if they see something suspicious (like a body!). They also don’t tend to run to the pile of fresh bodies to see what’s going on so you can’t sit in one place and take out a whole base. The dogs will sniff you out and wreak havoc on your well thought out ambush plans.

It's a resource pig. I have an overclocked Intel i5 (Ivy Bridge), an Intel SSD, and an overclocked Nvidia GTX 660 with 2GB of RAM. The video card runs at 99% and the CPU is usually between 50-90% at ~4Ghz. It eats up about 1.5GB of the video card RAM. With the game video settings on Ultra I get about 20 - 22 frames per second on my 24" 1920x1200 display. This plays surprisingly smoothly but occasionally it drops to 17 FPS and the video gets jerky.

Overall I highly recommend this game. I just finished it and plan to start over at a higher difficulty setting to make it a little more challenging.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 ( minus 0.5 points because driving vehicles using a keyboard isn’t ideal)
Voice acting: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Replayability: 4/5
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