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on August 8, 2017
What a shame the public is so unaware of the terrible conspiracy of the CIA and FBI to kill and cover up their assassination of JFK. I am absolutely not a conspiracy nut. I was convinced for 40 years that the Warren Report was correct. Mellon's meticulously researched book, over eight years, uncovered hundreds of new bits of evidence to prove that, with the help of the Mafia and some Cuban nationals, the deed was done.
Brutal murders of witnesses, intimidation, bribery, and other tricks by our government agencies kept it quiet for so long, but now, as some remaining people alive are now losing their fear, and the FBI has lost some of its biting teeth, more truth is emerging.
For those who deny this still ... ask why both parties have continued to keep the remaining documents about the assassination (that haven't been destroyed, totally redacted or censured) locked up as top secret more than any other secrets in the nation's history.
Mellon condensed 1800 final pages of her original book into this complex tome which should interest any historian, and indeed, should have changed history.
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on November 5, 2007
For J. Mellen, it is an open secret that US intelligence services were directly involved in JFK's assassination. For their deadly feud with JFK, the latter himself gave the reasons: he wanted to `curb activities of spook outfits' and `splinter them in thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds.' He put all local intelligence offices under control of the US ambassadors.
Beside intelligence (`the clandestine arm of warfare interests in the US government'), the war machine corporations wanted in no way to attach their fortunes to the Kennedys.

The only legal action against the alleged perpetrators of the assassination came from a courageous district attorney, Jim Garrison. That he was very near (part of ) the truth is proven by the frontal vicious attacks launched against him and his investigation by intelligence itself. All legal and illegal means were good enough to destroy him.
But he was only near a part of the truth: the ground staff, not near those who ordered the murder, the upper level of the plotters.
Joan Mellen shows profusely how Oswald was continuously surrounded by intelligence agents and how the latter shared their beds with the Mafia. J. Garrison knew that he fought against `a secret state of its own' and `a major menace to the democracy we live in'.
The author reveals also that there was an alternative scapegoat in the wings, if the framing of Oswald would not succeed, and, more controversially, that Bob Kennedy was against Garrison's investigation, because he thought he needed `to gain the presidency to deal with the facts of his brother's death.'

This book throws a shrill light on the Pravda-like media (C. Johnson) who are creating a Kafkaesque world which has nothing to do with this world's political and economic realities. Another example in this book: the U2 Powers incident in 1956 was a provocation to kill détente between Eisenhower and Khrushchev.
This book is a must read for all those who are interested in the most important coup d'état of the 20th century and who want to understand the world we live in.
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on September 21, 2008
Although this book is a credible continuation of Garrison's impressive work, unlike Garrison's three books, which are beautifully, coherently and convincingly written, the style of this one is self-destructively disjointed, gossipy, and just barely coherent. Sadly, it has adopted a style reminiscent of the very CIA disinformation tracts that have been used over the last 40 years to discredit Garrison and his impressive work. Despite its self-destructive style, this is still an important book --among only a handful that seem to have a secure handle on the events and people that led to JFK's assassination. It correctly ridicules the Warren Commission Report as an exercise in "exorcism," a fantasy that at least for a while, accomplished its task of "pinning the tail of the assassination donkey" on "everybody's favorite Commie," Lee Harvey Oswald.

Importantly, it recognized (as did District Attorney Jim Garrison) that the epicenter of the plot that ended in JFK's death was probably hatched in Langley, but finalized in New Orleans and carried out by "hired mechanics" in Dallas. It was New Orleans and its environs where most of the dots could be connected that led up the chain to offices in Langley and inevitably on to Dallas. It was there that Clay Shaw, as the Managing Director of the "CIA front," the New Orleans International Trade Mart, was also the apparent "second line" manager of the JFK assassination plot. The New Orleans International Trade Mart was itself but one link in a longer and tighter chain connected directly to a similar "CIA front" in Rome called "Centro Mondiale Commerciale," which was a replacement for the more notorious "CIA Front" PERMINDEX, based in Switzerland. All three apparently were at Shaw's disposal for among others nefarious things, funneling untraceable money to fund CIA activities.

