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We all know the drill. JC, astronaut, is shot through a wormhole and joins up with a crew of a ship, a living ship, as they blast through space one season at a time. Along the way they run into multiple baddies, destroy a wide array of bases, depositories, and even a few civilizations, and they also become something of a family. Sometimes that makes for humor, sometimes for seasons of sadness, and sometimes for thrilling adventure.

Such is Farscape.

For those who don't know about the series all that well, it is one of the few I'd tout as a complete product that can't be hyped enough. Following the exploits of John C. and the crew was a thrilling whirlwind to take part in because it evoked so many emotions and rewarded you, the viewer, for riding shotgun through the wormhole. You saw the transitions from character introduction plots and awkward travels to the becoming of crew labelled with words like "notoriety," "infamy," and a message filled with the hope for a better tomorrow. You even had the "little things" handed to you, from references to brushing teeth and how alien lifeforms could communicate, and you got it all with an Earth twist. Personally I've never pulled for "the good guy" before, not really one to touch base with the cliche characters in most shows, but the crew of Moya was different. They actually touched me with their plights and the ways they could always turn a bad situation into something worse and still come out alive, and I found myself addicted to it by the end of Season Two. That all seemed to come to an abrupt end when the plug was pulled on the series, though, and many people weren't happy with the cliffhanger ending. So, amidst a flurry of protest and the knowledge that Farscape sells, the Peacekeeper Wars was born.

Vaguely commenting, the storyline picks right up where we left off, taking into consideration a few things I didn't think of and setting off a war that everyone watching knew was going to come. You could smell it brewing, the Scarrans threatening too many people and Scorpius standing too close to that end, and when it falls it falls beautifully. I was actually taken by all the digital love the series was shown in this miniseries, shocked in a way by the amount of currency I saw circulating in those lovely ship battles, and I loved it. Added to this is the continuation of the tale of the main characters, with even Rygel getting a little news of home and the promise of things to come. And those these comments have to be vague, I can say with certainty that the storyline flowed and wasn't forced. If you liked the series, you'll love the taste of this brew as well, with all its emotional kicks in tow.

One other thing to note in all of this is that EVERYONE was back and taking part in this epic piece. I'm not talking about the crew and the main biggies, either, but I'm instead filtering through the "little guys" and happily noting their faces. Bracca, possibly one of my favorites, is joined by an array of people that take part in the series, again rewarding people that were perhaps wondering where they'd all gone. By and large, it is a complete set of faces to admire (and without that "guest spot" taste).

So, in a nutshell, buy this BUT ONLY if you've kept up with the series. If not, it would be akin to reading the final chapter in a book and trying to taste the textures. To those who wanted it, though, it has come and it felt good to have more. By the frelling gods, I'm still pumped up from seeing it.
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on October 28, 2016
This stands alone as a great action packed sci-fi adventure of epic scale for those new to the series. That it concludes the series makes it even better. I feel that most loose ends were tied up nicely. As someone who only recently binge watched the entire series for the first time I can not understand the negative reviews for Peacekeeper Wars, it was a pretty seamless transition and only a few subtle clues such as stars aging made it apparent it took years to finish. It was very entertaining on its own right and the cgi was as always superb. Some of the makeup did flag and wasnt up to previous Henson standards but still better than most out there now. It really is a fantastic series, that starts off slowly but like all other great scifi series ends on a bang. The product itself was good, came in clear, no problems of quality.

we wont see such a series again, no corporation will allow artists and writers the years to develop such costly quality programming nowadays, its all packaged in small episodic 'seasons' and out the door if veiwer count drops an inch.
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on January 28, 2015
It has been almost 10 years since I bought all of the Farscape Collection DVDs and I still love them. It's a show that I accidentally came across reruns of on TV when I was in High School. I kept watching the episode and laughing about how cheesy it was and by the end...I found myself hooked. That's how it starts with sci fi shows ha ha. I am particularly fond of these "Collection" DVDs rather than the season DVDs. At the time the full season DVDs were not available and I worried that I was going to end up spending more money in the end but I was wrong. It turns out I didn't lose out on anything and I am so glad to have them now. Each collection has it's own picture of the Leviathan on the side that is only a full picture when each DVD case is put next to the other. With collections of all the seasons I have beautiful artwork to display on my DVD shelf. I highly recommend this show to sci fi lovers and these "collection" DVDs as well if they stick around. Each and every collection comes with extras so rather than just one "extras" DVD per season, you get 3! Pretty awesome deal. :)
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on February 24, 2007
It's gets a 4 ONLY because the case it comes in is so bad, otherwise it's a 5.

