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on January 20, 2009
WOW WOW WOW! Is all I can think of saying. I am very impressed by Ellen's Fat Burning Fusion DVD.
As a new Mommy of an 8 month old baby, this workout allows me to burn fat thru aerobics. HOWEVER, unlike any other workout video I have ever done, at the same time, it releases my stress and makes my muscles feel great. I'll attribute this to the perfect pace/tempo of the music and workout as well as all the amazing message like stretches that heal my body after a day of lifting and lugging my baby everywhere!

As a professional singer/songwriter, I need to keep in tip top shape so I can be strong to travel and stand for long performances. II have added this workout as well as Fahtiems' Belly Dance Boot Camp Volume 2 and walking to my weekly workout agenda. Counting carbs and monitoring them is also part of my plan. I have lost a few inches in 2 weeks and have lost 5 pounds.

michelle gold
You Know Me
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on September 3, 2008
Ellen Barrett has her own style of workout she's developed specifically for women. Her goal is to combine cardio, toning and stretching together simultaneously instead of doing them separately, and she does this by a "fusion" of workout elements taken from pilates, yoga, dance/ballet, sports fitness and more traditional calisthenics and aerobics. Plus she aspires to arrange these elements into a flowing, low-stress, low-impact yet cardio-, musclar- and stretching-intense workout that is complimentary to the female body. Sounds like a Herculean task, doesn't it? Well, thankfully Barrett's been at this for quite awhile - she is a former tennis pro who got into aerobics and fitness in the 80's - and so really knows what she's doing. As result she's succeeded in making a very efficient, effective and comfortable workout style that works your entire body. Barrett's approach is so efficient and comfortable that you'll probably not even realize how much of a workout this is until you've done it a few times and become more aware of how this makes your body work. As for effective - when I started doing Barrett's FitTV workouts, I noticed improvement in stamina, strength, flexibility and body tone with a couple weeks, when I discovered how much easier housecleaning and daily tasks had become, that my jeans were bit looser around the waist and how my thigh and bicep muscles were little more defined.

This particular workout on this DVD is mostly standing, with only a bare minimal of matwork. Count that as a major positive - standing exercises are not only helpful with improving your heart strength and blood flow to your extremities, the simple act of bearing you own weight during exercise improves your bone density and prevents bone loss, particularly in the spine and hips - the bones often most affected by osteopenia and osteoporosis. Plus, I personally like that you can do this workout barefoot. My feet really appreciate any opportunity to exercise without socks, shoes and all that sweat. While Barrett doesn't use weights in this workout, I suppose one could use 1-2 lb ankle and wrist weights of the workout. But I find this workout sufficiently intense enough without any added weights. While many exercises are similar to what you'll find in her "Pilates Sculpt" and "Slo-robics" workouts on FitTV's Allstar Workouts, they are done in a very different order and with additional exercises not seen on the FitTV workouts. Also, Barrett goes a little more indepth with the technique, form and logic of the exercises. This is overall a more challenging and intense workout, partly because you don't get commercial breaks and partly because, since there's no breaks, Barrett gets into more diverse series that really make your muscles work and stretch. I was doing her FitTV workouts 3-5 times a week for several weeks now before I got this DVD, and I still work up quite a good sweat with this one. In fact the first few times, I had to modify some of the exercise or take a break when my arms or thighs were getting a little too tired.

There's is quite a bit of pliés and other knee-bending work, but I found the entire workout very agreeable for my 30-something knees. Like her FitTV workout, Barrett's flowing, low-impact combos are not only easy on the knees, but can safely strengthen and flex the knee region, which can potentially alleviate some types of knee pain. If you're still worried about knee strain, these exercise are quite doable if you need to wear a knee brace or patella band, or one could easily change the width of stance of the range of motion to make it easier on problem knees. This workout is also very good for problem ankles and feet, as a lot of these exercises strengthen and flex those areas as well.

Another plus about this workout is, again like her FitTV workouts , this is a phenomenal workout for the back and spine. Got lower back pain? Is your back often stiff, tired and achy? Want better posture? Give this workout a try. Barrett puts special attention to strengthening and flexing the back safely and effectively with a variety of twists, bends and stretches spread throughout the workout. Thanks to her "fusion" approach, these exercise are also very beneficial for your other core muscles. I have found these exercises so helpful in alleviating back pain and stiffness that I'll do a few of them whenever my back's giving me trouble - it works better than pain pills or a heating pain!

