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Fargo: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$19.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 17, 2014
When I first heard that Fargo was being made into a limited TV series, I almost immediately figured it would be hot garbage. I had no idea why they wanted to make a series about the movie (...money...) because the movie Fargo was such a classic. Surely they would find a way to mess this up. Much to my surprise the series was incredible, and to be honest, I enjoy it more than the movie. The show perfectly captures atmosphere and the dramatic/comedic elements from the classic Coen brothers movie and expands upon it. It is pure entertainment.

Obviously the acting is top-notch with actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Bob Odenkirk, Allison Tolman (surprisingly good), and Colin Hanks. Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo is by far my favorite character on the show. He give an incredible performance each episode.

This is my favorite new show of 2014 and hopefully we can get another season in the near future! I can't wait to re-watch this series on blu-ray.
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on March 26, 2017
Waited a long time for this to be re-run on tv or cable. So, finally purchased it. The DVDs are not formatted too well, if you blink, you will miss whole episodes. There is NOT a list of them that shows on the screen, so you need to play with a couple of directional "guns figures" to be able to switch from one to the other. That, or just hit play all. Like I said, I missed episodes on the first dvd until I figured it out...not too smart, seems like a cheap copy than a professional made tape. Video quality is as good as expected for a DVD, and has subtitles. All in all, I'm satisfied with having watching this incredible program once more.
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on February 4, 2016
I don't think there's anything I can add to the other reviews or what pop culture and the critics have already weighed in on. The only surprising thing is that I am so familiar with the Fargo movie and so familiar with the other work of the cast members I was absolutely dreading this - I did not think or see how it could possibly be compelling. I was wrong. Once I recognized Martin Freeman and realized everyone was going to be full-on Minnesota, all the time, every day and night, and that Billy Bob was going to not just chew scenery, but spit it out and build log cabins with it - I had to watch it and ended saving the episodes so it didn't go by too fast. Like reading a long Stephen King novel - that still goes by too fast. Season 2 was better in some ways. And we have 3 to look forward to - so life just got about 1% better. That's not bad for a TV show. My frame of reference going in was Game of Thrones and the Sopranos. Hard to make direct comparisons, but it is special in it's own way. But no - spoiler alert - none of it is true! (the Coens lie! - it's a thematic element)
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on June 28, 2016
The acting is superb, and certain episodes are amazing. I especially love the episode with the shootout in the blizzard. However, there are major plot holes that make absolutely no sense as well as impossible coincidences that drive the action. There are a few moments of violence more gratuitous than anything I've ever seen that offer an interesting contrast when the mousy Lester is the perpetrator, but Lorne's often unnecessary and continuous murder spree gets old pretty fast. But it's still entertaining and worth watching once. Despite being far from perfect, I respect this show's ambition.
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on July 2, 2014
Fox has again brought a show to television that leaves the staid, old, repetitive recipe, run of the mill programming, standing behind wondering what just passed them leaving sand in their face. The show, albeit utilizing the movie Fargo as its progenitor, has created its own fresh, in-your-face (while at the same time bringing a whole new meaning to subtlety) performance rather than depending on the same (although superlative) style format that the film employed. From the first to the last episode, Fargo proves to be an incredible new show from Fox - that is assuming the viewer enjoys being challenged by a program that (1) utilizes scripts so well written that it takes the word "unpredictable" to a whole new level, (2) conceptually employs an approach that so effectively uses dark comedy that even Joseph Heller would have a chuckle (that comedy all the while occurring in a world that can only be described as kafkaesque) and (3) has a cast in roles that are so well played that one day, when looking back, their performance in Fargo should add great definition as to their creative capabilities. The end result of the aforementioned elements, is that when combined, an environment is created that makes it all too easy for the viewer to step into, and become part of, the bizarre world of Fargo - at least for the duration of the episodes (which is the ultimate goal of every theatrical style performance).
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on December 18, 2014
I kind of hate thinking people are this stupid (as in this series), but then I think of the people I know and realize the characters are closer to realistic than not. Filled with dark humor, irony and cynicism but a kind of love for people who aren't extraordinary or driven by man pain and tragic pasts. It's also visually pleasing and Alison Tolman is delightful - the star of it all for me. Well worth buying and watching more than once. Billy Bob Thornton as Malvo imbues the character with a sardonic malevolence that is fascinating; rather like looking to the side and discovering a rattlesnake is resting on the seat next to you. It isn't interested in you unless you bother it, but your heart thumps harder because it's right there.

I found it deeper and more rewarding and more human than the original Coen brothers movie of the same title, but also a clear successor, without being at all a retread.
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on October 14, 2014
first off... this is a great tv show... love the format of this show... like American Horror Story, the show is going to have a new story every season... this show definitely captures the feel of the movie... while being original on its own!

but many people have and will post here about the merits and details of the show... which i would only duplicate if i mentioned them too... so what i want to point out is that the Bluray versin i just got today (release day) came with an UNANNOUNCED bonus of a Collectible Beanie hat with the Fargo logo printed on it! ... i love it whenever i get more than what was advertised! :)
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Enthusiast: Star Warson October 31, 2015
This takes the Movie a step further.. I rated the movie 9... this is the first 10 I've awarded since West Wing... and to be honest.. it is better than West Wing. The writing and acting are superb.. please can we have more.. and if not why not make a series about the "Billy Bob Thornton" character I was doubtful about the casting of my fellow countryman Martin Freeman in the role but he has made it his own... brilliant timing and delivery. I love the way they manage to weave comedy into the drama.. the Bullies (Hess) two son's fighting in the background was a touch that even Charlie Chaplin would have admired. The strength in depth of each character makes you never want to miss a second. It is a long time since I really looked forward to the next episode of a series. MORE please..
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on May 7, 2015
Brilliantly conceived and told. Like others, I was more than skeptical when I heard that what's arguably the greatest of the Coen Brothers' film achievements was to be turned into a TV series. It sounded like hubris, if not outright blasphemy, on the part of the writer-producer. What was next? A mini-series version of Citizen Kane? But the show (executive produced by the Coen Bros) is worthy of the film—and then some. And while it echoes the original, it's an entirely new, and far more complex story, with less ironic distance, and more quiet profundity, than the Coen Bros film.

By turns touching, hilarious, and terrifying, Fargo Season 1 is a riveting meditation on the nature of evil (among other things). Full of strange moments of Zen-like beauty, hilarious but enraging insights into the banality of existing power structures, and the fragility of love and family, it unfolds like a dream ... but one shaped by a relentless logic. Beautifully acted by a magically cast ensemble of brilliant actors, it will keep you guessing and hoping until its last moments.
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on July 16, 2017
Best of the series. Very much in line with the movie style. Great acting and actors, great storytelling. Dark of course as it is made in the style of the movie. Now it's own genre, not-true true stories. Well worth a watch. Top talent doing really good work. Season two is also good but slower and more methodical. Season three is a good concept and great actors again but it did not resonate with me as mush. Was not as connected to it, but most people,will love it.
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