You already know Farscape if you have made it to season 4, it's great and original. Albeit Season 4 is the weakest season of them all, so I'm going to tell you about the product and not the show.

ADV as many know totally screwed up the first 6 releases of Season 1 and 2 with there double sided problematic disc. So they fixed it with Season 3 and Season 4, but could ADV have picked a worst case design? I have yet to get a case were the tabs that hold the disc in weren't broken on at least one of the disc if not more. Everyone (case) a received came with loose disc and broken tabs, everyone! The overlapping disc make it difficult to get them in and out and while they seem to fall off the tab holders fairly easily they at the same time seem really hard to get out once they are secured by the tabs. I thought more than once I was going to break a disc getting them out.

Farscape is a 5 without doubt, season 4 extras are a little less but that's not a big deal to me. I just wish ADV the company that released the Starburst edition had a little quality control. Granted the Starbust is for the most part, affordable and packed with extras, but that doesn't give you a pass on quality. As I understand it, as of this writing Sony has aquired the rights to Farscape and ADV will not be releasing anymore sets. Perhaps Sony will re-release them in a quality set that is problem free.
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on January 6, 2011
With 3 editions of the series out on DVD, the ADV version, Starburst and the Big Boxed set the Starburst edition is still my favorite I think and yes I have all three :). The "cool farscape facts" and other little extra's make me like it more then the others. All three editions have pretty much the same commentaries and the like but I like the extra little bits the Starburst editions gave. The only problem I had with the starburst editions is that some of the early runs of the disk sets were double sided disks which gave my dvd player fits and caused me some headaches as I had to flip the disks. (Note that by double sided I mean there was stuff on both sides of the disks and after watching one side you flipped the disk over and watched the other side. If you can you may want to make sure you are getting a set with four disks with material only on one side as these played better.)

Anyways the tv series was one of my favorites and I still bust out the DVDs and watch them. I really miss the tv series. There are also a couple books and there is a comic book series running but nothing can replace the tv series in my opinion.
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on January 3, 2007
Better late than never, I guess. When the show first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, I seemed to always catch it at bad time. I was on the way out, company showed up, the dog got out, etc. Coupled wth the incessant commercial breaks on the afore-mentioned channel, it spelled disaster for my attention span. I'd start to go along for the ride, but lose interest between commercial breaks that ran on and on. Plus, as I recall there was a glut of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargates, etc. at the time, and I was a bit cynical and burned out on sci-fi in general. I didn't pay enough attention, and didn't give it a chance. In short, I blew it!!!

Fortunately, I recently had an opportunity to sit down with disk one in this series and within five minutes of viewing the pilot episode, I was hooked. It's sci-fi adventure at it's very best. Mind-boggling, eye-candy special effects, wonderful and exotic characters, and something we don't get enough of in science fiction anymore-excellent acting and quirky, original story-writing! This seres was produced in Australia by Australians, and it's obvous they enjoyed the creative freedom to cut loose.

I ultimately collected the entire series, and watch the episodes over and over. Every time, without fail, they seem fresher and more original than anything on the tube right now. I can't recommend the series enough.
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on March 1, 2011
Good advice if playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. But in a TV show, where the characters are starting to get in each other's way - splitting the group into two smaller stories isn't a bad idea. Now, with each episode we can switch back and forth, one episode with Moya's crew, and one episode with Talyn's crew, and then back again. It is wonderful, because you know that one John will win Aeryn's heart. And if that is true, what will the other John do? Add the fact that PeaceKeepers are still on their tail, at the same time Scorpius is getting closer to finding out how wormhole technology is working, and you have time running out for John and his friends. And the Scarrans are also after the science of making wormholes too!
Lots of extras but frankly the story really hit's the mark with this set - drama, humor, action, and great interaction between the characters. Putting Rygel and Stark together on the same ship was brilliant!
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on November 29, 2007
I love Farscape. Even episodes I don't like, I still love because the show at its worst was still better than anything else I've found on television before or since.

This collection from Season 2 begins with arguably the best stand alone episode of the series. Out of Their Minds takes the conventional scifi tactic of having characters switch bodies and blows it out of the water. The entire crew switches bodies not once, but twice. As the episode progresses the audience is treated to some of the best acting of the series as the actors embody each other to perfection.

