Customer Reviews: Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof 18 -Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Grade Paper Shredder (3312501)
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on October 19, 2009
We have been purchasing smaller shredders and having to constantly replace every few months. As security issues have grown, we have had to consider larger more pricey shredder. After many hours of investigation, fellowes came out on top every time with power, down time between shreds and capacity. We originally went to other outlets and priced and found what we needed, was a little out of our price range. Someone mentioned checking with amazon and we did. Amazon had the exact same shredder at a much more affordable price that the big name retailer. We are a 9 person office and are average shredders. This works great for our office. I highly recommend this shredder.
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on May 13, 2009
After being disappointed by my previous shredder purchases, I decided to splurge on one that wouldn't jam and break. The C120-Ci is the best one I've owned, I don't need to open junk mail, the shredder eats it envelope and all with out any problems. Great if you have a large stack of mail waiting to be shredded!
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on February 22, 2010
This shredder exceeded my expectations. It truly eliminates jams unless the user is careless in what they feed into it. It has been a boon at this particular time as we are sorting through a 32 year collection of business correspondence, that filled 5 filing cabinets, in anticipation of a move to another state. It made short order of the job and it gave us the filling, for a lot of small bags of "pillows" we made out of the shredded paper, to use for packing material. Each time we oiled the cutters it got quieter, although it was much quieter than our last shredder that was not up to the job. I would buy this product again if needed.

The only CON I have is that the CD shredder basket fails to catch all of the bits of plastic.
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on August 5, 2014
I bought the 125Ci in March 2012, unfortunately just 3 months before the helpful review explaining that the quality had crashed after production was moved to China. After a little over 2 years of light use and regular oiling, the 125Ci is a useless piece of scrap and out of warranty. I received a repair estimate of $410 without parts and without a cap from Servright. The blades are so dull that large chunks of paper come through unshredded. Globs of unshredded paper collect up around the blades, and the machine makes terrible noises while operating. The rubber gasket around the slot has moved, making it difficult to insert more than a couple of pages at a time. Disregard older 5-star reviews by owners of 125Cis made in the the U.S. or Germany.
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on February 14, 2012
I have been using this shredder for 2 weeks now and find it a great performer. The size is perfect along side my desk as its height matches my desk height. It it amazingly fast and all features work as advertised. It was a lot of money, but I feel worth every penny and the price at Amazon was as cheap as I could find anywhere. I am the only one using this shredder and I fill the bin every 4 or so days. One reviewer complained it was messy, and yes, there is a small amount of shredded paper that doesn't make the bin, but what do you expect! The way I handle the waste is I empty the bin into a paper leaf collection bag which works well and is the perfect package for hauling to the recycle center.

Update: It's been a month now and I can say this shredder has out performed all my expectations. It works flawlessly and I once tried to stuff too much paper in and it stalled, then automatically backed up and then automatically went forward and finished the job. I love this shredder!

Update: It's been 6 months now and I am still very impressed with this shredder. Absolutely no problems or issues. Dare I say it's almost "fun" to use? At any rate, I remain very happy and would recommend this shredder to everyone who wants a high quality well built machine. Thank you Fellows!

Update: It's been 3 1/2 years now, my shredder is used many times a day and continues to work flawlessly. I have never had a jam that it didn't automatically work itself out of, all jams clearly my fault for over-stuffing the feeder.
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on February 13, 2013
Originally I gave a bad review to this shredder due to the fact that the basket full light illuminated and no matter what I did it would not turn off. However, I called Fellows customer service (don't email because their responses are retarded) and they helped me to identify the source of the problem. Ironically, they didn't know that the sensor which is on the side of the shredder (plastic/looks like the size of a domino) is electronic and mechanical. You clean the face of the sensor with rubbing alcohol and then push the sensor so it is protruding outward. If it remains inward (suggesting paper is pushing against it) the machine believes it is still full and the light remains on. If pushed outward, it concludes that the basket is empty and works correctly.

On the plus side, it shreds like a beast and holds a ton of paper. But for the finnicky sensor and the lack of knowledge on Fellows part regarding its own product, I would have given it 5 stars.

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on August 2, 2009
I purchased this product on Amazon at a sale price and was and am very happy with my selection. This product is as follows: Very user friendly, quiet, great waste storage, love the sleep feature, love the touch safety feature
If you need a shredder for home or office this is the "ONE"
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VINE VOICEon July 15, 2014
This is a stellar large shredder that eats everything you can fit into the opening faster than you can shove more in. Whether it is 1 page or a stack, it sounds effortless while other shredders whine and slow. It shreds faster than I can pick up and fit another stack into the opening. The opening is actually a great design. It can take nearly anything you can fit in, but it will show you green/yellow/red indicators as feedback about the load before it automatically stops and reverses if too much. But it takes real effort to overload it because it is hard to fit more than it can handle without carefully aligning and inserting a thicker stack. I love being able to throw unopened envelopes into it. I really like the auto on/off energy efficiency so that I never have to turn it on or off again, it is always ready, wakes up instantly, and goes to sleep on its own. It is narrow so it fits more snugly too. It holds a good amount before you have to compress it or empty it. It comes with oil and bags (just oil it every time you empty it).

