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On May 2nd, 2011 I ordered Father's Moustache Wax Neutral - 1/8 oz. Neutral Shade For All Color Hair. Leak Proof Tube For Pocket Convenience. In May of 2011 I competed in the World Beard and Moustach Championships in Trondheim Norway. The World Beard and Moustache championship is a bi-annual event, I started growing my beard after attending the 2009 championship in Anchorage, Alaska. It was a fantastic experience and I met some of the greatest people through my beard. I didn't groom my beard or moustache much while I was growing it out but with fierce competition of the championships I knew I needed to have proper grooming supplies on hand. One of my closest friends recommended this product, he had an amazing handlebar moustache for several years and used this product with great success to style his stache. I used this several times before and during the event, it worked well in giving shape to my stache without there being noticeable product buildup. If you moustache I highly recommend giving this product a try. I've since 'cleaned up my act' and shaved so no longer have a use for this.

Seller: 3rd Party Seller
Condition: New
Purchase price: $7.53 (Shipped)
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on February 2, 2010
Really fantastic in my opinion. Clubman is a reference metric.

The hold - just right. Firm enough to stick, loose enough that it doesn't glue. You can vary it nicely by adding more or less. Clubman is excessive on my handlebar, just too sticky.

The look - clear, blends invisibly. I'm blonde, and Father's is beeswax colored - a perfect match. Clubman leaves white residue unless I wash a little out and wipe it with a towel.

The last - stays on, and less water soluble than the clubman, so I can wash my face and my mustache won't 'melt' into some funny new position.

The stick - I really really like how convenient the stick is. You take it with you, and all it takes is 5 seconds to touch up a spot where you want more hold. You couldn't do that with clubman, which doesn't work in as well. It stays in my right back pocket all day. I just finished my first tube, ordering 2 more.

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on March 18, 2014
I'm saving 5 stars for the perfect moustache wax. I may never get to use it. Father's wax is coming close, though.

The hold. The hold is good, not great, but good. Real good. It'll last most of a day with minimal loss, provided that you don't drink a lot of hot liquid, the bane of every moustache wax. And with the twist tube in your pocket, you're a mirror visit away from a touch-up. Everything else I've tried is way way too stiff, or too soft.

Delivery method. The stick is brilliant. Anything wax thin enough to be used from a squeeze tube just can't last. I'm looking at you Clubman. Not so stiff that you need a shovel to dig it out, and 20 minutes to work into your 'stache. Now I'm looking to the current crop of "artisan" waxes, like Firehouse Wacky Tacky.

The scent. This is a matter of contention among some, as it's really subjective. If you think Bay Rhum aftershave smells like a man should smell, this is a your wax. If you wear whatever CK scent your metrosexual man mag tells you is the "hot" scent, keep moving along, nothing to see here. In moustache terms, think more bare-knuckle boxer and less Belgian detective. In any case it fades pretty rapidly and doesn't interfere with enjoying food or drink.

If you're looking for a wax that renders your 'stache into something that looks applied rather than grown, look for a "tin" type wax that you have to work into, and more importantly, OUT of your moustache. Seriously, those thicker waxes are hard to properly use, and as a first-time starter wax, will put you right off the use of any product. If you are curling your lip broom for a quick picture, with no intention of keeping it thus styled, and accepting that if you apply even a little too much you're going to look like you ate a glazed doughnut by rubbing it in, you need Clubman.

If you're looking for that sweet, sweet balance of hold, convenience, and ease of use, I've not yet found a better wax than Father's Moustache Wax. It ain't perfect, but then there may not be a perfect moustache wax for sale anywhere. This is a great wax for everyday use, for the guy just starting out and maybe gone past the "intro" wax, Clubman, (you could easily bypass that product altogether, but I'm guessing you're already tried it before you got to this review) and a great wax to use for that established 'stache that is already trained.
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on February 19, 2013
The tube form makes it really easy to apply, as well as transport. I like the smell of it, it is rather comforting and lasts throughout the day.

I will echo what other people have said, this isn't really an all-day wax. It works well in the morning, but by the afternoon it starts to fall. You can apply a touch up, and that will get it through the rest of the day, or leave it alone and have a more natural look.

As I don't plan on growing it out long enough that styling (i.e. points, handle-bars, curls, etc) this product has done really well at training my mustache to grow out to the sides vs straight down.

See, I've had a beard since 2k, but kept it short for most of it (a 1 guard on most clippers). A friend suggested that I try growing out the 'stache part a bit, to be fuller. The problem I had was it growing down over the lips, which looked horrible, and prompted the search for mustache wax to "train" it.

If what you're looking for is a "full" 'stache that goes out to the side in a natural look, but don't plan on styling it (read: wax it out to points, or handlebars, or other), then this is a good solution. It will blend in smoothly, give enough grip to shape it outwards, but will still be relaxed enough to look natural.