Jim Garrison went to his death with the belief that the same team within the CIA that had carried out the overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala, namely, Lawrence Houston, Richard Helms, James Jesus Angleton, E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Phillips, also planned the JFK assassination. And although there is only scant circumstantial evidence presented here that this was in fact the case, it is powerful evidence nonetheless. This book demonstrates "guilty and conspiratorial connections" all along the chain of the plot: from the ground grunts, the actual shooters (probably rabid anti-Castro Cubans or hired foreign professional hitmen), to the third line managers and planners of the mechanics of the assassination (Guy Bannister and David Ferrie), to the second line manager, Clay Shaw (Bannister's handler), on up the chain to the first line managers in Langley mentioned above.

It was New Orleans where the den of vipers, headed by ex-FBI SAC and CIA asset, Guy Bannister, at 544 Camp Street was engaged in all manner of nefarious activities designed to undermine and embarrass JFK and his Cuban policies: from directing Cuban exile attacks against Castro, to purchasing and storing weapons, to managing the activities that would advance the "legend" of Oswald as a patsy. New Orleans was where the mysterious but central player David Ferrie operated ubiquitously engaged in all manner of activities associated with assassination planning and execution. It was also New Orleans where mobster Carlos Marcello, lived. Recall that it was Marcello (as well as Santos Trafficani) who had accurately predicted that "JFK would be hit." It was Clinton, Louisiana, near New Orleans, where Shaw, Ferrie, Bannister and Oswald were spotted together during the summer of 1963, apparently in an effort by them to "darken" Oswald's record as a "Communist Pro-Castro malcontent." We also discover here (on page 43) that Lee Harvey Oswald at the age of 16, was recruited into the CIA via the Marine Corps by (CIA Asset) David Ferrie, who was at the time Oswald's Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Commander. Recently released document also reveal that Oswald also went on to become both a CIA, FBI, ONI, and a Customs undercover agent and asset.

These are a few of the many isolated facts that are unnecessarily thrown together willy-nilly in this book. Undoubtedly one of the reasons it may have been done has been to protect anonymous sources, but it could have been done also as a way of "stretching tenuous facts." However, without the necessary connective tissue, without a context, without a convincing theory of the assassination, throwing facts together willy-nilly does not add up to a convincing case against those who are "probably guilty." This case, very much is presented like the O.J. Simpson case was presented: the evidence against "the guily" is overwhelming, but the case is so badly botched, that any sensible jury would have to give the accused (the CIA in this case) "a pass."

There is no theory, no overarching theoretical framework, no hypothesis in which to place this mosaic. It gives hints and suggestions that mere hatred of the Kennedys was sufficient for CIA's clandestine services, to begin the wheels turning of a "vast right wing conspiracy" that ended in JFK's murder. How credible is that? It is simply left up to the reader to draw his own conclusions.

Well, the fact is that most of us have drawn our own conclusions, what we needed but did not get here was an author who could put together a coherent and logically sound case that refuted the "cock-and-bull story" sold to us in the Warren Commission Report. This book came close, and gets "an A" for effort, but still gets no bananas.

Five stars for the research, three for the writing, and four for the book as a whole.
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on September 19, 2015
I enjoyed the in depth information throughout the book. The sad part is how those in power control the media and will discredit anyone who opposes their agenda even if it's removing a president. I highly recommend it.
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on December 24, 2013
An objective look at Garrison's investigation. This is in in-depth analysis of all that Garrison went through, including the mistakes and turncoats in his own investigative corp. It genuinely shows the monolith that government becomes to protect itself and its decisions.
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on September 28, 2016
Excellent expose of CIA subversion of justice in America.
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on April 23, 2016
Another good book.
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on November 2, 2014
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on August 8, 2015
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on November 26, 2010
The book starts off slowly, and I had trouble staying awake through the humdrum details of Jim Garrison's early life. My reason for buying the book was to get more information on the Kennedy assassination, not the life story of a Louisiana DA. The only thing that kept me reading it was that I'm a Louisiana native, I've never fallen for the "long gunman" theory, and the book does contain facts about the conspiracy and cover-up that weren't revealed in the waste of time and taxpayer dollars known as the "Warren Commission". The thickness of the book is a bit misleading. Only about 2/3 of its pages are the actual story. The other 1/3 are the author's notes, basically the sources of her information. Only the most dedicated historian and/or conspiracy theory fan would wade through that stuff. The $20 price tag was high, but I suppose they are considering the amount of time it took for the author to research all this data. 130 pages of notes (sources) is a LOT of legwork, but that isn't the reason I bought the book. Overall, it's not something I would recommend to other readers.
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