Lastly, this is a very feminine and stressing-relieving workout. Because most the exercises are simultaneously working one muscles group while stretching another, you'll likely feel little in the way of cramping or soreness, and it give your body a diverse range of motion to release any tension. Also a lot of these movements are very flattering to the female form, improving your muscle tone and posture for more feminine body shape. In additional to improving your tone and posture, Barrett's employs a "mind-body" approach that helps you mentally connect with your body and how it moves. This really improves gracefulness, body awareness and overall poise as well as allows you to better relax and rechannel stress into constructive energy.
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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2009
I have always enjoyed Ellen Barrett's workouts. There are days when my ankles just can stand another jumping jack, and it is on those days when I put in Ellen Barret's low-impact workout. Even though they are low impact, my heartrate is still high during the entire workout. You will enjoy Ellen's cueing and modifications if you need them...very well produced.
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on May 4, 2010
I really love this dvd. It makes you sweat & gets your heart rate up but doesn't kill you. After I was done I almost jumped up and down. It was that good. I love Ellen she is by fare my favorite trainer. I have her older crunch dvd's and I loved them too. There is a good change in her studio work outs. Its like she got better with age. LOve LOve Love!!!
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on August 23, 2010
Well, for starters, the IDEA of the low-impact standing Pilates workout is what grabbed my attention. Before purchasing this DVD, I enjoyed working out to Leslie Sansone in-home walking workout DVDs (I still do, just not as often), and I wasn't at all familiar with or even aware of Ellen. However, since I live on the 8th floor, I felt the need to find a workout that would be powerful and help me to sculpt a lean, graceful body without making stomping noises, for the sake of the poor tenants living on the 7th floor. Since I rarely have the patience to do exercises on the mat, I thought I hit gold here when I found this title online. This was it--the low-impact STANDING PILATES WORKOUT! I thought it'd be a piece of cake. Something to do casually, whenever I could spare the time, before going to work in the morning. A breeze. Boy was I wrong. This NEVER FAILS to break me into a sweat. Not just a little dampness, either, it's dripping sweat that I refer to. It's summer right now and of course the hot weather is probably making me sweat by default, but this is a TOUGH workout. It's certainly not for "sissies." Form is so so SO important. Each time I do it, I appreciate it even more. I feel that my arms are becoming more lean, and I can see that this is having positive effects on my entire body. At first the plie squats were seriously getting on my nerves and annoying the heck out of my knees, but the more I do them the easier they get, and the more capable I become of doing them. Not to say that this is a perfect DVD--for instance, I wish Ellen would give more specific instruction on HOW to do certain moves instead of constantly repeating to "stand up tall" and "lift the heart." Overall, I think this is a great workout for those who are looking to tone and sculpt and stretch their bodies. It will certainly break a sweat, but not in the way you may be used to. If you're looking to breeze through your workout and not think too much (and I certainly enjoy these types of workouts as well), this probably isn't for you. For those types of workouts, I recommend Leslie Sansone DVDs or just plain running.
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on January 22, 2010
I think it is important to realize that everyone's fitness level is not the same and to look at the results that this and Ellen's other dvds provide, both physically and mentally. I think Ellen appeals to so many people because her workouts can be done at all levels and she always offers a modification. Regarding some of the reviews that criticize the lack of cardio, I think we need to be realistic about what this dvd really is. I do this work out in the mornings (and switch off with her other videos) before work and it's just the right amount of movement to get my blood flowing and get me stretched out for the day. As well, the breathing and the flow of the movements help clear the mind and get you focused. I do alternate cario workouts (running) and stregnth training dvds throughout the week and find this to be a good supplement to Ellen's workouts. I look forward to her workouts, whereas I may not be super excited to run or lift weights. If you stick with her workouts, you will see results. The tops of and the inner parts of my legs are firmer than they have ever been as just a runner. You will get that long and lean look with her videos and for those of you that miss the weights, the sweat and the cardio, try the series she did with Self magazine and use a five pound set.
PS: She is not not boring either. She is lovely and nice. :) Repetition is expected so go with the flow.
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on November 14, 2013
This is one of my favorite videos! I am 26 years old, a newly graduated physician, and I have played sports for over 15 years now. I have tried many workouts including in the gym and at home. I have lots of workout DVDs...some are great, some are okay, but it's nice to have a lot so that I can mix it up. If you do the same workout DVD every day you will get muscle memory and the workouts will get easier and eventually be less effective. I do this video quite frequently and have definitely seen results.

