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on March 3, 2014
This one wasn’t as good as others in the series, but it was ok. I was losing interest during the last 20% - not enough happening - kind of tiring. There are two menage scenes two guys one woman. A very hot scene had Jen watching two guys pleasure each other.

There are three stories but not enough development of them. They are:

1. Jen is being stalked and threatened by her abusive ex boyfriend Brendan. Cash the muscular buff Navy SEAL is protecting her. There are only a couple of short scenes with Brendan.

2. Jen’s brother Carson is having marital problems. His story was told in book #2.

3. Jen is trying to find a job and needs to decide what career path to follow.

I’ve read 5 books in this series. All of them are about sexy guys, steamy sex, and each guy is totally devoted to one woman (with the exception of #9 - two guys one woman). I am so pleased that the author is not using undesirable plot devices that are used by too many romance authors. What she does NOT use:
1. stupidity
2. the big misunderstanding
3. one person falls in love and decides to break up with the other, because it will hurt too much if they break up in the future.
Yay!!! Thank you Ms. Kennedy for not using these. I can enjoy these stories.

I don’t want to read novellas, and there are six of them in this series. But I did read one novella and all the close-to-full-length-novels. My ratings are:
3 ½ stars #2 Heat of Passion (novella)
3 stars #7 Feeling Hot
4 stars #8 Getting Hotter (main story Seth) (secondary story Dylan meets his lovers)
4 stars #9 Hotter Than Ever (Dylan’s story)
4 stars #10 As Hot As It Gets
I suggest reading 8 and 9 in order. They are ok as stand alones, but they are better in order.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Kindle count length: 4,949 (251 pages). Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong erotic. Number of sex scenes: about 9. Setting: current day San Diego, California. Copyright: 2012. Genre: erotic contemporary romance, menage.
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on September 11, 2014
Cash and Jen meet in the stockroom of a bar, where she had gone to get away for a few minutes of quiet and he to get away from a persistent woman. They talk and attraction sparks into something more physical, until they are interrupted. He asks for her number, but loses it and believes he will never see her again. Then a few days later, his CO, Carson, assigns him to protect his little sister from a crazy ex boyfriend. Carson tells Cash that Jenny will be moving in with him for three weeks until the ex leaves town and also forces Cash to promise he won't touch her. Surprise! Jen is the 26 year old "little" sister. And you can probably guess the rest.

This is the second OOU book I have read, the first being book one, a short story. I liked this one much better. It is long enough to have some character and plot development, and I found the H/h to be likable. I also liked how couples from earlier books were included in the storyline and team members were set up for future books. I prefer books with external threats, such as crazy ex boyfriends, to those with a "big misunderstanding", so that was another plus. And while I didn't love the book, I liked it enough to read more of the series if the price is right.
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on October 2, 2015
While I've enjoyed each of the previous books in this series this is the one I've been waiting for. This is a well done look into the torment our men and women, and their families struggle through each and every day. As a proud Air Force brat I was front row to how strong the wives were. And just like Jen, I vowed not to marry a military man.

I have only one complaint/correction. If you've ever been near the military you know that the use of rank when introducing someone and greeting each other is mandatory even for retired. Never would anyone, especially another military man, say "Nice to meet you Mr. ... Always Admiral so and so. ALWAYS.

Give this book a read. You won't be sorry.
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on July 31, 2015
I haven't read any of the others in the series but felt it can be read as a standalone. Whew! Let me catch my breath! Hot, alpha, overprotective Navy SEALs, a fun heroine, and wait... a M/M menage?! Oh yes! Good LAWD, I was not expecting THAT! Jen's older brother, Navy SEAL LT Carson has always been protective of her. When her ex turns into a creepy stalker, Carson asks fellow SEAL Cash to protect her until the creep is due to transfer jobs. Cash McCoy... how I lovvvvve you! Oh yeah, just one teeny tiny stipulation. Cash is just coming off a six-month deployment (think uber-sexually frustrated) and Carson has threatened his baby sis is off limits, and he'll drown Cash if he touches her (*snarks*, Navy humor.) But Jen is a grown woman and she has found her "loophole" and ups the anty with Cash. It truly was enjoyable seeing the change in both Cash and Jen from trying to keep this as a casual hookup. I super loved all the macho banter between all the Navy guys. This is one of those books where I don't overthink it... sure this stuff doesn't happen in real life, that's why I love reading it so much! 5-star and hot as sin!
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on October 14, 2014
I have to admit I only got to about 20% of this book. Don't read if u don't want spoilers. I am fan of hot romances but not pornography and in my book this qualifies as pornography. The female character is hiding in the closet of a bar and in stumbles a hot guy where they proceed to flirt and straight on to sex... in a closet...with someone she has never met before. The inevitable happens and her past boss walks in on them, of course, and chases them off. The next thing u no this 'hot guy' who is so interested in her is involved in 2 guys on one girl eeeewwwwwwwww. And the girl absolutely loves it! get real. If a guy wants to be involved in that then he is not ready to dive into a relationship regardless of how this story plays out. I gave it 2 stars bc grammatically it is well written, just not a fan of porn or the language used to describe IN DETAIL the sex scene between his buddy, himself and his buddy's hookup. Had to stop bc all I could think of was eeewwwww messy seconds.
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2012
This may now be my favorite book in the series. I loved that we were able to catch up with the couples from prior stories.

Spoilerish comments ahead.

Synopsis: Jen is the baby sister of Carson Scott, hero of book 2. She has a stalkerish ex who won't accept he IS an ex. Cash McCoy is strong-armed by his CO (Carson, of course) into letting Jen move in with him so he can keep her safe for the 3 weeks until her stalker-ex moves to another part of the state. Cash is also warned not to DARE put his hands on Jen. The problem(though not a problem for the readers!) is that they had a hot interlude in a club coatroom, but the paper Jen had written her number on was destroyed in the rain. What a shock for both when they met each other again.