I've since bought several tubes, so I can have one at home, one at work and one with me, to touch up as necessary.
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on May 8, 2011
After deciding I wanted to sport a more luxurious 'stache, I found that to get the style I wanted, I would need some serious control. After trying several of the brands mentioned in reviews here, I went with Father's Moustache Wax and I really like it a lot. With a little warm up softening, it's easy to apply with the tube it comes in. I really like the no-touch convenience and it's easy to throw in my pocket for later touch-ups. The scent takes a little getting used to--it's a musky, masculine one but without a strong perfumey smell--but you really don't notice it after a day or two.

The price is really reasonable for a nice product like this, so I get four at a time to save on shipping; hey, it's big 'stache, I'm going to need it.

I've got to mention Colonial Dames Co. Ltd, the manufacturer, and the care they take in their shipping. I always check how a company packages their product for delivery to the customer. To me, it says a lot about how they view their operation. Is it cut corners and do the minimum or finish up with the same care in packaging that I hope they take in their manufacturing?

Colonial Dames Co. Ltd scores 110% on that count. My four tubes of Fathers' Moustache Wax came lovingly wrapped in tissue, folded neatly and sealed with tape like a Christmas present. That was further wrapped in more paper padding, and put in a very strong small box and taped neatly and securely. I swear, I have received electronic components that didn't have as much care taken in shipping them. BRAVO Colonial Dames Co. Ltd for taking pride in ALL aspects of your operation. With what I've seen, I am going to look at your other products. A company with this quality ethic must have other great products I would be interested in!
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on November 4, 2010
I'm a huge Clubman fan, and Father's is a totally different product. It's got a consistency like chapstick, and unfortunately has to be applied the same way that chapstick does, which can be a bit annoying if you've got an unruly stache that needs a lot of wax to control.

On the upside, it does feel and look VERY clean- no buildup or stickiness at all. It provides a decent hold- not quite tacky or "hard" enough for sharply curled tips, but more than enough if you're just looking for a way to keep your stache out of your beer. The clean, smooth feel is the best thing Father's has going for it, and it more than makes up for anything it's lacking in control and firmness.
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on January 2, 2015
Hold is decent - better than clubmans and is quite firm - my tactic is to actually rub it into the tines of my comb and then comb it through my mustache before shaping. The only major qualm I have is with the scent... if you don't mind smelling this fragrance all day, I guess it's ok... I prefer for the smell to die off an hour of so after application. The smell of this stuff does not dissipate, and it has a smell very similar to Murray's Pomade, with a faint whiff of play doh for good measure.

The dried finish is rather soft, not sticky. This would not be a good wax for a sharp Dali... fine for me, but if you are looking for a sharp shaping wax I'd go with Firehouse Wacky Tacky.
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on December 15, 2011
I used this product over 10 years ago, wasn't able to find it till now. It's almost easier to use after you've had it in your pocket for a while.

When you use it, run about 1/4 inch out (about 5mm) put your finger and thumb on the product and then TURN the tube so it slowly melts onto your fingers. From there you can rub your fingers together and get it nice and smooth.

A comb works for getting it to all the places you need it, but a brush can get it there without the build up.

YOU CAN USE TOO MUCH. If you have a mini flat iron it works REALLY well as a protector for your hair. After a pass with a flat iron your hair is SILKY and ready to hold however you have it. It's best to use it for a week before tossing it off.

After a few uses you'll see how much better it holds than other thin light waxes, and you can ALSO use this WITH other waxes. This is best for FIRM poins of beards/Moustaches and for getting it to stay that way for more than a few hours.

WORTH the money to buy this stuff over tube creams. It's not a ton of money so it's not like you're out 10 bucks for a large tub you can only keep at home. SO WORTH IT to have a tube with you when you need to do a touch up.
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on January 17, 2017
It's not a bad wax, but I can only give it a two star for the mere fact that I can't get away from the smell. In the reviews, some said it will fade away, but it's going no where for me. I'd say it's a combination of musty old man, old leather books and baby powder. I've even scrubbed my mustache as usual when I wash it and the smell still lingers. Wish it had a more pleasant smell.
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on August 26, 2013
This product comes in a very easy to apply container (like chap-stick for your lips) and packs a pleasant aroma for the first few hours after applying. What really turns me back to this product over the others I've tried (traditional mens grooming brands and some more modern unisex hair products that promote really strong hold on hair) is that the viscosity (for lack of a better word) of the wax, is gentle enough for me to curl my 2 inch handle bars with my fingers while not drying out or freeze holding my hair in place before I finish styling it. It does take some effort to wash off which is good and bad - I use shampoo every day to rinse it off, washing my face with plain water will not wash it out, but will loosen out enough to make the curls I have loosen out a bit. I'm also certain that it is not the products loosening the curls but rather my face moving around a lot and the hair getting moved around. I think as long as I keep this unusual facial hair experience going, I will not buy another product. My partner likes the smell, she says its a manly aroma that nudges for a second kiss ;) For me, the smell took a bit to get used to (about two weeks of daily use) but after I saw how good it was working I didn't even think about it and it doesn't bother me at all.

TLDR: I highly recommend this product over the 2-3 others that I've tried. keeps discretely hair in place and smells good

Pro tip: Be careful of napkins and hot liquids as they will loosen the wax out of the moustache and leave you with a messy look until you wash it off and reapply.
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