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VINE VOICEon May 22, 2012
I was somewhat conflicted when I read the story of this hero. Having read many of the books published about Navy SEALs, one thing stands out, they all have an extreme focus on the end goal and make choices that move them closer to that goal. Adam Brown made some bad choices that had to be overcome. While any journey to wear a SEAL Trident takes a monumental effort, Adams journey is even more incredible with all the stumbling blocks he encountered.

Fearless is the obvious title for this book. Adam Brown became fearless by his deep belief in God, his wife, his family, and his team. You have to respect a person that would rather die than let down his team. That dedication shows when on the road to Kandahar their Humvee hit another vehicle and flipped multiple times. Adam severed the fingers of his right hand and they were hanging on with skin and tendons, but he completely disregarded that injury and went to work saving his teammate that had his leg crushed in the accident. Only when the Corpsman had his friend stabilized did he allow someone to tend to his injuries.

This book pays tribute to this hero. The author spoke with his childhood friends and family and in the first 80 pages outlined the story of a fun-loving kid. He was a kid who liked to push himself and loved dangerous feats, like jumping off of bridges into the river. He excelled at everything he attempted, and was on the path to do anything he wanted, when he made some bad choices and started using drugs. I have seen first-hand the damage that drugs like crack can do, so this story is even more amazing that he reached the top tier of the Navy SEALs while having to overcome the constant call of his crack addiction. While I did not like the person he was during his dark time with drugs, I did find myself pulling for him to succeed.

SEAL Team Six is the "best of the best" and a place where you have to be in the top 1% of a group that is already in the top 1% of the planet. You have to perform at incredibly high levels that most people, with fully functioning bodies and minds cannot achieve. Adam severed the fingers of his right hand, his shooting hand. He was injured in a training accident and lost sight in his right eye, his dominant shooting eye. He caved in his shinbone, had back problems, arthritis, walked around in constant pain all while fighting the urge to smoke crack, yet he still managed to overcome these issues, any one of which would disqualify a normal man, yet he still forged on.

Adam went to Sniper school, a school with a very high attrition rate, because only the best graduate from this incredibly tough school. Now many SEALs complete Sniper school, but Adam had to relearn how to shoot using his left hand and his left eye. That is unheard of.

All throughout this book you will be touched by Adam's generosity and his constant devotion to others. In Afghanistan he would never leave any checkpoint or observation post without helping fill sandbags or in some way fortifying the outpost. He would regularly give away his MREs to the local children and even organized his church to send kids sneakers when he realized that the local Afghan children had to wear open sandals during the harsh mountain winters. He was a man that always made the world a better place for others.

By the time I was halfway through this book I was increasingly saddened because I felt it unfair that a hero like Adam was going to die. But true to his character his life ended in a detailed battle where he never once stopped to think about himself, he just remained fearless while trying to protect and defend others.

His loyalty to his team was shown in their loyalty to him. When he was shot multiple times and badly wounded his teammates made heroic efforts to save him and get him to a hospital. Sadly, as we all know, he did not make it.

Adam touched a lot of people during his short life. He made a difference to many people. If a man is judged by the positive difference he makes in the lives of others, then Adam Brown truly is a hero.
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on October 14, 2017
Could not put this down. Read many books and stories on SEAL’s and no question this one may be the best of all. Even his SEAL brethren want Adam Brown’s story remembered.

Adam Brown was a once in a multi-generation warrior, father, son, patriot, and friend to the underdog. This is a heart rending story of the ultimate underdog who resurrected his gifts and rose to astonishing heights as a truly complete but very real person.

He feared nothing, not even the public disclosure of his past with addictions. From a crack-house resident to noble husband and father to a truly inspiring warrior, his ferocity on the battle field was matched only by his gentleness and deep tender love for his family and fellow warriors. He could switch on and off in real time.

What happened after Adam Brown’s passing was no less astonishing than his life. Read the epilogue. Simply a jaw dropping g story unlike any other I’ve read.

You. Must. Read. This. Book.
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on January 27, 2017
Amazing book about a truly selfless American hero. If you want to know what really goes on pick up this book and read it. I cannot be thankful enough for our military. There are more of these stories out there, maybe not quite of this caliber but still enough to show us how truly brave our military can be. We should never ever take our freedom for granted, these people gave up their son, father, husband, brother and friend for that freedom, don't make them feel it was a waste. This young man was simply the best of the best and I am so thankful for his life. I just wish he didn't have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
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on July 1, 2012
This story is about love, devotion, heroism and self reliance. It's an inspiring story and yet it's hard to read, because the ending is sure to break your heart.