Minor Drawbacks: (1) It is noisier than implied by the description "ultra-quiet". I really thought it would be very quiet. It isn't silent. Someone in the next room can definitely hear it is running, especially on wood floors. Compared to my previous small shredder, it sounds similar, or slightly better due to no stressing sounds. But I might not shred while someone is on the phone in the room out of politeness. (2) You can't fit many envelopes width-wise if you want to avoid fractional readable text appearing on the shreds, but you can just pull out the contents and drop them together. (3) It does mound up inside under the opening like any shredder, but its size gives it a lot of room before it reaches the top. (4) I went through 3 damaged units before settling on my 4th.

The first 3 units I received all had cracks in the plastic molding, one dented in on the back near the rear handle and power port. I recommend opening from the bottom and sliding off the box in a way that it would be easy to piece back together to ship back if you find a problem. Amazon was superb, quickly sending 3 in sequence until temporarily pulling the item to inspect inventory, finding no problem, and a week or two later called to send me my 4th. My 4th actually had a loose plastic screw that doesn't seem to belong to anything. But it works great, so I'm happy with it. Just inspect and exchange within the return period if you have a problem like mine. I am still happy I bought mine.
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on February 7, 2014
I am an intelligence professional and have been using level 6 high security shredders for many, many years. I have been wanting a home shredder for a long time. I was looking at the 79i at OfficeMax and they wanted nearly twice the price than what amazon was selling it for. Although this item was marked professional grade, I clearly did not look at the product dimensions closely enough and was a little shocked when i received this 63 pound behemoth. Maybe I should have stuck with the residential model? The instructions were pretty simple, plug it in and turn it on. Mine already had the casters installed, so the only thing I had to do was unscrew the shipping wingnuts. It looked like it came pre-oiled, but I gave it a round of lube just in case and hit the forward button to get the gears going.

First impression. it's relatively quiet. Granted, it's a level 4 cross cut shredder, but it certainly performs better than a lot of the $5,000 shredders that I deal with every day. The touch sensor was something I have never seen before in a commercial shredder. I can't imagine getting a finger or anything caught in this shredder, but it is comforting to know that it's there, although i did accidentally hit it a time or two when feeding paper. I kind of thought the jam proof slogan was a gimmick until I jammed it up a couple times and it automatically reversed itself and then shredded the material. Never seen that before in the big industrial models. The shred speed was typical, and when I threw a CD and a micro-chipped credit card into it, it had no problem. I see that the max nonstop run time listed is 45 minutes, but there is no way you can shred in this thing for 45 minutes without having to stop to empty the shred basket. If I had one complaint, it would be that the shred basket doesn't have a good keeper system for the bags. Even my $50 simplehuman trash can has grips to hold the trash bag in place. The shredder also has an auto-off feature after about a minute, but you do not need to turn it back on if you want to feed paper into it; it automatically turns back on from powersaver mode. Awesome! Just for kicks, I plugged it into my Belkin Insight power monitor, and it looks like in on mode (when not operating), the shredder uses 1.2 watts. When it automatically powers down, it's still using .9 watts, but even with Hawaii's ridiculous power cost of 28 cents a kilowatt hour, you're only talking about $2.40 a year. When feeding the shredder, the wattage jumped up to over 400 watts while it did it's thing.

Overall, this is a great shredder and I hope to have it for many years. It definitely needs to earn it's keep. I can't say I would recommend this to the average person since this doesn't exactly fit under a desk, nor can it be easily concealed. If you want people to think you're a paranoid conspiracy theorist and shred anything that has your name on it, this will certainly support your reputation. For a small business, this would probably be all you needed. I emptied a trash bag full of documents on it's first run and it was almost as easy as the big commercial models. the only limitation being the feed slot, but even then it took on stacks of paper with no problem. The waste bin could use an upgrade, and I'll probably just use regular tall kitchen bags after I run out of the included Fellowes bags. I also should mention that this shredder comes with a 4 oz. bottle of oil. I didn't know that and had already purchased a bottle for use.
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on August 16, 2010
No more pulling staples or feeding in documents or mail one sheet at a time. This monster will eat 18 sheets at once and mulches staples and paperclips with the paper. Safe around our 2 yr old, as it shuts off when a finger touches surface near opening. We got this for the home, as we were tired of wimpy shredders. This one truly Rocks!!! They actually sent the 125ci, as a replacement for this one which is no longer available.
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