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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2005
A rule of thumb, coffee snobs will tell you, is that you never ever use a percolator to make coffee. They say use a press. I don't like presses, they taste funny, and driped coffee is too cold.

This is a great machine. It features contemporary styling, ease of use, and is full featured. It has a digital clock to tell time, and allows you to set your daily timer so you can have fresh coffee when you wake up. It's 2 hour auto-shut off feature is great as I'm always forgetting to turn it off.

It is great for entertaining because you can brew your coffee in the pot, and then remove it from the base for cordless serving. The stainless body looks much better than walking around to your dinner guests with a glass carafe.

The lid, brew basket, and inside parts are dishwasher safe, though you are not to immerse the pot itself in water.

It makes 4-12 cups of coffee quickly, roughly a minute a cup, so 8 cups will take 8 minutes to brew. I suggest making at least 6 cups, because any less you don't get optimum flavor, plus you'll want to drink more than one cup.

Now I buy my beans fresh roasted and whole bean. I only grind what I am about to immediatly drink, and of the several ways I've tasted this coffee of mine, it tastes best in this machine.

It is a nice priced machine with a great combination of features, ease of use, durability and looks.
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on February 6, 2003
I must say I am VERY happy with the quality of the brewed coffee produced by this percolator. The brewed coffee is far superior to ANY drip coffemaker and, believe me, I've tried them all. The brewed coffee is akin to that produced in a coffee press--amazing since I never thought a coffee machine of any kind could produce the taste equivalent of coffee from a coffee press. Some have expressed disappointment with the base unit "burning out" and needing to be replaced. The inside of the coffee pot where the tube rests must be kept clean of residue. I think if you do that, you won't have a problem with the unit. I highly recommend this percolator if you want great tasting hot coffee.
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on August 10, 2007
We love percolated coffee. My husband kept forgetting to turn the old one off so we bought this one. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that you can't override the auto shut-off feature for when you are home, etc. Sometimes because I work a different schedule the coffee is cold by the time I get some. However, the pot is beautiful, easy to set and easy to clean. We love it. I would definitely buy it again! Recommendation to manufacturer to extend auto-shutoff time to 4 hours rather than 2.
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on August 30, 2013
worked good for a few months, but then burnt up.
I do however drink a lot of coffee, but this thing still should had lasted longer then it did.
I have a $10.00 coffee pot (drip type)from Wal-Mart that I have hauled all over the country with me for work, its still going strong, just like my coffee.

I do not recommend buying one of these, that is unless you are buying it to look at or just to store in the box. If you want to buy a coffee pot, go buy a old cheap-o pot and use it for years, then through it in the trash. I could have bought several like my current pot for the same price as this one was...
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on December 20, 2003
I have always loved percolated coffee rather than brings me back to my childhood when Mom and Dad used an old Corning percolator. It's hard to find a decent percolator these days. The old Cornings are gone (although you can probably buy a used one). I tried this Farberware 12-cup programmable about one year ago. The first problem that occurred was that the buttons to program the timer started to "crack" and "peel"...they were still usable, but it was unsightly consdering how much I spent on this product. The buttons themselves are microscopic. If you have trouble seeing, these buttons will frustate you to no end! The coffee tastes GREAT, but you still have the pesky grounds-in-the-coffee problem. Now, with only one year of usage, the top percolator part has completely snapped off, rendering it completely useless. It was definitely not worth the money to only get one year's use out of it. I expected better quality and am disappointed. I give it a 3, because the coffee IS very good.
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on July 11, 2007
I've had this pot for about 1 1/2 yrs now.
When it was new it made good coffee, no problem.
What others have said about the programing buttons cracking is true, we knew that when we bought it (from the reviews) and we were careful but they still cracked, but are still operable.
Bad design for pouring as it only dribbles out of the spout very slowly.

The main complaint is the thermal sensor has gone weak and it shuts off the pot way before the brewing cycle is over resulting in a weak tea instead of coffee. I called Salton (who now owns this part of Farberware) and there is "NO" replacement part that they can get as it's made in "China" and parts are unavailable even to them!
No one on the internet that I can find sells this small dime sized part for the 'FCP' model pots.

So one month after the warrentee is over I now have a paper weight.

I have replaced this unit with a 'Presto' 12 cup electric perk and although it does not have the programing feature, it works great and pours 'Very' well. Not as nice of a shine to the stainless steel as the Farberware though.
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on July 6, 2015
This product looks great and of good quality, I used it seasonally in my camper, and it was working great, but for some reason the temperature of the coffee is just a bit better then Luke warm now, it perks alright, but just does not get up to the right temperature, hoping if I clean the contact between the bottom of the coffee pot, and the plate it might help?
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on March 4, 2007
No one leaves my house without commenting about how delicious my coffee is. I have no secret recipe, but i do have a Farberware percolator and I love it! The reason the coffee is so good is two-fold. First, drip coffee passes through the grounds only once, but a perked cup passes many times, allowing the best flavor to steep through. Secondly, this coffee is served HOT! Hotter than any drip model out there, and I think I have tried them all. Once I stumbled on to this model, I quit searching!

This particular model is especially handy with its programmable feature and auto shutoff. If you make at least one pot of coffee every day, eventually you will have to replace your percolator; they do wear out. But the few days I spent trying to choke down drip coffee whilst awaiting delivery of my new Farberware FCP512S convinced me that the replacement was necessary.
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on March 16, 2004
Whereas I agree with those who have commented on this product's durability issues, your experience will depend on the application. In my case, I brought the coffee pot to work, where I brew one small (6 cups) pot a day. I haven't had the problems with the programming buttons (cracking and peeling) or the top knob coming off. I will admit that this pot is rather "dainty" and not recommended for "extreme" home use. However, if you want a consistently hot, strong and fast cup of coffee, this is a great coffee maker!
I also dislike the "grounds in the cup" syndrome, and tried to combat this by customizing a round filter. Unfortunately, the filter only clogged the drip mechanism and caused the coffee to overflow the basket, forcing even MORE grounds into the coffee! Keep the basket clean and the problem is minimized. Overall, one of the best cups of home brew I have ever made!
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on October 14, 2007
I have had this percolator for about a year-- actually a bit less than a year. We've been very happy with it. The coffee it makes is delicious, and the convenience of being free from the cord is great. One complaint is that I did find the little blinking signal dash hard to see, so it is difficult to tell whether or not the pot is still warming. I would have preferred a light.

Yesterday the little bulb at the top broke off. Luckily I had an old GE percolator (which had lasted only about two months), still in my pantry. And luckily its lid fits my Farberware. Otherwise we'd be drinking instant today. The moral of this story is: Keep your old appliances for parts. Now if my luck holds out, ACE Hardware will still carry those little glass bulbs that I used to buy for my coffee pots years ago. But if not, I guess a hybrid isn't so bad.
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