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We have used Feliway in both room diffuser and can spray form for almost 10 years and for various situations:

~ A 15 year old cat began to territorial spray during a home construction project; of course this is naturally stressful. Once she started, she would not stop. Plugged Feliway in all rooms and her behavior stopped immediately and up until the last day of her life at age 19.

~ Now, there is our nervous runt 13 year old cat that has a herpes virus in her eye and needs to have eye drops put in 2 times a day, which further stresses her out. When we spray the Feliway Spray on the towel we use while we administer the eye drops, she remains calm. Secondly, there are less secondary outbreaks when the diffusers are plugged in throughout the house.

~ Same nervous cat high tails it away from the housekeeper. We put one spritz onto the cat's favorite sitting areas, wait a few minutes, coax her there and she immediately is purring and flipping over for a tummy rub, with the housekeeper working away in the same room. Now they are best buddies.

~ Our other sweet but big, playful, rambunctious and dominate cat who is 2 years old just loves to run up and down on the favorite chair, claws dug in also tends to take the 13 year old cat to her limits, kind of like a big brother teasing a little sister. When Feliway is plugged in there is calm in the kingdom; they both mellow out and actually sleep near each other.

~ Same playful cat met his match with our 2 year old grandson, who has just a bit of rambunctiousness in him! This cat then became a scaredy-cat. We again got the spray out, plugged in the diffusers; soon kitty and grandchild were learning to play well with others.

~ Used Feliway diffusers whenever a new kitty joined our household. Makes the transition of establishing hierarchy much smoother.

One bottle plugged into the diffuser lasts a little under a month. As soon as any of the above behaviors return, we know that the bottle has finished up and time to put in another one. We have used only three spray bottles over the years, little spritzes here and there.

However, we have noticed that the behaviors have lessened over time because the cats seem to have more built in confidence to deal with their environment. We now only use Feliway when some kind of stress arises. We keep replenishing one spray can of this in our natural disaster emergency supplies.
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on February 3, 2015
I bought this for my cats because the younger two had started marking in the house since the old girl (who hisses at them) came indoors all the time for the winter. The 2yo female (who is normally a bit neurotic) seemed much calmed by the Feliway, but the 1yo male became rather sick, after only about 12 hours with it plugged it in. He's lethargic, growly and meowing miserably if we touch him, and he won't eat. We took him upstairs, away from the Feliway, and he still didn't feel well. He even threw up (just a little foamy water). I don't think he's eaten today. My cats are all indoors and normally very healthy, and there's nothing other than the Feliway to explain his reaction.

After some internet research, I learned that a negative reaction ("allergic" some call it) isn't very common for the Feliway diffuser, but since it's possible, I thought I'd better warn those considering this product! We've only had it plugged in and running for 24 hours, and he seems really sick. I've unplugged it and opened all the windows & turned on fans; hopefully it will clear out quickly and he'll feel better soon. Poor Oliver! :(

I'm mostly disappointed that it didn't work for all of them-- we were really looking forward to a simple solution to the marking problem. Dangit!
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on November 26, 2014
Please note this review is only for the Plug-In Diffuser. It leaks and it actually flamed up. My husband was able to get the diffuser out of the wall and took a good look. He assumed I had not screwed the bottle in all the way. It was leaking from the part that allows you to tip/rotate the bottle and then plug it in leaving the bottle at an angle.

We loved the oil vapor. We have 7 cats and were having issues with two of them showing signs of stress. After using Fluoxitin for one we decided to give this a shot. We also have another cat who has feral tendencies. It worked beautifully for all three cats. If the diffuser had just been safe.............
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on March 13, 2015
This was a big disappointment. We have a cat who claws furniture and hides from new people, and hoped this would help him. He sniffed at it curiously but didn't quit his behaviors. The humans in the house, however, kept saying "What is burning?" My husband said the cat diffuser smelled like burning oil; I said no, it's supposed to smell like that. Until after about a week or 10 days the small was too strong and undeniably smelled dangerous, like an electrical fire. On further examination I discovered that the entire unit was leaking all over itself. It had come preassembled. I wonder if there's a quality assurance problem on the shipping end, since clearly so many OTHER people and cats are happy with the product, or maybe I got a used defective item. I easily got a refund and a shipping label to return the mess. I ended up having to repack it, in triple plastic bags, as the oil leaked all over the first box I packed it in and I didn't want to give that problem to UPS. Unlike other unhappy reviewers I don't truly think the "burning" smell indicated danger, or the whole house would have burned down in the time it took me to take action on it. I'm going to try a natural spray from another manufacturer; with the price and the mess and annoyance of returning this diffuser, I'm just not interested in dealing with Feliway any more.
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on October 13, 2016
I'm giving this 5 stars because I think this worked. We moved our cats 3 months ago in to our new home. 1 cat was terrified and lived under the bed for about 2 months. We plugged this into an outfit near the bed right away for those 2 months. We stopped using it after the 2nd 1 finished and she stopped hiding under the bed and now acts like she owns the place. I think this did help her relax those 2 months as she got use to her new surrounds from the safety under the bed and then allowed her to be confident when the relaxant drug went away. Either that, or it was a really weird coincidence.

