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on November 26, 2014
The more I use this product the more I like it. I have developed some opinions surrounding this product & topic and here they are, again only my opinion based on my research and limited experience.

1. The FatMat is slightly more difficult to install (correctly) than the Dynamat Extreme. (the only other similar product I've used)

2. This FatMat product is 80mil and $2.20 a sq ft, Dynamat E is .67mil and costs $4.16 a sq ft (on date of review)

3. FatMat will conform and stick to about any shape but it may take more elbow grease and possibly heat. In some areas I did use a hair dryer.

4. If you take your time installing and use both ends of your roller, (the wooden handle end is very useful in the tight recessed and indented areas) you will get excellent results.

5. Surface contact is key and surface contact is key, did I mention the importance of surface contact?

6. The foil seems thicker on the FM. Just going by feel here, not very scientific.

7. Based on the product weight (not shipping weight) currently listed on Amazon, the FatMat weighs in at .46# per sq ft vs the Dynamat E at .36# per sq ft. This could be good or bad depending on your view.

8. Personally i think the extra mass of the FatMat is a bonus. Another product used for sound deadening is actually called Mass Loaded Vinyl or MLV. Its probably right above your feet on your vehicles firewall already. I know the theory is for the dampener (fatmat) to reduce vibration and the MLV with a decoupler (commonly foam) to stop airborne sound. Ive also heard people say you dont need much coverage with the dampener and while that may be truth for stopping vibrations when installed with 100% coverage I think it does more than that. Personally I went with about 75% coverage on the inside of the doors (outer skin) and 100% coverage just under the door panel. I then spray glued felt on the backside of my thin door panels before reattaching them. On the entire floor and wheel wells I went one layer 100% coverage followed by continuous layer of luxury liner pro befor carpet. In the rear cargo area I also added 1/8" thick MLV on top of the factory carpet pad but under the carpet.

9. Lastly I need to mention I was impressed by FatMats customer service. After ordering I emailed to see if there was anyway I could ensure shipment earlier. I received a response very quickly letting me know they would ship immediately and I would have it when i needed it. Very responsive. I emailed back thanking them and they emailed me back with a "you're welcome". Its the small things.
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on January 9, 2016
This is great stuff I was a little worried at first about the horror stories of it melting all over the car, I live in Fl. and cut a small piece and set it to a piece of plastic and left it out in direct sun for a week w/no problems. I covered all I could get to in the trunk not butting it to each other but more covering large areas of flat metal didn't do deck lid (but may when I see how much left over I have) and did the same to the back seat seat floor and quarter panels I had to use the car the other night and w/no side trim or back seats it was noticeably quieter the only thing between the back of the trunk and the back of the front seats was the vertically mounted electronics panel. Fat Mat is very easy to work with and "0" waste, it stuck quickly, cut w/large scissors. Anyone who says they have a problem w/this stuff probably works for the competition. Did the trunk and left and right quarter and rear floor pan w/50 sq. my 96 Eldorado and ordered another 50sq. ft.
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on July 12, 2014
I have a 03 Mustang Cobra Convertible with modified exhaust. I bought 2 rolls of 25 Sq Ft x 80 mil thick FatMat. This covered front floorboards entire trunk including spare tire area and rear seat sides and drive train hump. After installing the cabin noise has been greatly reduced and my music sounds clear. I can tell a big difference it is worth the money and time. This product is very to cut and install with the razor knife included in the kit. The roller helped some but it broke on me so I used a deep well socket to smooth out wrinkles.
Tips when installing
1. Cut in 3" to 4" strips. Don't be afraid to use several pieces to cover one area, it makes it so much easier to install. I used a T square to make sure I cut straight lines measured for the area I was covering.
2. Also I recommend unrolling the sheets so they can flatten out.
3. Prior to cutting keep sheets in area that is 70 to 80 degrees it makes it easier to cut. If the sheets get too hot the backing gets sticky and causes the razor knife to get sticky which results in difficulty in cutting.
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on April 11, 2016
So far so good. I installed this on my Superduty that has diesel exhaust rattle. I'm still working on installing on all the under carpet, but the rear seats seem to be better at this point. I also have to do the doors too. It takes time and be patient. Cut into smaller workable pieces and save yourself some of the headaches. I tried working a 66 x18" strip and I knew almost immediately that was the WRONG thing to do. I should have cut that into three separate pieces and worked one at a time. I eventually got it all tucked into the groves and such, but I had to use a heat gun to really warm and make it stretchy. Work in sections and not one big piece.

