Customer Reviews: Fatal Justice (The Fatal Series Book 2)
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on January 23, 2011
I loved Fatal Affair and was looking forward to revisiting all of the characters we met the first time around. I'm happy to say that I liked this installment even more than the first one. Watching Sam and Nick start to settle into their relationship was entertaining and emotional. I thought the conflicts between them were completely realistic given the inherent demands of their jobs and that they handled them in an adult manner. I love that even though Nick is now a US Senator, Sam's job is just as demanding and just as important. I also loved that the secondary characters were given lots of "screen time" in this book. Freddie is a great character that I can't help but root for and the more readers get to know Sam's dad, the more they will hope the mystery over his shooting will be solved at some point. There's definitely food for several more books here and I'll be looking forward to the release of Fatal Consequences this summer.
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on January 11, 2011
Great love story with good detective work thrown in. I love the two main characters. I can't wait until the next one. I love that there is never a dull moment with any of Marie Force's books.
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on January 26, 2011
Book 2 in the Fatal series by Marie Force picks up with Sam and Nick's story right where Fatal Affair left off ( you really should read the 1st book in the series first to fully appreciate all the relationships).

There is a lot going on in this political/police procedural romantic suspense set on Capitol Hill.

Sam Holland's been freshly sworn in for at her new position of Lieutenant, she's still working on the cold case involving her father's shooting that left him paralysed, defending herself in an IA investigation and now there's another murder on the books and again it's someone very close to the new man in her life.

Newly appointed interim Senator Nick Cappuano has a full plate with all his new responsibilities as a young Senator on Capitol Hill, he's still reeling from the death of his good friend John (whose senatorial seat Nick assumed) and his growing relationship with Sam is enough to turn a sane man crazy.

I loved Nick and Sam's relationship. They both have a lot of adjustments to make, but there is no doubt that through all their troubles they truly love one another. I loved that Force wrote their relationship with real concerns and problems two people in their positions would face. How it feels having to deal with the knowledge daily that someone you love could get killed every day at their job. Watching Nick deal with his fears about Sam's safety was heart-wrenching. Sam had her own relationship insecurities from her previously bad relationship and her hesitations almost cost her Nick. Add in being in the spotlight and under the media's constant scrutiny and it was just one more issue these two had to deal with. Both Sam and Nick keep things from each other (important things) but only with the best intentions towards the other's feelings and protecting each other - unfortunately it backfires on more than one occasion. But it does lead to some pretty spectacular make-up sex.

Lastly Freddie! Freddie! Freddie! The young detective and Sam's partner is a great secondary character. The poor boy learned a very hard lesson in a very hard way in Fatal Justice. I love his character, his innocence and newly found interest in s-e-x (he took a vow of celibacy at 14 and is as fresh as the driven snow) and with someone like Elin who is soooo opposite to him. I love them and they need to have their own story.

There is lots of action in Fatal Justice - it never stops and it reminded me a little of the TV show The Closer, although Sam Holland is no southern belle, soft spoken Brenda Lee Johnson. Both are however tough as nails women who are at the top of their game when it comes to police work, have a great supporting cast of characters surrounding them and can solve a case like nobody's business.

Thank goodness this is not the end of the Sam and Nick show (since book 3 Fatal Consequences is out July 2011) and I fear Sam has not heard the last from the douche bag Lieutenant Stahl who is out to get her and the search for her father's shooter still weighs heavily on her mind. I can't wait for the next instalment!
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on September 5, 2016
Fatal Justice: Book two in the Fatal Series by Marie Force. This series combines police work and politics in Washington, DC. It is entirely realistic and the characters are well developed.
Detective Sergeant Samantha Holland was made Lieutenant Holland and immediately after having her gold stars pinned on her by her sisters, Sam was rushed to her office to change clothes. Then she and Nick Cappuano were driven to an event where he was sworn in as United States Senator Nick Cappuano. What a wonderful day for the two of them. Unfortunately, the officers who were at her ceremony and had left as soon as she took her oath had been called to a murder scene where a man killed his wife and three children. Lieutenant Holland was now in charge. The hunt for the father became more urgent when a box of clippings on her father’s shooting were discovered in the home. Was this the man who shot her father?
Senator Cappuano was thrilled to host a dinner for Julian Sinclair, the possible nominee for the Supreme Court. Julian was one of his professors at Harvard and a dear friend. Graham and Liane O’Connor were the other guests. A disagreement with Sam led to her leaving the dinner on the pretense of going to work. Nick was anxious for the dinner to be over so he could follow Sam. The next morning when Sam went to work, she found out a man had been found in the park and when she got there she identified him as Julian Sinclair! Within a month, another friend of Nick’s was killed and she was the one who had to tell him!
Would they find the man who killed his family? Would he be the man who shot Sam’s father? Would she be able to find the man who killed Julian Sinclair? Could all of this be done without affecting Nick’s position as a new Senator? The plot just keeps getting more and more confused. It is a great book.
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on September 7, 2015
***** "Fatal Justice" book 2 in the Fatal Series by Marie Force

"Fatal Justice" is a truly wonderful novel with multiple twists and turns.