Each fill lasted 1 month.
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on July 24, 2015
happy that i received exactly what is shown in pic (i was worried it would turn out to be the comfort zone version that i did not feel worked as well as the original feliway version we used in past that worked for i feel more confortable using the feliway diffusers since i know none have ever melted on us)..
although this is not exactly the version of feliway that came in purple box without an actual real cat pic on it that i use to like, i will assume it is still the same, just with an updated packaging.. Price is a bit pricier for feliway these days, it was much cheaper back when so why only four stars!

as for working for all problems, that all depends on the cat.. It calms most but, i feel the spray works best for ridding of reoccuring spraying problems in the same area (spraying areas to deter them) and some extra grumpy cats do much better with the calming collar (it was actually the only thing that worked with a calico female that became extremely mean to the rest of our cats about a month after getting spayed. about a week after the collar, she was no longer trying to kill everyone).
PS: if you are trying to figure out which feliway to get, the current skinnier looking feliway diffusers have issues and will be discontinued so do not buy those or their refills (the refills will not fit into the round diffusers)
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on October 14, 2011
On October 11, 2011 I called the U.S. distributor of CEVA, the manufacturer of Feliway, and spoke with Melissa (800-276-8197). I called to advise them that this product, first purchased from Amazon on September 2, 2011 followed by two refills since then, also from Amazon, does not last even three weeks, let alone the four weeks claimed on the Amazon description where it literally reads "4 week refill for the Feliway diffuser." (The accompanying document in the Feliway packaging states "Each 48mL vial lasts approximately 4 weeks." According to Melissa, CEVA does not sell to Amazon; they sell ONLY to veterinarians. She actually suggested that the companies selling through Amazon may be engaging in counterfeit activities, illegally reproducing the Feliway diffuser and then selling it for profit using the Feliway name. Note: Melissa did say that the liquid will diffuse much more quickly in a high traffic area with higher air flow, such as next to an AC or heater vent. However, this doesn't apply in my case. There are only two of us, the traffic is very low, and the diffuser is nowhere near a vent. This is when she suggested that what I bought may have been counterfeit and that the only way I could be certain I was buying the genuine Feliway product was to buy directly from a veterinarian. I don't know whether this is a ploy to "justify" short-changing customers who buy in good faith or if there really is piracy occurring. In either case, under these conditions, I will not be buying this product again -- from anyone.
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on November 30, 2016
This stuff definitely works. Originally bought on vet's recommendation due to one of 4 cats (a family) constantly starting fights; this behavior stopped with the Feliway. I had stopped using it after that kitty passed away last year, but adopted another one earlier this year who has proven to be very rambunctious...he doesn't attack so much as plays rough, and the remaining two of my family are too old and cranky for that. Feliway hasn't completely stopped his behavior, but has definitely calmed all of them down, and new guy is far more affectionate now. I definitely recommend this product for anyone with multiple cat conflict issues.
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on September 2, 2016
I was a bit skeptical, but Feliway worked just as the reviewers said it would.My beloved cat Munchkin had been peeing on my couch and recliner and bed - with me in it - night and day, for weeks. It totally had disrupted our lives and we were desperate. I saw this product on a cat forum. It took about a week and a half for the diffuser pheromones to really kick in, but once it did - the spraying and peeing stopped cold. Our Munchkin girl became friendly again and began playing with her toys and even with our lab mix dog. She now relaxes and sleeps with us on the couch and chair - no issues. We are thrilled with this product and just ordered two refills.
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on December 17, 2014
I bought 2 of these because I moved my mother in with me after her stroke and her cat (female) does not get along with my cat (female). I have to keep them separated and needed 1 for each section of the house they were in (separated by a partial barrier).

They did absolutely NOTHING.

I know every cat, just like every person, is different . . . but I expected SOMETHING to happen.

I ended up buying BACH Essences and they seem to be doing "something" at least. The newest cat (my Mother's) seems more comfortable, although she still seems to scratch her upper-eye-area until she forms scabs. The vet said it could be allergies AND anxiety. He ordered some steroid liquid to apply when she gets them, but overall she seems better after giving her the essences (in her water).

My cat is still very jealous, but not as aggressive.

If you are not having any luck with the pheromones . . . try the essences.
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