My caution and it only exists in my head is the fear that the item will warm this summer and melt all over like ice cream or smell like a freshly tar coated road. Here's to my anxiety. :)
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on October 27, 2014
I purchased one 25 sq. ft. kit for my Prius C doors.
I was able to apply 1/2 to 1 sq. ft. inside each of the doors (to the inside of the outer door skin, mostly behind speaker location and lower panel edge) and I still had enough to completely cover the area under the interior panels.
1 kit should be able to cover 4 doors on a larger vehicle if you didn't install to inside of the outer-door skin.

I also sprayed the inside of the outer-skins with a rubberized spray. I have maybe 1 sq. ft. left over to use in the hatch, where I plan to make a built-in sub cab.

The stock Prius C doors resonate like a flicked beer can when you close them.. especially the rear doors. There's also quite a bit of road noise evident inside the cabin.
Between the rubberized spray (the stuff they advertise on TV) and the FatMat, the doors now sound like my Infiniti M35 when I give them a firm close. The difference is obvious. The spray got rid of the higher-frequency 'ping' and the FatMat added a solid 'thunk' to the door.

Everything on the Prius is as thin as possible so it's impossible to completely deaden the road noise with just some Mat on the doors. Even the glass is thin. It's immediately obvious that the car is much quieter now though. The speakers have better bass response and I've got no rattle.

It was a lot of prep-work (moving cables, screwing in Aluminum mesh to cover the open areas of the door) but Mat application is pretty easy.
FatMat did exactly what it is supposed to do, and it's a lot cheaper than Dyna-mat.

Adhesion seems very good but I'll know for sure next year when I go back to replace more of the stock speaker wire (rear doors) for an amp install. Right now, I'm running PolkMMs but with the stock head unit.
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on July 2, 2017
I redid the headliner in my 1995 GMC Suburban using this stuff. There was absolutely nothing in the ceiling before, just bare metal. This stuff is hard to tear or rip, but easy to cut. It's really sticky, but not in the way that means you've only got one shot to get it right. You can peel it off, with some effort, and reapply it without diminishing the stickiness. It's a pretty easy product to work with. Some people have said that it smells, but it really doesn't and I'd consider myself sensitive to bad smells. The box sat in the back of my truck in Texas in the heat for a month before I got around to opening it and the product wasn't damaged at all. It stuck right on and I haven't noticed any issues with it in the ~2 months it's been installed. It doesn't smell and it dampens sound, but it's not a miracle product. Compared to absolutely no insulation, it works great and does noticeably sharpen the sound from the speakers, but I think it's a bit pricey for the small benefit that it provides.
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on October 26, 2015
My boyfriend and I installed a light bar on the top of his 1990 F-150. It looked good, but after going down the highway we quickly discovered it caused the roof to rattle extremely loudly. Like to the point where you could barely have a conversation without yelling. So we ordered this to stop the noise. It did just that. It worked like a dream! No noise now. It was very easy to install and didn't take very long(aside from taking apart the inside of the cab). I definitely recommend this product and will purchase again if we need it for anything else!
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on January 24, 2015
First let me say that this product works GREAT! My son drives a 2003 Tacoma Prerunner and meant for off road driving. Before installing the FatMat you could hear the road noise and other outside elements including the wind. Now all we hear is our breathing. Well it's not that great, but is very impressive.

Pros: Does exactly as described and blocks out unwanted road noise and keep the inside sound like your stereo inside the vehicle.

Cons: A bit pricey and following directions of using a heat gun melted the cheap plastic roller that came with it. Do yourself a favor and buy a good roller, its worth it!

It took two of us a full day to do four doors and behind / under the back seat. We will be purchasing more to finish the floor and also consider removing the headliner and doing the roof. We live in FL and many have commented not to do the headliner so will wait to see how our test go.
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on June 14, 2017
Cuts and installs easy so long as you are patient on bumps, corners and contours. The adhesive is pretty bonkers and if you have to pull it up to make adjustments it will leave marks behind. The adhesive layer has a bit of a tar smell to it but I only noticed it during install and it doesn't seem to have stuck around.

I installed this on the walls, floor and ceiling of a cargo van to reduce the hallow cave effect and cut down on some of the noise from the outside making the body into a giant drum. End result was good with a significant reduction in reverberation inside the cabin.

Comes with a razor and a roller for cutting and installation.
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on February 3, 2017
This stuff works. But in retrospect I would not put in any more into my van nor use it again as it is an petroleum backed product. Read that as in fuel source for a fire. If I am living in a vehicle I do not think it is wise to add any more fuel sources than absolutely necessary and this would one I would leave out. For me wool seems to be the wiser choice for insulation or sound damping.
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