Nick and Samantha, and all those around them, from colleagues to family, are all very strong and well defined characters. The reader easily relates to all of them and connects with each of them from page one. They are amazing people and ones the reader feels are friends of theirs and as much a part of their lives as the other characters in the book to one another.

While each novel is a stand alone, there are several plot lines that carry into the next book in the series. But there is not much of a cliff hanger that it affects the novel you just read. But it does add to more increased anticipation for the next book in the series.

This is a great novel, an immediate attention grabber, and a book I stayed up half the night just to finish. I would highly recommend "Fatal Justice -- book 2 in the series, to alll adult readers. Definitely NOT for the TBR pile or to be put off. I am off to bed and will be starting book 3 in the morning!! I can't wait.
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on January 30, 2016
A superb thriller by Marie Force, in the outstanding series, that doesn't disappoint, as the reader is drawn not only into the world of politics, but excitement, suspense, romance, and a juicy murder. With the plot twisting in all directions, it will be impossible to put down.............Recently sworn in as a lieutenant, homicide detective Samantha "Sam" Holland, watched lovingly as Nicholas "Nick" Cappuano took his oath, as the democratic newly-appointed United States Senator of Virginia, and most importantly, the love of her life. After six long years, she was reunited with him once again, and that incident only happened, when Nick's best friend, U.S. Senator John O'Connor was found violently murdered, with Nick discovering his body, and Sam being the detective in charge. Rekindling thier romance from a one night stand so long ago, was the best thing that ever happened to Sam, and if she had to do it all over again, she would do it in a heartbeat. Except marry her dreaded ex-husband, of course! Never! But as much as she knew about love, she was even better solving murders, but never in her wildest dreams, when she agreed to attend one of Nick's parties, that she would be one of the last people to see one of his guests alive. Nick Cappuano, loved Sam more than life itself, and even though she was secretive at times, he would be patient, respect her wishes, and wait until she was ready, but what really bothered him more, was the fact, that she could never get over, what her ex-husband tried to do, to eliminate both of them, by planting bombs underneath both their cars, or even worse than that, was the constant media following both of them around, morning, noon, and night. When Sam is called out to investigate a murder, she almost stopped breathing when she saw the victim. This couldn't be? Another one of Nick's friend's? Supreme Justice, Julian Sinclair? After just losing John O'Connor, Sam was not only terrified of telling Nick, but she was also worried. When Nick heard the news about his friend, he couldn't help thinking about Sam's job, and the horrors that came with it, but after losing her for those six years, he wasn't about to quit, and throw in the towel now. As Sam continued on with the investigation, she was temporarily blindsided, as new evidence surfaced, regarding her father's shooting, which permanentally put him in a wheelchair. Could this be it? Were they even close to her dad's shooter? When more murders happen, threats are made against Sam's life, only this time she lands in the hospital, deeply injured, sent there by a cold and calculated killer, who won't stop until she's gone for good, making Nick more protective of her than ever. With memories of those six years without her, Nick will do whatever it takes to see her safe, because there will be no more years without her, unless he's spending every minute with her, and if he has to kill a murderer to make that happen, so be it!............a great thriller........thank you.....♡♡
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on February 17, 2016
Wow I started this series and wasn't sure what to expect but I was not disappointed in the least. What an amazing author and story. I couldn't wait to read the next book in the series. I am really glad that I didn't find out about the series until all nine books were published so I could read them all right in a row. I wasn't able to put them down at all. If you choose to read this series don't plan on doing anything else because you won't want to put the book down. I can't wait for the next book in the series to be published. I will plan on not doing anything that day. If you like mystery along with romance then this is a great series to read. I recommended it to my parents who felt the same in addition to some friends of mine.
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on January 16, 2011
I adore Marie Force. Have loved her other books. However, this was much more of a thriller and less of a romance. I wouldn't say it was all that similar to her others. Definately sucked me in but I loved Line of Scrimmage, Love at First Flight, and True North much better.
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on September 11, 2015
This book definitely live up to its outstanding reviews. It is a great book. As I read start from book #0 (the prequel), I really can see the characters development and feel invested in them. In the case of Sam and Nick, I love to see how they adjust to their new jobs as well as to each other. I love when romance story goes beyond "I love yous" and marriage. I'm looking forward to read more in this series (lucky me as a late starter, I have 7 -soon to be 8- books to go before I have to wait patiently for the next one).
I didn't give 5 stars because honestly I expected the police procedural and suspense part of the book is bigger than what it is. The romance part in this book is too much for my expectation. I really love the first book due to the balance between romance and suspense was just right, for me. This book feel more romance than suspense. Not loving it, but still like it, and definitely will still continue the series.
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on October 10, 2016
Fans of the romantic suspense genre need to give the Fatal series a look.

Force has produced a well written plot with characters who continue to develop in this second book of the series.

Fatal Justice is wrought with tragedy and grief for characters from the first novel. Emotions run high and may take your breath. Can love overcome anything for Sam and Nick?

I highly recommend this book and the Fatal series.
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