Soon they commence what is supposed to be just a temporary physical relationship because that's all either want - Cash doesn't yet want to be tied down (though we are privy to a few moments of envy when he sees some of his fellow SEALs with their wives/girlfriends) and Jen has NO intention of becoming seriously involved with a military man who will ship out of her life for months on end. She had a father like that, and sees that her brother's marriage has also hit a rough patch.

What I SO appreciated about this story was that it quickly became clear that Cash and Jen were truly falling for each other - and we readers didn't have to suffer through endless pages of them fighting/denying their feelings, or big misunderstandings, etc. We just got to see them grow closer as they got to know each other. We got to see Cash become Jen's biggest supporter/believer when it came to her photography becoming something more than a hobby. Refreshingly, he was the first to admit to himself and others that he wanted a future with Jen.

The scenes with the newer Team members, and the old, were great. Beck is hilarious as an overprotective father. The banter among the men is priceless - especially between Cash and Dylan because of a tequila fueled "experimental moment" they had together with Jen egging them on. Not to mention during the poker game... or when Beck and Carson have to bail Cash and his buddies out of jail...

Finally, the subplot regarding the tensions between Carson and Holly were well handled. Love doesn't erase the challenges inherent in relationships involving service men and women who spend so much time away from home and in danger. But we DID get our second happy ending for Carson and Holly - and it was lovely to see him bare his soul to put their relationship on solid footing.

Can't wait for the next stories.
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on August 21, 2012
I love this series and was so happy another new book came out. This book another great book to the out of uniform series, ranks with one of the better ones. This book is about Cash & Jen (who is Carson's sister from book 2), Cash is asked by Carson to watch her for 3 weeks until her stalker ex-boyfriend leaves town. He agrees not knowing Jen is the girl he almost hooked up with at a club, but was interrupted and rain smeared her phone number and has been thinking of her every since. Jen is very happy to see Cash since there was intense chemistry, but as happy as Cash is Carson has issued a strict 'don't touch my baby sister warming or else'. Cash tries to stay away and Jen tries to seduce him to bed and it works. The sex was extremely hot and a lot of it. And following with the out of uniform series there was the threesome with Cash's best friend Dylan (I can't wait to read his story). This threesome was a little different than normal. It was Jen's first threesome and when Dylan asked her she said her fantasy was to watch two guys together. They were a little shocked but with a little liquor, there was a little m/m play (hands & mouths only), lot of first times for everyone and an off the chart hot sex scene. Cash & Jen continue to fall in love but she is hesitant about a military man. She also has the drama with her stalker that adds to the excitement.

You get to catch up with all the previous SEAL team members. There was a lot with all the couples, who is married and having babies, and remembering what threesomes hooked up with who. A couple of scenes with the SEAL teams together had me laughing out loud (which I rarely do when reading). There was a secondary story line with Carson & Holly from book 2, who are not having a happy marriage. It was a great second story and being a fan from the beginning I was reading as fast to see if their marriage survived. This could be a stand alone if you haven't read the series but I highly recommend all the books in the Out Of Uniform series. I can't wait to read about the new guys on the team. This was a great addition, I will definitely be reading this one again.
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on August 25, 2012
Elle Kennedy has delivered another winner with Feeling Hot! This is the seventh installment in the Out of Uniform series which is a great series by the way. However, this can be a stand-alone read. Yet, I highly recommend reading the others in the series as many characters from the previous novellas do make appearances in this novel. Therefore, these dynamic characters may just raise your curiosity about their own stories.

While the previous installments were shorter (novellas), Feeling Hot was a longer story & perhaps the hottest (thus far)! I do actually hope that the following installments will be longer stories as well. However, rest assured that whether Elle Kennedy writes novellas or novels, the ending result is the same: a great story. I was excited for Feeling Hot & I was not disappointed! I loved everything about the book. I loved Elle's development of her characters, Cash & Jen; they were well-developed & in-depth. They were also likeable characters with great chemistry. I happily cheered for them throughout the story. I liked that they didn't put up BS with one another when they both knew what they wanted.

I also loved revisiting couples from the prior books. And we also get a secondary story involving Carson & Holly (from book 2) as they deal with their marriage. However, this did not take away from the main storyline with Cash & Jen. I enjoyed it & was also eagerly reading on to see how this couple will make it out in the end. As always, I enjoyed the author's storytelling and writing style. I was drawn into the story right from the very beginning which made this a very hard to put down book. Other factors that also made this read enjoyable were the well-crafted plot & storyline. The pacing of the story was what also kept me invested in the story. Without the story dragging, I never once got bored or found myself scanning pages.

Overall, Feeling Hot was a highly entertaining & satisfying read with lots of hot, fun, sweet, and emotional moments. This is another great addition to the series & I cannot wait for the next one. So yes, Feeling Hot is a highly recommend from me!
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on September 22, 2014
I agree with the other 2 writers that gave this book a 1. I won't read anymore of these. It was all about sex and nothing substantial, the threesomes and the man on man oral sex turned me off.
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on October 10, 2012
I have really enjoyed the Navy SEALS series, but this one was my favorite by far! I loved that the story was double the length of the other books in the series. A lot more details on both the main characters and the story lines expanded from characters of the previous books. The menage scenes are always interesting to me, because it sheds some light on the reasons for having these relations, both from a male and female perspective. By far, the hottest scene was between two male characters! It wasn't just a gratuitous scene. The story explained the reason, the effect and the aftermath of the encounter. Not to mention, it was sizzlingly HOT! Such a great read, with wonderful characters! Elle Kennedy is on my favorite author list!
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