-You don't need any weights - you use your own body weight. (Keep in mind that you really need to focus though when this is the case. It's up to you to keep your core/arms/legs tight while doing the exercises or it won't work as well.)
- You really don't even need a mat - I just do this on the carpet in my home
- It's gentle (no vigorous jumping) yet gets my heart racing (when done properly with focus)
- It's great for the legs especially
- Even though I'm 26 and pretty healthy, I would feel comfortable recommending this to older or overweight individuals. I have even recommend this to my mother, who is older and not in the best shape. It can be pretty gentle if you take it slowly and can be a great place to start. If you do exactly what she does, at her speed, and with proper form, it can be VERY tough and a great workout. It's what you want it to be!

- You are basically in a squatting position almost the whole time. This is very hard on the legs at first if you're not used to it. Also, there's a ton of bending, so you need proper technique so as not to hurt your knees. Sometimes when I don't focus, I do the squats incorrectly and then get pretty bad knee pain and need to take a few days off. Just be mindful to avoid this and look up a youtube video of proper form for squats.
- It's pretty long - about 45 min. It starts out really slow. Sometimes I prefer a quick 20 min Jillian Michaels workout just to get it over with. But I will say, this video is kinda fun and relaxing in a weird way - it makes it go by faster.
- It's not as great for toning arms as it is for legs. I really believe weights are the way to go for the arms.

All in all - this WILL give you results. But, as with anything, there is no quick fix. You should buy a few other workout DVDs (don't buy her pilates one's basically the exact same thing), but try others to mix it up a bit. Eat healthy too - that is a must. Hope this helps!
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on March 4, 2008
What a great workout! Not the same old thing. After doing the video for the first time yesterday, I feel just the right amount of soreness that tells me I worked out arms and legs in a meaningful way-- and I enjoyed the workout tremendously. A wonderful complement to weight routines-- lots of nice lengthening moves. It's clear that a lot of thought and preparation went into the design of the routine. And Ellen has got to be the least irritating video trainer I have experienced in a long time. The cueing is excellent. I could not be more enthusiastic. I immediately bought several more of her videos and am eagerly awaiting delivery.
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on November 24, 2012
I have never done any of her work outs, I am a huge jillian michaels fan but needed a break from her...I tried this and I have to admit this first time I did it I thought to myself "you have to be kidding me" with some of the moves...but i have grown to LOVE this's low impact but makes you sweat and you feel it!!! I sweat just as much as my Jillian work out's. Afterwards I feel great and my posture feels so much better too. The time flies by as well. Def does not feel like 45 minutes.
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on March 21, 2010
My sister is an avid exercise dvd buyer-i think she calls her clan 'vidiots' hm.-anyway, she roccomended ellen barrett to me. After previewing both this and barefoot cardio, I picked fbf. I previewed, and then about-regretably-a month later, I actually started doing it. Some have had complaints about the cuing, on the contrary, I thought she had excellent cuing in comparison to ybb, hemalyaa, and the skinny b!tch series. She was easy to follow, the work out itself was pretty fluid, and it made me feel graceful. It was easy enough to do it while the video was going, then the next day, I could feel it in my core and 'back fat' region. I'm usually pretty uninspired, because I have a good metabolism-dont hate me!-and dont have to exercise, but I know its good for my mind and body. With this dvd I really felt the connection. With ybb, I felt like a jackass doing the moves. I cannot sexy dance or 'work it' or 'shake it' or any other idioms they tried to tell me to get me moving my groove thing. My things don't grove that way. haha. The fluid ballet/pilates motion this has suits me better. Over all I very much enjoyed it. I didn't notice the music, and I thought that the production was pretty good, also people have said the other two girls weren't very good. I thought they were good additions, to make people who are new or slightly out of shape to feel more comfortable doing the work out. Excercise dvds aren't just for skinny, toned people, you guys. We all start somewhere and should embrace whatever makes someone feel comfortable, whether it's not being as graceful as Ellen, or being slightly heavier.
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