The book is very well written and it's a testament to Adam Brown his family and warrior friends. The story of his life has many interesting twist. You can expect an emotional ride with this story--It made me laugh. It made me think. And in the end, it left me in tears (exceedingly rare thing). Yu feel you know this man and his family, and the loss is physically painful, even to a stranger reading this story at home

While being a story of a warrior in war, in my mind, the war bits are incidental. They highlight the cost of freedom and the greatness of this warrior and his team mates. But it's far more than a story about heroic Navy SEALs. It's about the man and his journey in life. From the lowest pit of hell to the highest level of achievement, Adam Brown is one amazing man. Even in the Special Operations community, where every warrior is a hero, this man truly stands alone.

It's hard to imagine how a lost young man, addicted to crack and on the hard road to prison, managed to turn his life around. It would have been a huge story f success, 'even" if he just reformed and moved on to a productive life. But to become a Navy SEAL. To become a wonderful husband and father. To join Seal Team Six. And to do all that while preserving his values and showering love on people close to him--that's just unreal. It's such a great story that folks must read and discuss. We need people as committed, loving and brave as Adam. We need role modes like him. Therefore, the Brown family ought to be very proud, and we ought to be very thankful for men like Adam and his friends.

May this great hero rest in peace and his family do as well as he's wish them to. I never knew Adam Brown, but I feel his loss and think of him often. It saddens me to no end that such a man is lost.
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on August 26, 2017
This deeply moving book is about a man who overcame huge challenges as a husband, father, and Navy SEAL.
In telling the story of Adam Brown ad his wonderful wife Kelley, Eric Blehm conveys SEAL Team life better than anyone, even SEALs themselves.
Eric Blehm "gets it" in a way that few non-Team guys do.
If you only ever read one book about the Teams, this is the one. Read it..
RTPW, Navy SEAL 1966-96
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on July 1, 2012
The story of Adam Brown's life is like a Roller Coaster Ride, first it takes you up and then it plunges you down, not just once but over and over again. It is a true American life story told without any holds barred and with Adam's permission, of a boy with high expectations, personal failures and the determination to overcome whatever life had in store for him. Like many of us, his family is affected by his actions and suffers their own doubts and fears until they turn to a local Pastor who shares some of their experience. When Adam meets Kelley, who is adrift herself, she see's something in Adam that is special and a bond is formed which becomes his lifeline. Adam and Kelley find the importance of faith in their lives as they struggle to make their marriage work and to free Adam from his addictions. With the help of an old family friend and against all odds, Adam not only gets into the United States Navy but sets his sights high, on the Seals and makes it. Not just the Seals but Seal Team Six in spite of injuries that could have allowed him to receive a medical discharge. Adam's story is told by his family, friends and fellow Seals who were anxious to tell of their friends willingness to volunteer for the tough assignments, to struggle on even when wounded and his strong team spirit all which made him a fearless hero in their eyes. His wife Kelley relates with humor how the warrior in Adam could turn off when he returned home and the loving husband and father took over. FEARLESS is the story of Adam Brown a real American Hero, it is a book you don't want to put down but you do want to share.
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on October 10, 2017
I was expecting another story about or elite warriors doing missions, a story of battle. What I read was a story of battle but not the conventional military kind. This is a great book,a story of a boy growing up, a story about a flawed individual battling his own demons, the courage to never give up and a family who never gave up on him. He eventually matured into, not only a great warrior, but a great person. You will laugh, and probably cry a bit. Great book
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on July 27, 2017
Maybe I'm biased by all the other great SEAL books I've been reading, but this one doesn't seem to be as well written. Don't get me wrong the guy sounds like an amazing dude but the story could have been written better. Just FYI there is a heavy Christian tone to this book. No judgement. Just letting you know. I read once and sold it to a book store.
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on February 27, 2017
I can't recommend this book enough! If you like books on Navy SEALS or books on overcoming unbelievable odds, or if you like books on faith, you will love this book!! I listened to the audiobook version while driving at work and if you could imagine a grown man driving all by themselves laughing out loud, shaking his head in frustration, and even balling his eyes out at parts ... This is a must read, absolutely!!
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on August 22, 2017
This is one of the best books I have read in years. The character developing of all of the relevant people is excellent. Adam Brown was a wonderful soldier especially considering the hardships, both physical and emotional, he met in his too short life. I highly recommend this book. It is difficult to put down.
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