The Look At The Princess trilogy is the first three episode arc Farscape has attempted and the first of two this season. While not the strongest trilogy of the series, plot lines are advanced, characters evolve and in typical Farscape fashion the suspense, thrills and stakes are extreme.

In My Three Crichtons, Ben Browder gets to stretch his considerable acting muscles and play not one, but three different incarnations of John. That alone makes this episode worth watching. Throw in a very thought provoking ending and the episode is worth it.

Beware of Dog is an episode I love not for the main plot so much as the character development that effortlessly occurs with it. John and Aeryn's love story-which got a major boost in the LatP trilogy-gets a further nudge here. John's descent into madness as a result of the neurochip Scorpius implanted in his brain continues at breakneck speed.

Lastly, Won't Get Fooled Again takes us back to Earth, only something is very, very wrong. This time around, John immediately realizes he's not really on Earth. Familiar faces show up playing very different roles. The Scorpius Clone offers him advice and encouragement, letting him know what's really going on. The episode is darkly hysterical, with an emphasis on the hysteria.

All in all, this collection offers some of the strongest episodes of the season (and series) along with a few episodes I consider weaker. But as I said, any Farscape is amazing and every episode keeps me glued to the screen-even for the fifth or sixth viewing.
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on September 14, 2006
Finally, I can give this series 5 stars. As with many other people, the first 6 collections were very problematic, freezing, skipping, popping or just flat out not playing. While some die hard fans mark my reviews unhelpful as I report the disc quality and not the quality of the show! (I figure you know what you are buying! and would better like to know the quality of what you are getting.) The series is a solid 5 in my book, and has always been so, but not the first 6 collections due to the double sided, dual layer format that caused so many to be returned, as with other folks here I too had to return 4 of the 6 before I was able to get a collection that would play properly. WITH THIS COLLECTION ... ADV finally saw the light! They released the collection on single sided disc, and while I'm not happy with ADV as I asked if there was a problem with them long, long ago and they just acted as if it was the first time they heard anything. I had to contact them as I was having trouble getting a RMA AGIAN for a bad disc, by correcting the release and putting them on 4 disc instead of 2 they have all but admitted there was in fact a PROBLEM! Even though they would not admit it months ago. I even have an email from them stating there was no plan to release them on 4 disc! I guess they got as tired of complaints as buys got of returning them. The single sided collection is far better than the prior as you would think in quality, no skipping, no popping, no freezing, nothing but good solid Farscape fun and entertainment, without having to try and skip over bad spots or fiddle with to get it to play.

We can only hope that ADV will offer a trade in offer on those releases already out to upgrade to the problem free collection. Sure it will cost them money, but it cost those of us with bad disc time and money to find one(s) that worked. (A 80 mile roundtrip drive for me in rural Kentucky) The very least they could do is to offer a replacement collection at cost for the first 6 collections. As of this writing I do not know if they plan to release the first 6 collections (2 seasons) on single sided disc or not, however a wise company would. My guess is you will find a lot of 2 disc collections on eBay if they do. Again a great series finally on enough disc to justify buying it. Plenty of extras over the boxset releases, albeit again many are repeated from disc to disc and collection to collection, overall good video and audio quality for hours of viewing. Well worth adding to your collection for those Farscape fans, just hope the first 6 releases are corrected and re-issued.
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on August 20, 2005
Farscape is some of the best SciFi to hit any screen, large or small. I got to know Farscape when it came up as something I might like on Amazon while I was looking for the latest release of Stargate SG-1. I ordered the first two episodes, just to have a look, and I was hooked. Farscape is innovative, fast-paced, funny, sexy and thought provoking, among other things. I already own all of the episodes and the mini-series, "The Peacekeeper Wars". Now I'm collecting the Starburst releases and passing my old ones on to my sister, who is also hooked. The Starburst Collections are awesome. The extras are top-notch; such as the deleted scenes and "Cool Farscape Facts" with the added plus of coming from the perspective of the entire series run. I was thrilled with the inclusion of the original season two opening episode, "Re-Union" on the fourth Starburst edition. This one has the addition of never-before-seen "Director's Cut" scenes. My greatest hope for the series is that the Starburst Collections will continue on right through "The Peacekeeper Wars". I'm already looking forward to that one.
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