Customer Reviews: Feit Electric PerformanceLED 13.5 Watt LED Omni - 60W Incandescent Dimmable Replacement Bulb
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I bought one of this Feit Electric 13.5W LED Omni Bulb from a local warehouse Club five months ago, and have been using it in a dimmer-controlled light fixture. It worked so well that recently I went back to purchase another one. Here's what I liked about this LED bulb:

1. It is a true '60W Replacement' LED bulb in that it produces 850 lumens of total light output, exactly the same as that from a 60W incandescent bulb. Many other so-called '60W equivalent' LED bulbs (for example, the EarthLED ZetaLux 2 Pro 7-Watt LED Light Bulb) generate only 400-500 lumens of light output.

2. The LED bulb is nearly an omni-directional light source - not quite as good as an incandescent bulb, but close. This makes it suitable for general illumination to light up a whole room. In contrast, the beam from most other LED bulbs is semi directional, concentrated in forward direction. So they are better suited for down-facing recessed lighting.

3. It works well with any TRIAC-controlled light dimming switches (this is the most common type used for incandescent bulbs). Most other LED bulbs are not compatible with dimming. If you accidentally connect one to a dimmer-controlled light fixture, the bulb will start blinking and can potentially be damaged.

I compared the dimming operation of this Feit LED bulb against a 60W incandescent bulb and a PureSpectrum 20W Dimmable CFL, and found the Feit to be superior:
- The incandescent turns into a faint red globe at minimum power setting
- The CFL is unable to dim all the way down at minimum setting
- The Feit LED gives the widest dimming range, while maintaining consistent color temperature.
(See the picture I uploaded to 'Customer Images' for details)

I also measured the power consumption of this LED bulb using the P4460 Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor. The meter shows 14W, which is consistent with the '13.5W' rating. Its power factor is very high at PF=0.98, which is a sign of good electrical design. In contrast, many inexpensive LED bulbs I have tested, such as the Lighting EVER 6 Watt LED Bulb, have much lower PF. (Power factor has no direct relation to LED brightness, but a low PF implies more loss in the transmission of electric power)

There is just one potential problem I need to point out: although this LED bulb is called an 'A19', it is actually a bit longer than a typical 60W incandescent A19 bulb. So if your light fixture does not offer enough headroom, this LED bulb might not fit. See the photo I uploaded to 'Customer Images' section for size comparison.

Overall, I found this Feit LED bulb to be a well-designed product suitable for general-purpose illumination. As of this writing, it is priced less than 2x that of a typical 6-7W LED bulb, while generating more than 2x the light output (850 vs. 400 lumens). So I consider it a great value.
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on December 21, 2012
I have bought 8 for me, 8 for presents. So far so good. These bulbs are just a little brighter than 60W incandesents, dim at same rate, and not as yellow. I did not buy them all from here. Got them for $9 each, at a wholesale warehouse club. When they ran out I needed one more, bought it here. Dining room lights, just went from 500 watts, to 68. Not directional, but even all around lighting. Only wish the prices were cheaper on here. I prefer these LED lights, to the CFL now, even in non dimming applications. When my CFL lights burn out, and the LED prices come down, I'll replace the CFL ones.
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on April 9, 2013
For the wattage and lumens, this is by far the cheapest led bulb available. With a screwdriver, you can pry the plastic off, and reveal the 35 led diodes. Inside the plastic cover, there is a white reflector ring that blocks half the light to bounce it off the sides. To me, that is inefficient and a waste of power. So I just broke the white reflector off, the lighting to the sides are the same brightness but directly under the light it is now twice as bright. Bought a socket extender and replaced the huge halogen spotlight in the backyard patio, the smaller led bulb is way brighter. Plan on buying more because they are a great bargain. Imagine buying a single 7w led lightbulb for over $20 bucks, that is nuts! People all over Amazon are getting ripped off buying those lower powered higher priced bulbs. As of May 2013, these are $12.99 at your local Menards hardware store. $1 per watt? Get out of town!
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on November 13, 2013
These bulbs cannot be used in an enclosed fixture. It's printed on the bulb itself, but not mentioned on the packaging (which shows an enclosed ceiling light fixture). I assume this is why so many people are reporting failed bulbs. Heat kills LED bulbs which is why they have "generous" heat sinks. I bought some of these locally at a steep discount but they are going back because for lack of a warning or recommendation (until I read the small print on the bulb itself after opening the package) I was hopeful they could be used in my enclosed fixtures. Below is a link to Feit's Spec Sheet that describes the types of fixtures suitable for this bulb. The Spec Sheet indicates the bulb is rated for a dry location but on the bulb it states it's rated for a damp location. Feit is scheduled to call me tomorrow and I have some pointed questions about their packaging.

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on March 3, 2013
Purchased 5 of these at my local Costco, they were $15 each, but had a $10 instant rebate from the local power company, so final price was $5. Replaced several 60w traditional bulbs, excellent brightness and one worked in a 2-way lamp for bright, and then dim mode. Did not purchase through Amazon only due to the local power company rebate available at Costco.
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on January 20, 2013
These bulbs will work fine for several weeks, or months but will then burn out.
It happened to both I bought within days of each other. They are supposed to last for years, instead thay lasted for a few weeks.
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on January 23, 2013
This is a GREAT replacement to light bulbs that have shades. I was worried about trying to find an LED that mimiced the light direction (everywhere, not just one direction) of a normal light bulb. These do just that. Powerful, nice bright light (not blue), and energy efficient. Highly recommend to anyone switching out their normal bulbs to LEDs but want the same type of light output.
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on September 13, 2013
Tinnitus... These bulbs have a high frequency noise that isn't obvious until it creates this unending ringing in your ears. Both my wife and I experienced it. We bought our bulbs at a wholesale store and will be returning them due to the noise. Otherwise, I like the color and the light. My wife thinks they are a little whiter than she likes, but the color is acceptable to her.
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on January 17, 2014
They don't dim as linearly as incandescent bulbs, but it really doesn't matter. You'll only notice that if you have the X10 lamp modules that fade in and out. Finding a comfortable spot with any dimmer won't be an issue. I knocked off one star because once in a blue moon, they'll flicker for fraction of a second. That could just be related to crappy power in an aging home, however.

The light is evenly distributed and color temperature is incandescent in nature. You'll forget they're LED.

Very satisfied with the purchase. Excellent alternative to CFLs, especially if you have existing X10 infrastructure or leave them on 24/7.
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on August 27, 2013
Bought the Feit and Philips LED bulbs to compare side by side.
Philips was a lot better. Brighter, dimming works and looks better as well.
It is possible to dim the Feit bulbs but only partially and it is not a very comfortable light.

Spend the extra money and buy the Philips bulbs, worth it.

Philips 423798 13-Watt (65 Watt) BR30 Indoor Flood LED Light Bulb, Dimmable
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