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on January 16, 2016
Adam Brown, a kid from Arkansas will capture your heart. When he grows into a man and is besieged by addiction, your heart will break.

A testimony to faith, redemption and the power of love to overcome addiction, uncertainty, and physical pain. Reading the letter Adam wrote to his children is poignant and had me in tears . Even now, writing this review my eyes well up.

If you think you've got problems, I promise you don't. Not after reading Fearless. This book is told from carefully culled recollections of Adam Brown that include parents, wife, fellow SEALS, friends, his twin sister and his older brother. Even his young son and daughter's remembrance of their dad are woven into Fearless, which only adds to the dimension a man who wasn't beyond falling off a pedestal.

What makes Adam different beyond his ability to withstand trauma, pain, humility was his drive to take his weakness, a human frailty and recommit himself. Whether it was to his wife, his family, the Navy, or his faith, in giving his all, he has given the world a dichotomy in which to understand a hero isn't a saint. A hero is the person who is unstoppable in their quest to do the right thing.

Fearless: A remarkable journey, a soul shaking love story between Kelley and Adam, and Adam and his tribe. A book that will shake the reader into asking the question, what have I done to help the world. And ultimately, isn't that definition of hero, the person who inspires others to do good?
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VINE VOICEon April 1, 2016
I have not had such a wonderful reading experience in such a long time. I made me understand that there are truly REAL men who are fighting for me and my country that God is using in mighty and wonderful ways. This book touched my heart in such tender places. I knew the man was dead when I began reading the book, in fact I knew it when I purchased it, but when I read the end I bawled like a baby. The insights I gained into how SEALS are trained, and the risks they take everyday, and the risks their family take when the SEALS are deployed make me deeply appreciate our military even more than before. I've written some articles about them on my blog, watched shows about them, watched movies, and still this book personalized the SEALS that has made me pray for them like never before.

You know our military has these specialized forces and black ops units, but until you read about the men who have fallen during duty to their country, you just don't understand how deeply they have committed their lives to our safety. When you realize that, you can help but fall to your knees and thank God for men like these, and knowing they are friends not enemies.

After reading this book, you won't be the same.
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on January 9, 2015
This story takes the reader through the life of one of America's biggest hero's and finest patriot's. Fearless brings you into the life of Adam Brown and his family. You will find yourself wishing you had been his friend! Even though Adam struggled, knowing there was so much more to him, made it impossible to not keep turning the pages. I bought 3 copies of this book: 1 for my nephew who is deployed. He read it in 2 days and said the book is making its rounds on the ship. The men and women are finding inspiration, motivation, and the fortitude needed as they continue to fight for the same things that Adam did. Another copy went to another nephew who is in the service. Upon finishing Fearless, he sent me a note that said, "This book humbled me". What a testament! The third copy I've kept and will cherish. I did not know of Adam Brown prior to reading this book but I am sure glad to have the opportunity to get to know him and his family through the stories that were shared in this book. I am so grateful for people like Adam Brown. He is a true American hero. A must read!
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on April 2, 2015
I'm a 39 year old service member, married with two young kids, and am currently deployed to the Middle East. My family resembles Adam's in many ways, although I didn't know that at the time I bought this book. Recently I've had a desire to learn more about our elite warriors who participate in some of our military's most dangerous missions. I've read a few of the more popular SEAL books recently published, and after seeing "Fearless" on Amazon, with it's high ratings, I decided to read it as well. Some of the reviews pointed out that it dealt more with the personal life of Adam than the combat he engaged in as a SEAL. As someone who's never had trouble walking the "straight and narrow" I wasn't much interested in reading about his battle with drug addiction, and hoped the book would mostly be about his time as a Navy SEAL.
In an effort to keep this review somewhat short I'll just say this. Along with this book, I've also brought with me books about "being a strong father for your daughter", "growing great boys", and "how to become a better Catholic". Like a lot of people, I have a yearning to be a better person, and I'm always in search of the perfect book to act as a guide. Reading about the life of Adam Brown has done more for me than any of the "self help" books I've read on this deployment. I was initially drawn to this book to learn more stories from our most elite warriors, and finished with a better understanding of what attributes define an elite human being. Adam was not only an elite warrior; he was an elite husband, father, son, brother, and servant to God. His story has inspired me to re-commit myself to living a better life; to more appreciate the time on earth that's been given to me, and that's been protected by men like Adam Brown and others who have sacrificed so much.

I also recommend watching the video Eric Blehm references toward the end of his book. It offers interviews, photos, and home videos that help to tell the story even more. It's a good way to finish what was a great book!
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on February 27, 2017
I can't recommend this book enough! If you like books on Navy SEALS or books on overcoming unbelievable odds, or if you like books on faith, you will love this book!! I listened to the audiobook version while driving at work and if you could imagine a grown man driving all by themselves laughing out loud, shaking his head in frustration, and even balling his eyes out at parts ... This is a must read, absolutely!!
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on November 4, 2012
Fearless is a great story about a person who doesnt know how to quit. Adam overcame some adversity when it came to addicition and pushed forward with his life and his goal to become one of the most elite war fighters in the history of the teams. It was nice to know his human side. The side of him that is caring and loyal and how he showed real commitment to his wife & children and SEAL brothers. I bought the audio book and really enjoyed it and then bought the hardcover book and got to put a face on the people in the story. The story is full of all kinds of emotion. You will laugh, you will experience pride for Adam's successes, and hurt when he has moments of weakness. You will hurt for him when he is injured and you will admire him for his faith in GOD and his willingness to make time to teach kids in Sunday school. I know, it dont make sense for an elite warrior such as Adam to to be teaching Sunday school, but if you read the book and get to undersand Adam...its makes perfect sense. I can honestly say that after reading the book i wanted to be a better person. This was one of the most inspirational books i have ever read. I have got into books like LONE SURVIVOR and AMERICAN SNIPER and THE RED CIRCLE, which are outstanding books with stories of great men doing amazing things, but this one strikes a different nerve. These men are truely giants and should be looked up to by all of us, but they are all the kind of guys that would rather go un-noticed and remain humble low-key. They have served our country and some like Adam have paid the highest price, leaving behind family and friends and deserve to be remembered and respected and NEVER forgotten.
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on April 18, 2017
I loved this book and could not put it down. If you're in awe of these amazing servicemen like me and wonder what their lives were like growing up how they are "different" from the ordinary "Joe", then I highly recommend it.
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on March 6, 2017
Well written, and hard to put down. It inspired me and it made me cry but it also made me appreciate Adam, his family, the Navy SEALs, and all of our brave heroes.
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Over the course of the war I've always wondered if America should fight this war. Now the answer is very clear cut, how can we not. To know we have patriots like Adam Brown protecting our freedom makes me proud to be an American.
I've had my own personal loss in life but it doesn't reach the magnitude of the loss the Brown family has endured. Their pain must be almost unbearable. My condolences to them and God Bless them.
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on March 30, 2017
only 5 stars because more is not an option. 250 pages of tears. it was just as good as Chris Kyles book. These men are amazing. have a box of tissues at the ready.
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